AFL Club awards: Barnstable’s breakdown on Roos’ top ten

By Josh Barnstable

If you told me the two top placings of the 2009 Syd Barker Medal, I would have called you crazy and told you to get back to your Lexus Centre. But, after a shocking season for the blue and white stripes, two young players came through with plenty of credentials, and gained some respect from other players and fans.

1. Andrew Swallow

Swallow, after a disappointing 2008 season that netted just three games, put in a blinder for his fourth season, playing all 22 games and averaging 18.7 disposals. He also had a good year in front of the sticks, kicking 17.8 with a best of 3 coming against Richmond in Round 5. He was also a ferocious tackler, amassing 152 tackles for the whole year with an average of 6.9 a match.  His best game came in Round 21, where he picked up 33 disposals, took eight marks, laid eight tackles and kicked a goal in the Roos’ upset win over St Kilda.

2. Scott Thompson

The surprise packet of the year down at North Melbourne. Thompson, taken at pick 37 in the 2007 draft, had his name up in the best and fairest table like his namesake from Adelaide would have as well. Drafted as a running Half-Back, Thompson was given the Full Back role and he performed admirably for a man in just his second year. Despite giving away plenty of height and weight (Thompson is 190cm, 85kg) he performed well against the likes of Matthew Pavlich, Warren Tredrea and Lance Franklin. One of his best games came in the last game of the season against Port Adelaide, where he picked up 22 disposals and took six marks in the Roos’ four point win over the Power at AAMI Stadium. Perhaps the next Matthew Scarlett.

3. Brady Rawlings

Always performs well at the Club Champion night, he has two Syd Barker’s sitting on a shelf at home, and he was a strong favourite to win a third tonight. Usually given the Roos’ tagging job, he did that admirably this year, whilst collecting a stack of possessions himself, with a career-high of 35 coming in the Round 3 loss against Hawthorn. He almost bettered that with a 32-disposal game coming in the Round 21 win against St Kilda, and also racked up 30 touches against West Coast in Round 20. As a tagger he doesn’t kick many goals, booting just two this year. If he plays on next year will be talked about by the Roos’ faithful in the weeks to come.

4. Drew Petrie

Mr. Versatility. Once again he had an outstanding year, and people still don’t realize how good this bloke is. He topped the goalkicking for North, booting 27.21 with a best of four coming in Round 21 against St Kilda, and it could be said that the heroes of that day were Petrie and Nathan Grima. “Dish” collected 15.1 disposals on average, and took 6.6 marks a game. Future captain, it’ll be interesting to see where Brad Scott will play Petrie in 2010, as he excels in defence, up forward and is handy in the Ruck.

5. Josh Gibson

It’s weird that one of our best young players wasn’t invited to his own teams Club Champion award, but I see where Scott was coming from. After Gibson walked out on the Roos and demands a trade to Hawthorn, he received no invitation in the mail that would happily welcome his presence at the function. Gibson was a standout for the whole year, transforming from a nullifying defender into a hard-running half-back. He averaged 17.4 possessions in his consistent season of 22 games. His best game came against Brisbane in Round 17, picking up 37 possessions and taking eight marks in the 41-point loss. Against Port Adelaide in Round 22, Gibson’s last game in the Blue and White, he finished with 27 touches, four marks, five tackles and kicked just his second goal of his 65 games. He will be sorely missed.

6. Hamish McIntosh

The big H started the year in fine form, kicking three goals, picking up 21 disposals and winning 21 hitouts against Melbourne. McIntosh returned to his 2007 form which saw him picked in the top 40 squad for the All-Australian squad, something he repeated this year after an injury interrupted 2008. He averaged 16.4 disposals in 22 matches, and kicked 13.3, leading the North Melbourne goalkicking for the early part of the season. He averaged 23.4 hitouts for the season, ranking him 4th in the competition for total hitouts with 514. His best game of the season came in Round 10 against Brisbane, where he picked up 23 possessions, taking nine marks and winning 32 hitouts. Expect an All-Australian berth in the coming years.

7. Scott McMahon

The Roos’ one-percenter man, after cementing his place in defence, McMahon was one of the leaders of a young backline, spoiling, chasing, tackling and marking every ball and player that came his way. He averaged 16.9 disposals in his 22 games, with a best of 23 coming against Port Adelaide in Round seven. He also kicked 4.2 for the year, a handy goalkicker when put into the forward line.

8. Michael Firrito

Spud enjoyed a move into the midfield, amassing 369 touches in 22 games at an average of 16.8 a game. He also laid 4.6 tackles a game, and had a career-best season in front of the sticks, booting 9.6 with a best of two coming against Sydney in Round 14. He set a career-best number of touches in a game, with 24 coming against Melbourne in the 62-point Round 19 win.

9. Adam Simpson

Simpson’s last year was perhaps one of his best. Despite finishing his career at the end of North’s 10-point loss against Carlton in Round 18, Simpson still ran ninth in the B&F and was back to his vintage best. Starting the season with a 24 possession, one goal performance against Melbourne, he gathered 27 and 28 touches in Round’s two and three respectively. His best came in Round 10, with 37 disposals and eight marks against the Brisbane Lions. He averaged 24.6 touches, 4.2 tackles and 3.2 inside 50’s a game, and kicked 5.4 for the year. We will miss you Simmo.

10. Leigh Harding

Turtle provided much more run off the half-back flank, averaging 17.3 touches and kicking 17.5. He started the season with a bang; collecting 28 touches, taking 12 marks, laying seven tackles and kicking a goal in the Roos’ 34-point win over Melbourne. He followed it up with 22 touches the next week against the Bulldogs. He laid 58 tackles for the year, and kicked three goals in the Round 13 match against the Bulldogs and in Round 16 against Richmond. A hamstring tear in Round 18 ended Harding’s season.

With two of those players moving on next year, who will void the gap? Perhaps Ben Ross will have a breakout year in 2010, Sam Power might stake his claim to stay in North Melbourne, Lachie Hansen may prove why he was taken pick number three in the 2006 draft and Daniel Wells will figure nicely if he returns successfully from injury. It’s up to the likes of Swallow, Thompson and Rawlings to keep up the great efforts, and if everything falls into place, expect to see North Melbourne up on the premiership dais sooner than expected.


  1. Well done Josh. I see North may trade jesse Smith to the Cats in a deal involving Wojcinski. Will Jesse overcome his injuries?

  2. I would have called you crazy and told you to get back to your Lexus Centre????
    well..whats that supposed to mean! LOL
    And im sure i remember saying Swallow was my pick to win it.
    Watch out for him, he will be future captain. :)


  3. Steve Healy says

    Very good Josh,

    great information on the players.

    And thanks for providing another thread for the 5 to talk in.

  4. Steve Healy says

    Breaking news- Jay Schultz has been traded to Port Adelaide for Mitch Farmer.

  5. ..who and who?? lol

    you know wats annoying, when teachers tell you off for eating in class..I WAS HUNGRY!!

  6. Steve Healy says

    I’m always hungry.

    Come on, Dannoele, know one in the AFL is a no name. Mitch Farmer debuted in Round 18 2008 and played 3 games but didn’t play this year. And surely you must have heard of Schultz

  7. Ohh ok and .. i think so.

    yeah, me too and it was sub teacher and is till got told off! LOL
    we should be allowed to eat in class!
    i think my oral went okay..i think i mean my teacher looked happy, but then again hes always nice.

  8. Steve Healy says

    How long did it go for? 40 palm cards must have taken a while to get through.

    sub teachers are like that- they try and get a good name by the other teachers by telling people off.

  9. Steve Healy says

    breaking news- Xavier Clarke is heading to Brisbane for pick 60

  10. lol well i didnt time myself but i think it was supposed to go for atleast 7 mins.
    i felt like i was up there for ages!
    i was like..

  11. Steve Healy says

    lol, what was the speech about?

  12. Sister Helen Prejean, the movie Dead Man Walking and Capital punishment.

    A deal with Collingwood hinges on a player or draft pick going to St Kilda, or a possible three-club deal involving Western Bulldog Andrejs Everitt going to St Kilda and a Magpie, possibly defender Nathan Brown, going to the Bulldogs.

  13. Just imagine how hot…
    Higgins and Nathan Brown in the same team…. OHMYYYYYYYYYYYGOOOOOSHHHHHHHHH!!

  14. Steve Healy says

    Talk about hard speeches

    Is that on the Herald Sun website?

  15. yes, herald sun.
    yeah it was a weird speech…i was up there saying all this stuff that i dont think made much sense which could explain why my teacher was smiling the whole time.
    ohhhh mann…. this cant be good.

  16. Steve Healy says

    The Bulldogs don’t need Brown unless they were to play him forward since he is capable there.

  17. …yes, hes capable up forward.
    ohh i cant believe this.
    that trade would make the two of the prettiest players on the same team.
    thats like one of the most insulting things Mick could do to me is to trade nathan.

    Mick wont do it…..
    will he?

  18. Steve Healy says

    Well, until Brown got injured in Round 16 this year he had played 37 out of a possible 40 games in his career. I think Mick Malthouse has a lot of faith in him, and after he lined up on Pavlich in his first game I thought he would be a pivotal part of Collingwood’s future.

  19. Damian Watson says

    Nice detailed account of the top ten Josh,

    I find the Xavier Clarke trade an interesting one, I thought the Saints wer going to hold onto him despite his career threatening knee injury this year.

    How long did the speech go for Danni? I did a 30 minute speech in Sports Science once and it was supposed to be 8 minutes LOL.

  20. thats very true.
    i will never forget the first time i saw him…
    It was on the Sports cover of the Herald Sun.
    i cut out and still have the picture of the skinner Nathan Brown and his twin Mitch. the caption under said that Mitch was a Collingwood supporter, going to West Coast and Nathan, A Carlton supporter going to Collingwood.
    his hair in that picture is to die for. :(

    no mine prob went for about 10-12.
    That was enough! i was dying up there and when i finished my teacher knew i was happy to get out LOL.
    its better just doing the speech infront of the teacher. :)

    he spoke to me briefly in class when handing out that marks from our last Sac on Vatican II. I got a B+ by the way :) (pheww)
    he was like.. “so what do you think of Jolly?”
    LOL he was like “im jolly for jolly too”

    wonder if anything will happen to Fraser.

  22. Steve Healy says

    He was a Carlton supporter and Mitch was a Collingwood supporter? Gee there would’ve been fierce rivalry between them as youngsters.

    30 minutes Damo? 30 minutes!

  23. and they called ME the nerd.

    30 minutes


  24. Steve Healy says

    30 MINUTES! 30!!!! 30 !!!!


  25. Lol I was on palm card number 10 and I was like..OMG COME ON AND FINISH!

    but..30 MINUTES!!

  26. Steve Healy says

    My Romeo and Juliet speech was about 6 MINUTES I couldnt imagine doing 5 of those! 30 MINUTES for crying out load!

  27. lol now that would have been a laugh to watch!

  28. Steve Healy says

    I could copy and paste my speech on to here if you like

  29. yeah that would be cool.

  30. Steve Healy says

    Hang on- I’ll try and find it.

  31. Damian Watson says

    lol I’m not a nerd, the topic was related to AFL Footy anyway and the technologies involved.

    I wasn’t the longest either, one girl in my class talked about ballet for about 35 minutes.

  32. well in that case id be able to talk about pretty players for a few hours! :)

  33. Steve Healy says

    Here’s my 100%er:

    My Romeo and Juliet:
    Romeo and Juliet is a powerful story. It can be interpreted in many ways; it has been changed in many ways throughout its history, turned into movies, and many people have simplified it and played with it to their liking. Shakespeare’s creativity has captured the lives of other people.

    When a story is this adaptable, it can be changed into anything. Imagine if Romeo and Juliet were a comedy:

    The Capulet’s and Montague’s are next door neighbours. Both families have lived in the same houses for years. They live on a suburban street in Melbourne, living normal present-day lives and they talk in modern-day English. Neither is rich, or powerful in any way. They hate each other, but in a hilarious way.

    All of the family members live at home. Mercutio is Romeo’s friend who lives in the same street. They both love footy. The Prince is the principal Friar Lawrence is the priest at the local church. Romeo, Benvolio, Juliet, Tybalt, Mercutio and Paris all go to school together. All of them normally just wear casual clothes.

    There will be no music, but there’s laughter after a funny line is said. The setting is either in the Capulet’s or Montague’s houses, at the local park, at school, on the streets in town or at the church. Most of it will be shot in the day, and the sound will be normal.

    The families get up to mischief. They throw rocks and tomatoes at each other’s houses and shout at each other over the fence. They sneak into each other’s houses and steal things, The Montague’s barrack for Melbourne and the Capulet’s barrack for Collingwood.

    Tybalt is the wildest one. He smokes, drinks and carries a gun around with him. He is bad at school. He always gets in trouble. He does cruel things, like putting logs in front of Romeo when he is riding his bike.

    Romeo and Juliet have known and hated each other since they were little, until they have to stay back after school together, and then from there they fall in love. Romeo tries to climb into Juliet’s window regularly, and on some occasions he is pushed out of the window by Tybalt.

    Mr Montague works for a paper-making company, and Mr Capulet is his boss, and is always playing jokes on him and pushing him around.
    When Juliet’s parents find out about Romeo, they are disgusted. They tell Juliet that she has to stay in her room, and in the end they tell her not go to school until she doesn’t like him anymore. Paris, who goes to school with Juliet, always liked her, and her parents thought he was good for Juliet as well.

    Juliet makes friends with the school Nurse, who she always visits because of her asthma problem. The Nurse always tells Juliet to ignore her parents and do what she wishes. Juliet and the Nurse become good friends.

    Romeo’s parents don’t care as much about Juliet.
    But trouble is brewed at school, and Tybalt and Romeo get into a fight. In science class, Tybalt and Romeo have to do an experiment together. Romeo tells Tybalt that Collingwood are crap, so Tybalt burns Romeo’s hand with a Bunsen burner when he isn’t looking, and when no one else isn’t looking either. In English class, Tybalt sits behind Romeo and shoots staples at him. He throws a pen at the fan that flies into Romeo’s face.

    Romeo’s friends Benvolio and Mercutio stick up for Romeo, telling Tybalt to shut up and go away. Tybalt opens his lunch box, and asks if anyone wants his sandwich. Mercutio eats it, but it is a peanut butter sandwich, Mercutio is severely allergic to peanuts, and he dies in an ambulance on his way to hospital. The doctor said that his last words were “I Curse both households”.

    In PE class the next day, Romeo is so angry that he throws a ball into Tybalt’s face. Tybalt falls over, and hits his head on a brick that was lying on the ground. He pulls out a gun and tries to shoot Romeo. But he realises that he is out of ammo, and he gets up, but then dies from a blood clot in the brain. The ambulance comes quickly, but when they find out Tybalt is dead already they complain and say “If there’s one more death at this school then we’re not coming back!”.

    The Principal finds out about what Romeo did, and expels him immediately. He tells Romeo that he has to change schools. Romeo obeys the Principal’s request.
    When Juliet finds out, she is distraught. She can’t handle the thought of Romeo switching schools. She asks her parents if she can switch schools, but that just gets her parents even more angry.

    They lock her in her room for a few days. Juliet goes to church the following Sunday, and after mass she goes to the local priest Friar Lawrence for advice. Friar Lawrence talks to her for a while, and he tells her to stay happy and remember to take her medication for the asthma. Juliet leaves happy, thinking that there is nothing to worry about. But tragedy strikes. Juliet smashes into the glass door of the church in her way out, thinking that there was nothing there and not seeing it. Blood splatters on the glass and Friar Lawrence shouts “Noooo!”.

    Friar Lawrence presumes that she is dead, but she is only knocked out. He immediately places Juliet in a coffin and places lit candles around it. He accidently pours candle wax on to the floor.
    The next day, Romeo is at home, and he opens an E-Mail from Friar Lawrence which said:

    I have bad news to report to you.

    Juliet… Is dead.


    Father Lawrence.

    He jumps of the computer chair, in an emotional state, and heads up to the church. He sees Juliet’s grave and mourns the loss. He turns to walk away, crying before Juliet wakes up, exactly 24 hours after she fainted. She whispers “Romeo”. Romeo is so surprised; he slips on to candle wax that Father Lawrence put on the floor, and lands on Juliet. They collide heads, and they both needed quick medical attention, but no one was around. They talk to each other for a few minutes, before dying, and falling on top of each other.

    The word is spread over the town in the next few days. Both of the families grow to like each other after the incident and go on a holiday to Hawaii.

  34. Steve Healy says

    Enjoy the read everyone

  35. The Montague’s barrack for Melbourne and the Capulet’s barrack for Collingwood
    MMMMM…interesing, why that choice of team for Juilet?

    Juliet… Is dead.
    Both of the families grow to like each other after the incident and go on a holiday to Hawaii.

    NO wonder you got full marks! thats great! :)

  36. Steve Healy says

    Because she’s an emotional girl like you.

    I made a mistake, I called Friar Lawrence Father Lawrence lol.

  37. awww so shes based on me!!??? :)
    wait..that means imma die…great LOL
    i guess Melbourne suppporters arnt that bad.
    come to think of it. i dont think i have EVER been to a Collingwood v Melbourne Game.

  38. Steve Healy says

    Nah sorry not really, I just wanted a fierce rivalry but I wanted one of them to go for Melbourne.

    Melbourne supporters aren’t bad at all. I’ve been to plenty of Melbourne V Collingwood games.

  39. good 2 know im not going to die the same time as my romeo then! :)

    nah ive been to plenty Coll vs:

  40. Steve Healy says

    I’ve seen heaps of Melbourne V Collingwood, North Melbourne, Richmond, Fremantle, West Coast, St.Kilda. I haven’t seen Hawthorn much for some reason

  41. Michael Allan says

    I like Melbourne supportes. We don’t get many in the AFL reserve though. The nicest would probobly be Bulldogs and North. But all interstate teams are good because it means the entire section is all Richmond!

    Btw good peice Josh and welcome Farmer. Move over Jake King, and Dean Polo should be cautious!

  42. Steve Healy says

    I hate Bulldogs and North supporters. Both are quiet and low in numbers, but they have this sort of look-at-me thing going on. The North Melbourne cheer squad was really pissing me off at the MCG in Round 1, they kept arguing about free kicks when we were being more hardly done by by the umpires

  43. Michael Allan says

    I probobly like Hawthorn supporters aswell. I go to alot of their games and their my second team so I’ve learnt to tolerate them.

  44. shhh josh might hear you! LOL

    I Dont mind North supporters.
    Essendon supporters are okay lol only when not playing against my team.
    i went to a Carlton v Ess game in my Collingwood gersey and this Essendon butch chick behind me loudly says:

    ohh like she was any better!!!
    the onyl reason i didnt reply was beacuse i didnt want any more fotage of a collingwood supporter being confroted by security.
    i dont say a word to opposition who wear there gersey if their team isnt playing.

  45. Steve Healy says

    I don’t like Hawthorn supporters either. Actually, I hate all supporters apart from Melbourne supporters. They all have their faults.

  46. Michael Allan says

    Typical Melbourne snob.

  47. cant stand Carlton supporters (MINUS DAMO!)
    ARGGGHHHH the men are bloody annoying!
    everytime a female walked past they were all: “HEYYY HELLO LOVE!”

  48. Steve Healy says


    Maybe he’ll hear me now.

    Lol Danni that would’ve been funny.

  49. Damian Watson says

    Everyone thinks Carlton supporters are arrogant for some reason,
    Just because were too successful! lol kidding

    Hawthorn supporters aren’t bad, after all they are branded as the Family Club.

  50. Steve Healy says

    Ah, there’s nothing like the Carlton V Collingwood rivalry.

  51. funny..i was about to attack the (rhymes with witch)
    like i wasnt doing anything.
    i was jst enjoying the footy even though my team wasnt playing but SHE wasnt happy with my presence.

  52. Michael Allan says

    I think that title is fading Damo. Apart from Collingwood I don’t really dislike any supporter groups. Every clubs seems to have their dickheads. Collingwood just seem to have a surrplus amount of them. lol

  53. Steve Healy says

    By the way, its not like I hate all the clubs. I enjoy watching other teams play and studying their lists and so on and so forth. Just when they are put up against the Dees, with their supporters in full throttle.

    Calling me a Melbourne snob Michael? What about the Richmond “Grog squad” that stand behind the punt rd goals and leave the plastic beer cups everywhere. And they go beserk when the Tigers win, they jump all over each other and always have a ring of security around them.

  54. rofl..grog squad!!

  55. Michael Allan says

    I watched a bit of the final quarter their for the Richmond v Collingwood game back in 97.

    It was so good because they were all doing chants and yellling stuff like PUT SRAUGHNIE ON!!!

    Not a good view of the game though.

  56. Michael Allan says

    lol 07. I was a bit young for that in 97.

  57. Damian Watson says

    Is that the match where Brendon Gale was chaired off?

  58. Steve Healy says

    hahaha was that the 17.13 to 13.12 loss in Round 3 or the 18.8 to 14.12 win in Round 19?

  59. Damian Watson says

    Sorry I was referring to 97′ lol

    Who is worse the Collingwood cheer squad or the Grog squad?

  60. Michael Allan says

    nah 07 not 97. I mentioned it a few days ago. Foley’s two clearences end in Polak’s 2 goals in the first minute. Middway through the last I went back to my seat.

    Out of desparation a Collingwood supporter yelled “Your still bottom of the ladder Richmond!”
    A Richmond supportewr then called back “Yeah and you losing to us, how embarrassing.” lol

    Great game.

  61. At that same game the pie/icecream/record dude came to ask my uncle if he wanted anything i looked up and he could have been DELEDIO’S TWIN. i swear on Nathan Brown!
    i was like melting and i said to my uncle omg he looks…like…deledio. my uncle was like OMG HE DOES!
    he calls him back over and says
    “hey mate are you realted to Deledio?”
    (this was to give me time to stare at him some more… :) )
    he goes:
    ‘Nah”‘ and looks at us really weird.
    then walks off.
    but im telling was his twin

  62. hey ive taken a photo with Joffa and hes a really nice guy.

  63. Michael Allan says

    What do you think Steve. Round three we had an annoying red headed Collingwood kid in front of us. Geez I hate rangas

  64. Michael…rnt you a ranga? lol
    i had this love-dovey couple next to me once…lets jst say they were giving foot-rubs!
    lol i made my uncle swap seats with me. :)

  65. Michael Allan says

    When we were in ther city last year me and my freind saw Joffa on a train. He was wearing socks and sandals. Who does that?

  66. Michael Allan says

    Aparently Hawks and Port are close to doing a four way trade with Essendon and another club

    It looks like Shaun will go to the Hawks while picks 9 and 16 and Jay Nash will go to Port.

    Essendon get Mark Williams and Pick 26 or something like that.

    It seems like Essendon is getting a rough deal.

  67. lol so hes not up to the latest fashion.

  68. Steve Healy says

    Gee thats such a good deal for Port. I thought Mark Williams was still a required player at Hawthorn.

  69. Omg awwwwwwwwwww!! In search of Cameron cloke pics (yes I miss him!) I read that when their dad was playing finals footy he would put Jason, Travis and Cameron in crèche but once they escaped and he found them on Vic parks roof b/c they wanted to watch him play.
    That’s adorable!!

  70. Michael Allan says

    Jeffeory said all premiership players were requireed…
    The AFL website reports that there’s a fourth club involved so I’m not sure if this is all done and dusted.

  71. Michael Allan says

    btw I’m pumped about this Mitch Farmer kid. It doesn;”t matter if he’s a superstar or a total dud. To me he’ll always be “the player that got rid of Shultz”

  72. Steve Healy says

    Hahahaha yeah that’s funny. Jason should get picked up by an AFL club I reckon

  73. its sooo cute!! i can actully see the three of them as little kids, Cameron (the trouble maker) Travis (the one who gets blamed for everything) Jason (the smart, quite one)


  74. Michael Allan says

    I’m watching Collingwood v Richmond 204. It’s funny cause they keep on saying how good Jason is. lol.

  75. Steve Healy says

    I reckon Cameron would’ve kicked his siblings when he was a little kid hahah

  76. i feel bad for jason.
    he Copped some of the worst verbal abuse from the opposition supporters and our supporters.
    And im sure he would have heard cos I was up front and he was right in the goal square. I felt so bad. I hope he heard me trying to support him. ‘ITS OKAY JASON!”
    I really wonder if they can hear us when were up close.

  77. Steve Healy says

    Nah they can’t hear you. They’re in the “zone”. I remember seeing Adem yze up the street and then seeing him play the following weekend. I was sitting in the front row and shouted remember me? And he didn’t even look at me lol

  78. not really.
    once i the ball was all the way at the other side of teh ground i Duckie was in near the goal sqaure and i stood up amound everyone else who was sitting down cos he was looking into the crowd. so i stand up and start waving my arms shouting;

  79. it was funny cos i think he thought we were his friends or something

  80. Michael Allan says

    Danni it seems you go to alot of games with your uncle. Do you go with him often?

  81. Steve Healy says

    Hahahaha that’s funny.

  82. well the deledio ice-cream guy and the Essendon butch chick and the event with Duckie happened all at the same game.
    that why Bryce was confussed, i was in a collingwood gersey amoung ess and carlton fans yet i was waving at him and smiling.

  83. Steve Healy says

    was this Carlton V Essendon last year?

  84. Michael Allan says


    I thought deledio’s twin was at the richmond collingwood game.

    Ha I take it u dont go to that many games with him then.

  85. yes it was at the Cralton vs Ess last year.
    well i go with him when i can.
    eveytime we go together something wierd happens.
    …like the time before that one…ohh god

  86. this collingwood guy wouldnt give up on me!
    he kept offering me chips and i kept saying “no thanks im fine’
    but he wouldnt stop!
    then i took one to shut him up and he started with chocolate.
    “nahh im fine thanks i dont want any”
    my uncle had to step in with a ‘Listen mate, she doenst wnat any okay!”

  87. Michael Allan says

    lol how weired.

  88. Steve Healy says

    Was it the Carlton V Essendon game in Round 13 or Round 3?

    That guy was just trying to be nice. But Collingwood supporters are like that.

  89. nice.. STEVE he wouldnt stop!
    okay you ask a person once, twice BUT HE WOULDNT STOP AND I DIDNT WANT ANY!!

    i think it was round 13.

  90. Steve Healy says

    Oh really? I was at that game and I remember seeing a Collingwood jumper in the crowd- weird I know.

    I always talk to people at the footy. Just strangers who barrack for Melbourne but obviously think like I do.

  91. omg LMAOO ill laugh if that was me!!!
    probably was.
    i mean i stood out BADLY

  92. Steve Healy says

    Maybe if we watched the replay we’d see you.

    On that topic, has anyone ever had a close up of themselves at a footy game?

  93. Not that i knwo of..i mean i wouldnt know would i? im too busy watching the game, not the screen.

  94. i have been interviwed a few times for black and white tv outside b4 the game starts ! :)

  95. Steve, ill bet u were thinking, gezze whos that idiot in the Collingwood jumper!

  96. Michael Allan says

    I don’t really ever talk to anybody besides who I’m with. Sometimes at the Hawthorn games when I don’t care about kthe result but most of the time I’m to stessed to be socialising.

  97. Steve Healy says

    Ok lol. In Melbourne V West Coast this year you could clearly see me and my freinds in the crowd a few times when I watched the replay.

  98. Michael Allan says

    In the 2008 Grand Final you can see my Dad leaning over the fence and yelling at Tom Harley when he gave away that 50 meter penalty. lol.

  99. Really. i always make new friends at the footy. me and the girl behind we got so friendly that she came and sat next to be and we both started chanting stuff togther like “WE LOVE YOU MEDHURSTTTT!!!!!!!!!”
    by the time my cousin arrived he thought i had brought my bestfriend with me :)

  100. LOL at Michael’s dad! :P

  101. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I think I was Danni hahaha.

    You didn’t start saying I love you Nathan Brown did you or was this before Nathan Brown’s time?

  102. lol i think he was in the VFL side but we were GUSHING OVER MEDHURST LIKE CRAZY!
    Everytime some bagged him we were there to start The compliments.

    HAWTHORN has finally clinched a deal to land gun Port Adelaide midfielder Shaun Burgoyne.

  103. Michael Allan says

    I remember two years after a Luke Hodge goal they did a close up on me and IO was out of my seat jumping around. On Monday all the teachers and studnets came up to me amnd said they saw me on T.V. Everybopdy thought I barracked for Hawthornm lol.

  104. Steve Healy says

    Yes we know about Burgoyne Danni lol.

    What game was this Michael?

  105. lol Michael..LMAOO i have no idea why tahts so funny but im laughing so bad rite now

  106. BTW Josh my bestfriend Candy loves your surname! :)

  107. Steve Healy says

    Is Candy a real name?

  108. yes, Candy is her real name.

  109. Michael Allan says

    I’m desparately trying to remember because now I want to find myself on the AFL match replays lol. I know Hawthorn won and it was at the Telstra Dome and it was at night so that only leaves.


    I think it was the North game. In the finalo quarter, I’ll olook for it now.

  110. Steve Healy says

    ok sorry Danni I had no idea.

    Here’s some help Michael.

    It was definitely V Carlton because he didn’t kick any against Kangaroos or Collingwood, and the Hawks didn’t play the Dogs at night in 07.

  111. we actually have 2 girls called Candy at my school one of them is my bestie and the other in year 8. lol
    not so uncomman anymore

  112. Michael Allan says

    thanks Steve, we have no girls at our school with the name Candy. It’s very uncommon. We don’t have any.

  113. ohh lol Candy got so upset when the other Candy came she was like.. ‘im not the only Candy anymore!” lol
    i always sing to her
    ‘i want candy, her hair is sandy, shes really dandy….’

  114. Steve Healy says

    I’ve never heard of any girl named Candy.

    Yeah Hodge kicked 4 in the Carlton game.

  115. Sorry everyone, been in hospital all day.

    Steve, sorry if we piss you off but that’s what we are meant to do.

    Danni, tell Candy i like her name haha.

    And i went to North V Hawthorn in 2003 and the ball was being bounced in the goalsquare and you could see my mum, dad and my best friend at the time but not me!

  116. Its more of and American Name, like Stacey.
    she says the most random things, she deff has her blonde moments :)


  118. The weirdest name we have at our school is…probably Tobias lol

  119. Yes im in the house, lying on the couch with a badly hurt foot :(


    I jst read Tobias, as TOOVEY!!

  121. Michael Allan says

    Ok i’ll see if that AFL mash up can help me.

  122. I dont think it shows the crowd highlights after a goal Michael. If no one knows this, then Michael probably will if he is going on the website, but McGlynn and Kennedy traded to Swans, Mumford to Sydney and Drum to Geelong.

  123. Steve Healy says

    Michael, I found you.

    Hodge kicks a goal to make the score 67-134, and you’re shown at 8.15 on the last quarter video on bigpond.

    Danni, there’s a Tobias Thoolen on Collingwood’s list.

  124. Michael Allan says


    I found it!!! I found it!!

    Omg I look hilarious!!!!

    If anyone is interested Hwthorn Carlton round 12 Luke Hodge goal 4th quarter 8th minute.

  125. ROFL..Close enough!
    btw Toovey has done well for himself his gf is prettier than Nathan Browns!

  126. Steve Healy says

    I beat you to it Michael!

  127. Steve Healy says

    Gee, there’s been so much trade news recently. Do you think Drum will get many games for Geelong?

  128. Not at all, it’s a stupid trade i think.

  129. Michael Allan says

    Non e he’s a dud I rekon.

    I’m glad I got that hair cut, you can’t even see my eyes!

    Well done Steve, impressed you could spot me. I still wear that numnber 6 jacket.

  130. lol videos always stuff up on my comp.


  131. Steve Healy says

    This has been an incredible trade week. So many trades. I love it

  132. Haha i just saw it too Michael.

  133. hows about sendin Swallow to the Black n White?

  134. Yeah trade weeks been off the hook this week. Imagine the Brisbane forward line next year!

    HF: Clarke–Fevola–Staker
    FF: Buchanan–Brown–Sherman

    That’s a premiership forward line

  135. How about you rack off Danni? :)

  136. Michael Allan says

    I think swans did well out of the McGlynn Kennedy trade. Hawthorn should’ve gone after players not picks.

  137. JOSHY!!! :p
    LOL okay okay…i tried.
    AHHHH Jack is HOME!!

    *runs off to shower him with hugs :) *

  138. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, there’ve been 13 trades so far this week, I reckon it could easily go up to 20 tomorrow. It’ll be atleast 15 with the Burgoyne and Fevola trades.

  139. McGlynn will replace Kirk when he retires, and Kennedy might provide some dash off half-back or as a goalsneak, which will mean trouble for Pat Veszpremi and Matt O’Dwyer.

    Just suggesting, are you guys going to copy my idea of this report and do one for your own club? Coz i’m happy for you to do it, i might start doing Adelaide and Brisbane soon.

  140. Yeah compared to six trades last year. How greedy have the Lions been?? LOL

  141. Michael Allan says

    Yeah my man aTuck still needs to get a trade done.

    Same with Mcmuffin

    Still no word on Luke Ball

    Jamie Charman still a possibility to go somewhere?

    Anrejus Everitt will be interesting

    Wojak still in the mix

    The North boys like Harris still need a home

    Plenty to come!

  142. Jack says HI :)

  143. Oh and to Stephen, all the way at comment number one, i think we should trade Jesse Smith for a good player without injuries, possible Hayden Ballantyne or Andrew Collins

  144. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, Veszpremi will be harshly done by despite his talent. I just can’t believe Mumford and Seaby will be rucking for Sydney next year!

    Josh, I was gonna do one of these for the Dees when their best and fairest is announced (21 october, really late for some reason).

  145. I heard Charman is a required player at the Lions next year

  146. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I heard that but I think he’ll be a waste there.

    You can stay away from Andrew Collins thank you very much Josh.

    I think I’ll do one for my tiges.

  147. Veszpremi will get a game, he’s too talented not to.

  148. MMMMMMMMMMMM… Mcmuffin

  149. Fine, Danny Connors will do just fine

  150. Steve Healy says

    There could be 25 trades with Jesse Smith as well. and Josh Fraser. This trade week is a footy lover’s dream (unless your a Carlton supporter)

    The Lions need Charman, they can’t rely on Mitch Clark again although they still have the injury-prone Matthew Leuenburger

  151. OKAY while were doing this i have the offer of a life time.
    Anyone want , him..any ONE AT ALL?
    $2.00 COME ON!!!

  152. Steve Healy says

    I want Toovey, lol Danni I wish you worked at Collingwood.

  153. Michael Allan says

    Hmm Dan Connors is an interesting one. Big wraps on him but doesn’t seem to be performing. I’m not keen to trade him just yet.

    I’ll trade you McMuffin but you’ve got to throw in a Mars Bar.

  154. **sigh** that make 2 of us.
    you and me both steve.
    what changes i would make, what a team they would be! :)

    SOLD- to Steve, know what jst take him for free. :)

  155. Michael-
    sure thing, i dont like Marsbars that much anyway. :)

  156. I wouldnt mind a trade for Wellsy either. Maybe Wells for LeCras? Then Michael could go for North as well!

    Grr i’m so woosy. I had six injections of morphine today, im away with the fairies…lalalalalaaa

  157. Michael Allan says

    Haha, not keen on giving awawy that Mars Bar I see. Isuppose that’s understandable.

  158. nawwwww JOSHERSSS!!!! :(
    lol im always with the fairies.
    especially in accounting class.

  159. Didnt Connors kick 3 goals in there big win against Hawthorn in 2007? Or was that Collins? I think big useless Tristen Cartledge kicked some that day too

  160. Michael Allan says

    lol ok Richmond would be proud of me, I got rid of McMahon AND I got a Mars Bar.

    Josh you’d have to give North’s entire team for LeCras. lol.

  161. lol Jack jst crashed asleep on the bed, i think hes been spending too much time at the gym.

  162. Michael Allan says

    And you’d have to throw in a first round pick

  163. Steve Healy says

    Josh, you mean Round 20 2008. And yes Connors did kick 3, I remember that game. Cartledge kicked one.

    Danni, I love Mars bars! And you have to like em, your a collingwood fan!

  164. rofl yes, LeCras, the LOVE CHILD!
    Thanks Mick, Thanks a lot.

  165. Yeah im sure the whole list can share that Mars Bar Michael lol.

    Tell Jack that he’s useless, cant kick straight, cant take a mark, is a disgrace to the Collingwood name, and should come to North Melbourne!

  166. Im more of a Snickers, Cherryripe kinda girl. but i appreciate the Straunchine part of it. :)

  167. Michael Allan says

    Ues he did jOSH. great game that. I remember for one of his goals he sold a great bit of candy then kept on going and finished off. It was a great goal. In his first game he got something like 33 ouches.

    Yes Dad and I like younbg Tristan down at Coburg. I remember the goakl came from a 50 meter penalty from a ruck infringement. lol how pathetic.

  168. Josh.. Jack is sleeping! lol and very cutely i might add..awww look at his cute strong arms!! :)

  169. Steve Healy says

    I’m listening to Daff on SEN now, is anyone else?

  170. um nope, im crashing in my room on this site while Jack is alsleep.

  171. Steve Healy says

    Is he asleep on your bed?

    Connors had 13 touches in his first game against Sydney in Round 17, 2007.

  172. Yeah that day i watched North v Carlton on my sisters Arira Widescreen Tv. Can’t remember how much we won by but it was by quite alot, Mr. Healy will help me out with that. Leigh Harding, Brent Harvey and Adam Simpson were on fire that day, and Brendan Fevola gave away a 100m penalty.

  173. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, I like Finey as well.

  174. lol yep and looking very comfortable i might add, lol hes not snoring but he looks like hes sleeping well.
    its knida funny cos my bed had like all these teddy bears on it. LOL :)

  175. Steve Healy says

    14.6 90 to 22.9 141, and it was shown live on Channel 7 due to the Olympics.

  176. I would but im in the loungeroom and the radio is in my room, plus i dont think i get SEN in Waaia lol. I’ve heard him on the radio before though.

    Remember Joel Bowdens goal in 2003 on Easter Monday? When he dummied and baulked about 4 opponents lol

  177. So your sleeping with Jack AND Medhurst Danni?

  178. omg Jack just mumbled: ‘kick it to me’ in his sleep lol!!

  179. what..NO!! im no cheater!
    Meddy is happily partnerd with haylee Moxon

  180. Michael Allan says

    Yes it was amazing. Back then Joel was my favorite player!

  181. You sure he didnt say give it to me? Hahahaha :)

  182. Steve Healy says

    I like Finey as well.

    I can recall the quarter by quarter scores of that game

    Carl 6.2 38 NM 5.2 32
    9.3 57, 13.5 83
    10.5 65, 17.8 110
    14.6 90, 22.9 141.

    And Heath Scotland kicked a goal after the siren

  183. …JOSH!!!

  184. Another great goal i remember was Richo’s 10th against the Bulldogs in 2004. Smothered the ball at a kick-in, gathered and snapped around the body and celebrated with style

  185. Said it before and i’ll say it again, FREAK Steve!

    Wish Damo was here to talk about that game…

    What’s finey?

  186. FINELINER??

  187. Steve Healy says

    Lol Finey (Mark Fine) hosts a nightly show on SEN between 7pm-11pm.

    He’s a massive St.Kilda fan

  188. Well all, im gonna go to bed now, Jack is finally snoring LOL

    Night all :)


  189. Michael Allan says

    Finey’s Final Siren is the best show on SEN!

    He has the 11-1 slot on Saturday night and Sunday night (I think)

    Yes Josh another good game. I’ve got a story about that.

    I went with my freinds to that game and we sat just below the commentary boxes. At half time Terry Wallace was talking to the 3AW box and I went up to get an autograph and one of my freinds asked Will you be coach of Richmond. Terry just laughed it off and said Im not sure.

    Oh how I wish he just said no.

  190. Steve Healy says

    I remember a game I scored in 2001. Carlton V West Coast at Optus Oval

    Carl WCE
    6.2 38 1.2 8
    13.7 85 1.5 11
    16.14 110 3.8 26
    21.23 149 3.12 30

  191. Wow thats a lot of behinds.

    Since your so smart Steve, what’s the record for most behinds in a match and who kicked it?

  192. Michael Allan says

    I’m gonna have a crack and say Abblett Snr with 14.
    I think Buddy got about 12.

  193. No i mean a team.

    Buddy kicked 2.11 against the Dogs in Round 21, 2007.

  194. Steve Healy says

    Hawthorn scored 25.41 191 in 1977.

  195. Michael Allan says

    Ok well while Steve’s going through old records I’m off to bed. Goodnight.

  196. Correct, i know that because of AFL 07 on the PS2.

  197. Night Michael

  198. Steve Healy says

    I’ve already said this before on the site the 25.41 thing

  199. Steve Healy says

    Night michael. Why do they mention it on AFL 07?

  200. Have you got the game?

    If not, they have little facts when the game is loading, they are fun to read but there is only about 50 facts to read.

  201. Steve Healy says

    Cool. Nah I don’t have a PS2. My Brother’s got a PS3 but since our TV moved from his room in to our loungeroom the PS3 has just sat there doing nothing.

  202. Can you believe Mumfords contract at Sydney is worth $1,000,000?

  203. Sell you a TV for it? Lol

  204. Steve Healy says

    If it was mine then maybe.

    He had a great season, so I think it’s worth it. I wonder who’ll ruck if Ottens goes down again? Trent West probably.

  205. Your forgetting Mark Blake still exists…

    They could also use Tom Hawkins or Tom Lonergan.

    Anyway, im off to sleep now. Night

  206. Steve Healy says

    I mean as a secondary ruckman. Cya. I’m off too

  207. Fevola, pick 27 – Brisbane
    Henderson, pick 12 – Carlton

    Big win for the Lions, have a look at the possible forward line for 2010:

    HF: Bradshaw–Brown–Buchanan
    FF: Sherman–Fevola–Staker

    Wellingham is also expected to go to North Melbourne so the Luke Ball trade can be completed

  208. Steve Healy says

    This will be there forward line:

    HF Polkinghorne Brown Brennan
    FF Buchanan Fevola Bradshaw

    Carlton obviously made a huge mistake by making that trade, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what they agreed too.

    People are saying there’s no room for Brown, Bradshaw and Fevola, but when Alastair Lynch was still playing they have a similar 3-bigs set up.

  209. nooo not Wellingham!! hes the next Pendles!! :(

  210. Steve Healy says

    I heard a rumor that Luke Ball would be traded to Collingwood for pick 60 and… Nathan Bown!

  211. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Brown Danni

  212. yeah….
    i heard that too.
    i hope with all my heart that it wont happen…you never know.
    he would look so bad in a Saints gersey! ITS A CRIME, THEY CANT DO IT TO HIM

  213. Steve Healy says

    I reckon he’d be a great replacement for Max Hudghton though.

    Him and Nick Riewoldt could lead the Saints to a premiership. Hahah I just mentioned Nick Riewoldt to piss you off.

  214. Nathan Brown
    He started the season in a key defensive post and was carrying on from his good season last year. He lost his way a little bit – probably due to injury more than anything else – and then was injured again in his rehab towards the end of the year. It was a different injury but it really put a dent in Nathan’s season. Both injuries were to his leg – one lower leg and one upper leg – but he’ll be fine.

    That was the asessment made and its doenst look bad.

  215. gee, thanks Steve. :(

  216. Steve Healy says

    Things have changed quickly for you haven’t they Danni. About a week ago you were saying that you would leave Collingwood and now Fevola isn’t coming and Brown seems safe

  217. i know.
    i heard about Fev at school just b4 lunch time. a carlton supporting friend of mine looked distressed and whenj she saw me she was like;
    I was like….
    O M G!
    then i was trying to reassure her that it would be okay, didnt work, shes so upset. then when she told me who they got in exchange i was like.. ‘WHO?” lol

  218. Steve Healy says

    Yeah that was a terrible, terrible trade. Carlton must’ve been so desperate to get rid of him

  219. you know..Jolly is already talking abour Collingwood being premiers! IM STARTING TO LIKE THIS GUY A LOT!! :)

  220. UPDATE 4.30pm: MELBOURNE has taken immediate action to recruit Saints onballer Luke Ball through the pre-season draft.

  221. He said the Magpies had tried to get Ball for picks No.25 and 62, but the Saints were unlikely to use the late round pick and didn’t consider No.25 enough.


  222. Didn’t take you guys to start up a chat.

    Fairly anti-climatic day of trading, i thought at least 5 trades would get completed today but just the 2

    English- Pedestrian questions
    Lit- answer questions and read up to ACT 2 SCENE 7
    History- find newspaper articles on Afghanistan
    Media- make notes for Sac
    Ras3/4- study till the cows come home one ever thing we learnt, go over past Sacs and do practise exam questions.


  224. Oops i meant didnt take you guys LONG to start up a chat lol

  225. My weekend:

    Sit on the couch with a foot in the air doing NOTHING! Boring :( swap Danni??

  226. hell yes!
    lol :)
    i wish, i cnat be botherd doing all this work. i wanna fast forward to the point in my life where im a newly happily engaged herald sun sports writer who makes appearances on before the game ALREADY!!!

  227. But what if you fast forward too much and your an old, frail 90 year old??

  228. ..rewind? lol
    nah i jst wish it was all over and i was where i want to be and able to get on with my life!

  229. Uh oh…Fevola has been charged with sexually assulting a young female herald sun reporter..

    DANNI! I didnt know you knew Fevola! Lol just joking :)

  230. …i have one word for you.


  231. Steve Healy says

    Just got something to eat, and now I’m back.

    Weekends mean nothing now that the footy season is over.

    But in a way, it isn’t that long till the Nab cup begins again.

    Josh, have you read my Romeo and juliet speech (comment 33)

  232. Steve Healy says

    I reckon Ball will be a great pick up in the pre season draft

  233. Well she wasnt the only one.
    i heard he not only upset Twiggly and Murphy’s gal but made Duckie’s girlfriend CRY! (byrce gibbs’ gf)

  234. Steve Healy says

    Did Fevola actually sexaully asault someone?

  235. yeah, thats what has been reported.

  236. Steve Healy says

    Oh yeah I just saw it then.

    Danni, maybe you should re-consider your career options then? lol

  237. Damian Watson says

    I must admit I am disappointed in our trade with the Lions for Fev, although Henderson did look promising late in the season.

    Here’s my weekend:
    Saturday- Play first cricket match for the season.
    Sunday- Go to the movies with friends for my birthday

    Yep nothing like a backbreaking weekend.

  238. why?
    if anyone come near me ill jst get them at their ‘pressure point’

  239. PLUS im not giving up the oppertunity to work with Jon Ralph!! :)

  240. Steve Healy says

    Lol good point Danni.

    Damo, It’s almost a Henderson and Fevola swap

  241. in ras 3/4 today there was a bee in the class room and we were all, well..being girly! as you guys would put it.
    one of the girls decided to wack the bee with her skool diary until the bee swereved and attcked at her! she run across the room screaming and hid under her desk! LMAOO i was laughing so hard and trying to get away from the bee. lol our teacher jst did the typical male thing, and had the ‘GIRLS, ITS JST A BEE’ look on his face. we cant help that were scared of bees!

  242. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I don’t who will be pick 12, I would have been happy with the initial deal with Bradshaw and Rischitelli.

    That assault was on Brownlow night, the main reason why we traded him.

  243. Damian Watson says

    Have you being stung before Danni?

  244. no..thankgod!
    and the reason i havent is cos i run for the hills when i see one!

  245. Steve Healy says

    Bee stings don’t even hurt. I’d rather get a bee sting than a misquito bite

  246. WOW..well id still not want to get stung!
    i was like.
    lol my teacher found it funny.

  247. status- making media notes.

    Argghh this subject was so fun now its all about, media ownership, i dont care!!

  248. Steve Healy says

    You’ve never had a mossi bite Michael?

  249. Michael Allan says

    Never and it’s funny because I’ve been to places like Vietnam and Japan where they have shocking mossies.

    IOf this is all true which I thinbk it is will Fev be deregistered like Cousins? In some ways this is worse. Cousions only damadged himslef, Fev damadged an innocent woman aswell.

  250. Steve Healy says

    if you’re outside in summer your lucky to survive with a few bites.

    I think Cousins is worse because no drugs were involved with Fev (at least I don’t think so)

  251. exactly, i swear hes a real tool!
    i mean hes got kids for the love of god!
    what a role model!

  252. Damian Watson says

    You don’t happen to wear those mosquito hats similar to Garry Lyon’s Michael?

  253. Steve Healy says

    Nah he only wears number 6 jumpers.

    Michael and Damien look at comment 33 for my Romeo and Juliet speech

  254. a word of advice.. NEVER eat a tuna roll b4 your present a speech

  255. Damian Watson says

    Lol Great work Steve, I’ve never actually read the book so I don’t exactly know the real plot.

  256. Michael Allan says

    haha that was funny. Better then than the Bas Lerman version and Shakespears.

    Lol and no I don’t wear the Lyon hat. Longsleeved shirts, jumpers and never wearing shorts does the trick.

  257. Sorry guys fell asleep lol.

    Yeah i read it this morning Steve, its alright but yeah like Damo i dont know the storyline but the email part was funny haha.

    How could you not ever be bitten by a mossie Michael? Do you just not go outside or something? I’ve had a bee swarm in my room once.

    Omg guess who’s birthday it is tomorrow???

    My mum’s! :)

    oh and Damo..

  258. Jeez Michael how could you wear long sleeve shirts, jumpers and long pants during summer when it gets to 45 degrees??

  259. Michael Allan says

    Lol I go outside I just wear lots of clothes.

  260. ohhh yay josh’s mom!! :)

  261. Australia: Mum
    America: Mom

    Study up Danni!

  262. josh how could u not know Romeo and juilet!!!???

  263. The closest thing i know to Romeo and Juliet is that Taylor Swift sings about them or something

  264. I find in boring…and the school has never taught us it

  265. Umm yeah, I know! But I do that purposely!
    I love Americans!!

    ROFL- Taylor Swift Sucks!
    i would go to her concert jst to boo her off the stage!

  266. Michael Allan says

    I’ll wear poants no matter what. I hate shorts. I wear short sleeved shirts if gets hot. Them only pair of shorts I have are board shorts and sport shorts. I only use them for swimming, basketball and soccer.

  267. ipod- listening to one of nathan browns favoutire songs. :)

  268. Michael Allan says

    Hey Steve – Excited about getting Luke Ball for nothing?

  269. Steve Healy says

    yes, I am.

    He’ll be great for the Dees in the absence of McLean.

  270. Steve Healy says

    I don’t have an ipod

  271. Really? mine never leaves my pocket!
    i listen to it religiously.
    when i study, when i wake up and until i fall asleep.

  272. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I don’t listen to many songs, just the ones that remind me of footy.

  273. ahh lol so different to me i have i dont know how much songs on my ipod.
    Its a generation Y thing :)
    not many songs remind me of footy but ch-10 does a great job when they make previews of games during commercials i remember when they had ‘thanks for the memmries’ that was awesome. :)

  274. Steve Healy says

    Ohhhh, you’re not into generation names as well are you?

  275. lol yeah..nah i dunno its kinda fun being filed off into generation names. :)

  276. This may sound weird but i have an addiction to the smell of deep heat. It really reminds me of footy and i always have a smell of it when im missing footy and on the first night of the NAB Cup games.

    Michael do you wear heavy clothes coz ranga’s get sunburnt easily?

  277. josh..i think you may need some help

  278. Michael Allan says

    Deep heat smells disgusting.

    ol i’m sure thgat’s part of it Josh.

  279. What?? How could you not like the smell? It smells just like….FOOTY!

  280. lol ive never had to use that stuff.
    in PE i used to get told off for not moving LOL.

  281. Steve Healy says

    what’s deep heat?

  282. Status-playing AFL 07, North Melbourne v Melbourne from Etihad.

    Q1: 7.5.47 – 0.0.0
    Q2: 9.5.59 – 7.0.42

    Good comeback my Melbourne

  283. Its a deep smelling massaging cream.

  284. Damian Watson says

    lol I still have the old AFL 99 game

  285. Oops comment 282 was supposed to say good comeback BY Melbourne

  286. Funny i’ve never played it..

  287. Steve Healy says

    CARN THE DEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. Anthony Rocca is tearing me apart! He’s kicked five goals, Melbourne 10.0.60 to 12.5.77

  289. Steve Healy says

    Anthony Rocca’s playing for Melbourne?

  290. i never thought i would hear that again.

  291. Yep he must have been traded there.

    Q3: 19.5.119 – 10.2.62. Sorry Steve lol

  292. Steve Healy says

    These AFL 2007 games seem unrealistic. Too accurate.

  293. Yeah i had to rush one of the behinds lol.

    Robbo kicked a behind after the siren though, you can always trust him

  294. ‘ i make them bad boys go good!’

  295. Steve Healy says

    robbo nevr misses, what un unrealistic game lol

  296. Robbo..hes the one that plays guitar rite?

  297. SIREN!!

    7.5 – 9.5 – 19.5 – 23.10.148
    0.0 – 7.0 – 10.2 – 12.3.75

    Cunnington 5.1
    Smith 5.1
    Ziebell 3.2
    Adams 3.0
    Harding 1.2
    Wells 1.1
    Wright 1.1
    Greenwood 1.0
    Petrie 1.0
    Anthony 1.0
    McIntosh 1.0

    Rocca 6.0
    Robertson 2.1
    Pickett 2.1
    Hamill 1.0
    Bate 1.0

  298. Steve Healy says


  299. Traded to Dees

  300. Steve Healy says

    Do you win most of the time Josh?

  301. All the time haha its so easy

  302. i know this is weird..but its still hasnt registered in my mind that Fev is with Brisbane.

  303. Neither, it takes till the NAB cup to really take it all in.

    Anyone else watching the Simpsons Movie?

  304. Steve Healy says

    Lol I just downloaded the AFL 98 demo and I’m playing it. I wish I could get the ful lversion, its 4 minutes plus time on and then the game finishes. I won as St.Kilda against Adelaide 1.0 6 to 2.0 12. Nathan Burke kicked two inspirational goals from the boundary

  305. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I am, I haven’t seen it since it came out. lol

    How is the commentary on AFL 98 Steve?

  306. Steve Healy says

    There isn’t any on the demo I don’t think (even though my sound was turned off)

  307. Steve Healy says

    I won that game 0.2 2 to 1.0 6. Jason Heatley kicked my only goal.

  308. i dont play on our xbox any game other tahn driving games cos we have the steering wheel and im not getting driving lessons untill the holidays.

  309. God this movie is funny!

  310. Damian Watson says

    Haven’t you seen it before Josh?

  311. I did once but at about 2 in the morning so i cant remember much of it

  312. Well all ive had enough work for today, im off to lie down in bed and watch Pride and Prejudice :)
    enjoy your movie

    Adieu! :)

  313. Cya Danni, enjoy your weekend

  314. Steve Healy says

    Cya Danni. I really want to get the full version of AFL 98 its pretty awesome. But the opposition always trys to knock you out when you have the ball

  315. Yeah thats what AFL is about Steve, getting taken out when you have the ball lol

  316. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, but they usually do it instead of tackling lol

  317. Im thinking of downloading a game of footy off bigpond video. Any suggestions?

  318. Steve Healy says

    Essendon V North Melbourne Round 16 2001 (really high scoring one)

  319. No thanks, im quite depressed by that game

  320. Michael Allan says

    I own AFL 98. Great Game.

    Bruce MccAvaney does the coomentary by himslef. It’s pretty repetetive but he has some good one liners.

    I used to playu it all the time. Yeah they always bump and give away push in the back so I turned that rule off because it annoyed me so much lol.

    For Game Design we had to review a game and I chose that one. I said it was the greatest game ever. lol.

  321. Surely the graphics and gameplay and everything cant be as good as AFL 07

  322. Michael Allan says

    The gameplaym is awful in 2007 and the newer ones and graphics in those aren’t much better. lol

    The only ones that can compete with it is AFL Live 2003 and 2004.

  323. morning all.
    i just got dragged out of my bed, LITERALLY by my uncle and my brother.
    apperantly i should be up by 12:20PM

  324. what are you talking about Michael? The gameplay in 07 is awesome! 06 has the best though. I would play 06 all the time but 07 is better coz you can change the players and make new players and stuff.

    Morning Danni, im still in bed :)

  325. Michael Allan says

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t 07 the won where when you run into goals you have to wait for the little footy to get across the goals and by the time you wait for that you get tackled? Just stupid.

  326. Yeah you do but Michael, when your an experienced player like myself you dont have to wait for the footy to hit the goals, you just have a normal shot at goal lol

  327. Michael Allan says

    lol whatever. I never bought those two games anyway because I never had a playstation. They did have good career modes but so did AFL 2005 which I have on xbox. Pretty bad game though. I can’t wait for the new one to come out on 360 and PS3. They should let EA make it again.

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