AFL Round 11: Coleman’s Likes and Dislikes

Swannies, Tippet & Buddy (Thursday night was scary and none of us have seen the Cats look like that in over a decade), Dees having a crack!, Salem (smooth & accomplished in 1st season), Zorko & Rockliff, Fletcher’s opener on the run (how can you not be romantic about Footy?), Pains me to say but Daniher’s (close that awful mouth son!) ripping goalski on the siren, Tex Walker’s 5, Hoskin-Elliot’s screamer (Dogs should offer this kid some proper coin… maybe the AFL can chuck us a cheeky mill ;), GWS showing serious heart, Hawks looking below their best (sure they have a few out but Swans and Port will be hard to beat in September), North’s hunger and attitude and ability to win on the road, McDonald’s courage again!, Stav Tipping the Lions, Jack Riewoldt stabbing a low and hard nut into Dons cheersquad then the ‘dead pan jog off’… pissed myself) Blues and Tiges (Thank Heaven’s these two suck to leave some heat off the Dogs)
Alastair Lynch & Tony Shaw (Is it just me? Something really makes my skin crawl with these two), Tiges (seriously stinkin effort… what can Hardwick do? or is it him?), Swannies list depth and forward line (they’re awesome to watch but it just rubs salt in the wounds for clubs like the Doggies), the Doggies… again (6 goals…… 6 GOALS!!!??), me not tipping the Lions.


Doggies and footy tragic living in Copenhagen Denmark for the past 6 years. Play music, eat a lot of toast, work in a coffeeshop and watch way too much footy. My Swedish lady has had to hear so much about this Game over the years, she actually bought me a new Doggies jumper for Christmas and her favourite player is Luke Dahlhaus.


  1. This is gold BUT I thought it heading the Likes would have been the Mighty Pies’ percentage booster – and Clonk finally kicking a few!

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