AFL Finals: 2005 Omens indicate a Swans Flag

geelongvswansFooty supporters look for all manner of omens, are the footy gods on our side?


Commentators love to reel off useless stats; Swans have not lost to Geelong in three finals played, as if that makes any logical difference to the outcome of the game.


But logic does not support a football team.


Every Swans Preliminary Final I have attended, we win, needless to say I am going this Friday night. This includes the epic 1996 Preliminary final when Plugger kicked the famous point to get us into the GF against North.


Let me add a few of my own useless omen stats.


The last time that none of the big four clubs, Collingwood, Essendon, Carlton or Richmond were in the eight was in 2005. Swans won the flag. In 2016 there were none of the big four again.


The last time there was an interstate derby in the finals, Adelaide v Port Adelaide was also 2005, Swans won the flag. This year Sydney v GWS was the Interstate derby.


West Coast finished the ladder 2nd and made the Preliminary Final, in 2005. Swans won. Geelong finished 2nd this year into the Prelim.


Swans lost the qualifying final and won the semi Final in 2005, just like 2016.


The Grand Final in 2005 had two interstate teams, West Coast and Sydney, could 2016 really be GWS v Sydney?


So you see everything points to the Swans winning the Flag.


Then why am I concerned about beating Geelong this Friday night?


Because sport is cruel. It smashes expectations and hopes while uplifting others to a state of euphoria. This is why we love it, its the competition, the pre-game banter, predictions and the inevitable dramatic moment that defies all expectations. NICK DAVIS!!!!


Do you have omens for your team’s success?


About David Parker

A keen observer of all things sport and a Swans tragic, David likes to dabble in sporting documentaries including the Max Bailey doco for Fox Footy. David is currently filming a documentary on the Australian Cycling Men's Team Pursuit squad as they prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics.


  1. Dave – yes I have a big omen. Recently I hurt my elbow. That hasn’t happened since 2011, the year the Cats won the flag!!

    And one more. This is even bigger. I am unleashing the lucky jocks this Friday night. They have been carefully packed away since 2011, when we gave Collingwood a good old fashioned thrashing. I will be wearing them this Friday night. Game over. Go Cats.

  2. Nice work Dips, the lucky jocks might just be the answer, not sure what the question is.

  3. I don’t like to think about it Dave, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to even type the words “Swans” and “Flag” in the same sentence..

    Given that, my five useless omens would read exactly the same as those listed above! Pretty good!

    Actually, there is one. Whenever I can’t get through to Ticketek on the phone for finals tickets and have to resort to their online system for random seats, we lose. When I speak on the phone and choose seats, we win!
    Got through straight away this morning.

    Cheer cheer

  4. Thanks Jan, for a horrible moment there I thought you didn’t get through, feel much better with your omen.

    I don’t talk up Flag or Swans usually, have a hard time getting through this week, just a bit of fun and address the elephant in the room, we all have our omens no matter how ridiculous and frivolous they are and really think it makes a difference.

  5. In Hanneberry, Jack, Kennedy and Parker, those four midfielders can do damage to any team, if that’s an omen. Longmire is a brilliant tactician and if, if Buddy is really on, I think the cats are in trouble..Swans can win if these plans fall into place..

  6. I like those omens Paul.

  7. Dave, the last time Carlton won the flag was 1995. That’s exactly 20 years of putting up with the Swans Hawks and Cats winning it and bugger all else. Never have three teams with west in their name played in a final series. After Saturday there will be one

    Well there’s a big, big sound
    From the West of the town
    It’s the sound of the mighty GIANTS


  8. Tony I remember the 1995 Carlton flag, I was sitting in the Carlton area watching Swans lose the reserves GF to North and a talented Paul Kelly paraded with his Brownlow, and Diesel stick it up everyone who thought he wasn’t a September player. Seem to remember Swans being the only team that beat the Blues that year.

    1996 Swans in GF and lose, 2006 Swans in GF and lose, not sure about 2016 now.

  9. Love it, Dave! I’m feeling optimistic.

  10. Stuart Hunter says

    I’m not sure what Jon, Jan and other Swans fans think, but given the choice of who we could play, I would take Geelong. Not because I don’t respect them, far from it. Any team that has Dangerfield, Selwood, Taylor, Bartel, Duncan etc is a bloody good team and a well coached team. We just match up better on Geelong than either the Giants or the Bulldogs. I have no lucky charms and certainly no lucky jocks (thanks for that mental image Dips) just a good old fashioned faith in the coach and the players to turn up and do the job.

    May the best team wearing red and white win!!

  11. Mine is a token more than an omen.

    In 2005, early in the season, Nick Malceski and Ed Barlow visited my primary school to help school development of the game. They left us stickers, team posters, and Swans keychains.
    Although my interest in the AFL petered out that season (my family did not follow the sport at all), my eleven-year-old crush on Nick Malceski remained and I never lost that keychain.

    In 2010 I happened across the sport again on television, devoted myself to the Bloodstained Angels, and turned my keychain into a necklace. Every. Single. Time. I have forgotten to wear my necklace on gameday over the last six years we have lost (thankfully this hasn’t occurred often at all).

    So, for what it’s worth, I will be wearing my Swans necklace on Friday. It might not guarantee us a win, but it means we’re not guaranteed a loss, and that’s a bit of extra luck that I’m happy to have.

    Let’s go Sydney!!

  12. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    This is good fodder indeed Dave! An excellent collection.
    I’m seeing Swans everywhere: $2 shops, garden stores, on the concrete pebbled verandas of local Marrickville homes. And the Cat is very stroppy this week … she bit me this morning.
    I’ve got a pair of 2005 striped socks in the drawer. And a pair of 2006 socks. You can guess which ones I’ll be wearing on Friday night.

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