AFL Prelim Finals: Dogs battle to hold out Saints while I face challenges of my own

By Josh Barnstable

It’s Friday night in the Northern Territory. The sun is down, the sky is a light grey colour, yet I can feel no atmosphere compared to what I would be feeling back in Victoria. To get me in the mood, I go for a walk with a couple of mates and pat the camels at the caravan park we are staying at: Kings Creek Station. After climbing Kings Canyon earlier in the day, I’m feeling quite weary so I decide to fix that by necking down two bottles of blue Powerade. I go and ask one of our teachers if we can go watch the footy in the nearby bar. He says no; apparently they won’t let kids in there or something. There goes my night. But my teacher, Jack, pulls out an old radio and sticks the headphones in his ears. He finds the footy on the AM station, but it changes between AFL and Rugby. I don’t want to sit at a table for three hours to hear the result, so I go out with some friends but return every 20 minutes for the score.

Coming to Jack at quarter-time, he tells me the Dogs are leading by 15 points at quarter time, 2.5 to 0.2. I’m surprised, and happy. I want the Doggies in the Grand Final, it’s been a long time in between drinks for them, yet it has been for St Kilda as well.

I go and grab by iPod, and see if I can find any station at all with footy coverage. I can’t, so I’m resigned to listening to music. I see a bunch of kids get up and start walking away from Jack. I go over there and ask for the scores. 4.7 to 3.6 the Doggies way. I clap at the result, but I wonder if the Dogs can keep it up.

After it starts raining, me and a couple of friends decide to take cover in an old Jeep stripped of its engine. I use the Pocketnews on my phone to find out the score. The Dogs still lead. But I sense the Saints are coming, so I listen to The Saints Are Coming by Green Day on my iPod. I go over to Jack and I’m saddened by what I hear. 7.6 to 6.7, the Saints in front. I believe there is no chance for the Dogs now, but I do look forward to the last quarter.

That begins, and after being told to go to bed, we all protest and get an extra 30 minutes, just enough time to hear the final result of the game. I stay with Jack for the entire quarter. Bob Murphy kicks a point. I note that he has been very inaccurate in the past few matches. Brad Johnson kicks a goal, and I cheer. Nick Riewoldt does what champions do: marks and puts the Saints in front. Daniel Giansiracusa misses, and Riewoldt kicks a goal from the goalsquare off the ground to put an end to the contest. The siren sounds, the Saints win by seven points, 9.6.60 to 7.11.53.

Oh how I wish I was at home to watch this game. Oh how I wish Giansiracusa could have kicked that goal. Oh how I wish the Dogs could have made the Grand Final. But it wasn’t meant to be. St Kilda are the team of 2009, they are the side that deserves to be in the final game of the year. The Dogs can comfort themselves knowing they pushed the best side of the year to within seven points and both teams produced one of the games of the year.

Oh how I wish I was at home to watch this game.

St Kilda 0.2—3.6—7.6—9.6.60

Western Bulldogs 2.5—4.7—6.7—7.11.53


St Kilda-Riewoldt 4, S. Fisher, McQualter, Milne, Hayes, Dal Santo

Western Bulldogs-Hahn 2, Johnson 2, Higgins, Picken, Giansiracusa


78, 245 at the MCG


  1. Josh Barnstable says

    Lucky Mum taped it :)

  2. Michael Allan says

    A very good story Josh.

    Are you allowed to call teachers by their first name? We’re not.

  3. Great story. We’ll be there next year, Josh. The doggies are moving forward and our rewards will soon come.

  4. Josh Barnstable says

    Thanks for the comments.

    Michael, most of our teachers have nicknames, and some are fine with us calling them by there first name. I can hardly remember calling a male teacher at my school by Mr. whoever. Examples are:
    Mr. Byrne is nicknamed Burna, Mr. Thompson is nicknamed Thommo and Mr. Kam is nicknamed Kammy. Lol it makes school more fun when we are allowed to call teachers by their nicknames.

  5. Damian Watson says

    Yeah great work Josh,
    Your lucky you could even find any of the scores!

    When I went to the NT in mid 2006 I lasted three weeks without having any knowledge of the results. Over those weekends we happened to be camping and when I had any sort of access to a TV most people were far more content in watching Australia in the Soccer World Cup or the Tri Nations Rugby!

    How far was your Kings Canyon climb?

  6. Josh Barnstable says

    The Kings Canyon walk was 6km up, around and back down. It was difficult at the start at “Heart Attack Hill” which is very steep, but afterwards the view was spectacular.

    The only footy news i heard while away was the results of the games and that Shane Tuck had been delisted. For all i know, Nick Riewoldt could have broken his leg in the match and i wouldn’t have known!

    Oh and i didn’t climb Uluru if anyone was wondering.

  7. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh and how was the footy show Michael? I didn’t watch it.

  8. We have to call teacher’s Mr or Mrs at school.

    I’ve never been in a TV show audience, so I’ve always wondered what happens during the ad breaks.

  9. Michael Allan says

    The footy show was better than I thought it would be.

    All the music was good and the show was entertaining.

    Steve they had two people before and during the break who pumped up the audience. During every ad break they’d say what segment would be on next and ran competitons like a dance off.

    I was a bit worried before the show because when they said Guy Sebastian would start everybopdy was booing and I didn’t think that would be a good look for the show.

    The microphones played up a bit at the start of the show. I’m not sure if you got that at home. When the Script were singing did the music cut out for about a verse? It did at the show.

    The player revue was pretty good. It started badly, Lyon and Newman were pretty awful. The Michael Jackson trio of Gibson, Lovvett and Rodan was really good. Shane Crawford was fantastic aswell.

    I think they’ll review the record and Shane wont get it. He smashed half the eggs with his hand.

  10. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve always wondered what they do during ad breaks as well.

    The only part of the revue i saw was the guys doing a dance to the Pussycat Dolls song Jai Ho, i didn’t know if they were actual footy players though coz i didn’t recognize them.

    I’m starting yet another fake fixture Steve just to get me in the mood for the Grand Final tomorrow. Is everyone doing a report on tomorrow’s match?

  11. Thanks for that inside info Michael. Nah I didn’t notice anything strange with the sound when the script were playing.

    Definitely doing a match report for tomorrow. It’s gonna be a good one. Hahaha good work Josh hope it works out.

  12. Josh Barnstable says

    Wow there’s a lot of booming thunder going on at the moment in Waaia. Wonder if you guys are getting it too.

    I dunno whether to do a report or not. I probably should.

    I really can’t wait for the game. The wet weather is gonna make it better

  13. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I will be. Hopefully I’m sitting near some colorful Saints and Cat fans for me to write about.

    Jai Ho was Carlton. I’m surprised they got Stevens to take his shirt off.

    Did anybody see almost footy legends? How funny was the winner.

  14. Nup just a bit of rain down here.

    It was Stevens, Scotland, Joseph and O’hAilpin i think.

    Hahaha yeah just stole the bike and ran away. I reckon the funniest bit of the show was the starting thing with Barry Hall.

  15. Josh Barnstable says

    We just got a lot of hail and lighting as well and on the weather map its headed for Melbourne lol so yeah heads up.

    I think i remember seeing that video earlier in the year actually, or something similar.

  16. Michael Allan says

    My seat tomorrow is out in the open. Should be good with all the rain.

    There’s no rain where I am.

  17. Josh Barnstable says

    Have fun with that Michael.

    Norm Smith Medalist tips? Mine is either Brendon Goddard or Joel Selwood

  18. Damian Watson says

    My tip is Nick Riewoldt, I think the stormy conditions will suit him.

  19. Michael Allan says

    If Saints win: Riewoldt

    If Cats win: Bartel

  20. Josh Barnstable says

    Everyone is saying Paul Chapman, but if he is gonna win it he’ll have to have one of his games where he kicks 5 goals and he is definately not gonna do that on a day like tomorrow.

  21. I don’t mind sitting in the rain at the footy. I hate all those sooks who walk to the back or the top level and miss some of the action.

    I’m tipping Sam Fisher if the Saints win, Matthew Scarlett if Geelong wins

  22. Josh Barnstable says

    Does anyone remember the NAB Cup match from a couple of years ago between St Kilda and Brisbane at Cazaly Stadium? It was so wet and waterlogged, and on a contest on the boundary line a player slipped over and slid along the ground, making water slide up into the crowd and it drenched a woman, and she later tried suing the player for covering her in water lol

  23. I don’t think Riewoldt will have a ripper of a game, even if the Saints win ( I tipped Geelong) He’ll only kick a goal or two and about a dozen possessions.

  24. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I remember the game however I can’t remember who won but it was a thriller in the end.

  25. Really? Hahaha. I remember a game in I think 2003 between West Coast and North Melbourne. It was so muddy and stormy, they had to use a yellow ball for a day game. I remember Drew Petrie slipped over and got his face covered inch thick in mud

  26. Michael Allan says

    Steve, I’m not one of those people. Besides if you leave your seat when the weather dries up you have to spend ages drying it again.

    I remember this year I think it was Fremantle vs Brisbane the ground was waterlogged.

  27. Any I’m having dinner now

  28. Josh Barnstable says

    I remember the West Coast and North game. Ashley Sampi kicked the winning goal that day. And i remember Petrie being covered in mud, it was one of the highlights on my AFL game i have on Xbox lol.

  29. Damian Watson says

    Geelong v Freo 2004, I remember the locals sweeping the mud away with the broom down at Skilled Stadium

  30. Josh Barnstable says

    Freo kicked 3.7.25 that day, and i thought i had witnessed one of the lowest scores in the history of the game, but they bettered it this year with 1.7.13 against Adelaide

  31. Michael Allan says

    Josh all the AFL games are bad. I have ’98 2003 and 2006 and 98 is the best lol.

  32. Damian Watson says

    How about this one Josh, Adelaide v North 2004 a very wet night under lights and I think the Crows slipped over the line in a very low scoring game.

  33. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve got 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 and 2008 is the best lol but they aren’t very good at all.

    I think i remember what game your talking about Damo, but you might have it mixed up. Round 18, 2004 was the Heritage Round and the Crows played the Roos on a Friday night and it was very low scoring but it was quite dry that game. The year before though in Round 21, both teams played at AAMI during the day and it seemed like a night match it was so wet and gray. The Roos won against the odds, and a week later beat Carlton by 124 points :)

  34. Damian Watson says

    Yep Spider Burton’s last game that all I will say about that match.
    Which program should I watch, Before the Game or the VFL Grand Final?

  35. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah i remember big Spida, he kicked 2 goals that day. I’ve still got the match on video somewhere.

    Watch Before the Game, the VFL Grand Final is being replayed at 10 tonight

  36. Damian Watson says

    Yeh but it’s live on ABC HD and the Northern Bullants are playing, I’ll flick between the two.

  37. Damian Watson says

    By the way what AFL side is North Ballarat affiliated with?

  38. Josh Barnstable says

    North Melbourne, so its sorta like North v Carlton tonight Damo lol

  39. Josh Barnstable says

    I was talking to David Teague on the radio earlier today on my ABC show, he said the Bullants are fit and firing

  40. Damian Watson says

    I think North Ballrat are favourites but it will be intresting to see David Teague coach our side, I remember he played for North Melbourne as well as Carlton. I think Denis Pagan recycled him and Digby Morrell from the Kangas and I think there was some one else as well.

  41. Josh Barnstable says

    Dad just told me a great joke haha.

    Everyone going to the Grand Final tomorrow needs to take their own lunch as there will be no Pies. Magpies? Get it? Haha

  42. Damian Watson says

    By the way who did you and Crackers tip for the Premiership?

  43. Josh Barnstable says

    Teague used to be my favourite player when he was at North, because his sister was my teacher at school. I remember he was sorta a nobody at the Roos, then moved to Carlton, won a Best and Fairest and was rarely spoken of again.

  44. Damian Watson says

    Yeh good one, I think we are used to the fact that there will be no Pies.

  45. Damian Watson says

    By the way Mick Martyn was the other player I was thinking of but we all know he turned out to be a bit of a failure at Carlton.

  46. Josh Barnstable says

    Crackers tipped Geelong and i tipped a draw.

  47. Damian Watson says

    Hahaha the Michael Williamson, anyway I better go have dinner, cya.

  48. Michael Allan says

    It’d be good if it was a draw.

    Althoughm it would be annoying having to buy two tickets for one game.

  49. I tipped Geelong by 12, but I hope that it’s a draw. Looks like North Ballarat are gonna win the premiership

  50. Josh Barnstable says

    That’s good, at least some North players will taste premiership success

  51. Final score: 14.7 91 to 10.8 68 in favour of North Ballarat. Yeah, Cruize Garlett, Josh Smith, Michael Wundke, Shannon Watt, Aaron Edwards and I think that’s all.

  52. Josh Barnstable says

    How did Edwards go?

  53. He kicked 2 goals in the first quarter but didn’t kick any after that

  54. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh ok hmmmm i hope he stays on the North list. I’m just about to watch the replay of the game

  55. Don’t you have HD Josh? Can you get it in Waaia?

  56. Josh Barnstable says

    We could if we had a plasma tv but we don’t but i have a set-top box in my room so i can get the HD channels but most of them don’t work, only Prime HD works. I wish i had One HD, i would have loved seeing the Grand Final replays over the last week.

  57. That sucks. Is one HD actually there or does it just stuff up heaps?

  58. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah i have it on my tv right now but it just says no service up the top. I just need a better, updated set-top box and i should be right

  59. All right. How’s your fixture going?

  60. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah good i’m up to Round 4

  61. I might make one as well. What’s your season opener?

  62. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve got:

    Carlton vs. Richmond (MCG) (N)
    St Kilda vs. Geelong (MCG) (N)
    Melbourne vs. Western Bulldogs (MCG)
    Brisbane vs. Adelaide (G) (N)
    Port Adelaide vs. Fremantle (AAMI) (N)
    Sydney vs. Hawthorn (SCG)
    Collingwood vs. North Melbourne (MCG)
    West Coast vs. Essendon (S) (T)

  63. Nice. That looks like a likely fixture, but I’m hoping that it’s a different opening game next year like Collingwood V Hawthorn or something

  64. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah but i think the AFL is sticking with its Richmond v Carlton opening game for at least a few more years, even though the past few have been fizzers.

  65. They had a few years of Richmond V Collingwood as well, 2002-2004 I think.

  66. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah i remember Richmond v Collingwood in 2004 was the first game i did a report on. Haha it was so terrible when i was reading it a few months ago. I had things like 4.6.37 and 8.9.61 haha at least i’ve straightened that part out

  67. Hahahaha. I think round 2 will be the easter round this year because it’s on April 4 (I just googled it).

    No mean to brag but I’ve known the goals and behinds off by heart since I was about 5. My “On the weekend” at primary school (that we wrote in our books)were all match reports. I had a look at them recently from about grade 2-4.

  68. Josh Barnstable says

    Don’t worry Steve, it’s something you can boast about when you know them at five. I knew my goals and behinds at about Grade 6, and a lot of my friends wanted me to teach them how to do it.

    When we did our journal writing at primary school (which was just writing what was happening in my life/what happened on the weekend) in grade 4 i always wrote about how i watched a game of footy and what happened in the match and my teacher said “Josh footy isn’t everything” and i said “yeah it is actually” and i got sent out of the room haha.

  69. hahahahaha. My teachers were a bit nicer at first, they’d write down comments like: “Wow Stephen, you really know your footy” when I was in Prep or something. I’d always draw pictures of Neita taking a mark or Robbo kicking a goal as well. In grade 4 I remember I was furious when Melbourne lost the Nab cup semi final by about 5 points to Geelong and my teacher wrote: “Don’t worry, It’s only the pre season!”

  70. Josh Barnstable says

    Hahaha, my teachers really support my footy at high school. They always ask me who’s in and who’s out, who they should make captain for there Supercoach teams and who will win out of a certain game. I always wonder how much more knowledge i would know of the game if i liked it from the start, coz i only started liking footy in 2003, and my passion has grown each year on.

  71. What was wrong with you before then? hahaha why did you begin to start liking footy if you hadn’t liked it until then?

  72. Josh Barnstable says

    I don’t know i just didn’t really know much about it before. I remember i used to really like doing footy tipping in 2001 and 2002, Dad would just read out the names of the teams and i would pick one, and i always picked North Melbourne and i didn’t even knew i barracked for them. In 2002 i went to North v Carlton and i thought “jeez this sport is alright” so i decided to spend more time on AFL in 03, i collected footy stickers and everything and went to more games. Then by 2004 i was doing match reports and then 2005 till now i’ve just tried to collect each bit of knowledge i can, whether it be by buying any AFL book i see or collecting footy cards. But mostly i liked it coz of my Dad, and he really showed me a lot of things about the game.

  73. I was more of an independent footy supporter although I grew up going to heaps of games in the late 90’s and early 00’s when the Dees were going pretty well.

    I was a massive footy sticker collecter as well, I’d always get my Mum to buy a few packs on the way home from school. I filled up the sticker books for a few consecutive years.

  74. Josh Barnstable says

    Did you get the massive A2 size posters that you stick your own stickers on? I loved them.

    My brother liked footy in the 90’s/early 00’s. He sort of went for Melbourne, he had a Demons footy sticker album and has stickers of Adem Yze, David Neitz and Russell Robertson, but as he grew up he stopped liking it and nowadays he couldnt care less for footy. But sometimes he’ll be in the room when the Demons are playing and he’ll hear the commentator say “Oh Robertson takes a specky!” and he says “Oh is he still playing?” so he still remembers some players

  75. Really? That reminds me of my older brother who’s now 25 but he completely lost interest in footy about quite a few years ago as well.

    Nah I got the sticker books with all the team pages.

  76. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah my brother is 23 now but i heard him saying a few weeks ago that he wants to make a comeback and play for Waaia next season which i hope he does, but i really can’t see it happening.

    I reckon collecting the stickers was better then nowadays when you collect the footy cards, but either is good for me.

  77. Yeah I liked stickers better, the idea that they couldn’t get lost and you could carry them around in a book easily. Stickers were much cheaper as well. Collecting stickers really helped my knowledge on footy players.

  78. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah, so are you going to watch the Grand Final Breakfast and everything tomorrow?

  79. Yeah, I’m planning to get up at 8 and watch everything. I might find myself sleeping in for a little bit but yeah every year I usually watch everything.

  80. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah same for me. And if im gonna have any chance of getting up at 8, i better head to bed lol talk with ya tomorrow.

  81. Cya mate, I’ll be off as well soon. I’m midway through Round 3 in my fixture

  82. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m up to my breaking point, Round 8.

  83. Ok, Round 3 is rivalry round so I’ve given myself an easy task. Although I’m in a difficult situation- I may have to give Collingwood or Geelong a 10-day break

  84. Josh Barnstable says

    I made Round 6 my rivalry round, mine is actually going really good, probably the best i’ve made

  85. I put Freo V West Coast on Friday night but that’s making the other fixturing a bit tough. I had to give the Dees a trip to skilled stadium as a sacrafice

  86. Michael Allan says

    Will you guys be making teams play eachother before round 16? Try not to. It annoys me.

  87. Josh Barnstable says

    My rivalry round is:

    Adelaide vs. Port Adelaide (AAMI) (N)
    Hawthorn vs. North Melbourne (AU)
    Essendon vs. Carlton (MCG)
    St Kilda vs. Western Bulldogs (ES) (N)
    West Coast vs. Fremantle (S) (N)
    Brisbane vs. Sydney (G)
    Richmond vs. Collingwood (MCG)
    Melbourne vs. Geelong (ES) (T)

  88. Michael Allan says

    Excuse my lack of football history but whats the rivalry between Saints Dogs. The battle of the single flags?

  89. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m gonna make my fixture as easy as possible, which means two teams playing twice in the time of 10 weeks or so

  90. Mine:

    Round 3 (Rivalry round)
    Fremantle V West Coast (S) 8:40
    Geelong V Melbourne (SS) 2:10
    Collingwood V Richmond (MCG) 2:10
    North Melbourne V Hawthorn (ES) 7:10
    Brisbane V Sydney (G) 7:10
    Western Bulldogs V St.Kilda (ES) 1:10
    Essendon V Carlton (MCG) 2:10
    Adelaide V Port Adelaide (AS) 4:40

  91. Josh Barnstable says

    In Round 6, 2003 the Dogs and Saints had a massive brawl at the Telstra Dome and it just became one of those games where both sides generally hated each other because of that.

  92. Melbourne V Geelong Twilight at the Dome? I’d have to dig deep to go to that one

  93. Michael Allan says

    Ok thanks for that Josh. You’ve broadend my football miond. Anyway I’m off to bed. night.

  94. And in 2006 when Koschitzke and Giansiracusa collided.

  95. Josh Barnstable says

    It sorta has a feel of Richmond vs. Geelong, Round 6 2007 doesn’t it? Haha

  96. Yep I was definitely thinking that.

  97. Josh Barnstable says

    Anytime Michael. Night

  98. Josh Barnstable says

    Would you know why the Swans never play Friday night, Sunday afternoon (2.10pm) and Sunday twilight games? And the Brisbane Lions for that matter. They sometimes play the 2.10 slot on Sunday but never a home game.

  99. Yeah I know that. Sydney played Richmond and Collingwood within three weeks at the MCG at 2:10.

    It’s to do with the rugby, they never put the Swans on Friday night (and Brisbane once a year) because of it colliding with friday night rugby. Interesting that you put Brisbane V Sydney at 1:10 on sunday, because this ear their 11 games were all night games because they and other clubs asked for it because of the hot weather during the day.

  100. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh right. I’ve also noticed the Swans never wear white footy shorts.

    Also if you haven’t heard, Port Adelaide has changed their home guernsey to the one the 7 year old girl made this year.

    I reckon its time the AFL brings back the interstate games for the 1.10 Sunday timeslot and broadcasts the games on Seven or Ten

  101. Yeah they’ve gottta wait till 2012 when the new broadcast deal comes. And with two new teams then, who knows what time slots there will be? They don’t wear white shorts because they decided it looks horrible. They wore them against Essendon in 99, where Lloyd kicked 13 goals.

    I think that jumper should be their away jumper, not home.

  102. Josh Barnstable says

    The only time i see the Swans in white shorts is when they play in the South Melbourne jumper in a Heritage match. With the two new teams in, this is what i think should be the new timeslots:

    — vs. — (—) (N)
    — vs. — (—)
    — vs. — (—)
    — vs. — (—) (N)
    — vs. — (—) (N)
    — vs. — (—)
    — vs. — (—)
    — vs. — (—)
    — vs. — (—) (N)

    So the only change is the introduction of Monday night footy and no more Sunday twilight games.

  103. I don’t even know why they bought in twilight footy opposed to two 2:10 games. I suppose it was just to make games start at different times to make them more important.I think they should alternate between Monday night and three saturday afternoons

  104. Anyway I’m off cya

  105. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah, okay cya

  106. Michael Allan says

    This would be my rivalry roud

    Melbourne v North Melbourne Battle of the debt holders

    Adelaide v Collingwood Battle of the most hated fans

    Fremantle v Richmond Battle of the never ending rebuilders

    Essendon v Geelong Battle of the teams that should’ve won more than one flag in their time (may change today)

    Port Adeldaide v Sydney Battle of the teams nobody cares about

    West Coast v Carlton Battle of the worst off feild record

    Hawthorn v Brisbane Battle over the ownership Leigh Matthews

  107. Josh Barnstable says

    You missed a game Michael.

    That probably wouldn’t make a rivalry round, but would make a good normal round of footy.

  108. Michael Allan says

    Western Bulldogs v St Kilda Battle of the most hated smallest players

  109. Josh Barnstable says

    Milne and ..??

  110. Michael Allan says


  111. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh right

  112. Michael Allan says

    I’ll never forget what he did to Matthew Knights. I was at that game and had Knight’s number on my back at the time.

  113. Josh Barnstable says

    I don’t know much of the late 90’s/early 00’s footy. What happened?

  114. Michael Allan says

    Liba smashed Knights off the ball and his whole face was bleeding and their was a massive brawl. It might have been 2001 or 2002. I think we played themm this year in rivalry round because of it. I’m offnow. We’re having lunch in the city before the game.

    Go Cats

    Or maybe go Saints. I’m not sure yet.

  115. Josh Barnstable says

    Go Draw

  116. Can’t wait for the game. I remember Liberatore for his celebration in th 1997 prelim final, when he went over the moon when he actually kicked a point.



  119. Well done Steve, i thought i was gonna get the draw tip right haha

  120. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys, I just got home then. What a great game!

    Steve I was thinking of you when Hawkins kicked that goal.

  121. Damian Watson says

    Yep well done Steve,
    How about the shot at goal by Tom Hawkins that hit the post. That could well have made all the difference, remember Geelong were only six points up when the siren sounded.

  122. Michael Allan says

    Yes that’s very controversial Damo. My favorite moment when it was Dawsomn against I thiunk Scarlett and in the centre and kicked the behind to put them in front.

    Did anyone hear about the Norm Smith? Gram and Chapman had the same number of votes but because Chapman had more 3 votes he won the award.

  123. Damian Watson says

    So he won it on countback? funny how he came back after tearing his hamstring in the second term.

  124. Michael Allan says

    Really? I sat at the Great Southern Stand so I didn’t see that. I’ll be back on after dinner.

  125. Why did Schneider get a free kick at goal after Kosi kicked that goal?

  126. Damian Watson says

    Two words Josh ‘Demonstrative Demeanour’, I don’t think the free kick was there either.

  127. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, tough free. It levelled up Hawkins goal that hit the post I guess.

  128. Damian Watson says

    How was the Pre Match Entertainment? I missed it.

  129. It could have been better IMO

  130. Michael Allan says

    They moved it to the pocket because it was raining. The music was good but nobody really cared until Farnham finished off. Riccouto landed in the MCG on a harness thing which was pretty good. That was about it.

    The cars came around but not all tyhe retired players were their. I wanted to see Joel Bowden but all I got was Kane Johnson.

  131. Damian Watson says

    Breaking News: Apparently there is some conjecture about the final score, when Rooke kicked the goal after the siren he dribbled it through and it is claimed that once the ball hits the ground after the siren it is officially dead so the six point result might stand!

    I know it means nothing looking back but it is interesting.

  132. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I was wondering about that, I wasn’t sure what the rule was. I didn’t know they could change the ruling after the game like that. If so why couldn’t they change Hawkins’ goal.

  133. Damian Watson says

    I don’t think that the rule is correct but that is what they were saying on radio.

  134. Damian Watson says

    Do you think Tom Harley has played his last game?

  135. Michael Allan says

    So what happens if someone kicks the ball then the siren goes but the ball continues to dribble through for a goal?

  136. Michael Allan says

    I think so and if not it should be. He hardly did anything and should go out on top like Crawford. It’d be interesting to see who they would give the captaincy to.

  137. Damian Watson says

    Then that is paid as a goal.
    I think Michael Voss did that a few years back against North when the ball left his boot and the siren sounded while it was in mid-air. It went through for a behind and the game was a draw.

  138. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I agree, Harley should go out on a great note and accept a position in the media.

  139. I remember in the NAB cup this year the final score was 122-83 in Geelong V Adelaide, but they changed it to 119-83 because a super goal from Simon Hogan was later called to be inside 50. I hope they don’t change the score. By the way, pathetic from the Saints to not even bother and stand the mark when Rooke took that kick. Surely they should have the sportsmanship to do so.

    When Hawkins first kicked that goal, from the behind the goals rule. I thought it squeezed through but I couldn’t believe the umpire would make such a big mistake after seeing it on the replay.

    Great win by the Cats, they definitely deserved it.

  140. By the way, I don’t think Harley should retire, he’s in fairly good form and has another year left in him. same with Milburn.

  141. Damian Watson says

    Hey Steve,
    You might remember a similar incident from that ‘Decade That Delivered’ DVD, Peter Foster for the Bulldogs clearly missed a set shot one day against Essendon at the Whitten Oval and the umpire paid it as a goal.

    Did anyone notice that there were no curtain raisers? I think the U/16 National Championships were at Visy Park today.

  142. Hahaha yeah I remember that Damo. Gee I’ve watched that DVD so many times. They moved them away from the G because of the weather. Weak decision from the AFL, they don’t think that 16 year olds can play in rain.

  143. Damian Watson says

    Really, that is a shocking decision. They play in the rain at the other venue anyway!

    By the way Steve who will win the Melbourne B&F since it is approaching that time of year?

  144. Yeah Melbourne’s best and fairest is on October 21, so it’s still a little while away.

    I think Aaron Davey will just eclipse Brett Moloney, perhaps followed by Brad Green even though he missed a fair few games during the season. I think Matthew Bate will be up there, Nathan Jones and Cameron Bruce as well. I’d say those six will be the top 6 but it will be interesting to see the club’s faith in the different players.

  145. They must have faith in Matthew Warnock as well since he got invited to the Brownlow

  146. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Aaron Davey is my tip as well, he has earnt many disposals throughout the year although he hasn’t been as effective with the ball as he probably should have been.

    It will be interesting to see the crowd in Geelong tomorrow, do you remember the atmosphere surrounding Melbourne’s Grand Final appearance in 2000? there were thousands of people at the Junction Oval.

  147. These are my Best and Fairest tips:


    1. Bernie Vince
    2. Jason Porplyzia
    3. Andrew McLeod


    1. Jonathon Brown
    2. Simon Black
    3. Ash McGrath


    1. Chris Judd
    2. Marc Murphy
    3. Bryce Gibbs


    1. Dane Swan
    2. Leon Davis
    3. Alan Didak


    1. Brent Stanton
    2. Jobe Watson
    3. Jason Winderlich


    1. Aaron Sandilands
    2. Matthew Pavlich
    3. Paul Haselby


    1. Gary Ablett
    2. Joel Selwood
    3. Corey Enright


    1. Sam Mitchell
    2. Luke Hodge
    3. Chance Bateman


    1. Brent Moloney
    2. Aaron Davey
    3. Colin Sylvia

    North Melbourne:

    1. Andrew Swallow
    2. Scott Thompson
    3. Adam Simpson

    Port Adelaide:

    1. Travis Boak
    2. Domenic Cassisi
    3. Kane Cornes

    St Kilda:

    1. Lenny Hayes
    2. Leigh Montagna
    3. Nick Riewoldt


    1. Adam Goodes
    2. Craig Bolton
    3. Brett Kirk

    Western Bulldogs:

    1. Daniel Cross
    2. Brian Lake
    3. Jason Akermanis

  148. Aaron Davey had a good first half of the year as anyone could have. He was leading the competition in kicking efficiency at around 90%, but in the second half he butchered the ball a bit and was around 75%. He showed plenty of run and creating play all year long though.

    Like I’ve said before, I don’t remember much of the 2000 Grand final, nah I don’t really remember the scenes at Junction oval. I was actually surprised because from what I saw at Skilled Stadium today there weren’t as many people there as I thought, or at least compared to Glenferrie oval last year.

  149. Damian Watson says

    Thats a fair prediction Josh.
    For Essendon though I would have Jobe Watson in first place, he has had an impressive season although I’m not taking anything away from Brent Stanton.

  150. I’ve really liked Stanton’s year, and i decided to put him as number 1. Also Angus Monfries will poll well.

  151. I’d put Jason Winderlich in first place for Essendon just over Jobe Watson. Stanton was well held in quite a few games.

  152. Oh and Josh, Sydney’s has already been decided. O’Keefe won, followed by Rhyce Shaw and Brett Kirk

  153. Damian Watson says

    What are your opinions on the crowd today?
    I think it was just over 99 000, not too bad although it would have been great for the AFL if the figure hi the ton.

  154. Michael Allan says

    I’d have Watson in first.

    I think the reason behind the U/16’s not at the G is because they wanted to keep the turf in good nick for the game.

  155. Michael Allan says

    Great crowd today. Really good atmosphere. People were standing at the very top of the MCC to watch the game. It was fantastic.

  156. Damo, 99,000 was very impressive considering the weather, they got 100,012 last year but that was understandable because it was a sunny day and Hawthorn have more members than St.kilda

  157. Michael, I was looking for you on TV but they had no good shots of M22.

  158. Michael Allan says

    I was directly behind the umpires’ race. There were no cameras were we were. It probably wouldn’t have been a good look because there were a few people wearing membership caps of other teams near us.

  159. Michael Allan says

    I’m not sure if channel ten told you but Naitanui did his hammy in a heat for the grand final sprint. They showed a replay of it and it reminded me of Garry Lyon on the footy show.

  160. Damian Watson says

    Really hahaha poor guy, do they have the heats at Punt Road Oval?
    Did you see Mike Pyke fall over, liked Peter Donegan’s call.

  161. Really? I didn’t see any of the heats of the grand final sprint. Rhys Stanley won it, it seems to be a player who hasn’t played a game a lot of the time.

  162. Hey Michael my friend wants to know if your related to Jack Allan? Random question but he knows a Jack Allan from Melbourne who’s right into footy

  163. Good effort by Rhys, seeing as he is a Ruckman. Can’t beleive why Mike Pyke was in there, the bloke is a gut runner but can’t get enough speed, and made a goose outta himself at the start lol

  164. Michael Allan says

    The heats were done at the G at about midday. I didn’t watch them but they showed a replay of them.

    Mike Pyke was very funny, after Rance I wanted him to win it. I wanted to hear his accent.

    Sorry Josh, I’m not related to any famous footballers at all.

  165. Are you related to former Carlton player Matthew Allan as well Michael?

  166. Sorry I’ll take that comment back then lol.

  167. I didnt mean he was a footballer, he was just into footy like we are but obviously your not related lol

  168. Damian Watson says

    What about you Steve? you don’t happen to be related to the Melbourne duo Greg and Gerard Healy?

  169. Nah, I remember Josh asked me that before. I’m not related to Ian Healy either. But Chris Judd is actually my Aunty’s cousin’s son.

  170. Michael Allan says

    lol sorry Josh I didn’t understand. Me and my brother are the first two Allan boys for about 3 generations or something. Before that their was only one boy in the family.

  171. My most famous relative would be Banjo Patterson

  172. Hang on, what about you Damo, are you related to any Watson who’s played AFL/VFL?

  173. Really Josh, maybe you should follow his footsteps

  174. Michael Allan says

    That’s a good one to have Josh.

    Mine would be my great, great, great uncle James Scullin. He was Prime Minister of Australia.

  175. Damian Watson says

    Hahaha I wish, no family members of mine have been involved in footy at any capacity, in fact most of my family hates footy anyway.

  176. Actually I also have a fourth cousin or something named Michael Blood, who played 37 games for Hawthorn between 1967-1970

  177. Michael Allan says

    Haha, I can’t beleive your families hate footy. It’s pretty much everything in mine. Which is pretty funny since none of us even play footy.

  178. Michael Allan says

    You guys are like Specky Magee. (I bought the book yesterday)

  179. And i’m related to Obama as well Michael haha joking.

    My friend is related to Kevin Sheedy, and actually on Grade 5 camp we went to Essendon training and Sheeds called my friend down to him because he had a mohawk at the time and got a picture together and they didn’t even know they were related.

  180. Footy used to be everything in my family 10 years ago but everyone except me gradually lost passion and now it’s just me and sometimes one or two of my brothers

  181. Me, Dad and Mum are the only ones interested in footy in my family.

    Haha my friend is at my place and he goes for Collingwood. I asked him who the Pies captain is and he said Dale Thomas lol

  182. Damian Watson says

    My neighbours cousin is Greg Tivendale and a close friend of mine is a cousin to John Aloisi the Socceroo.

  183. Michael Allan says

    So how long till you lose it Steve? Shoulod we be cherishing what we have now because next year you will have moved on?

  184. I’m afraid i’m gonna lose my passion for it coz my brother did but i think im pretty safe, as long as the AFL keeps the game the way it is, and doesnt tamper with the rules each year

  185. I’ll love footy until the MCG gets attacked by terrorists like it was apparently planned to be in the 2005 grand final

  186. Michael Allan says

    Steve I think that threat was based around the 2006 commonwealth games.

  187. There was a planned attack for the Grand Final as well. The terrorists just really need to eff off and get a life

  188. Damian Watson says

    No I think your both right, intresting to see what happens in India next year for the Commonwealth Games.

  189. yeah just stick to American landmarks hahaha only joking.

    I’m doing my match report at the moment, are all you guys doing one?

  190. I am but i think im gonna write mine up while watching the replay tomorrow.

    The terrorists can do what they want, but stay outta Australia.

  191. Damian Watson says

    Yep I’m starting it

  192. I recorded the game on tape so I’ll be watching it quite a few times in the next few days

  193. Michael Allan says

    I’ll be doing mine tomorrow.

  194. Damian Watson says

    How would you guys rate that Grand Final compared to the classics of the past?
    It was similar to 1979 in a way wasn’t it.

  195. It was a very strange game. It wasn’t that attractive and there was no player who enormously stood out. A lot of players just played a standard game, and there was no real match winner although Chapman’s goal was handy

  196. Michael Allan says

    Can’t say I’ve seen 79 Damo.

    That was one of my favorites. JUust as good as the Sydney West COast games imo ..

    The tackling was fantastic and their were hardly any easy possecions.

    Every goal meant alot and was a shift in momentum.

    I loved it.

  197. Michael Allan says

    Everybody near me were yelling at Clarke. Were they getting stuck into him on the commentary?

  198. It was the most tackles ever in a game I think, and St.Kilda broke their own record from Round 19

  199. Damian Watson says

    Yeah a little bit especially after his brain fade at centre half back which allowed the opening goal to Rooke

  200. Damian Watson says

    Reached the double ton!

  201. He was hopeless in that passage of play where he fumbled it on the wing and followed up by soccering it out on the full.

  202. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I remember that.

    Steve you were spot on with my seat. It was the first bay of the brown seats. Where do you sit at the MCG?

  203. Michael Allan says

    I think Varcoe did that Steve.

  204. I’ve barely seen any footage of Melbourne’s last premiership in 1964. I wish I could watch that whole game

  205. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’ve only seen the last few minutes where big Gabbo and Neil Crompton kicke those memorable goals.

  206. This year I had a reserved seat Melbourne membership where I sat in N49- Olympic stand level 2. I think next year i won’t be getting that membership and I’ll just be sitting in General admission

  207. I’d love to see footage of the drawn 1948 premiership as well. I can’t believe Essendon kicked 7.27 on that day.

  208. Damian Watson says

    I could only find Newsreel footage on the Internet.
    I think there is 10 minutes worth of footage from the 58 Grand Final Steve, you’d love that LOL

  209. Michael Allan says

    Wow their good seats. It’s like directly opposite wher eI sit except I’m on level M.

    That’s an incredible feat.

    I watched the ’66 famous behind this week. That was an amazing kick. It just kept on wobblying and it luckily bounced through.

    I love watchimng the 1980 Grand Final especially Bartlett’s goals.

  210. Damian Watson says

    I think they said at the time that Bartlett’s feat of 7 goals was a Grand Final record. I think that’s wrong though because Coventry kicked 9 in a Grand Final back in the 20’s.
    Still KB was on fire that day.

  211. KB was brilliant especially at 33. I’d love to watch the 2000 grand final but it’s not on Bigpond TV

  212. Michael Allan says

    I’m not sure. I’ve never heard that record but I’ve heard that it was the highest winning margin in a Grand Final at the time.

  213. Yeah, 81 points was the highest until Melbourne lost to Hawthorn by 96 in 1988, and of course Geelong by 119 two years ago

  214. Michael Allan says

    There are huighlights of the game on youtube Steve, but they all seem to be the Essendon goals.

  215. Yeah, I’m searching for highlights now

  216. I’m surprised we’ve got as much comments on this report.

  217. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I know. The article wasn’t even good. Haha only joking Josh.

  218. Excuse me Michael, all your Richmond articles aren’t that crash-hot either haha lol.

    Nah its like we never stop talking, coz we had 505 comments on my previous report and now 218 tonight. I wonder if John and Paul will still accept reports during the off-season?

  219. Yeah I agree. Especially since Danielle only wrote 1 comment

  220. Yeah, I’m thinking of doing some reports on the cricket, for something different.

  221. Michael Allan says

    They would but I don’t think ther would be too many games to report on Josh considering the season’s over.

  222. All my Melbourne report’s were award winning during the season by the way.

  223. Well i’ve still got about 6 reports that i could send, just to do with season reviews and stuff like that, plus i really get into the tennis when’s it on

  224. Michael Allan says

    I felt that my reports made you feel like you were with me and could sense the atmosphere. I thought I made many reports interesting despite most of them being thrashings.

  225. i was only joking by the way Michael, your reports were always interesting. What did you all think of mine? Honest answers

  226. I guess all of us 3 are in that same category Michael, most of our reports are thrashings

  227. Well hopefully our reports next year have more upside to them in the results for each of them.

  228. Josh your reports are fine, my favourite one of yours is the Melbourne V North Melbourne one in Round 1

  229. Really? That was my first report and i thought it wasn’t very good.

  230. Michael Allan says

    Yeah true Steve.

    To be honest Josh I’ve never actually read one.

    haha seriously though. Yeah they’re pretty good.

    Except your report on Richmond Essendon. You said there was fight left in Richmond. There was no fight left in Richmond.

  231. Nah I thought it was good because it began with your mum waking you up and stuff. What do you guys think of my reports?

  232. Michael, theres fight left in me if your still gonna be a joker haha lol jokes. I thought my Ess v Rich was a good report, especially the way i finished it about my kitten.

    Steve yours are good, especially how you mingle with the Melbourne supporters you see and how you go to each game despite the Demons not having much hope of winning.

  233. Michael Allan says

    Your reports were good because I liked hearing about the Melbourne members. In the AFL reserve we don’t get alot of Melbourne people because they’re all MCC members.

  234. Michael Allan says

    I liked your Richmond Melbourne one because the Richmond people around me that game weren’t sure if they wanted to win or lose either.

  235. I was really upset at that game. Even though I didn’t really care so much about the result I was angry at a lot of the other Melbourne supporters who were going over the top cheering for Richmond.

    I like reading my match reports a while after I have written them. I seem to enjoy them more that way.

  236. Yeah i was just reading some of my older reports then.

    Where has Danni been? She was coming home today by plane but she should have been commenting by now, just doesn’t feel the same without her haha lol.

    I like Damo’s reports. He really knew his stats and the way to make his story interesting.

  237. Yeah Damo always explains why games are so important and stuff like that. Danni probably got eaten by the Sydney dust monster. I’ve just finished my St.Kilda V Geelong report

  238. Michael Allan says

    I think we’d make a good commentary team.

    Josh and I on play-by-play.

    Steve and Danni on Special comments

    Damo on stats.

    Sounds like a good combination to me.

  239. I almost got eaten by that thing in Coober Pedy the other day, my eyes took a real beating that day.

    Did anyone get warm-hearted by Lou Richards at the Grand Final Breakfast this morning? I did, it really made me smile seeing him talk.

  240. Michael Allan says

    Ofcourse Dani’s insightful comments would be how hot a player is looking today and how much she hates a player (like Riewoldt)

  241. Michael Allan says

    Sorry I missed him. I really like him though. I wish he was still on the Sunday Footy Show.

  242. I’d like to be a commentator, special comments and statsman all in one.

    Josh, I woke up at 10:15 today because of my stupid alarm clock so I didn’t see it

  243. We should actually try that Michael, dunno about the positions of our commentary team. I’ve still got an old email in my inbox from a commentator from the Herald Sun after he was advertising a commentating school. I asked him about it but said i was too young.

  244. We should actually try that Michael, dunno about the positions of our commentary team. I’ve still got an old email in my inbox from a commentator from the Herald Sun after he was advertising a commentating school. I asked him about it but said i was too young. I always commentate the games i watch

  245. Michael Allan says

    Well that’s just selfish Steve. You can’t hog all the positions. lol

  246. Haha at least she would be better than Kelli Underwood

  247. Michael Allan says

    what’s wrong with the spots Josh? Don’t you rate Steve’s expert analysis?

  248. Well i think Steve would be the statsman and Damo the special comments. Well i don’t really know, but i know Steve is a whiz with his stats.

  249. Michael Allan says

    Yeah that’s true. I just made it uyp then, I didn”t put a whole lot of thought into it.

  250. You can replace your enemy Robert Walls Josh. Yeah his right I am a whiz with my stats

  251. If i could be apart of any commentary team, it would be Triple M’s. Me and my friend always imitate Brian Taylor and Jimmy Brayshaw when we are playing AFL on the PS2 lol

  252. Michael Allan says

    Actually we’d need a boundary rider.

    Ok then, move Damo to S.C and him and Steve can share tyhe stats.

    Put Dani as the boundary rider. She’d like getting amoungst all the players.

  253. Michael Allan says

    Yeah that woul;d be fun. I’d probobly prefer to be apart of 3AW tough and sing “Richo Man” with Rex Hunt.

  254. Only the good looking players hahaha

  255. Is Rexxy still on? I hardly ever hear him anymore

  256. Michael Allan says

    Yeah he’s still on with his usual catchphrases and nicknames.

  257. I always listen to Triple M, great call of the footy. I listen to ABC for other games because there are no ads interrupting

  258. That’s good, haven’t listened to him since 2006

  259. danni is back in melb!! :)
    what a game!!

  260. Hahahahaha good on you Danni.

    Did you see all of the game?

  261. YEAHH!
    you should have seen me when the siren went.
    my cousins and relatives where just sitting there and im jumpping up and down going:

    It was quite a performance on my part

  262. Funny how your comments actually go out of the comment box Danni lol or is that just my laptop doing that?

    I watched the whole game, and was really hoping for a draw.

    I think they should have given the Norm Smith to Ablett, he played well and should just give him the award seeing as he could have the Brownlow, Norm Smith and Premiership Medallion all in the one year. Yesterday on the radio me and Crackers were trying to figure out if there was a previous player in the history of the game to win a Brownlow, Norm Smith and a Premiership Medallion in the one year, and we couldn’t name any.

  263. Mackie= Norm Smith
    hes gonna be so bloody good as he grows older
    PLUS i now have an NRL team
    b/c of Daniel Mortimer!! :)
    Daniel & Danielle, i like that!

  264. Nah I think Chapman deserved it. I didn’t even put Ablett in my top 3 on the ground

  265. Michael Allan says

    Danni your so tough on Riewoldt. It’s very unfair. Abblett didn’t have a great game. Chapman probably deserved it.

  266. Mackie will be hot when he’s older? He’s already 25, how old do you want him to be lol?

  267. Michael Allan says

    Mackie did play well. I wouldn’t say he deserved Norm Smith though. Not a whole lot of players had stand out games.

  268. steve, what do you mean by the word ‘hot’?

  269. She’ll accept him as hot when he hits 40 maybe haha.

    Have a look at comment 20, shows how much i know lol

  270. Michael Allan says

    Haha I thought she meant good as in skill but okay. Dani what age do men peak at in terms of looks?

  271. Oh sorry I thought you said hot not good.

    Yeah I agree with that Michael

  272. Michael, im tough but fair.
    what did u expect me to do?
    hand him tissues?
    dry his eyes?

  273. Michael Allan says

    Haha good call Josh. Well your definately not getting special comments now. lol

  274. Yeah Josh 3 goals was all he needed.

    I was close on my Riewoldt prediction, he had 13 possessions and kicked one goal (look at comment 23)

  275. Oh well, field action is good enough for me

  276. Michael Allan says

    No your not fair Danni.

    There is n othing wrong with people showing emotion. It just shows how much he cares.

    He’s the best captain in the leauge and deserves some respect from you. (better than yours who shouldn’t have been ahead of Goddard in the All Australian btw)

  277. Michael Allan says

    That’s why your on special comments Steve.

  278. Yeah i think it shows more character to be emotional after a Grand Final, or any game for that matter

  279. Michael Allan says

    Mick Malthouse and your collingwood boys got a bit teary after the 01 02 Grand\ Finals Danni.

  280. ….hmmmmmmmm

  281. Michael Allan says

    My apologies 02 and 03 Grand Finals.

  282. yeah Danielle you weren’t so harsh on Anthony when he cried.

  283. Michael Allan says

    hahahahahahaaha I totally forgot.

    Good call Steve.

  284. Is this bag Danielle night? lol

  285. Is anyone willing to admit they cried after there team lost a match. I have before..

  286. Michael Allan says

    haha it looks like it. Her welcome back to Melbourne gift is this. But then again she asked for it for having a go at a player who doesn’t deserve it.

  287. Yeah we need to say some Collingwood jokes next

  288. did i mention he RUINED MY BIRTHDAYYY?

  289. Michael Allan says

    I have once. 2000 Richmond vs Sydney we lost by one point.

    That’s it. The next time will be when we win or lose a grand final.

  290. What has 100 legs and 4 teeth? The Collingwood cheersquad! Haha i’ll send u an email tomorrow with the encyclopeadia of Collingwood jokes Steve

  291. I was sad(lying on the ground) after I lost my division 2 grand final in under 12’s. if it was division 1 I might have cried. I’ve told the story before but it was a devastating loss after I put my team in front with a few minutes to go.

  292. Michael Allan says

    Danni I saw my team ghet smashed by over 150 points. But I still like Geelong. ASnd it was nothing personal against you he was just doing his job and doing it well.

  293. I did after Round 21, North v Bulldogs in 2004. If we won we would be into the finals but we lost by 30 points and since we came a long way to the match and it was my birthday present. These days i just get real pissed off with anyone who talks to me within 3 hours of a North loss

  294. Michael Allan says

    I’m tired, I’m going to bed. Gioodnight everybody.

  295. I cried when I had chicken pox and couldn’t go to the 1998 quaifying final against Adelaide.

    I also cried when the players were using red balls in the warm up before a twilight game in 98′ (weird I know)

  296. Well people i’m going to bed before a fight breaks out lol.

    Night all, or morning, whatever the time is.

  297. it was my birthday.
    we had no forward line
    our ruckman was stuffed

  298. Same, two minutes too soon Josh. Cya everyone.

  299. Yes imma go sleep on this and think of more arguments. :)

  300. Why did you cry when they used red balls in the warm-up Steve?

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