AFL Round 11 – Essendon v Carlton: A Report Card

Friday night football saw the old rivals lock horns once again – with their aspirations for a Top Four finish dependant on success (for both teams).

It also saw us arrive at June football. It’s around this time of year that the Bombers begin to head southwards down the ladder.

As a schoolteacher, it’s also report writing time.

As you can see, it’s a truly dire time of year.

To acknowledge this, I present to you the Round 11 Report Card

What They Have Achieved

Working In Teams: Paddy Ryder showed off his ability to take on leadership roles during group tasks in the second half of this game – with his tap-work and ability to delegate clearances from stoppages excellent to see. Carlton would benefit from allowing others to take on more meaningful roles in their forward line, as their over-reliance on Jarrad Waite inside-50 across an entire game is stopping them from effectively completing project-based tasks.

The Individual Learner: Essendon demonstrates considerable ability in terms of its development as a top-four team, but their progress is often hindered because of a reluctance to start work tasks in a timely manner. Ensuring they have the proper routines in place to start games strongly will be of benefit later in the year. Carlton requires some extra support in developing its ability to tackle more ‘difficult’ opponents and cope under the extra pressure associated with such tasks. Doing so should help them make the desired progress up the ladder.

Writing: The game showed its ability to add interest and emotion during the latter half of the story, using character development (the dominant Waite and the influential Carlisle the most engaging) to help the narrative progress. They also demonstrated their knowledge and application of a ‘twist’ ending to take the reader by surprise, something that was most pleasing for Essendon fans.

Historical Knowledge & Understanding: Essendon and Carlton have met 238 times since their first contest on May 24th 1897 (an encounter the Same Olds won comfortably by 37 points) with Carlton holding a slight advantage overall (121 wins to 112 with 5 draws). Both sides are tied with 16 flags each at the top of the VFL/AFL ‘most-successful-club-ever’ table. For full understanding of recent rivalry, see 1983 Elimination Final, 1993 Grand Final, 1999 Preliminary Final, Round 20 2000, Round 16 2006, Round 3 2007, and the 2011 Elimination Final.

Number & Algebra: Essendon showed they can emerge from the encounter with a thoroughly undeserved 5-point victory, and demonstrated the ability to use formulas to problem-solve. This skill was best highlighted through their use of the following function: (R + C + H) + CC + 3MG = EV. (Ryder’s 2nd half ruck dominance + Carlisle’s marking + Heppell’s brilliance) + Carlton Choking + 3 Melksham Goals = Essendon Victory.

Measurement & Geometry: The umpires (and the end result for Carlton) would benefit from the correct use of a goal-review. They should focus on their ability to identify the oval ball hitting Garlett’s foot, and accurately measure the ball crossing the line to award goals.

Statistics & Probability:  When weighing up the odds of success in a marking contest, Essendon should focus on not kicking the ball to Alwyn Davey in pack situations. Over his career he has only taken – on average – 2.28 marks a game. They need to focus on their ability to determine the probability of this game-plan resulting in goals, in order to stop Carlton surging off the half-back line and cutting the Essendon midfield to shreds.

Creativity: James Hird should be congratulated on his wider thinking skills – his decision to move Carlisle forward and have Hurley tackle Waite in the second half was excellent, and resulted in success for both players.

Essendon: 2.1.13; 3.4.22; 6.7.43; 11.11.77

Carlton: 1.4.10; 6.5.41; 8.9.57; 10.12.72


Essendon: Melksham 3, Crameri, Hurley, Carlisle, Hocking, Howlett, Kommer, Myers, Stanton

Carlton: Waite 7, Betts, Casboult, Murphy


Essendon: Heppell, Ryder, Carlisle, Melksham

Carlton: Waite, Gibbs, Murphy, Casboult

Votes: Heppell (3), Waite (2), Ryder (1) 

About Sam Laffy

Thirty-something year-old Essendon supporter. Winning the flag in 2000 when I was 12 was supposed to kick off a dynasty I could boast about for years. Still waiting for that 17th flag.....


  1. Peter Flynn says

    I don’t think some of the terms in the Number and Algebra formula are linear.

  2. Definitely not!

    However, I do feel that having the ‘margin worm’ on the AFL website makes it very easy to graph Carlton’s lead evaporate towards the end of the game. A superb way to learn about Maths in my mind.

  3. Andrew Else says

    M Malthouse’s lycra skivvy – Fail

  4. That was a heinous crime against fashion – he put on the jacket at 3/4 time though didn’t he? Clearly someone told him it wasn’t the best look!

  5. Chemistry…?

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