AFL Round 11 – Adelaide v Gold Coast: Tex Rules

Season 2014 is on the line today for the Crows against the Suns as I make my debut at Bob Neil number 3 as a guest of Adelaide University Football Club’s brilliant photographer Damian Leonard (thanks Damian!)  An amusing moment occurred before the game when Oscar (Damian’s son) runs in to us with new girlfriend in tow, and the lady turns redder than Sydney’s Indigenous guernsey!  Adrian (Homemaker) Howard the world’s greatest fc football director joins us.

The game opens at breath taking pace with Rory Laird (son of ex-Black Dean) prominent early.  The classy Brodie Smith providing penetrative run from half back and storms through to kick the 1st goal of the game.  The Rolls Royce of movers, Dom Prestia, quickly replies for Gold Coast.  Adelaide Crows then get on top to kick the next 3 with the dangerous and influential small forward Eddie Betts buzzing around unselfishly giving a goal to the agile quick big man Josh Jenkins.

Matty Jaensch is an interesting player for the Crows.  Does his run and carry and ball use make up for his weakness in 1 on 1 contests and odd poor error?  Jaensch has improved and would walk in to several average sides who lack his type of player notably Richmond (hey Bushy!)  Gold Coast fights back with David Swallow, Rischitelli and the protected species in Gary Ablett featuring.  Geez we all know, Ablett is a superstar but I thought the umpires were going to bow to him in their worshipping of the little marvel on occasions.

So at Quarter time it is 5 goals each in a refreshing and entertaining affair.  The 2nd quarter opens up with the Crows on top early with Lyons kicking a beauty.  J Pod marked strongly from a Dangerfield centre clearance and then Eddie Betts crumbed beautifully.  Ablett after a dubious free kick booted a long goal and Matera snapped a nice goal.  Douglas then strolled into an open goal from a well weighted pass from Tex Walker.  Dixon had a good battle with Truck Rutten who while now slowing down and having the turning circle of the QE2, still does a reasonable job on a big rooster such as Charlie Dixon. At half time the Crows are up by 10 points in a game where both sides are playing attacking footy.

The 3rd quarter opens with Tex Walker having a purple patch kicking the first 2 goals.  His touch is gradually coming back which is vital for the Crows.  David Swallow is a very good player as he kicks a goal and continues to run hard for the Suns.  A highlight of the game occurs when the blisteringly quick big man Josh Jenkins runs past receives a handball and boots a 70 metre goal.  Wow!  Gold Coast fight back again with Harbrow and Rischitelli contributing.  A shocking error by Andy Otten enables Swallow to goal to leave the game evenly poised with the Crows up by 9 points at 3 quarter time.

The last quarter sees the Crows run the game out well with Tex Walker easily the most influential forward on the ground ending up with 5 goals. Mc Kay who has been quiet kicks an important goal and Eddie buzzes through like Louie the Fly and adds another.  An important win for Adelaide is Daniel Tahlia keeping Tom Lynch under control.  Luke Brown restricts Matera to only 1 goal.  Adelaide have far more contributors on the day than Gold Coast with Sloane, Dangerfield and Thompson who although their disposal by foot let them down, were too tough in the trenches for the Suns. Douglas ran hard and was an important link man.  Kolodjashnij is going to be a good player but how he was drafted before James Aish is bewildering to me.  Gold Coast desperately missed Rory Thompson to stand Walker.

Sam Day is an elite smooth mover and does some special unique things but having seen him play at PAC at CHB I am still convinced defence is his best spot (I know most guys play better running straight at the ball but he could dominate in defence).  Summing up, Adelaide have far more contributors than the Suns and square their ledger at 5 and 5. Gold Coast will play finals and are building towards an era of dominance.  Crowd-wise today is Gold Coast’s highest ever with 49 thousand.  There were always suspicions that the crowds at Footy Park were bigger than declared.  I wonder if at Adelaide Oval the correct crowds are now being declared?

Adelaide 16 13 (109) def Gold Coast 11 11 (77)


Adelaide: Walker 5, Betts 2, Jenkins 2, Jaensch, MacKay, Laird, Douglas, J Pod, Smith, Lyons Gold Coast: Dixon 2, Ablett 2, Prestia 2, D Swallow 2, Matera, Hall, Kolodjashanij

Best Players:

Adelaide: Smith, Walker, Tahlia, Betts, J Pod, Douglas, Kerridge (did a good tagging job on Ablett) Gold Coast: D Swallow, Prestia, Rischitelli, Harbrow, Ablett

Malarkey Votes:

3 B Smith (Adelaide); 2 T Walker (Adelaide); 1 D Swallow (Gold Coast)



  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Good summary Rulebook. Great to see Tex back and kicking goals. 49000 a wonderful crowd, very interested in your comment at the end re Football Park crowd numbers.

  2. Rulebook, no doubt you also said something to his girlfriend to make her blush. 55,000 capacity with all seats taken, jam packed “Tex Walker” hill and spillage into the back of members for cricket.

  3. Crisp as usual.

  4. Homewrecker says

    After having the Saturday night HYB crowd sing a rousing rendition of “Rulebook’s Everywhere’ (to the tune of Love is in the Air) at the Havelock Saturday night you backed it up with the crowd eating out of the palm of your hand with your enthusiastic “ecouragement” to the Umpires.

    PS – Dixon is going to be a Superstar. The skill and agility he has for a big man is incredible.

  5. I agree re: Dixon – how good was the one-handed pickup?! …very impressive!

  6. RB – I was actually hoping the Suns would get up. I’ve backed them to make the 8 at $1.90.

    Ablett not in Brownlow form again?

    I think its great for SA footy that they play at Adelaide Oval rather than the old Moron Park. And the people are voting with their feet!

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks ‘Book.

    I watched the first quarter on-line, but had to be satisifed with score updates on my phone and the occasional sneaky trip into the Southland AFL shop.

    I kept waiting for the eventual Crows collapse, but thankfully not this time. And once again, I tipped the wrong side in an Adelaide encounter.

    The condensed highlights on-line filled in some of the blanks, but you have done the rest.


  8. Nice work Book – didn’t see the game but no need as summary was illuminating as always.


  9. Dave Brown says

    Well spotted on Browny, Rulebook. He stitched up Elliott two weeks ago and Matera yesterday. Real pace bothers him (same could be said for most) but he is getting better each week. Good name too…

  10. Nice write up. Tex a bit unlucky not the jag the 3. The crows are frustrating like the Roos up one week down the next.

  11. ned_wilson says

    Dips – See you have listened to JTH re the Suns making the 8. Few injuries might make things interesting… Nice report Rulebook.

  12. A good account of a pretty entertaining game. Good to see a large number of contributors for the Crows and a great crowd considering the crappy time slot. I don’t think they would have got any where near that number at AAMI Stadium.
    I’d like to hear the full rendition of “Rulebooks Everywhere”!

  13. rulebook,
    great read and like the weaving of the AUFC into the AO festivities. I wonder over the years how many went from bob neil oval to the oval the other side of the Cathedral. and played SANFL In my day there were several. including Sandlands and Hockridge from played for the bays in the 70s GF in which they lost to Sturt. Sandlands kicked 74 goals for the bays one year. Hockridge was a competent ruckman but was up against dean ottens and greg? wild ( Adelaide uni but did not play for the blacks) for sturt on a wet day in 70. Later on bays also featured Bob Tardiff and Loch MItchell and Ben Hunt also played for Souths from 1970 onwards. he was no doubt lured by that legendary coach Peter Darley who regularly promised a keg and strippers if they got up.
    I just don’t know where Sydney are going to put tex up forward next year. crows are a 6-8 goal better side with him so Sydney will be frightening.

  14. Any chance you could report a game without Adelaide Uni connotations…….
    May Bob Neil be with you

  15. Malcolm- Nice job! Gold Coast surged at us a couple time, and pleasingly, we stood up. It was a pretty even effort across the ground. Tex did multiple smart things, not just the big, marking forward stuff. Our young defenders were also impressive. Agree that Kerridge was excellent on Ablett, who did not dominate. Jenkins’ enormous drop punt goal was a highlight, too. Thanks for this. And now for the Dockers!

  16. Bushy where are you. Jaensch could captain the Tigers. Hardwick must go

  17. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks guys , Luke there were some very reliable people who more than suggested the crowd figures at footy park were fudged there were times when , 41 thousand was declared when there was no way you could have fitted another ten thousand in .
    Raf I would never make a comment to get a female to blush .
    Homewrecker , When there was the banner , Tim May , Shane Warne and Bob Neil
    the spin triplets , Tim May made the comment I have finally made it when I got my name on a , Bob Neil banner ditto for a song at , HYB
    Dips Kerridge did a v good job on , Ablett he is disciplined and has a tad more ability than the average tagger . While I was one of the few who liked footy park I can not deny that every 1 has really taken to , Bob Neil number 3 ( will be interesting how long this goes on for )
    Thanks , Swish and TC aka , Stormtrooper of love
    Browny Luke B is gradually getting there spot on re his weakness but he is more than good enough to add a bit more attacking flair hopefully this will come we , Redlegs no how good he can be with a touch more self belief
    Nank playing for , Ad Uni and then league footy the next year was a regular occurrence especially in the , 60s , Doc Clarkson , Dudley Hill , Wayne Jackson among many to do this feat , v sad re the late , John Sandland a great guy
    Robbo no need to be silly
    Mickey thanks mate certainly our most even effort for the year as , Raj said up and down and inconsistent a huge game against , Freo this week thanks folks

  18. A thoroughly enjoyable read Rulebook!

  19. Greg "Double Digit" Davis says

    You are not serious Rulebook? I was at that game and your comments do not reflect the match that I saw…. The crows played a strong front running team game and the Suns were not strong enough or well structured in the forward lines which found them out in the last quarter. Each of the first 3 quarters the Adelaide side failed to show enough respect for the opposition late and rapid counter attacks saw the Suns within a whisker at every turn when the Crows had dominated. A win for Adelaide never the less due to good forward pressure and reasonable accuracy in goal kicking.

    As an Gary fan I saw continuous un-sportsman like treatment by the Crows players, no support from the umpires for conduct toward him outside of the rules and as always he just got on with it. He will have no impression left on him from the game of any Crows player by their conduct toward him, but I am sure many Crows players will relay to Grand children in the future of the times they played against the most memorable player of our era……

    In fact I have penciled a new club sing for Gold Coast….you may find it familiar.

    Oh we’re the mighty Gold Coast team, by far the best you’ve ever seen,
    with talent and team work we always combine, and when we get tired, Bluey gives us Ginger Wine……..Oh we’re the fitttest team you know…. and GARY is a legend so….so open up those kegs of beer cause we’ll win the flag this year. THE SUNS, THE SUNS, THE SUNS are FIT, THE SUNS, THE SUNS, THE SUNS ARE IT!!

    Bob Neil !

  20. David Gordon says

    Great read Book. Go the Crows! Although I watched it on TV you’ve almost made me feel like I was there. Love the way you smoothly work AUFC and Aussie Cricket anecdotes into your AFL reports. Nice mention of one of our more prominent Bob Neil banners at the cricket too. That one required guy ropes, tent pegs and six of my best beer drinking mates supervising me in its erection. How it stayed upright I still don’t know. I tumbled down the back of the Scoreboard Hill a few times that day. Be proud of your latest Bob Neil song, you deserve the accolade (or is that a backhander?). PS: You’ll be pleased to know that I provided the unofficial AUFC Taxi service on Saturday night and gave AUFC Legend, Tony “The Ox” Ravesi a lift into the city after Uni A’s solid win over GAZA. Getting him out of the car was like getting Winnie the Pooh out of the rabbit hole. I’m not sure whether the owner of the restaurant I dropped him off at was as keen to see him as I was to deliver him there….and only fifteen minutes early for his dinner booking!
    Cheers, Gordo

  21. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Eagle thanks mate
    Digit I think the suns are better than that each afl game unless one of the sides is crap tends to have momentum swings the suns were good enough to do this and are
    2 years away from being a super power re , Ablett yes superstar but I am far from being on my pat malone that he got a fair go from the umpires
    Hawksey yes bushy has gone quiet there is no doubt , Jaensch would be one of the
    1st picked for the tigers geez they are terrible

  22. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Gordo definitely one of my favorite banners ( definitely another article possibility ) and remarkable that it stayed up for the whole test match
    Sam has been singing the song today quite funny !
    Thanks re , Ox we weren’t fighting over who was going to give him a lift so greatly appreciated , HYB has been good with quite a few girl guides turning up needs your charm ! Thanks Gordo

  23. Thanks for the precis ‘Book … now I know which quarters to see on the Fox replay this week whenever that is. Nice ‘Louie the Fly’ reference … thought we banned that one in the late 90s ;). Was banking on a big Tex game to get my DT over the line this week, but Wingaard and Swan screwed me over. First Crows game I’ve missed this year, but had a better offer – taking on the PHOS Phantoms in a Greys cameo with Wolverine and the likes of Clinton Rules OK, Rocky Austin and Sandy ‘Climb Every Mountain’ Hancock. Missed the second half due to junior footy commitments, so now if only we could get a match report on that game … which we won I hear.

  24. E.regnans says

    Good one OBP.
    Didn’t see the match. But glad to think of Tex moving well again. He started pretty well against Collingwood, without dominating. He’s got that special something.

  25. Dr Goatboat says

    Sam Day? Isn’t he grandson of Ian. Who was the prime exponent of the worm burner come daisy cutter….don’t get me started on the stab kick….sam must be a throwback if he’s tall enough to play anywhere except second rover resting in the FP. As for CHB at PAC, I played with. Jock Mcfarlane and Sam is no jock McFarlane…..
    Crows on a bigger roll than balfours….well done Tex, best footballer to come out of Broken Hill since Jeff Potter

  26. Dr Goatboat says

    Nank, Was it true dean ottens could kick a wheat bag over a silo back where he hailed from?

  27. Alan de Menezes says

    Nice work Malcolm. It is now very apparent that the Crows have been missing Tex Walker real bad. Just wish he would have come back after our Bombers played your mob. Keep up the goodwork mate.

  28. Mahatma Coat says

    Good wrap up Book. It was good to watch a high-pace, open and attacking game.

  29. Disgraced Former Premier says

    Well played Book. Very much looking forward to checking out the new oval in a few weeks time with pre and post game stints in the Long Room at BN1.

  30. Nice piece, Malcolm.

    Were you one of the Crows’ supporters booing Garry Ablett?

  31. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks guys yes , OBP Walker is something special one of the elite players in the competition . Duncs no did not boo , Ablett strongly disagreed with a couple of free kicks he received when the umpire got over awed with who it was not the actual game . Ablett is that good he would get a game in the scum at , Uni

  32. A nice little read here, ‘book.

    In Bob we trust

  33. Gents,
    Don’t know about Ottens and the wheatbag – may have been easier to kick a bagfull of a later crop over the silo though.
    Gordo – thanks a lot for delivering the Ox to the city – but what would have been wrong with dropping him half way between Waikerie and Barmera and allowing his innate sense of direction to steer him home? I was at a Blacks game some years ago in the long room and the Ox was also gracing the footy world with his presence – drinking cups of tea and eating a pasty with the exceptional skill only he possesses – actually eating is possibly putting too fine a point on the process – he was sucking the guts out of it. After the game he was looking for a ride to the Colonist Tavern on the Parade at Norwood where he had arranged a rendezvous with persons unknown. If I remember correctly Gordo you stayed “stum” – as did my good self – even though you knew full well that the Collie was my local and I resided within 200m of the pub and would actually go past on my way home!


  34. Nick Raschella says

    Ah that gate number 13 at Footy Park that Max Basheer used to always make sure was never counted – the good old days when clubs shared gate receipts – the doubts still linger.

    Book nice summary of the game. Sam Day finally is starting to live up to the hype of his athletic prowess week in week out. Has shown glimpses here and there but this season he is showing us all what he could really be.

    I don’t understand why Truck Rutten was ever dropped. He has the footy smarts to make up for his lack of pace. From watching on TV it looked like the GC ran out of legs and Ablett had little influence in the last quarter.

    Need to make a Bob Neil # 3 sign and stick it up in the southern plaza entrance I think.

  35. Good review Book. Having seen the Crows a bit in recent weeks and reading your write up regarding Tex and Truck, I’d thankful the Adelaide selectors left them out in Round 7. Certainly made my day.

  36. Moss Bridgwood says

    Very good accurate and precise game summary , Rule book .I particularly liked the local references with , Ad Uni FC and Sam Day at PAC

  37. C’mon Bushy as Rulebook said Jaensch would walk in to the tigers side ( so would ,
    Ben Tremellen ! ) Rulebook said , Richmond to finish between , 12 and 16 bow to his football knowledge ! Good write up of a good game

  38. B Rwandan says

    Ablett is judged by such high standards; 25 possessions 2 goals, 18 contested pretty handy game commentators regard him as being well held – he’s good.

  39. Tom Martin says

    Beauty Book, an evocative account with your usual cynicism about the players on your shit list. Adelaide Oval is looking a treat, especially at the scoreboard end. Has anyone actually realised that Moreton Bay Fig trees have a finite life span? 150 odd years and then they’re toast. Those giants at the scoreboard end would have to be close. What will the SMA do then? Won’t look quite the same with blue tarpaulin hanging in the background. Maybe some plush velvet curtains like at the theatre. Or a giant shower curtain with cartoon crows wrestling thunderbolts. Or, hang on a minute, THE MOTHER OF ALL BOB NEIL BANNERS!!!

  40. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks guys , Papa I don’t think your far off the mark re gate , 13 and re truck footy smarts are very underrated at all levels
    Diggers the dees improvement has been great surely clubs will stop under estimating them soon ? this will be another test for the dees which , Roos will revel in
    Moss thank you and re helping to get the doyen of speakers , Richard Collis to the
    worlds greatest f c last year
    Atchy as we no , Bushy is just like , Fonzy can’t say the word wrong and admit he has a lot to learn hell he hasn’t worked out , Duigan stood , Deledio in last years final yet
    B Rwandan spot on but that shows the measure of how great a player he is and the standards he has set
    Tom Martin pure gold as always !

  41. Dan Hansen says

    Good write up. I’m not sure if Talia was sensational or Lynch was extremely disappointing. .. or a bit of both. I thought Kerridge deserved more of a mention.

    If tbe Crows can keep up tbis form and beat North twice tbey are a rwal chance for the finals.

    All that said, the article is spot on: Tex is the man.

  42. Very solid work Malcolm. Well done. Little-known fact: Dean Laird was poached from Rivvies end of 88. Chocka and I went to their annual dinner as was the custom. There’s this intelligent-looking young lad sitting at the bar alone. (Yes, in that crowd he stood out like dogs’ balls. Here I was thinking the likes of Butch and Critter might be socially engaging off-field. Fat chance. There was a moronic consistency. Actually in Butch’s case catatonic is probably a better description). So anyway I go and engage this lad. Turns out Rivvies have invited him with a view to impressing him (what the?) and signing him for 89. I think he’d been at Westies. Malcolm? By evening’s end he’d committed to the Blacks. That was the end of the mutual annual dinner reciprocal invites. Keep up the fine work Malcolm. Love it.

  43. Excellent work, Book, excellent. Daddsy…Butch and Critter, now there’s a memory jerker. Or two…

  44. Chocka Bloch says

    Nice ones Book , Daddsy , Tommy et al . It’s Daddsys fault I never got another , Rivvies invite so can’t remember where Port Adelaide is , and he’s a bit tough on the Rivvies lads , Critter was smarter than most of my students and could certainly drink and sing better , thanks r book

  45. Jeff Milton says

    Great article Very accurate and informative A career in journalism beckons.
    I was there but could never have captured the game as well
    Always good to point out the importance of the links back to The Blacks and Bob Neil no 1
    All Crows should aspire to be like their first coach and at some stage play a game for Adel Uni

  46. Lairdy66 says

    Daddsy firstly may I thank you for your reference to me as an intelligent–looking young man however given I was accepting of an invitation to Rivvie’s with a view to integrating certainly adds weight to the old adage ” you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Secondly I suspect your and Chocka’s judgment may well have been compromised by that amazing Rivvie’s hospitality. Having said that the choice was either rub shoulders with the likes of Critter and Butch or perhaps get a glimpse of Bob Neil..
    The rest is history.

  47. Having stood side-by-side with the ‘Book for the whole game, I can vouch he spent 98% of it providing audible and scathing feedback to umpires and the Crows players alike. However, it seemed his well worn tracky dacks went a bit lumpy every time an ex-tarnished spooner playing for the Sunnyboyz went near the ball. By his accounts, this man-love is based on many good times shared by RB and SD at The Hackney where the dress code apparently included King Gees & Asics. Anyway kudos to the ‘Book, for giving 100% during the game in order to prepare this unbiased report. A perceptive account for sure. After recovering his composure post-game (easier when you don’t drink) he shuffled off to the Queens Head to cash in on Camry Crow conviviality by raising even more cash for the Bob Neil Bar & Banner to be constructed on the Hill. Another splendid effort from AUFC’s finest!

  48. Screecher says

    Great to see the Crows get the win, and Tex and forward line starting to fire.
    But kudos to Gold Coast. They have really turned it on this year. Sure, they have gotten some great concessions from the AFL, but we’ve seen other teams fail to make the most of a foot-up they have been given over the years.
    May Bob Be With You Rulebook. Another great read!!!

  49. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Danny Kerridge did a very good job but as the blonde rwandan said we expect a hell of a lot from the little master .
    Daddsy , Chocka and Lairdy amusing tale of how , Lairdy was recruited to the worlds greatest f c and good luck to , Rory he is improving and looks a good long term player
    IMS always were interesting times with the rivvies guys !
    Jeff Milton thank you greatly appreciated
    Damian L a tad harsh always show interest in guys playing I have had a little bit to do with would have carried on more re , Trengove and Tapscott for the dees , go the trackies and helping , out Down syndrome re raffle at least the crowd seemed to like the line about truck when running that he was as slow and reliable as our public transport system the footy is about having a bit of fun isn’t it ?
    Screecher , Gold Coast and GWS both purely with there concessions should become super powers the suns are well on the way the giants are still a long way back but I suspect will come but in essence you are correct thanks folks !

  50. Finally I got to see a win at the oval, and on my birthday!

  51. RB I never mean to be harsh mate – just recognising the man you are – a man for all seasons and situations. Astute observer & critic of the game, known to, and by many players and coaches and overly genereous giver of your time and energy for the benefit of others. Apologies if any offence taken. May Bob be with you this long weekend with no Blacks footy!

  52. Book – can’t help but agree with the protected species comment – umpies should not be the highlight of the game – maybe they should learn from the SANFL where they are not really noticed and only pay REAL free kicks. Maybe someone should also teach what an illegal disposal is.
    Fantastic to see Tex getting back to form – might need to use his old boots though; his kicking is still woeful.

  53. David Nolan says

    Nice one Ashy . It was a good game , Swallow was great for them . I thought we always looked like winning . It was great to see , Ablett in the flesh , he was weld held but showed flashes of brilliance

  54. I can’t believe the Ox is still alive? He was 106 when I first started in 1980. And the size of a house.

    Mal – better writing than the muck us Victorian dwellers get from Porter. Not sure if that’s a compliment?

  55. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks , yes remarkably the , Ox is still going and still using the same line kick some goals blacks ! Generally does help , and yep I will take as a compliment better than
    Ashley Porter thanks , Goodas

  56. Impressive work Rulebook. I was there for the game and you summed it up well!

  57. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good result Caitlin ! No Problem at all , Damian May Bob be with you , Droop totally agree thanks , Sticks and Timber

  58. wel dun…………..Crows roller coaster season continues…and u `nailed it`…………novelty value at Adelaide Oval to date….will it last with `disposable $$$$` in SA `drying up` rapidly??…form of both sides will influence crowds short term…$$$$$ will eventually show supporters real form?? cheers & beers Perky

  59. Matthew Wojcik says

    Great summary as always Book!

  60. Good one….keep them coming Rulebook

  61. Colin Bankes says

    Nicely done Rulebook. Great to see big Tex starting to fire. Would be nice to get Sam Day into a crows guernsey down the track. Brilliant story re Rivvies Daddsy. Tis probably why it is such a pleasant road trip for us every time we head there these days..

  62. Nice read book. I dont know whose more biased. you or rucci & his beloved ports.

    I was at the game, no mention of sloany. very underated. consistent, great team man. dangerfield gets all the kudos, but can let the team down when his disposals dont find a body. does sando tell him to keep his feet.

    Big test with fremantle, if the crows have the same attitude as the collingwood game plus tex in form, we’ll be a big chance.

    ps the ox! He spent the 5 years i coached the mighty blacks telling me how he starred & how i should go about my task.

    Boys there always a back way, its worth knowing where it is, then you dont get caught with the ox. unfortunately i always got caught in the change rooms. usually one way out.

  63. Jamie Restas says

    well done book. good to see the Crows get up and pull in another big crowd – great for SA footy and the city to have both sides up and running

  64. Nice read Malcolm, but sounds like a nightmare. I dunno what’s worse – having to sit (stand?) through a game with 50,000 crows supporters, or standing next to Home Maker for 3 hours hearing about all the injuries he picked up from footy on the weekend.

    I dunno, call me old fashioned, but I just can’t get in to this AFL footy where the whole crowd is supporting the same team. And the Crows call this crowd their 19th Man? Give me a break.

  65. Great read , Rulebook always enjoy your astute football brain but tell me how is the gap between the top and bottom teams growing so much ? Jaensch is your perfect example , would not be on the list of the top sides , to going ok with the crows as you pointed out still making some shocking errors yet in a lower side such as , Richmond he would obviously be one of the , 1st picked , I don’t get it !

  66. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Perky and Jamie R , it will be interesting to see how long novelty value of Ad oval last and what both clubs and football in general does to maintain the momentum , south aussies are carrying the competition crowd wise .
    Wo Wo and JP thank you
    Banksey yes amusing and ironic given how we played at , rivvies this season !
    Tofe yes it is a huge pitfall going to a game with only one set of supporters not just that afl is a industry and loses touch with real football people and the game and give home maker his due he did not mention his injuries once
    KOP great point it is so complex re having a very good development program to get the utmost out of your players having good leadership is vital hell the difference between top and bottom sides is obvious in this area , haven’t seen a top side have crap leadership yet and teams must have a balanced list of inside and outside and vital to have good kicking skills I must admit I can’t work out how there is such a difference in this area either as I thought before the season crows and of course confidence if we knew only knew how to bottle that . You nailed Jaensch and totally agree he would be one of the first players picked in a average side such as the tigers especially given there diabolical foot disposal thanks folks

  67. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Sorry as I thought before the season crows would be between , 7 and 12 is the missing line re above ( Walker is obviously vital re the crows chances of scraping in to the , 8 )

  68. Didn’t watch the game but comprehensive round up from rulebook. Proof he’s still off the sauce…

  69. as a victorian who lives in upwey, it clear that the only thing that saves the crows from anonymity in Victoria is the great R Sloane, a great former Upwegian

  70. Geoffrey Wilson says

    Good summary Rulebook, great to see Tex back and in some real good form and touch. Great point about The Crows crowds at Football Park, there is no doubt that they had some very creative accountants or they just couldn’t count, i would love to now the real crowd figures.

  71. rabid dog says

    Nice read Book, but I saw a much better game of footy, with SA beating the Vics at Port Melbourne oval.

  72. Great article Book. Interesting re Jaensch. He was always going to get plenty of time in the side this season with Otten and Henderson out with LTI’s but ultimately I think he’s earnt a permanent spot with Martin the one to make way when Hendo returns. Our defence is our biggest worry IMO. Rutten is still a great reader of the play, but is and will get touched up by the good sides. Talia needs another key down back to help and until we can recruit someone I’d like to see Lewis Johnson given a chance back there as he has done the job at the Roosters.

  73. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Pudgie and yep
    Tony Miles Folks I highly recommend Australian Sports Camps for youngsters all the best Milesey
    Rabid Dog were you involved with the state side ? A good result for , SA !
    Footy it will be interesting how many games , Henderson is given back in the local league there were several , Vic clubs after him at trade time which , Sando flatly refused when fit he is , 1 of the best rebounding defenders in the league Personally I prefer , Martin as he is better in contests than Jaensch but I think you will be correct
    Johnston I TOTALLY agree with you he played a lot of his junior footy in defence and would be able to use his elite leg to advantage , umpired him when he was at , Pembroke thanks guys !

  74. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Geoff the most famous match afl crowd wise was the last game of the 93 season when the crows had to beat the pies to make the finals when every 1 used afl season tickets to get in , when we were very reliably informed there was 66 thousand and the true crowd could not be divulged due to braking the fire rule when a lot of us sat in the isles overall I have no doubt the crowd was quite often 5 thousand of so more than declared as it was financially viable to do this . Sanfl wise the most famous example was the , 76 gf when people actually forced the gates open and spectators were amazingly allowed to sit inside the boundary line thanks , Geoff

  75. Good summary Malcolm. I am so impressed by this new oval however slightly saddened by the perceived reduced presence of the mighty moreton bay fig trees. These grand old trees once dominated the setting at Bob Neil #3 – they now are dwarfed by the new stands and resemble more closely a collection of bonsai. Once they are classed in the same state as the burnside shopping centre gum it will be interesting to see how they fill this void. Keep the hill standing room and build a couple of BBQ decks I say.

    Restas – good to see a balanced view coming out of the “new” and less rabid port Adelaide.

    Looking forward to seeing nick gill debut for bob Neil’s cubs this coming Saturday.

  76. Great read Rule book!! Looking forward to my first visit to Bob Neil number 3.

    Keep up the quality reviews R Book. May Bob be with you.

  77. Geoffrey Wilson says

    Thanks Malcolm, i do realise that as i was at both games

  78. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Cabbage Patch prefer Toms idea re super duper , Bob Neil banner !
    Richo man thanks mate
    Geoff wasn’t aimed at you mate a few people have asked about footy park crowds
    Thanks folks

  79. Dr Goatboat Re Ottens booting ability. Only managed it over the Gulnare silo which was smaller.
    I believe Jeff Potter has returned to the Hill and is in the spirituous and fermentous liquors trade which is popular up that way.

  80. Malcolm – your usual insightful stuff.
    ah yes – the “Spin Triplets” banner.
    I believe Nick Cave described Kylie Minogue’s hot pants from her 2000 clip “Spinning Around” as of high cultural significance – Australia’s equivalent of the Turin Shroud.
    Maybe the “Spin Triplets” banner is in a similar league.
    As I remember correctly Gordo constructed it in my back yard – when he was in month 7 of a 2 week stay. Memories ……….

  81. A very entertaining summary. Kudos Rulebook.

  82. Great as usual rule book! Great read

  83. Agree ashy, crows were entertaining as were the suns. Pity yesterday’s game was back to usual standard. Frustrating year continues

  84. Rick Neagle says

    Have still doubled my bet on Son of God for the Charlie

  85. Very interesting read , I didnt see the game but from your article I got a informative review of the match with I guess you could call it a splash of your humor , good job M.A ps will have to catch up one day

  86. Steve wood says

    Well summed up Malcolm, interesting view on Matty jaench, I think the crows need his ‘ take the game on’ attitude.

  87. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Lips 1 of the truly great banners yep that sounds about right re , Gordo time !
    JJ and Wrighty thank you ! . Daniel yes v frustrating always thought tho we needed our full and best compliment of players available we lack depth
    Neags can’t argue with that re charlie !
    Andy thanks mate and definitely !
    Woodsy just wish there wasn’t such a gap between his good and bad
    Thanks folks

  88. Marko Draca says

    Was an interesting game to watch, even though I rocked up at half time after taking the old man to the netball and somehow surviving the quick drop off on King William rd. Tex was back to his best, perhaps even better than his best of 2012…? Looking forward to seeing him run thru the packs in CHF all year.

  89. Nice summary Rulebook.
    The Crows look impressive when they are up against the mid range teams like GC but lose a bit of forward structure going up against the better defensive teams such as Fremantle on the weekend.
    Tex moving really well and will slowly build into the colossus he can be by season’s end.
    Interesting comments on Jaensch. His kicking is good but a tad over-rated and surely not enough to make up for his average defensive work; why not Brent Reilly instead?
    Only a matter if time until Day, Kolodashnji and their ilk take GC to a flag.

  90. Great summary Rulebook.
    Interesting comments re Jaensch. He really seems to be finding his feet this year at AFL level. No secret that he has a brilliant kick, it is at times unfortunately forgotten or questioned due to a poor decision that may see him kick to a fifty fifty or have the ball chopped off. In his first few years under Craigy he was tried as a small forward which worked at times but never really saw him take a game apart or find his feet. Jaensch has always been a defender and plays his best footy down back, yes at times his defensive work may not be the best, however he appears to be growing in confidence each week and with time I think the crows may find themselves with a very solid defender that has the ability to attack and chop teams up through the middle with his elite kicking skills.

  91. Book, having read all of these wonderful comments I am almost inspired to go and read your column.

  92. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Guys Marko realistically it will be next year when , Tex will be back to his best
    his leadership is a vital aspect also . Weeks and Lachy unusually for me I am a bit in the middle re , Jaensch his decision making is still a worry but yes he has improved markedly the jury is out . Weeksy I agree surely , Reilly is not finished . I am bitterly disappointed with the treatment one of the elite players re skills , Porps has received
    I wish for his own sake and surely there’s he had gone to the tigers

  93. Think Tex will have a few quieter games when the crows are getting thumped- they’ve shown countless times this year that they cannot kick under pressure, which will affect the delivery the big Texan gets.

  94. well said rule book

  95. Good read MA……..pleasant change to mainstream!
    Think there’s a real place for a humorous account of a game, too many are stuck in the rut of the predictable.

    We all have watched the same game and the account should therefore be similar (unless we sometimes ask “what game was he/she watching?)
    But if win or lose, spectators can have a smile on the back of reviewing with a bit of tongue in cheek – it could be fun!
    good luck

  96. I think at times they used to count the seagulls down at Footy Park to make up the numbers!
    Entertaining read Malcolm, good work!

  97. Great read Malc. Not sure if I’d like the postmortem of the clash Fremantle as much.

  98. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Seags text will take a while to obtain consistency as his body adjusts to playing afl footy every week ( May have to rest him to get him thru the year ) he has the X factor and is vital for the crows future
    Poppy thanks mate and exactly we all see the game get the bland boring coach press conferences surely having some fun and individuality in a match summary is the go
    Robinson no not re crows games there were gamed at footy park when it was packed and only , 42 thou was declared there were always well founded rumors that some alleged-manipulation with the declared crowd figure may have occurred
    Jack no far from pretty against freo v v average performance we don’t play for admiration etc may have been sung thanks folks

  99. More red faced than the Sydney indigenous jumper… well played

  100. Nice work Book, keys for comment.

  101. Tom Evans says

    Great summary Ashy! Good to see the big Texan back, looking forward to seeing him regain the type of form that helped Adelaide win that semi final over the Dockers in 2012 at AAMI

  102. The Crows are back now to kick straight

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