AFL Finals — Week 1: Essendon need to pull socks up after Adelaide demolition

By Josh Barnstable

It’s that time of the year again. It feels like only yesterday when Buddy Franklin toyed with the Bulldogs’ defence, when Collingwood came from the clouds to pip Adelaide at AAMI Stadium, when the Swans ended Shannon Grant, Nathan Thompson and Jess Sinclair’s careers, when Geelong saw off one of their main challengers in St Kilda.

But last year’s finals were boring. We all know that. Every game was a blowout in the end. No close games. But we all look towards this weekend at the tantalising contests that will bring out the toughness and skill in each player featured. But I’m a bit disappointed in the AFL’s decision to open the finals with a game that is one-sided on paper, and definitely one-sided on the field. Adelaide, after kicking the biggest score of the year last week, comes up against Essendon, who lost more games then they won for the season. But it should be good seeing Adelaide, a real contender for the premiership, warm up for either St Kilda or Collingwood.

A massive crowd of 50,393 turns out at Footy Park, a record for a match that isn’t a Showdown. It’s a cold, windy night in Adelaide, and I hope like hell that this isn’t going to be one of those Sydney Swans-type games.

The national anthem is played, the players once again feign interest in that, and the game starts. Bernie Vince snaps a goal that bounces through with the luckiest of bounces, but Angus Monfries replies after the Adelaide runner ran across the mark, totally oblivious to what he was doing. Kurt Tippett receives a free kick and goals, but late inclusion Michael Quinn goals from 20m out to level things up. Brett Burton, a week after taking one of the best marks at Etihad Stadium (only beaten by Gary Moorcroft in 2001), goals before Hayden Skipworth marks his 2nd return back to Adelaide with a long goal. A late goal to Richard Douglas sees the Crows leading by 6 points at quarter time, 4.3 to 3.3. Vince and Brent Stanton are on 10 possessions each.

The second quarter begins and this is where the slaughter begins. Tyson Edwards snaps a goal, Patrick Dangerfield goals from 40m and Jason Porplyzia kicks his first, taking the margin out to 24 points. Adam McPhee becomes the target for Essendon, kicking a goal before Tippett replies with a clever goal from the goalsquare. Stanton marks and goals but the Crows bang on the goals through Dangerfield, Douglas, Tippett and Chris Knights kicks a ripper from 50 on an angle to take the margin out to 39 points, 12.4 to 5.7. Andrew McLeod is running rampant with 17 touches while Stanton is on 15. I find out that the Crows lead one of the most interesting stats: most socks worn up by the players. I’ve never worn my socks down in a match.

The second half begins and Porplyzia snaps a goal on the run to take the margin out to 45 points. McPhee kicks his second, but Knights does the same from 55m out next to the boundary line. McPhee kicks his third, but the Crows bang on four through Ivan Maric, Tippett, Trent Hentschel and Scott Thompson to take the margin out to 65 points. A late goal to McPhee, his third for the quarter, brings the margin back to 61 points at three quarter time, 8.8 to 18.9.

The final quarter begins, and I wonder whether Adelaide can blow the margin out beyond 100 points. Porplyzia kicks his third, followed by goals to David Mackay out of the centre, Burton after a good mark, Porplyzia kicking his fourth and Knights running into an open goal to make the margin 95 points. Quinn has a chance to kick his second, but the Irishman can’t get his boot to the ball in the goalsquare, forcing many smiles to spread around all the players surrounding him. Luck of the Irish. He works hard though, and from that Andrew Lovett kicks a goal, followed by Skipworth marking in the goalsquare. The 100-point dream seems over, but Burton snaps a late goal to take it out to 90. He then marks again on the 50, and looks to take a shot as the siren approaches. His kick sails to the side, but two huge hands come from nowhere, followed by a swift leg that sees the ball through for a goal. James Sellar. The man with the lowest disposal-average in the game ends the night on a high, and the Crows win by 96 points, 16 goals, 26.10.166 to 10.10.70.

After tonight’s game, I make a bold prediction. Adelaide will make the Grand Final. They won’t win it, but they’ll make it. They have the best forward line in the league, a miserly defence, and a midfield that works on hardness and fast ball-movement. As for Essendon, they slump to the Adelaide nightclubs, and the controversy follows.

Adelaide 4.3—12.4—18.9—26.10.166
Essendon 3.3—5.7—8.8—10.10.70

Adelaide-Porplyzia 5, Tippett 4, Burton 3, Knights 3, Dangerfield 2, Douglas 2, Sellar, Vince, Edwards, Maric, Hentschel, Thompson, Mackay
Essendon-McPhee 4, Skipworth 2, Monfries, Quinn, Lovett, Stanton

Adelaide-McLeod, Vince, Knights, Porplyzia, Tippett, Dangerfield, Maric
Essendon-McPhee, Stanton, Watson

Crowd: 50,393 at AAMI Stadium


3: Andrew McLeod (A)
2: Bernie Vince (A)
1: Chris Knights (A)


  1. Great report as always!
    may i ask:
    why is it that you never wear ur socks down?
    you should try Dawes style- one sock up and one sock down. :)
    As for the nightclubs ill bet ur still tried from partying with your Roos! :P


  2. Josh Barnstable says

    To keep my legs warm during a game haha nah i dunno i just do, i think it suits me. I have done the Dawes a few times, but only coz when i was chasing the ball/opponent one of the socks fell down lol coz i have one sock bigger than the other. I knew the nightclub situation i had with North would come up! :)

  3. Yeah Lol I couldn’t help it.
    If your tall I recommend you keep em down cos I look at Fraser with his socks pulled up and it looks weird where as players like Didak and Medhurst look so freaking cute with their socks up. :) :) :)


  4. Josh Barnstable says

    I play Ruck and Full Forward Danielle so im pretty tall haha but nah i think tall players need socks up. Dunno why though

  5. Oh cool!
    and you still have till the age of 21 to keep growing :P
    im a shorty, no hope for me excpet for the great invention of the high-heel shoe! :)

  6. Josh Barnstable says

    My mum made me wear high heels once. I fell and hit my head :( maybe i shouldn’t put that stuff on the internet??? Anyway im off to bed lol night all

  7. When I played footy (I didn’t this season) I’d put my socks up at the start of the game, and during the course of the game they’d gradually fall down.

  8. Josh Barnstable says

    Why didn’t you play this season Steve?

  9. Josh, firstly i saw Swallow’s gf, she so pretty! and BLONDE! LOL yep he bagged himself a blondie! :P
    second Crocker is staying at North as an assistant coach my thoery is he just wants more hugs from Swallow.
    btw..ROFL at you wearing high-heels!!

  10. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah i just read the Crocker thingo in the Herald Sun just before. Jeez it’s raining hard here!

  11. i know, isnt it beatiful?
    i love the rain. :)
    ill prob live in London where it rains everyday so i can be happy. :)

  12. Steve Healy says

    Josh, I didn’t play footy because all my friends left the team and there weren’t many people.

    It’s not raining here at the moment. I wore my Melbourne scarf to school yesterday by the way, It was taken off, flung into the ground a few times.

  13. Steve, are you serious?
    you didnt get into a punch-on did you?
    Cos if someone did that to my scarf..ohh id be pissed!

  14. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh you should’ve come play for Waaia. We needed another defender or midfielder or forward lol. What position do you play? Dad told me a couple of days ago about how a team in my league (Berrigan) were playing in last Saturday’s Grand Final, but he had relocated to Brisbane halfway through the year. The town collected money though for him to pay his airfare back to New South Wales and play in the Grand Final lol…too bad they lost by 3 points with a kick on the final siren.

    Also i don’t know if he plays in our league, but i caught the tailend of one of Dad’s conversations on the weekend. He was saying this guy, once again i dont know if he’s from our league, went and lived in Perth but he flew back to Victoria every Friday to play footy for his side, then flies back to WA. That’s too much i think

  15. Josh Barnstable says

    We should be thankful that Steve didn’t play Soccer instead, god i hate that sport!

    If someone did that to my scarf, i wouldnt care. North went so bad this year it wouldnt bother me, and anyway i wouldn’t wear a scarf to school in the first place!

  16. Josh why didnt you say you needed more players? i would have be the perfect midfielder with my experience as center and wing attack in netbal. :)
    Plus i could have easily distrcated the opposition and tripped them over a few times.

  17. Josh Barnstable says

    Jeez i wish you had offered before the season finished Danni! Haha

  18. Steve Healy says

    I’m probably best suited in the forward pocket, but during my career I’ve played all over the ground. I remember in one game I played loose in defence and took 3 marks in the first minute of the game. Hahah yeah the Perth thing is a bit over the top. Yes, I would’ve played for Waaia but I didn’t know it existed at the start of the season.

    Yeah, Danielle, I let them know about it. No one could ever get away with stealing my scarf though.

  19. what color is the Waais jersey?

  20. Damian Watson says

    Great report Josh,
    I know what you mean about Soccer, I have to deal with soccer all the time at school as most of my friends are soccer fanatics. I have to deal with conversations about Steven Gerrard every single bloody day!

    Our school had a footy day as well last Friday. Us Year Nine’s played an annual match against the Year 10’s and we got pummeled in the pouring rain.

  21. Josh Barnstable says

    Well if you need somewhere to play next year, you know where to go! I can’t believe you four don’t know each other. Use live in the same place yet are unknown to each other lol everyone knows everyone where i come from, but that isn’t quite the big smoke. How many schools are there in Melbourne?? I played Forward Pocket for most of my career as well and didn’t really kick any goals but going into one match, i had only 2 goals from 4 years but i kicked 3 goals in a game and then i kicked a goal in almost each match for the rest of the season.

  22. Josh Barnstable says

    I don’t even know who Steven Gerrard is haha that’s how much i want to know about Soccer. Waaia’s guernsey is Black and Red, the same as Essendon. Oh bad luck Damo! Better luck next time. What position do you play Damian?

  23. Josh, Melbourne is a big place and there are LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of schools.
    i dont think i could live away from the city, i need shopping centers for goodness sake! LOL

  24. Josh Barnstable says

    I know that it’s just so weird how none of you know each other! lol
    The closest shopping place to me is 40km away. I’m going on a massive shopping spree on Thursday! Clothes, new phone, accessories lol coz im going to Alice Springs on Sunday so i need new clothes to wear and etc.

  25. Steve Healy says

    How do you know we all don’t know each other Josh? I walked down the street the other day and saw Damian and Danielle within 5 minutes of each other. Only joking. It reminds of a song my class sung in my school concert in primary school. It was called “Were from the country” and in the song their were the lyrics “Everybody knows Everybody”.

    Josh I know there’s at least one school, because I go to school. Hang on, Danielle, what was that school you go to again?

  26. Josh Barnstable says

    I think you’ll get the same answer as before Steve lol

  27. Damian Watson says

    I usually played in the forward pocket but I have never being that talented. I have played 96 games for a lousy 8 goals but I used to play down in defence until about a couple of years ago.
    I’d get cleaned up a lot because I am way too skinny compared to most of the opposition players.

    Does Anthony Stevens come back to visit Waaia often? I think he was born and bred in and around your area.

  28. ohh so that was you Steve that was waving at me!
    Fine ill tell you just dont stalk me! Mercy College

  29. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys I play soccer. It’s a good sport. It’s so much easier than fooy that’s why I play it. Also the yr 10 footy team isn’t any good.

  30. Steve Healy says

    I’ve played over 50 games for the Ashy Redbacks. I was really good in Under 11’s- I think I kicked quite a few goals that year. My career high was 4 against North Vale. I remember when I kicked the winning goal in the Division 2 grand final in Under 12’s. Well it wasn’t actually the winning goal- they replied but I was nearly the hero.

  31. Josh Barnstable says

    It’s scary being a first-year U/17’s player. In a match this year the ball was kicked right above me and two of the other teams lumbering massive forwards were running towards me. All i could do was put my fist up and hit the ball away, which is what happened in the end and i got a free kick :)

    Yeah Stevo comes back every now and then. Last year he played a one-off match for our seniors, and even got involved in a brawl! He also came back a couple of weeks ago and coached our U/14’s as they were in the finals for the first time in a long while.

  32. Steve Healy says

    Don’t worry Danielle, I’m not the stalking type- I’m the type that’s willing to be stalked. Mercy college eh? Well I’ll search that on google.

  33. Steve Healy says

    Josh, how many teams are there at Waaia? I mean, there isn’t a team for every age group since you play in Under 17’s?

  34. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha i’ve got a similiar story Steve.

    In the Lightning Premiership, which is just school footy against other schools, i marked about 40m out from goal and the siren went. I went with a torpedo and it hit the post but it gave us a one point win and i was the hero. For about 10 minutes lol later on we found out the other team was in front by a point before i kicked the point, and the game ended in a draw.

    Michael i enjoy playing Soccer, it’s just the actual game that is boring to watch and i’m disgusted by all the violence, plus the nasty leg breaks!

  35. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh sorry lol i thought this is what it was like everywhere. There is the U/14’s, which is for players under 14. Then there is the U/17’s, which is for players under 17 but over 14 years. Then after you turn 18, you play either Reserves or Seniors. So we play 4 games of footy a day.

  36. Damian Watson says

    Which league is your side in Steve?
    Bad luck in that Grand Final how many minutes left when you kicked that goal?

  37. Steve Healy says

    That’s funny Josh. The lightning premiership at our school is where different Year 9 classes Vs each other. We played it a few weeks back, we lost the final but I played a good role as a loose midfielder.

  38. Steve Healy says

    There was about two minutes left I reckon. We used to be in the Waverley league but apparently all the teams are in the Yarra league now.

  39. mna i havent kicked a footy in YEARS!
    I feel so deprived!! :(

  40. Damian Watson says

    I don’t mind soccer either it’s just the constant diving that is annoying and I have Youtube videos to illustrate my point.

  41. Michael Allan says

    Yeah Josh I watch a bit of A-leage but that’s it. The thing that’s bad is that we play Italian and Greek schools like Marcellin and they;’re massive diuvers and they always smash us. I think last time it was 10-0.

  42. Michael Allan says

    I hate the EPL and most soccer divisions because I think they’re totall unfair. Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal arte the only teams that can win it. It’s stupid.

  43. Steve Healy says

    I made an EPL fantasy team. Went on it once to make it, never been on it again. I don’t mind playing and watching soccer but it can really get boring. I remember when I kicked a goal (a 3-pointer)to level the scores with 3 seconds left on the clock in house indoor soccer in Year 7. I did funny celebrations on the court.

  44. Josh Barnstable says

    Has anyone read the sports magazines like Alpha and so on? They show really nasty leg breaks and makes me sick everytime.

  45. Michael Allan says

    How do you score a three pointer in soccer? I’m a defender so I’ve necver kicked a goal. I’ve set up a few though.

  46. Josh Barnstable says

    That’s what i was wondering too. I thought you were playing Basketball with that 3-pointer haha.

  47. Meh! i dont like soccer as a sport but i can appreciate the players!

  48. Steve Healy says

    Nah it’s indoor soccer. If you got it in the net you get 3 points and there are two cones at either side. And if you get it in between them and the net its one point.

  49. Michael Allan says

    Ok, are there goalies?

  50. Josh Barnstable says

    A couple of years ago i had the Soccer on because nothing else was on, and Mum kept telling me to change it coz she finds it very boring and hates it, but we kicked a goal and she shouts: CARN AUSSIES!!! Lol it was a fairly important game, i think it was against Uruguay.

  51. Michael Allan says

    Yeah that would’ve been the qualifier for the world cup. They were two good games.

  52. lol i just sneezed which means that someone is thinking of me! :)
    nathan brown???

  53. Damian Watson says

    I still think we were robbed in that World Cup match against Italy!
    Hopefully we can at least go one better next year.

  54. Josh Barnstable says

    You guys can move to socceralmanac if use really wanna talk about Soccer haha just kidding.

    No Danielle, you just have Swine Flu haha

  55. gezze thanks a lot Steve!
    no seriously its a superstition thing i believe in that when you sneeze someone is thinking about you

  56. Sorry steve..I MEANT TO SAY JOSH
    TOO many of you are bagging me these days!

  57. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha that’s better lol i was scrolling up trying to see where Steve bagged you. I’ve had the Swine so i shouldn’t be making jokes about it haha

  58. School should be sweet tomorrow. ive got double history and my teachers gonna be away!

  59. Josh Barnstable says

    Have fun Danni lol…as for me i’m off to watch Neighbours! The show, not my actual neighbours haha

  60. Steve Healy says

    I’m back.

    Neighbours? I find that show hillarious. They spend half their lives in a Cafe, people walk into each other’s houses without knocking. And something controversial happens each day. What a world to live in!

  61. Josh Barnstable says

    Ramsay Street is in Melbourne isn’t it? Do any of you guys live there? haha

  62. Michael Allan says

    Interesting show selection Josh. Do you also watch The Bold and the Beautiful?

  63. Steve Healy says

    It’s deep in to the eastern suburbs so I think Damo would live around there.

  64. Steve Healy says

    Josh, you mised 1 minute of Neighbours!

  65. Lol Michael!
    Neighbours is a good show.
    I mean Declan and Ringo are two very good reasons to watch it!
    but ill bet Josh is only watching it for Donna! :P

  66. Michael Allan says

    I live pretty close to it.

  67. Steve Healy says

    Dinner time

  68. Michael Allan says

    Dani I don’t think it’s worth watching a terrible show just so I can see good looking girls.

  69. Michael Allan says

    Hey Dani did you hear Jeff Kennett? You might be the first ever woman to play AFL.

  70. lol ohh i seee!!! :P
    nah its your choice but im just sayin…

  71. lol..yeah i dont think that would go down well.
    im not exacatly the best kick.
    BUT i wouldnt mind being a water girl/ towel girl for Collingwood :)

  72. Damian Watson says

    How could you guys watch Neighbours!?
    Sorry, but I’m just not a big fan of soapies!

    The show is filmed in Nunawading and sometimes I can see them film pieces of the show at the TV studios across the road from my school. That used to be the old Channel 10 studios.

  73. Damian, i was never the same after two years of drama class.
    now eveything i watch i analyse!
    i must admit as cute as they are, the Neighbours crew cant act!

  74. Josh Barnstable says

    I started watching Neighbours after last year’s rafting accident lol and i was hooked. I really wanted to watch tonight coz Lily Allen was on. Hot!! Haha…Michael, Bold and the Beautiful needs to be shot and never revived, it is terrible! I can’t imagine anyone watching it, except for my Nana.

  75. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I like Lily. Did she do anything? Someone must watch B&B it’s been going forever.

  76. Steve Healy says

    Come on guys this isn’t NeighboursAlmanac

  77. Josh Barnstable says

    The Neighbours Season – One Episode At A Time

    It is now Steve haha.

    She sung that really good song “22”, well sung the first verse and chorus. But that was all.

  78. Michael Allan says

    It isn’t Steve but by talking about a range of topics we’ll soon reach 100 comments!!!


  80. Michael Allan says

    Well that seems to be a bit anti-climactic. I like the song but it would’ve been good if she was somehow involved with their crazy storylines.

  81. Just a question..have any of you guys been told you look like someone famous?

  82. Who cares? The only reward you get from 100 comments is that Josh gets 100 emails.

  83. Michael Allan says

    Ron Weasley

  84. Michael Allan says

    Rupert Grint is his real name.

  85. Nah, I can’t think of anyone who’s famous that looks like me. Except me if you consider me famous, which you don’t.

  86. Really? lol thats cool
    i always get Natalie Gauci from Australian Idol LOL
    i dont see it apperently i kinda look like her ive been told.

  87. Well my mum used to think I look like James Hird because I’m skinny with blond hair.

  88. Michael Allan says

    Well it’s not really cool since besides the red hair I can’t see any similarites.

    I don’t know who that is. What seeason was she in? Did she win?

  89. cool so were Rupert, Natalie and James LOL :p

  90. LOL i cant remember you’ll have to look her up.
    She was in the same season as Matt Corby- MAN i used up all my credit txt
    MATT to 19 10 10 LMAO

  91. Michael, Rupert is actually looking better than Radcliff these days! so dont doubt yourself!

  92. What a waste of money! I hate Australian Idol. I haven’t watched any episodes of the series at the moment.

  93. Michael Allan says

    OMG how could you text in? That’s poor form Danni….I mean Natalie

  94. Michael Allan says

    Nah Radcliffe’s spunk. Emma outdoes them anyway.

  95. ..what why wouldnt you txt?
    i have to admit as much as i txted to save matt it was like 100 times more when Dean Guyer was on idol. :)

  96. Michael Allan says

    What were you like for Big Brother?

  97. Wow you get sucked in easily. I find Emma Watson annoying.

  98. Nope i dont watch that big brother crap!
    Emma Watson is very smart.
    you guys into vampire romance? LOL

  99. Josh Barnstable says

    Danni? You asked for it!

    Danni and Nathan Brown sittin in a tree!
    Danni and Cam Cloke sittin in a tree!
    Danni and Jon Ralph sittin in a tree!
    Danni and Ben Cousins sittin in a tree!
    Danni and Shaun Higgins sittin in a tree!
    Danni and Brett Deledio sittin in a tree!
    Danni and Daniel Giansiracusa sittin in a tree!
    Danni and Tom Hawkins sittin in a tree!
    Danni and Alan Toovey sittin in a tree!
    Danni and Nick Riewoldt sittin in a tree!!

    Haha i think i’ve made my point…anyway, the 100 comments would be good, but are those emails annoying to just me? The deleted messages has about 500 in it haha. It’s pretty easy when to figure out whether someone has commented anyway. Now i’ll read all those emails i got while i was typing all of that…….

    I don’t look like anyone famous that i know of, but i’ve been told my voice sounds like someone famous haha.

    I only watch Auzzie Idol at the start and watch all the idiots making tools out of themselves lol its quite funny but once it gets serious i dont watch it.

    Big Brother was the best! Wish it would come back.

    Haha Michael’s a ranga! Lol sorry dude :)

  100. Vampire romance? What the hell?

  101. omg!! JOSH!!
    it was all good sitting in the tree until i was joined by TOOVEY AND RIEWOLDT!!


    the novel about the vampire and teh clumsy chick???
    you know the book and movie everyone is going gaga about??

  103. Josh Barnstable says

    I suppose they are talking about Twilight?

  104. Well no, I don’t really pay attention to that stuff.

  105. Michael Allan says

    This isn’t twilightalmanac Danni

  106. Josh Barnstable says

    i must read the books one day. Mum said the movie was terrible haha

  107. Is anyone doing homework at the moment? I’m finding out about diseases from water like Cholera, Diarrohea and Trachoma

  108. Michael Allan says

    I just finished maths. What subject is that for?

  109. Josh Barnstable says

    I should be doing homework, but nah can’t be stuffed. I need to think of two story ideas for tomorrow’s school paper, but i can’t think of anything!

  110. Lol i watched the movie before i read the book so i thought i was good.
    lol Josh be warned aftre you read the books you will end up like me and my friends- still waiting for our vampire to watch outside our window while we sleep.

    scary i know..but its what the book does to you.

  111. It’s for Geography.

    Josh, advertise I’m sure Paul and John while appreciate that

  112. Well on the subject of homework
    i finished my literature which i should have done 3 weeks ago.
    i did some Legal homework.
    ive alreday finished my lit holiday homework!
    and ive got a head start on exam revison.

  113. ohhh Jason Mccartney is coming to my school OCT 9th for a breakfast thingo and im SO GOING! :)

  114. No one famous ever comes to my school.

    I nearly got hit by a car today.

  115. WHAT!!!

  116. Michael Allan says

    Nathan Buckley was at my school a couple of weeks ago trialling the new kicking dill for the AIS.

    Stop Look and Listen Steve.

  117. I got off the tram and I crossed the road and a car sped through the intersection when the light was red. Heaps of people nearly got hit, not just me. And his excuse was “I sneezed”

  118. Well, Michael, Sam Blease goes to your school.

  119. ..omg lol someone was thinking of him!

    the worst thing that happ to me was when i was driving.
    i had got my Learners permit that day and im driving and mums tells me to turn and ofcourse i dont know what the hell im doing so i end up with our 4 wheeldrive on the curb infront of a STOP sign missing a fence of a house and stopping cars behind and on the side of me.
    it was so embarrasing!!

  120. Michael Allan says

    Are you sure it wasn’t Chris Judd? He’s good at making pathetic excuses.

  121. Josh Barnstable says

    Jeez hope your okay Steve.

    We had the Melbourne team come to our school a few years ago (nothin special haha…this was when Jurrah, Wonaeamirri and Watts weren’t playing so we only saw Neitz, Godfrey and Whelan etc.) and last year the Bulldogs came to our school. I was walking with Peter Street haha and i thought i was tall! I really had to crane my neck to see his face. Brad Johnson, Jason Akermanis and Jarrod Harbrow were also there.

    Danni if people call you Natalie Gauci, i would take that as an insult, seeing as she is almost 30 years old! haha

  122. Michael Allan says

    Yeah Blease is a nice guy I bumped in him today and he was like “Sorry mate” even though I bumped into him. I just ducked my head and walked the other way.

  123. LOL nah id love to be 30 cos that means im only 19 years younger than Colin Firth instead of like 32 years!! :)

  124. Michael Allan says

    We’ve also got the Cloke’s sister in the year below me. All the Cloke’s went to my school. Trav was in my brother’s year.

  125. lol id try and get Cameron’s number off her

  126. I think it was Chris Judd. He looked stoned and he looked like my aunties’ cousins’ son lol. Josh, didn’t you use the same words to describe when you saw Aaron Sandilands?

    You only saw Neitz, Godfrey and Whelan? Only? Josh, was this before your grudge with Neita started or afterwards?

  127. Natural born leaders do that Michael, they’re the first to own up. Sam Blease, future captain of the Dees!

  128. thankgod i dont go to a co-ed school!
    i can get away with fixing me hair when i walk into school cos there no one to impress!

  129. Yeah, thank god you go to Mercy College!

  130. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh you know what i mean Steve, no offence but i’d rather see Jurrah, Wonaeamirri and Watts than Neitz, Godfrey and Whelan. I think it was before Steve…not sure. But when i saw Aka, i couldn’t resist myself :D footy right into the back of the head haha

  131. you know whats funny?
    first sighting of the male species and evryone goes crazy!

  132. Really? What did he do? Did he convict you of taking drugs? (like he said about Michael Braun)

  133. Are there many male teachers at your school Daniele?

  134. Josh Barnstable says

    haha that’s funny, poor Braun. Probably the fairest player and gets accused of taking drugs coz he faster than Aka. Well he didn’t know it was me coz we were taking shots from long range but i got him and then afterwards i walked up and said How’s your head? he said Oh you little bugger lol

  135. yes there are.
    but its not really about the teachers.
    you see when we had ball prcatice with St. Joes and Samaritan college you couldnt get within 5 meters of a mirror in the toilets!
    my friend candy-oh gosh…
    she cant talk to guys, she really cant!
    shed sit with me and id be like full ont talking to my partner and shes there with hers not saying a word and giving me’an i hate you stare’

  136. I did a Romeo and Juliet speech today hahaha it was so funny.

  137. lol try being a leader for Women’s liberation!
    now that was a speech!
    i was full on yelling and waving my american flag my teacher loved it.

    lol i wish i could have been there Steve

  138. Haha

    In my speech (which was my version of Romeo and Juliet)Romeo and Juliet died by clashing heads and they both needed quick medical attention.

  139. someone’s been watching too much footy ey Steve? LOL what an ending.. totally killed the romance aspect of the play! :P

    anyone im off schools draining the life outta me and i need to re-charge.

    Good night- good night, parting with such sorrow, that i shall say good-night till it be morro
    (ha i knew that off be heart!)

    Peace and Light :)


  141. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh why so early Danni? The night’s only getting started :) haha nah i best be off too. Once i start listening to my Ipod while im trying to get to sleep i listen to it for about 2 hours so it’s good to get to bed early! Night all…thanks for the lovely chat! :)

  142. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Danni you said you never go to sleep until really late.

  143. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah true.

    God it’s hard trying to communicate with my friends when my phone AND msn are stuffing up at the moment. :(

  144. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha. I just started this conversation again and got an immediate reply. Josh do you have facebook or Myspace?

  145. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha i’m working on a report for the Almanac so im online for most of the night tonight. Yeah i got both but i hardly use Myspace and was just on Facebook then haha.

    Sorry Danni but i might steal your idea here:

    Status: ANNOYED! (Josh Gibson has left North Melbourne)

  146. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I just saw that as well. Josh it’s funny that he could leave to Hawthorn when you were going to make that same switch.

  147. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha yeah but i never followed through with it. I wonder if he’ll be invited to our B+F this year, because he would probably be favourite to win it.

  148. Josh Barnstable says

    Do you have Facebook Steve? Add me! lol

  149. Steve Healy says

    I just searched you. Are you the first guy that comes up on the page?

  150. Steve Healy says

    yep i’ve added you

  151. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m probably the only Josh Barnstable in the world so i would say yes haha.

  152. I do go to sleep late..but i was really tired.
    no problem Josh. wheres Gibson going?

    STATUS: just dyed my hair :)

  153. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m dying my hair soon as well :)

    Gibson has walked out on North and is demanding to be traded to Hawthorn.

  154. gezze..someone should tell him hes not going to look good in a hawks jersey!!

  155. Josh Barnstable says

    Hmm im not a happy camper at the moment.

    Does anyone else have Facebook? It’s the latest trend!

  156. lol nope all that facebook myspace stuff is a waste of time.

  157. Josh Barnstable says

    Ohh you think? Myspace is, but Facebook is a good way of linking up with old family friends haha

  158. i spned most of my time on american celeb gossip sites. they always have the lastest goss on my Jonas crew.

  159. Josh Barnstable says

    95% of teens would cry if they saw the Jonas Brothers at the top of a skyscraper about to jump. Copy and paste this if you are part of the 5% that would sit there with popcorn and a camera and yell “DO A FLIP!!!

  160. Michael Allan says

    I have myspace but I never use it.

  161. Steve Healy says

    Lol, Danielle, those websites are a waste of time!

  162. Michael Allan says

    I’m not into chain messages Josh.

  163. Josh Barnstable says

    Neither am i but i think it’s funny and i’m totally apart of that 5% of kids

  164. Nah i like this one better.
    if joe jonas said breathing wasnt cool
    95% of teenage girls would drop dead.

    :)including me

  165. Michael Allan says

    American Idol, Jonas Brothers, Collingwood. Why don’t you like anything good Danni?

  166. Steve Healy says


  167. Michael! what are you trying to say?
    i like no i love chocolate, is that good enough??

  168. Michael Allan says

    Well everyone likes that so it doesn’t really count.

  169. lol fine! :p
    well at least the Jonas brothers appreciate that i like them;
    They Tweeted:
    Wanna know something awesome?…. We have the best fans in the world!!!! –
    about 14 hours ago

    man i love those guys

  170. Michael Allan says

    lol every band says that and none of them beleive that. If anything you should feel offended that their not sending you deep meaningful messages. Instead they think you can be easily pleased with stupid tweets about how good you are.

  171. lol Dont get me started! me their lyrics have enough meaningful messages to keep me going.

    As JB would say about this debate:
    “Well you gotta chill out cos baby i dont wanna fight wit-chyu”

    i jst figured out that when we play Adelaide ill be in Sydney at my cousins baptism!!

  172. Josh Barnstable says

    When the Brownlow is on i’ll be on top of Uluru! Haha i’d rather be at home watching it though!

    Nice Myspace page Michael. You look just like Lingy! Haha :P

  173. Michael Allan says

    Lol i thought you meant James Brayshaw and I was confused.

    That’s annoying I’m going awayon friday and I wont be back till next friday so I wont be able to write a match report.

  174. Michael Allan says

    Ha alot of those photo’s were taken a long time ago and I’ve had a hair cut since. I should’ve mentioned Ling when Danni asked about famous people. I’d rather be thought as Ron Weasley though.

  175. what i thought he said he looks like Rupert!!

  176. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I get em both Danni. People seem to think all red heads look the same.

  177. Josh Barnstable says

    He has Ron’s face but Lingy’s hair, in the pictures anyway. Maybe he has Adam Cooney hair now haha. I added you, but i don’t really expect an accept seeing as you never go on it.

  178. Michael Allan says

    Nah I’ll go on it now.

  179. Josh Barnstable says

    I never go on Myspace so i don’t have much on there lol

  180. Michael Allan says

    Well I’m glad you said I had Ron’s face and not the other way round.

  181. lol i remeber seeing a guy that looked like Ron at ball practice last year.
    me and my friends were to excited that we were going to be able to dance with him LOL

  182. Michael Allan says

    Lol your right there’s not much on there.

  183. Josh Barnstable says

    Well Myspace is so complicated! But i’ll try and update it now. I can’t even make a picture my profile picture lol

  184. lol exactly theres my point!
    myspace is a waste of time> Josh is exhibit A.

  185. Josh Barnstable says

    Wait wait i’m getting the hang of it!

  186. Michael Allan says

    So Josh, what happned on Neighbours tonight?

  187. Steve Healy says

    Just had dinner then.

    This isn’t NeighboursAlmanac. Josh you still on Facebook?

  188. Josh Barnstable says

    I really don’t know actually, i only paid attention to a little bit of it. Karl got kicked off the radio thing haha. Wait was that a sarcastic question Michael?

  189. Josh Barnstable says

    Nah im on Myspace but a friend is pestering me to get back on Facebook (not you!! lol) i might go back on.

  190. what about DECLAN??
    omg i love Declan and RINGO!!
    But i like Declan more……. :)

  191. Michael Allan says

    Geez Steve thbis isn’t Facebookalmanac. Not really Josh, well I wanted to find out if you watched it every night. I understood last night cause Lily was on it.

  192. lmaoo whats with you guys and Lily Allen?
    is she really that appealing??
    oh and ive alwyas wanted to know;
    why do you guys, like in general wear your pants down to your ankles, do you think the boxers/bonds underware is appealing to us girls or something?

  193. Steve Healy says

    Nah I don’t do that unless my pants are too short.

  194. Josh Barnstable says

    Well i find Lily attractive coz of her accent and just coz she is pretty.

    I am guilty of doing that Danni, but i can’t see why we do it lol. I don’t mean to do it, it’s just that i don’t want to look like Harry-high pants when i wear my jeans. I’m forever being told by my Mum and Dad that i need to pull my pants up haha

  195. Michael Allan says

    I’ll second Josh on Lily.

    My friends say I wear my pants to high.

  196. Steve- Lol and Good boy!
    Josh- lol how cute about the lily allen thing :)
    and OMG about the pants thing. my friend and i can never understand why you guys do it. everytime i see one i sing “he was skater boy she said seeya later boy!”

    lol if anyone needs girl advice ever im at your service :)

  197. Michael Allan says

    this isn’t Girladvicealmanac

  198. Josh Barnstable says

    But i don’t wear them down really low like the other guys do and i don’t even do it intentionally.

  199. Josh Barnstable says

    Girladvicealmanac would be called school Michael haha

  200. Steve Healy says

    I hate that song.

    Yea, Danielle. I need girl advice.

    There’s this girl named Danielle who keeps asking if anyone needs girl advice. What should I do?


  201. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah Steve.

    I’ve actually been having the same problems.

  202. Michael Allan says


  203. Michael Allan says

    Yeh she keeps on disagreeing with everything I say about Collingwood.

  204. you should listen to every word she says because shes bloody brilliant!! :P

  205. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, she also goes for Collingwood, that’s a whole problem in itself

  206. Michael Allan says

    But if I listen to what she says I’ll go broke from spending all my money texting on Australian Idol

  207. Steve Healy says


    If I listen to watch she says I’ll believe that colours suit footy players

  208. lol! :)
    i feel the love the boys!
    okay lets see if i didnt go for Collingwood then who would i best be suited to from what you know about me?

  209. Michael Allan says

    If I listen to what she says I’ll have to listen to the Jonas Brothers.

  210. Josh Barnstable says

    Probably North Melbourne since it seems like you barrack for them already lol.

  211. Michael Allan says

    Richmond. We’ve got the best looking players.

  212. Steve Healy says

    Melbourne. Red and Blue would go well with your hair colour, body type and star sign. Plus Jack Watts.

  213. Michael Allan says

    Fremantle, all your other decisions in what to follow have been bad.

  214. mmm good points so far, but id look terrible in yellow!
    dont know if the North jersey would look good on me etheir, you know with my newly dyed black hair.

  215. Michael Allan says

    Nah, our uniforms mostly black so it would suit the hair.

    firstly…how would you know what my body-type is?? lol you were at Mercy today werent you?
    secondly what does that have to do with my star sign?

  217. thats true Michael.
    there is more black than yellow.
    hmmmm i need more bribes.
    what FREO??? EWWWWWWWWW NO thats the worst jersey of all

  218. Michael Allan says

    Ben Cousins
    Ben Cousins
    Ben Cousins
    Ben Cousins

    Did I mention Ben Cousins?

  219. yeah..cousins did top the pretty list at NUMBER 1.
    FAIR POINT Michael…fair point.

  220. Michael Allan says

    Brett Deledio, Trent Cotchin, Andrew Raines, Nathan Brown….well he’s gone now Mark Coughan…oh wait he’s gone too, well we also have Alex Rance, Chris Newman and Cleve Huges

  221. Steve Healy says

    Nah Coburg’s too far away from me.

    Lol I dunno

  222. Michael Allan says

    Hey yeah, you could watch Richmond’s seconds. It’s all making sense Danni.

  223. Josh Barnstable says

    Hey Michael, your comment number 222. Does that bring back any horrible nightmares???

  224. a friend of mine met Rance and died lol.
    not literally but all she could say was.



  225. Michael Allan says

    Thanks for the reminder Josh. To make things worse this year number 22 was JON.

  226. Hahaha Oakley-Nicholls. His name is nearly as funny as his football ability.

  227. speaking of crappy players apperantly the opposition fans are now yelling out :”KICK IT TO TOOVEY!!” just to get a laugh at his ball skills.
    meanwhile im cheering for the opposition to “KNOCK OUT TOOVEY!!”

  228. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha. I hope North picks him up in the draft. He could cover the hole that’s been left by Gibson.

    Hey where’s Damo?

  229. dying his hair?

  230. He’s still getting over how the Blues Blue it.

  231. Michael Allan says

    The Saints fans near me were yelling that Danni. After he let threw a goal because the ball tumbled threw his legs. I can’t rememeber at the moment which goal it was.

  232. Toovey played well against the Saints. His best game of his career apart from his debut. Danielle you should scream “Back to the tree, Toovey”. hahahah

  233. lol hes so weird.
    i still cant believe hes got a spot in the senior team!
    the smart thing for Mick to do is to use Welligham in Pendle’s place.
    hes almost the same as Pendles, he just need a bit more poise.

  234. I find Toovey and Swan very alike. They don’t look that similiar or play similar. They just look it on the field

  235. …..steve
    did you just compare… I CANT SAY THIS….
    *takes breath*
    did you just comaper….Toovey to….
    *breathes deeply*
    toovey to…

  236. Michael Allan says

    Geez it’s easy to get you angry Danni.

  237. Lol. I’m just saying when you look at them both on the field. You think, hang on is that Swan oh no It’s Toovey my bad

  238. lol im not angry im SHOCKED!!
    The big diff is that Swanny has a tat so it would make more sense to confuse him with Beamsy.

  239. Josh Barnstable says

    Hey Danni you should go with the Dayne Beams and Dane Swan look! Get the sleeve tatoo done haha then you’ll look like all the other Magpie supporters.

    I find it strange how i’ve never heard of the name Dane before yet Collingwood has two players called that, and also Collingwood have the only two Alan’s in the AFL i think! Not quite sure but yeah

  240. Michael Allan says

    understandable numbers 34 and 36.

  241. Michael Allan says

    They’re the only ones with a Steele.

  242. Josh..ummm NO!
    firstly my parents would dis-own me if i did.
    secondly theres no way cos it involves needles- i like pass out just getting a blood test!
    i wouldnt be able to Bring beamsy home to meet my parents- they disapprove of piercings and tatts on guys.

  243. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m gettin a tatoo asap! Haha i don’t care how much it’ll hurt.

    They also have the only Leon in the AFL, but Michael am i wrong or was there a Leon Cameron that used to play for Richmond. Im not sure if it was the Tigers

  244. I got a blood test earlier this year. They told me I’d get my results back soon, but, 6 months later I don’t have em. I could have some deadly disease that I don’t know about.

    Cameron Cloke’s getting tatoos as well. You could tell by the lines on his arm.

  245. lol have fun Josh!
    Cameron Cloke fudged himslef with his tatt. hes tottaly ruined those amazing arms of his!

  246. Yeah, Leon Cameron played for Richmond and the Bulldogs, and he has a role at the Tigers ATM I think

  247. Michael Allan says

    Leon Cameron played for the Bulldogs and then came to the Tigers. Wasn’t a bad player.

    I might ask his sister about them Dani.

  248. lol i can imagine you asking:
    “so tell me why your amazingly goodlooking hotness out of thsi world brother ruined his manly beatiful arms?????”

  249. Michael Allan says

    OH God. I just looked at the 1999 Draft. We traded picks 33 and 66 for Leon Cameron. those picks were Mitch Hahn and Ryan Hargrave. I never knew that. I’m so deppressed now

  250. Lol I still find the number of comments funny. It reminds me of how many drops of apple drink it took to make it the same colour as that acid stuff in Science today.

  251. haha science been there- dropped that!

  252. Michael Allan says


    Wow it was a super draft for the dogs. they got

    ROb Murphy
    Dan Giansiracusa
    Pat Wiggins (1 dud)
    Mitch Hahn
    Lindsay Gilbee
    Pat Bowden (1 1/2 duds)
    Ryan Hargrave

    in that order.

  253. i just finished the first half of my match report for the Collingwood Adelaide game.

  254. Pat Bowden was good. I remember his goal for the Tigers against St.Kilda in 06. That was unbelievable.

  255. What? Am I in it Danielle?

  256. Michael Allan says

    Does go sometrhing like this

    Collingwood down by 10 goals at halftime
    Umpires are idiots
    Nathan Brown is hot
    I hate Toovey


  257. Michael Allan says

    Yeah it was a good goal but that’s all he ever did from my memory.

  258. you want to be in it Steve?
    1. NO
    2. no but that will come in somewhere
    3. well obviously hes on FIRE!!!!
    4. that will come in when he sits on the footy or something

  259. some would be lying if you said you wouldnt want superman on your team

  260. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve watched that goal on youtube many times over and over again! :)

  261. Michael Allan says

    Look forward to eading it.

    I’m off now talk to ya later, bye.

  262. Josh Barnstable says

    Put me in there too Danni!

  263. lol where??]
    i have actually been able to find a number of similarities between weddings and grand finals! thats what my entry is about.
    ill see where i can fit you in.

    sometimes i even amaze myself!

  264. Just put in the report. I wonder how Steve is going? Just in a random spot. Lol

  265. lol okay.
    oh that reminds me you guys have to make me a promise.

    if you ever come across NATHAN BROWN or SUPERMAN you tie them to the nearest tree and use telepahy to get me down there ok??

  266. Nah I’ll come to your school and tell you hahaha

  267. well if you do that bring him with you!!
    ill be waiting for the announcemt over the PA.

  268. Josh Barnstable says

    Whoo! Almost 300 comments! That’s gotta be a record! Haha teenagers gotta talk somehow!

    Danni how do you write a report on a match before it’s even started?

  269. Well guys I’m off.

    Thanks for the chat.

  270. Lol its a chick thing Josh!
    Nah its easy.
    it depends if i have a theme in mind that i cna somehow connect to the game.
    You guys get the treat of knowing early:
    in this case its about the similarities in preparing for finals and a wedding.
    i dunno, im kinda random so it comes easily to me :)
    ive also been told im very huggable!
    (see theres my randomness)

    STATUS:jonasing aka listening to music :)

  271. Josh Barnstable says

    Hmm i thought i was random…lol

  272. lol you may not be as random as me but your are as the muzza would put it ‘fully sick!’
    :) lol

  273. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh gun as! That’s what we say up here :)

    omg! i haven’t had dinner yet. ROFL haha

  274. lol you better go eat so that you end up with a build like Nathan Brown or Superman but play in Fraser’s position.
    in other words, eat up!!

  275. Josh Barnstable says

    Hmm or eat up so i end up like Stuart Dew! Haha

  276. lol okay ill re-phrase
    Eat heaps of carbs but also hit the gym.
    i like cute chubby! like meddy-teddy
    do you recon hed give me a hug if i asked?

  277. Josh Barnstable says

    Umm…hmm…umm…No lol. Well maybe, you Collingwood people connect with each other haha

  278. NO?? awwwwwwwwwwwwwww :( :(
    but im not my usual self around players. im far more shy so hes bound to say yes if im all cute and shy when i ask.
    im sure Travis would say yes…LOL TRAVIS!

  279. omg OMG
    HERALD SUN SITES and my FAV husband number 3748423847 Jon Ralph just ended Rocca’s career!!!!

  280. Josh Barnstable says

    It should have ended a long time ago. Sorry Danni

  281. Josh Barnstable says

    Hmm the conversation has died down a

  282. oh hello i jsut got onto the net now!
    ive been a stress-head!
    2 sacs tomorrow and for one of them ive no idea what im doing!
    do you see the selections for the collingwood team

  283. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah i did. You have a lot of players out Danni. They are definately not going to win now im sorry to say.

    Just been clothes shopping, spent about $300 on clothes :D

  284. Michael Allan says

    There’s a few. I’m glad Dick’s back. I like him.

  285. Michael Allan says

    Does that mean you missed out on neighbours? AGAIN?

  286. omg shopping!! LOl trust me i dont need anymore clothes!!
    yeah BEAMSY is OUT!! :(
    Well at least we got close….again….

  287. Josh Barnstable says

    Yes i did miss it actually. At 6:30 i was in Maccas. Did anyone watch it?

  288. Michael Allan says

    lol sorry Josh can’t say I did.

  289. Michael Allan says

    It’s closer than any of our teams got Dani.

  290. Yum I LOVE MACCAS!!
    3 cheeseburgers, medium fries,nuggets, large frozen coke and a Chocolate sunday is my usual.
    :) yes i know, for a girl i eat a lot.

  291. Michael Allan says

    three cheeseburgers? Why don’t you just get the pounder?

  292. lol i dunno..i like eating them separate.

  293. Josh Barnstable says

    Ohh why not Michael?? lol

    Yeah can’t believe how the Pies were almost premiership favourites a couple of weeks ago. But a week is a long time in football, or in this case a couple of weeks.

  294. ..dont remind me.
    i feel like ive just been dumped or something…i dont like being sad. :(

  295. Josh Barnstable says

    I got a double cheeseburger, large fries and a small coke lol and i didnt even finish it which was surprising coz it was my first meal since 4:00pm yesterday lol.

    Woo! Today was my last day of school!

    then on friday morning im off to Sydney for a whole week :)

  297. Josh Barnstable says

    Well i would be going to school but i grabbed my chance at having the day off, coz the P.E teachers were looking for voluenteers to help out the little kids at the local athletics sports day, then on Sunday im off to the Northern Territory on school camp!

  298. lol you have fun Josh!
    dont get lost! :P
    im craving calamari.

    STATUS- grrrr

  299. Michael Allan says

    Tomorrow’s my last day of school. Super September Holidays!!! Yay!

  300. Josh Barnstable says

    Ohh ohh guess what??

    COMMENT NUMBER 300!! Whoo!

  301. omg lol YAY :)
    omg i have to check if i was..number 34..please no..

  302. Michael Allan says

    What a remarkable feat. You should be proud Josh.

  303. Michael Allan says

    My first comment came in at 29, Ty Vickery. Not bad.

  304. Josh Barnstable says

    I am. Couldn’t have done it without you guys though. lol :D


  306. Michael Allan says

    Nathan Foley and Andrew Collins. I did well.

  307. Michael Allan says

    Today was a footy day at school and people kept on asking me who number 42 was. I was offended.

  308. …ummm whos number..wait is it Post??

  309. Josh Barnstable says

    1. Leon Davis
    3. John McCarthy
    5. Nick Maxwell
    9. Jack Anthony
    11. Shane O’Bree
    13. Dale Thomas
    16. Nathan Brown
    19. Cam Wood
    23. VACANT! :D
    28. Danny Stanley (i think)
    39. Heath Shaw

    They are your comment numbers Danni. Hope you like all those players :D

  310. Michael Allan says

    I just said it before Dani lol. Andrew Collins.

  311. yeah Vacant is one of my favourites.
    lol i dont have a number on my jersey cos im scared if i get one, the player gets traded or even chnages his number.
    Pendles started out as number 16 and anyone who HAD Tarrant now has ben Ried!! lol

  312. Ah Damn it I missed 31 comments. How is everyone today?

    Danni, I’m proud of you that you eat a lot. I’d eat that much as Maccas as well, if I bought enough money with me. I was comment number 48! Liam Jurrah!

  313. Michael Allan says

    Well now I have two. My other one that I wore throughout the year has 17 on it for the captain but now it’s signed by Chris Newman. I’m not sure which one I’ll wear to games next year

  314. lol naww thanks steve!!
    im deff not one of those i cant eat carbs so i looks stick thin kinda girls.
    i love food to much.
    i cant eat breakie though but only cos i feel sick in the morning.

  315. The great thing about wearing number 17 as a Richmond supporter is that you know you’re always wearing the Captain’s number

  316. Josh Barnstable says

    But what if the captain is a dud? (Kane Johnson) lol

    Yeah im sick of those girls who don’t eat coz they’ll pile on 10kg from one sandwich.

  317. Lol I don’t pile on anything from eating anything. I eat heaps and i’m still really thin

  318. Michael Allan says

    Yeah that’s why I got it. But I got it after Kane Johnson got booted. I didn’t like him much as a captain.

    You should eat brekkie Danni. It’s unhealthy not to.

  319. lol yeah, im not one of those!
    i wouldnt say im skinny but im deffinatly not fat or chubby so i guess im like medium or something. Cos im a shortie id have to say im petite! :)

  320. Josh Barnstable says

    Remember when he kicked it the wrong way in Round 1 of 2007 Michael?? Haha that was so funny, it would never happen at my team :D

    I never usually have a full brekkie, just a cup of Milo or something

  321. Michael Allan says

    Well I’m 18 on the BMI which we had to do in Health but that isn’t very accuarate.

  322. yeah same Josh..ill eat a few spoon of Nutella and thats it.
    i feel sick in the mornings!
    on the weekend however step-back..i eat like crazy!!

    speaking of feeling peckish.. :)

  323. Hah that Kane Johnson mistake was hillarious. It reminded me of Josh Gibson. Oh wait, he’s left the club now.

  324. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m feeling terrible, i feel like i’m about to come down with the flu, and i know what that feels like coz i’ve had it twice in the past 2 months! I really hope i don’t get it just after i’ve spent over $1000 to go on school camp.

  325. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh yeah Gibson is a tool we never wanted him anyway…his other-way-kicking didn’t really suit our backline

  326. Michael Allan says

    Yes I do Josh. It set the standard for the rest of that season.

  327. josh, drink orange juice!! its supposed to be good for the flu.
    i hate getting sick.

    mmmmmm chicken.

  328. Mm I love Nutella. I usually have about 7 weetbix in the morning

  329. Josh Barnstable says

    To me i think it set the standard for the past 6 years and the next 4 years at least.

    I think we have OJ in the fridge, i’ll check! My mate ate 19 weetbix at school camp one morning, and followed it up with 16 the next morning lol

  330. 7 wow Steve thats really good since you guys are all still growing. :)
    ive considered buying a Nutella jar for my locker at school..i really want one

  331. Maybe you should fill your locker with Nutella, and when you open it the Nutella comes rushing out

  332. LOL YUMMYYY!!!
    Seriously no-one understand me and my chocolate.
    at school ill eat like 3 bars before lunch then one during lunch and one for after school. im talking the big Fredo frogs.

  333. Josh Barnstable says

    I only like a little bit of chocolate. Sorry to break away from the snacks part of things but the best meal you could ever have is a chicken parma :) as Bruce McAvaney would say: Delecious :P

  334. lol cant argue there i love me some chicken! but because i like to be around Muzzas i prefer A FULLY SICK LAMB KEBAB BRO!! lol

  335. Michael Allan says

    You can’t beat Chinese food.

  336. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha. I have to meet these Muzzas. They seem like interesting people

  337. Chicken Parma’s and lamb kebab’s are pretty much my two favourite foods! Do you go to Ali Baba’s Danielle?

  338. Michael Allan says

    Dani are you the Chk-Chk Boom girl?

  339. HAHA Im Guessing theres no muzzas near where you live!
    they are..interesting people.

    the other day i saw Jimmy Bartel’s TWIN!!
    well a look-a-like!!
    mum was driving and i was in the front seat fixing my hair and looking around. then i felt someone looking at me in the car on our side. i looked up and caught Jimmy bartel’s twin looking at me he then grinned and looked away… the lighted turned green.

    so yeah..BARTEL HAS A TWIN!!

  340. lol YES im deff a CHK-CHK-BOOM TYPE lol
    no i go to the Kebab station in Coburg.

  341. Maybe it was my sister’s ex boyfriend. I always said he looked like Bartel

  342. i only thing i like about muzza’s is the hair and the DOFF-DOOF music LOL

  343. I hate both of those things about muzzas

  344. steve..dont be mean!
    just cos the muzzas get the chk-chk boom chicks doesnt mean you need to be jealous!
    :P lol
    i think id marry one onyl if he NEVER OPENS HIS MOUTH.
    i hate it when theres a cute guy but then he wrecks it when he opens his mouth.

  345. Josh Barnstable says

    Is Joe a muzza Danni? ( i hope that’s his name!)

  346. Lol YES!!! :)
    his hair is a bit more curly now but it used to me like full on muzza which is the way i prefer it. :)

  347. Josh Barnstable says

    Lol Joe sounds like a muzza sorta name. No offence meant lol

  348. It is a muzza name. lol

  349. none taken.
    hair is deff important to us girls.
    take ball prct for example.
    we had to chose partners and i bunch of really nerdy guys were coming my way to i panicked and quickly glanced a groupf of cute duded. i ended up choosing the one with the best hair who tunrned out be really nice and shy.
    from that day on we were partners every other week.
    lesson: make sure your hair looks good!

  350. Josh Barnstable says

    Do girls like mullets? Coz i got that goin :)

  351. ….omg
    lol no Josh no!
    like get haircut tommorrow!!

  352. What about my hair, blond straight and no care put into it whatsoever.

  353. well Steve youy woudl be surpirzed but guy with blonde hair actully look better with the just got out of bed look.
    it looks very natural, carefree and most importantly zac efronish/surfer dude.

    keep at it! :)

  354. Michael Allan says

    What about my hair? Long red wavy hair. Like Steve, doesn’t get given much attention.

  355. well dont kill me for this but cut it.
    See most red-head guys get bagged by us girls but if you look at Rupert Grint and the way he does his hair, even i would give him attention.
    i know of a lot of girls who now think that hes pretty good-looking so i think you should cut it like his.
    it also looks like it wont need a lot of work cos its short and will look neat easily unlike long hair.

  356. hahaha you’re acting like a hair counsellor or something

  357. lol well im a girl and im know all thsi stuff so i might aswell advise you!
    plus i dont charge for my services! :)

  358. Michael Allan says

    Sorry Danni I look like an idiot with short hair and I don’t fanct being called carrot top.

    This isn’t hairstylingalmanac guys.

    I’ve been reading Raines is going to be traded for Brisbanes 3rd pick.

    Another rumour is that Shane Tuck wants out of Richmond and maybe Collingwood want him for his contested ball work since they got smashed in it on the weekend.

  359. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m never gettin mine cut! Lol its not even a mullet its just long at the back lol. I take about 10 minutes getting my hair right in the mornings! lol

  360. lol..i do my hair in bed! literally.
    i get dressed in bed then if my hair still looks good from the night before i leave it. if it doesnt i just tie it up really high in a water fountain and add a bow LOL.

  361. I never look at my hair in the mornings cos sometimes I sleep in for too long and I have no time to go in the bathroom and have a shower.

  362. Josh Barnstable says

    My friend at school does his hair with a sock…

    Richmond will regret getting rid of Shane Tuck!

  363. Josh Barnstable says

    What time do you city kids get up to go to school?

  364. dude..ever since Brad Scott left us weve been bodgey in the middle of the ground!!

    Steve- keep it that way! it seems your the type that doesnt need to put in effort on his hair to look good- lucky you :)

  365. Michael Allan says

    How can tyou do your hair with a sock.

    It’s all rumours but why is that? I think it would be a win win.

    Tuck will probs be passed it by the time Richmond make it back into the eight so we may aswell get a draft pick or a Ben Ried for him while Collingwood need the clearence player while Beams and Sidebottom are still developing.

  366. There’s no real trade rumors going around at the red and blue camp.

    I wake up at 7:15 usually, leave the house by 8 and I’m sometimes late for school and I’m sometimes not.

  367. Michael Allan says


  368. 6:30 – first alarm (only if i need to straighten my hair and put on makeup.
    IF NOT

  369. So your saying my hair looks good even though you’ve never seen it before? lol

  370. Josh Barnstable says

    Tuck is a good player and he’ll benefit the younger Cubs coming through.

    Steve how’s this for a fair trade? Gibson for Jurrah?

    My alarm is set for 7:04 and i arrive at school at 8:30

  371. Yes Steve thats exactly what im saying.
    tell me, is it light and fluffy in texture?

  372. Michael Allan says

    I’m off now guys.

    Melbourne couldn’t afford Gibson.

  373. Josh Barnstable says

    That’s a bit harsh Michael, i don’t think North could afford Jurrah lol. Cya mate.

    I’ve seen your hair Steve. It looks cool lol

  374. omg see i knew it!!
    im so smart! :)
    i should become
    a ‘hairologist’

  375. Yes kind of.

    I’d never agree to that trade in a million years Josh!

  376. Cya Michael

  377. Josh, in my lightning premiership photo on Facebook or my Myspace pic?

  378. geez and you guys tell me off for leaving ‘early’ LOL

  379. Josh Barnstable says

    Your myspace picture. I would never have noticed if you were in the facebook pic if not for the Melbourne jumper.

    Haha did anyone see the Heath Shaw look-alike on the footy show? And the dancing Matthew Bate? LOL

  380. Nah I’m in my room at the moment and my parents are watching something else.

    For some reason, if you search Steve Healy on google images on the second page you find my Myspace picture. I dunno why.

  381. lol no..but call me crazy..Heath kinda looks cute when he smiles with his mouth closed.

  382. Josh Barnstable says

    Heath Shaw would probably be the ugliest player in the AFL.

    Oh get a tv in ya room Steve! lol…i’ve googled myself before and it comes up with the footyalmanac and some old results from Waaia games.

  383. JOSH HE SO ISNT!!
    on the site hes got a blog he does everyday which i read and theres a pic of him with a laptop in normal clothes and hes soo freaking CUTE!

  384. I can’t mate, I wish I could so I could watch some footy games in private.

  385. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah i knew the feeling of watching the footy in the lounge when Mum wants to watch a movie.

    Shaw has like a really squished up face lol

  386. what, no he doesnt especially not in that picture…hes shaped so nicely im dying to give him a cuddle!!

  387. I wonder how his car’s going? lol

  388. Josh Barnstable says

    He does haha! And Rhyce isn’t the best looking either, looks like a muzza haha.

  389. lol he doesnt need a car!
    ive got my Ls so ill dirve him around….when i learn how to turn and reverse and stuff.

    Okay you have just made it VERY CLEAR that you have never seen a muzza in you life cos RHYCE is NO Muzza

  391. Josh Barnstable says

    I burnt myself when i was learing to drive.

    Does anyone have any idea on how i’m supposed to keep in touch with the Brownlow Medal while im gone? Is it covered on radio?

  392. Lol how did you manage that?
    wait do you even have your learners permit?
    nah i doubt its will be on radio..when is it anyways?

  393. You drive Josh? Do they have different rules in the country lol

    When do you leave and come back again?

    You’ll find out about it on the radio probably

  394. When is it? When is it? Monday night of Grand final week of course, like it is every year.

  395. lol im sorry steve im too busy thinking about how good my boys are gonna look in their suits :)

  396. Josh Barnstable says

    No i don’t drive but me and Mum were coming back from town and we were on our road which is fairly long and not much traffic comes through so she let me drive home but as we were going along a car came out of nowhere and was driving so mum said get out in case i get in trouble for letting you drive so i got out and as i walked around the back of the car i brushed up against the exhaust pipe so i had a big round burn on my leg haha.

    I leave on the 13th and get back on the 23rd. I either wanna find a live coverage of it through radio or even tv possibly, or just block my ears until i get home and watch it so it’s a surprise to me when i find out who wins.

  397. any chance of Alan Obst rocking up.
    i wouldnt mind seeing him all dressed up!

  398. Josh Barnstable says

    Scott Lucas currently trying out for an NFL career.

  399. Good luck Lucas,

    block your ears and find out who is playing in the GF as well.

  400. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve already got that figured out: St Kilda and Adelaide

  401. ….thanks :(

  402. Speaking of that, I really want Adelaide to beat the Pies so Geelong and Adelaide can play on Saturday afternoon. If they play collingwood it will be fixtured at night. There’s something about day finals that I love

  403. … guys are mean! :(
    why cant Collinwood just win this once, you know while im still alive!
    i missed the last one by 2 years!!

  404. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah i like day finals too but probably for a different reason. I like them because night finals, well night games in general, are usually low scoring while day finals are plenty of atmosphere and scoring.

  405. Josh Barnstable says

    Hutchy just beat up Sam Newman Steve. It was quite funny lol

  406. Good, if only i could beat him up myself!

  407. I like watching footy in the day more as well. Danielle, I have nothing against Collingwood (well, that’s not entirely true) but I’d love to see Adelaide go far

  408. Thanks Josh, be the Footy Show correspondent for me like your the Waaia correspondent on this website

  409. Josh Barnstable says

    How much you paying me? Sam’s eating a burger at the moment. Don’t know why. Billy is also. No surprises there lol

  410. Lol. I’m paying you spiritually

  411. Josh Barnstable says

    Danni you should know this:

    What’s the latest good songs? Because i’m downloading some to put on my ipod to take on the bus on camp lol and i haven’t really listened to the radio to hear the latest songs

  412. There are no latest good songs. Anyway I’m off goodnight I should go to sleep or at least read in bed.

  413. Josh Barnstable says

    Ahh ok thanks. Well at the moment there is an ad break. Panelists are Mark McVeigh, Nick Dal Santo and Billy. Dunno why they have McVeigh in there, they should have a player feauturing in the finals still. Street Talk just came on, im turning it off because im getting bad reception on the TV, always do with channel nine.

  414. Josh Barnstable says

    Night Steve

  415. lol im not much of a radio listener myself.
    good girls go bad- cobra

  416. wait ummm its cobra Starship
    Lady Gaga is always good
    lily allen? :P

  417. sweet dreams steve

  418. what bands are you into?

  419. the top 100s list says:
    i gotta feeling- blk eyep peas
    Down- Jay sean
    Run this town- Rihanna, Kanye WeST
    Use somebody- kings of leon
    HAHA GOOD GIRLS GO BAD!! lol its on there!!
    BoomBoom pow- blk eyep peas
    waking up iv Vegas-Katy perry
    Battlefield- jordan Sparks

  420. Josh Barnstable says

    I aleady have Good Girls Gone Bad lol it’s my favourite.

    I like a lot of bands, but most of all Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, The Butterfly Effect, AFI, Simple Plan, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, 3OH!3. Lol

  421. hope that helps.
    ive gotta hit the hay :)
    i need my 7 hours of sleep!

    night :)

  422. Josh Barnstable says

    My top 10 songs at the moment would be:

    1. Good Girls Gone Bad (Cobra Starship)
    2. Do It Again (Cassie Davis)
    3. New Divide (Linkin Park)
    4. In These Hands (The Butterfly Effect)
    5. Tiffany Blews (Fall Out Boy)
    6. Starstrukk (3OH!3)
    7. Not For You (Natalie Bassingthwaighte)
    8. Hands Held High (Linkin Park)
    9. Starstruck (Lady Gaga)
    10. Face Down (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)

  423. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha okay. Night night don’t let the bed bugs bite.

  424. Damian Watson says

    I watched The Footy Show as well Josh.
    The Heath Shaw lookalike with the monkey was funny!

    Funny how most of you guys are interstate for the next couple of weeks!

    I remember I was in Port Douglas throughout the Grand Final week last year. The coverage was terrible!
    They didn’t telecast the Brownlow, Grand Final Parade, VFL Grand Final or the Marathon and I felt like such a loner knowing everyone back in Melbourne had access to everything!

    They’re covering the Brownlow on SEN I think but I’d doubt you would be able to have access to it in NT.

    Enjoy climbing Uluru. I climbed the rock a few years ago and as long as you can hold onto a chain you’ll be fine! LOL

  425. Looking forward to tonight’s game. Josh all those songs are brand new. you need to like some older stuff

  426. Damian, I’ve been meaning to ask, do you have facebook or myspace?

  427. mmm i think ill miss tonight prob just glance at the score evry now and then.
    why do teachers have to be so evil?? they gave me so much homework its not funny.

  428. Josh Barnstable says

    The only old song i have rated 5 stars on my iTunes is Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil lol.

    Thanks Damo, yeah it’s gonna be tough going without the Brownlow and Prelim finals. I’ll find a way though. My mate has an iPod touch and he has internet access on it so he’s gonna let me keep up to date with it all.

    What is it like climing Uluru Damo? I’m a bit nervous, because i’ve never done it before and i don’t know why but im a tiny bit worried something will happen. Any tips?

  429. I’ll give a tip:

    Find something to hold on to, like a Kangaroo

  430. Josh Barnstable says

    Well why hold onto a Kangaroo when they can’t even hold on to one of their best players!

  431. lol. I was expecting some sort of comeback.

    It’s amazing how one comment by me can start up a huge conversation. I guess where always on the computer at this time.

    I went to Maccas after school today

  432. Josh Barnstable says

    Nice. I spent the whole day helping little kids out at Athletics Sports day. I’ve never held a stopwatch that much before! Amazing some of these little Usain Bolt’s can run 80m in 9 seconds.

  433. lol i like survived double accounting in the morning and then my sac for period five..THANKGOD ITS OVER

  434. 80 metres in 9 seconds! That’s amazing.

  435. I had a great day! Squash in Period’s 5 and 6!

  436. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh i love squash! Its the best way to release some anger. My mum used to be champion at it, and claims she still is lol. Gotta give her a match one day

  437. LOL ohh yeah, you guys actually like P.E!
    todya my religion teacher (Who happend to be my favourite! :) )
    went to call me up to get my grade from the last Sac and he was like:> “nathan brown!”
    lol he called me nathan brown! it was so funny

  438. Damian Watson says

    Well Steve I do have an MSN and although I’ve considered putting up a Facebook account I have never got around to constructing it. I should do that soon, I guess I’m too lazy! LOL

    Josh, I remember the rock had chains which took you the majority of the way up and it is a relatively safe climb so as long as you don’t have a fear of heights you the climb will be a piece of cake.

    The only people who put themselves in danger are the unprepared tourists. On the day of our climb a couple of Irish tourits climbed up the rock on thongs and as they reached the top they had massive burns and blisters on their feet and a helicopter had to airlift them to hospital from the top of the rock.

    Also if you bring a camera keep it safe. About five years ago a Chinese man’s digital camera slipped out of his hands and as he chased after it he fell off the rock and sadly died.

    Finally watch out for the DINGOES!! LOL

  439. Hahahaha does anyone in your class not know who he is?

    How can you not like PE? It can be crap sometimes but it’s usually good especially if we go somewhere away from school. Squash is really fun

  440. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve got msn too lol.

    Thanks Damo, is it easy climbing up it or going down? Because i think going downhill is harder because of the pressure on your ankles. I’m taking one of those bags you strap around your waist, so anything i’m taking i’ll put in their. I’m gonna use my phone to take the pictures, Mum is making me take two phones lol one telstra, one optus. I’m climbing the rock in a good pair of runners i bought recently for $100. They should do me good.

  441. I just found $2 under my desk!

  442. Damian Watson says

    Your lucky you guys have PE!

    We can only recieve it for one Semester at our school in Year Nine.

  443. lol well its most of the teachers that are more clued into my obession!
    but i swear it was so funny cos i didnt see it coming. i was just sitting there and he looks at me waves my paper and goes : ‘Nathan Brown!” i automatically stood up and started to laugh! i think he was surprized that i responded. :)

  444. Josh Barnstable says

    We hardly ever go away from the school for P.E, only twice for Lawnbowles and Ten-Pin Bowling. Next year i’m taking a class which has activites that we can’t do at my school, which will obviously mean a lot of going to different places. The sports include Squash, Bowling and Martial Arts, plus many more. I’ll be the next Chris Judd with my Martial Arts skills!

  445. Josh Barnstable says

    Wow, go buy yourself a nice holiday Steve! lol

    Yeah last semester i didn’t have a class of P.E, but i’ve made up for it with 2 classes of P.E this semester, so i have P.E every day of the week! :)

  446. Damian Watson says

    Did anyone hear Juddy’s comment last night to the press after the tribunal hearing?
    “I’ve been watching too many Steve Segal movies”. hahaha

  447. lol..and i complain if i have to go up and down the stairs!

  448. We have 2 periods of PE on monday, and 2 on friday

  449. Josh Barnstable says

    I love stairs! Dunno why but they are fun lol.

    Yeah Judd’s pathetic. Should have come clean and said he did what he did for no reason and was sorry, but he made a ridiculious claim and then backed it up with another weird comment.

  450. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve got one on monday, three on tuesday, two on wednesday, two on thursday and two on friday lol

  451. Josh, how many people are at your school?

  452. Josh Barnstable says

    Uhh about 250 i think

  453. lol i hate stairs yesterday i was like running down the stairs not really thinking about what i was doing (probab;y thinking about nathan brown)
    anyways i like missed 3 whole steps im so lukcy i didnt like break my leg! luckily ive got good balance!

  454. Oh I was expecting you to say about 5-10. Do you have to walk 100 killometres every day to find water?, lol.

  455. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve got balance like a cat…haha…i jumped down about 10 stairs one day with a friend lol

  456. Josh Barnstable says

    Yes we do since all you city people are stealing our water! Haha nah there’s plenty of water down here, we could just use a bit more. It’s funny at school though, whenever the Science teacher turns the tap on in the Science lab we say “Oh a cow just died because of that!” lol…obviously it wouldn’t be funny if that was true

  457. I was awesome at jumping in primary school. I’d walk on the monkey bars and jump off. I was known as the daredevil. I also had a talent for climbing trees

  458. Josh Barnstable says

    You would be good use at my house then Steve. I have huge trees in my backyard, and i’m forever getting the footy stuck in the top branch of the tree. My backyard is about the size of a 50m zone on a footy field, just with trees and animals everywhere.

  459. lol i think im to blame for the whole drought thingo.
    me and my 3 hour showers!! but i have really long hair!!

  460. Josh Barnstable says

    Damo what do you think of Fev’s latest actions?

    My Nana, the Carlton supporting one, think’s Carlton should get rid of Judd after his incident on Saturday night, and promote Fev to the captincy, despite what happened on Mad Monday. I think it should be the other way around, or get rid of both of them.

  461. Josh Barnstable says

    3 hours??? Jesus!

    My brother was in the shower the other day at 8:00 in the morning so i went back to bed. I got up at 12, and he was still in there.

  462. Damian Watson says

    I used to get my footy stuck in those huge trees out the front of my house.
    Luckily most of the branches have fallen down in the recent storms, for some reason our area is one of the hardest hit.

  463. I used to have big trees in my backyard. But my parents chopped them down so they could grow more plants. There’s still one tree I climb sometimes that’s big though, and you can see over the neighbours’ fence.

    Animals? So when your in your backyard are there all these goats, sheep and cows everywhere?

  464. i dont have a problem with mad monday, they have had a long season and deserve to drink themselves stupid if they want.
    but fev always seems to take in to the next level. i think a line should be drawn.

  465. Josh Barnstable says

    Noo, animals as in Cats and Dogs. We have quite a lot of Cats. Plus we used to have 3 Kangaroos, haha. Over our fence we have cows, a few sheep and we’re planning on getting goats.

  466. Damian Watson says

    I think last years Mad Monday was much worse!!
    he was parading around the city with the same ummmm lets just say equiptment on.

    Sam Newman was funny last night trying to impersonate him after reffering to the half blurred
    Herald Sun picture.

    Fev will never recieve the captaincy, he just doesn’t have the leadership qualities.

  467. Josh Barnstable says

    But seriously, if a decent storm hit my place and shook the trees about, enough footy’s would come out to feature in an AFL match.

  468. Oh ok, so you’re on a farm. Mad Monday is a great footballing tradition. Danielle, I wouldn’t pay attention to what Fev does, we all know Fev’s Fev and no one can control him.

  469. Josh Barnstable says

    Next Carlton captain will be Marc Murphy, no doubt about it. Yeah Sam was funny last night, but i can suspect he will come under scrutiny for what he did last night.

  470. i used to have a baby chick.
    his name was J.J he was the cutest thing!!
    we sent him to farm cos he was getting to big and i felt that he did have enough space to run around.

    ive always wanted a Duckling :)

  471. Josh Barnstable says

    I suppose once the season is over, players should be allowed to do what they want. But because it’s Fev, it’s big news. I bet if i did what he did, or lets just say something less gross., i wouldn’t be noticed

  472. i recond Swallow will be a future captian of north.
    Pendals for Collingwood.
    Gibbs for Carlton.
    and i have no idea for Melbourne

  473. Brent Moloney, Aaron Davey, Jack Grimes and maybe Brad Green and Tom Scully in later years.

  474. just a Fev’s wife still with him?

  475. Josh Barnstable says

    Alex? Who knows? It’s on and off

  476. Josh Barnstable says

    What about Cam Bruce Steve?

  477. Damian Watson says

    Nah I’m pretty sure the are still divorced but I’ll probably be wrong.
    Shane Warne’s back with his wife I think.

  478. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah for how long though? lol

  479. ive noticed so many players get married young! geez i better get down to the Lexus Center pronto!

  480. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah im pretty sure Strauchnie is single still…

  481. STEVE!!!
    I now love your name!! lol
    just watched a music video by Push Play- Midnight Romeo and the guitar player in the leather jacket and curly hair is bloody cute!!
    apperantly his name is STEVE!! lol

  482. Nah I don’t think Cam Bruce will become captain. I might be wrong though.

    Status: Downloading music

  483. thanks Josh. but i was more thinking Superman

  484. Thanks for the compliment Danielle, a lot of people like my name :)

  485. omg in the Herald Sun supertipping
    STRAUCHNIE: tipped the bulldogs saying
    -any team with missy Higgins in it is good enough for Straunchie!!

  486. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha i like reading the small comments the celebrities make in finals games in the Friday paper

  487. lol, gotta go guys I’ve got too much to do. Hope you reach 500 comments soon

  488. NAWWW BYE Steve! :(

  489. Josh Barnstable says

    Cya mate, hope you score the telly for tonights match.

  490. STATUS: should be doing the mountain of homework but CBS!!! and is instead on here and musicing. :)

  491. Damian Watson says

    Yeh i better be off as well I still haven’t had dinner yet!
    For Victoria’s sake I hope the Pies win tomorrow.

  492. Josh Barnstable says

    I should be packing but CBF haha. Nah i better get to it..

  493. Josh Barnstable says

    Why is Collingwood wearing white shorts and Adelaide wearing navy blue shorts? The Pies are the home side and the Crows are the away side, so it should be Collingwood: black shorts, Adelaide: white shorts and away jumper. The AFL confuses me!

  494. Well done, Danielle!

  495. Josh Barnstable says

    What a bloody good game


  497. I know. Lol but I was hoping Adelaide won so there would be an afternoon final next Saturday. But still Geelong V Collingwood should be awesome.

    Do you think the free kick to Anthony was there?

  498. hahahahaha

  499. Josh Barnstable says

    Superman isn’t so tough after all! What a wuss! haha :)

  500. Josh Barnstable says

    To be honest, what free kick? I didn’t see a thing. But the free kick to Tippett was their, and what a goal that was.

  501. Leave my baby alone..
    it was so funny cos i was on the floor on my knees crying my eyes out and then he started crying to :)

  502. I was really hoping he missed so it would go into extra time. How good would that have been? anyway gotta go

  503. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha during the last quarter i must have said about 15 times “i wonder how Danielle is going..”

  504. oh god…i was dying.
    i thought i was going to pass out cos i felt all faint and evrything was slowing down, i couldnt breathe properly!!
    i was crying my eyes out!

  505. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha how are you going to be next week? Anywho im off to bed. I gotta get up in a few hours :( night all, talk in a couple of weeks

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