AFL Round 10 – Carlton v Adelaide: Up, up and away


When my mate Nathan, who works at the Crows, offered us seats on the Crows jet for the Carlton-Crows game it was an offer too good to refuse. Our party of five: myself, Jason (undercover Carlton supporter), our partners Kylie and Rebecca and friend Doyle, assembled at Cobham airport at 11AM. The day was to be hosted by the great Tony Modra; a cracking down-to-earth country bloke who posed for photos and signed autographs for an hour before we boarded the jet.

An hour later we landed at the somewhat rustic Essendon airport and boarded a bus to the G. One of the perks of the journey was a pre-game trip to the Crows’ room. We saw the boys warm up to the tunes of an unidentified rap artist. They looked pumped up and ready to go but looks can be deceiving. The first half was atrocious with only six goals kicked between the two sides. The Crows’ field kicking and kicking for goal was horrific but the fact they were only seven points down at half time showed that Carlton were not going much better. This was two average sides undeserving of playing finals footy.

We contemplated going down to the rooms at half-time and slipping ‘Eye of the Tiger’ into the CD player but went to the half time function instead. This was the highlight of the day, where we had a few beers with the Great Tony and heard a lot of his footy tales. He said the best player he played with was Andrew Jarman, who is trying to get him to play a few games with him at Ironbark this season –stay tuned. His toughest opponent was SOS Silvagni as he scragged so much and somehow never gave away free kicks. He also shared stories about his family and his farm life. It was a fantastic half an hour. The only pity was that he didn’t bring his boots and a green vest. The Crows could have used him in the second half.

The footy did not improve much with the highlight being Menzel’s forward work for the Blues and Betts’ form against his old side. Carlton shot out to a 20 point lead but when Eddie kicked his fourth somehow the Crows were in front. Doyle said the Crows were home, momentum had shifted. I couldn’t see it and we wagered a friendly 10 on the result. The turning point was with the Crows down by a goal, Dangerfield marked 15 meters out and inexplicably played on and snapped a point with his left foot. Adelaide didn’t deserve to win and Carlton regained the lead through some Yarran magic and defended grimly to hold on by five points. Doyle handed over the tenner. This was a memorable day but not for the footy.

We had time for a couple more quite ones at the Hilton and a little more Modra magic before boarding the flight back to Adelaide. Doyle contemplated drowning his sorrows by hitting the Hilton piano. The staff advised that this would not be wise so we sung an impromptu karaoke George Michael ‘Careless Whisper’ as a substitute. This resulted in rapturous applause and a debate over the lyrics. I was adamant, having sung the song at karaoke in three continents that it was “guilty feeling’s got no rhythm” while Doyle assured me that it was “guilty feet”. A quick Google-search and the 10 dollars was back with its original owner.

Coach Sanderson would come under heavy criticism by the Crows faithful for subbing Rutten at three-quarter time and moving JPod to Full Back. As one angry fan put it: replacing the slowest player in the AFL with the second slowest. It is plainly clear the Crows are missing the game-day presence of Dean Bailey. The Jet is very quiet with punters unable to believe how Jeckyll and Hyde the Crows can be.

Doyle, who doesn’t normally drink beer, was a little sick and sorry on the flight home; a bit like the Crows I suspect, on their flight back an hour later.


CARLTON 2.2 4.2 8.5 12.9 (81)

ADELAIDE 1.4 2.7 7.12 10.16 (76)


Carlton: Menzel 3, Docherty 2, Casboult, Yarran, Everitt, Simpson, Ellard, Thomas, Waite

Adelaide: Betts 4, Kerridge, Walker, Cameron, Thompson, Jaensch, Mackay


Carlton: Simpson, Yarran, Everitt, Menzel, Gibbs, McLean

Adelaide: Jacobs, Betts, Thompson, Dangerfield, Douglas, Laird


Carlton: Simpson (corked left thigh), Buckley (left leg)

Adelaide: Dangerfield (back)


Carlton: Jeff Garlett replaced Dylan Buckley in the third quarter.

Adelaide: Jarryd Lyons replaced Ben Rutten at three-quarter-time.

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Leppard, Hay, Meredith

Official crowd: 32,419 at the MCG.


Our Votes

Simpson 3 Thompson 2 Menzel 1




  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    It probably wasn’t M&M playing in the Crows rooms, Carlton have the perpetual rights to that one.

  2. great perspective of a crap game.
    nice job raj.

  3. Great write up Rajesh, entertaining as always! ‘Modra posed for photos and signed autographs for an hour before we boarded the jet’, Geez mate, how many photos did you take of him? :)
    See if you can get him to come to the next B&T night.

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great stuff Raj sounds like a better day than the game spot on two average sides there are a lot of average players getting a game there is not enough elite talent for
    18 sides and totally agree the tactical nous of the late , Dean Bailey has not been replaced thanks , Raj

  5. Sounds like the trip was great and the football not so!
    Perhaps the under cover Carlton supported slipped a performance reducing drug into the Crows water! If he did it must have got mixed up and both teams drank to – a torturous game to watch.
    Glad that the host was a winner and made for a good off field experience.
    As for the karaoke, i sure GM would have been impressed!
    Great write up!

  6. Gold!!! Fantastic write up Raj…..

    And yes, there are big issues at the Crows – magnified by the fact that in 2 years, Port Adelaide have turned their club around both on and off field with fantastic results.

    Changes from the top down needed NOW!

  7. Whilst the match was mostly forgettable, at least you have some great memories of sharing a beer and a chat with one of the greats. I bet he spoke highly of Mick Martyn!
    Spewing I threw another tip away on Adelaide…should’ve known better! Carlton are always more competitive at MCG, plus I cannot remember the last time the Crows won there. Crows have too many average players who will not stand up when the chips are down. Happens time and time again. Will not make finals and don’t deserve to.

  8. Sam McEwen says

    Nice work Raj. Pity about the result. I hope there was a bit of Pembroke “Gold” Spandau Ballet style trotted out at karaoke too!

  9. Nice article.

    Cam Ellis-Yolmen must wonder what he has to do to get a game. He is always in the best in the Reserves and looked really good in the pre-season games. Picking Rutten and JPod to pick up much quicker opponents just doesn’t make any sense.

    Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

  10. “Guilty feet got no rhythm”. That’s the Crows theme song isn’t it? Certainly on high rotation on the JPod.
    Great report as always Raj. Sando wouldn’t inspire water to flow downhill. As Crash says in Bull Durham to the Manager “they’re kids – scare ’em”.

  11. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Raj. What a fantastic trip to be on. Would love to do the same to a game in Adelaide. Tipped Adelaide and always barrack against the Blues. Disappointing result.

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