AFL Club Awards: Barnstable’s breakdown on Crows’ top ten

By Josh Barnstable

One of the most exciting seasons for the Adelaide Crows, the Red, Blue and Gold hoops finished 5th on the ladder and were third favourite to win the flag going into the finals after an enormous second half of the season, in which the young team blitzed the competition with an amazing forward line consisting of Kurt Tippett at Full Forward, Brett Burton and Jason Porplyzia roaming around the goalsquare, Trent Hentschel standing tall at centre half forward and Chris Knights and Bernie Vince running through from the midfield. The premiership plan came unstuck though, with a shock loss to Collingwood in the Semi-Final at the MCG, but here is the 10 players that spearheaded the Crows run towards September:

1. Bernie Vince

The young midfielder had an amazing year for Adelaide, taking out the Malcolm Blight medal with a season that saw him average 27.5 disposals a match, with a total of 659 in his 24 matches. He also kicked 14.10, which was handy from a midfielder. He started the season with 33 touches against Collingwood, and he marked a career-high 36 possessions against Essendon in Round 11. His best game came in the last game of the season, with 34 disposals and 3 goals in the 72-point demolition of Carlton. Expect the captaincy to be awarded to this young great.

2. Jason Porplyzia

The crowd favourite, Porplyzia, finally rid of his shoulder problems, put in a career-best season that saw him finish second in the club B&F. He kicked 57.20, amazing accuracy and averaged 14.3 disposals a game in his 24 matches. He kicked a career-high six goals against West Coast in Round 21, and also booted five against Fremantle in Round 15 and against Essendon in the First Elimination Final. He also kicked bags of four against Carlton in Round 22, Sydney in Round 13 and Fremantle in Round 3. Went goal-less only four times.

3. Simon Goodwin

The captain put in a brilliant season, averaging 26.1 disposals and 5.7 marks. He played 21 matches, but managed to play in the finals where his experience went a long way to the Crows almost making the Preliminaries. He collected 548 touches for the season, with a best of 37 coming against West Coast in Round 21. He also racked up 35 possessions against Melbourne in Round 5 and Geelong in Round 18. After having a good year in front of the sticks last year, Goodwin kicked just 4.2 for the year, with two coming against Port Adelaide in Round 17.

4. Michael Doughty

The number one stopper at the Crows had a very productive year, averaging 21.7 possessions in his 24 games. He almost beat his record of 38 touches in a game, picking up 37 against West Coast in Round 21, also taking six marks and laying four tackles. His next best game was against North Melbourne in Round 12, where he picked up 31 touches, took seven marks and laid seven 7 tackles. Still a few years left in him.

5. Graham Johncock

Stiffy had a brilliant year, bouncing back to top form after question marks were above his spot in the team last season. He played 22 games, averaging 21.3 possessions a game with a best of 29 coming against Fremantle in Round 15. He also gathered 29 against Richmond the previous round. Kicked just 2.2 for the year, but seems to have his spot cemented in defence other than the forward line where he played early in his career. Not afraid of the big stage, collecting 28 disposals against Collingwood in the Semi-Final loss.

6. Kurt Tippett

The Crows tried their hardest to retain this young star from going to the Gold Coast, and they seem successful, with the 201cm Ruckman signing with the Crows. He had a remarkable year, booting 55.31 which was outstanding considering he had just 12 goals up until Round 10. He then ignited his year with seven goals against Essendon in Round 11. Even when he wasn’t kicking goals, he was productive. In Round 12 against North Melbourne, he collected 10 touches and kicked a goal but laid seven tackles and won 21 hitouts. Kicked bags of five against Richmond in Fremantle in Rounds 14 and 15 respectively, and booted four against Geelong in Round 18, and finished the year with 4 against Carlton, Essendon and Collingwood. Incredibly mobile for his size.

7. Scott Thompson

Became the second most talked about Scott Thompson in the league, the former Dee amassing a massive 605 possessions in his 23 games, with an average of 26.3. He came one short of equalling his career-best of 39 touches set against Hawthorn in 2007, with 38 also coming against Hawthorn in Round 10. Finished the season strongly with 28 touches, eight marks and two goals against Collingwood in the Semi-Final.

8. Tyson Edwards

The evergreen veteran had a superb year, he was an outside chance for the Brownlow Medal. 33 years of age, it didn’t show in 2009, with Edwards 25.2 disposals in his 22 games. In his 300th match against Essendon in Round 11, Edwards collected a career-high 41 possessions, a fitting way to celebrate such a milestone. He kicked 8.12 for the year, with a best of two coming against Sydney in Round 13. Finished off the year with 29 touches against Collingwood.

9. Andrew McLeod

The brilliant Crow had yet another productive year, averaging 21.8 possessions in his 24 games. Started the season with a bang, collecting 30 disposals against Collingwood, and played his best match in Round 22 against Carlton, where he collected 31 touches, took six marks, laid five tackles and kicked a goal in the 72 point win. Kicked 10.10, with a best of two against Port Adelaide in Round 17. Must be nearing the end of a long and illustrious career that has amassed 328 games.

10. Chris Knights

The recently turned 23-year-old had an outstanding year as a running midfielder/forward. He kicked 43.25, which stunned many of his supporters and rival teams. A blanket was put on him in many games but he was able to break the tag and still average 17.6 touches a game. Could have easily won the goalkicking for the Crows, but missed four games for the year. Surprised the world with 5.0 against Carlton in Round 9, kicked four against Hawthorn a week later and five against Essendon after that. Booted four against Carlton in Round 22, but one of his best games was against Port Adelaide in Round 17 where he collected 25 possessions, took eight marks and kicked three goals.

When you look at that group of players, you would be starstruck. But have a look at the players that didn’t feature in the top 10. Brett Burton kicked 15 goals from seven games, Trent Hentschel booted 11 from seven games, and Brent Reilly was prolific, as was Robert Shirley. The youth of this side is great, with Patrick Dangerfield proving why he is touted as a future Brownlow winner, Nathan van Berlo put in another solid year, Andy Otten was second in the NAB Rising Star award, and may be better than McLeod when he gets more experience. But the most exciting prospects are Taylor Walker and Phil Davis. Both key position players, Walker played 14 matches in his first season and booted 23.19, with a best of five against Hawthorn in Round 10. Davis, who was taken with pick number 10 in the 2008 draft, should fill the void left by Nathan Bassett and Ben Rutten when he retires, or Davis could play up forward as a foil to the other forwards Adelaide has, and they have them in truckloads. A premiership is not beyond them next year.


  1. thats better!.
    still cant get over Crows crappy new logo

  2. Steve Healy says

    yeah neither. Josh you’re spot on about fridays meaning nothing.

  3. It’ll take some time to get used too, cant wait to see there new clash jumper lol

  4. speaking of jumpers ive finally dicided to get a numeber on the back of mine.
    soon i shall be looking fine in numba nine.

  5. Damian Watson says

    Just recieved some unconfirmed news that Daniel Bradshaw is poised to leave Brisbane, I guess it’s no suprise as the Lions were offering him as trade bait.

  6. Im gonna get number 7 on my guernsey if i can.

    Breaking news: Daniel Bradshaw has quit the Brisbane Lions. Has not retired though

  7. Damn you beat me to it Damo lol

  8. yeah, Damo.
    id take that as a stab in the back comming from an ex captian and good friend.
    nice one vossy!

  9. And according to Sunrise this morning, Carlton looks likely to get the veteran forward

  10. 7?
    why dont you get 9? i remember you saying it was a pretty number at North, worn by Sinclar and now swallow.

  11. Steve Healy says

    According to Sunrise?

    Sunrise are the worst people to trust.

    Could Bradshaw be a Dee?

    Nick Lower was delisted at Port

  12. Damian Watson says

    LOL, did you get that info from Bigfooty Josh? that’s where I got it from.

    I hope we do get him although it would be hard to make the transition from a club he has played at for over a decade.
    Did anyone hear about that Sydney player Dan Hannebury getting suspended after muck-up day at Xavier I think.

  13. Well pretty players may be pretty Danni, but i like the tough players, and you can’t get tougher than Jack Ziebell. Maybe i should get 79?? lol

    Well i was watching the sunrise news bar thing at the bottom while waiting for Short Stack to play and yeah it said Carlton likely to snare Bradshaw in Pre-Season draft. Bradshaw could be a Dee, if He wants to play there though. Who would you rather Steve? Ball or Bradshaw? And N. Lower might be picked up by North to join his twin brother Ed, that is if Ed doesnt get delisted himself lol

  14. Nah i was just watching the news when they said it.

    Yeah i mentioned the thing about Hannebery on Danni’s weird piece of writing

  15. Hannebury?? ohh hes a MUFFIN!!! :)
    Hes sooooooooooooo CUTE!!
    last year at one of the assemblies our year level was told that we are regarded as the worst year level in the school…imagine how bad muck up day will be when my year level has ours.

  16. Steve Healy says


    There should be a Lower for Lower swap lol

  17. valenti?..hes the vampire right?

  18. Hmm in Year 7 my class was regarded as the best out of the year 7’s, and then after that we went downhill and we even forced our English teacher to move schools LOL, and by the end of the year we were the worst in the year level.

  19. There was an interesting fact about Valenti made by Gigs in last years book, something about him and Patrick Veszpremi becoming the first two players to debut with a “V” to start their last name and an “I” to finish it, or something like that.

    Someone will snap up Buckley too, he was pretty good in the NAB Cup a couple of years ago against Geelong.

  20. well both my year 7 and 8 co-ordinators left!

  21. Steve Healy says

    Vampire? lol

    Count Valenti is not a vampire

  22. Well neither Lower has made there respective teams go higher lol haha funny.

    Except for Ed Lower, he kicked three goals against Collingwood in Round 5, 2008 and was a big factor to why we won, as well as “that” umpire bounce :)

  23. Damian Watson says

    Don’t forget Alan Didak’s behind in the dying seconds.

  24. yeah, i was there when that ‘bounce’ happened!


  25. Steve Healy says

    Nah Josh, it wasn’t the first 2 ever, it was the first for about 40 years or something when Frank Valli played for Geelong

  26. I was at my sisters house when the game was on, but actually i would have rathered the other game on at the time. Brisbane v Hawthorn, final score was 130-118. Bradshaw and Franklin kicked 15 between them i think.

    I remember talking to my sister when the North v Collingwood game was on. In the final quarter and we appeared shot and were gonna lose, i started talking to her about something important and then looked back and we were back in it!

    Yeah i knew it was something like that Steve

  27. i try to keep my tickets from the games i go to. i just pulled them out now ive got heaps

    COLL VS KANG – Sun SEP 3rd 2006 MCG
    KANG VS SYD- Sat 5th May 2007 MCG
    COLL VS FREM- Sun 16th Jul 1006 MCG
    COLL VS ADEL- Sat 12TH 2008 MCG
    COLL VS CARL- Sun 27th Aug 2006 MCG
    COLL VS CARL- Sat 12th May 2007 MCG
    COLL VS CARL- Sun 15th Jun 2008 MCG

  28. Damian Watson says

    I think the Kangaroos v Sydney game was at Docklands Danni, I’ve still got a ticket from that game as well.

  29. Steve Healy says

    I try to do that as well but I’ve been to over 50 games in the last 2 years so its hard

  30. COLL VS FREM- Sun 16th Jul 1006 MCG? I didnt know they played footy back then lol

    How come you went to Kangas v Sydney? It was at the Dome too, not the MCG.

  31. I think that game was where the Roos booted the first 7 goals of the game but only won by 16 points.

    I’ve kept a couple of tickets but thats all, they sit in the edge of a massive framed North Melbourne picture of the 1996 premiership team, against Sydney ironically, and has all the players signatures on it.

  32. Steve Healy says

    I remember that Collingwood Freo game. Freo won by 15 points but Didak kicked a great goal.

  33. SORRY typo!! lmaoo 2006!

    oh is at the DOME!
    MY Dads friend goes for North and made Dad come so dad me too. its was a good game

  34. Sydney seems likely to battle it out with Carlton for the signature of Bradshaw’s

  35. I think that Freo game was the start of the massive winning streak they had at the end of the 06 season. Farmer booted 5 i think. I miss the wizard

  36. i remember cheering with the North supports sitting infront of me.
    Collingwood were playing at the same time and they had the sore in the corner of the screen and when Collingwood scored all you hear is the ump geting ready to throw the ball in and ME AND DAD GOING:YEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOO GO THE PIESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”

  37. Yeah the Pies played the Crows, i think Chris Bryan kicked 4 goals.

  38. Steve Healy says

    Same. Farmer was a legend.

    Like last year this year I want to go to atleast game a round

  39. Steve Healy says

    1 game a round

  40. REALLY? it was funny cos i was in my collingwood scarf and getting looks from the North supporters around me. then once they saw i was cheering North they adopted me into their family and even pointed and cheered when collingwood scored. lol

  41. I want to go to at least 4 games next season

  42. And i want to see a big game, like Collingwood v North or Essendon v Richmond or something like that. Every game i go to is against Melbourne or the Dogs where the crowd is around 25,000

  43. doubt i can even go to ONE!
    You wait till i finish school!
    ill be at every training session, every game and even go interstate damn it!!

  44. Steve Healy says

    Shut up Josh lol. Don’t blame it on the Melbourne supporters.

    Im making a quiz on Facebook about how well you know footy.

  45. Hmm in the future i’ve got a plan where i want to go to each ground in the AFL to watch a game of footy. I think my first interstate game will be in the next couple of years at AAMI Stadium.

  46. Make it HARD Steve :)

    Hmm its probably Melbourne AND North Melbourne’s fault lol but mostly Melbourne

  47. Steve Healy says

    Ive only ever been to Manuka Oval interstate. I’m making it so hard that only people like you and me will get 100%

  48. Haha cool.

    How many questions?

  49. Josh did you go to Sav Rocca’s last game?
    i was there! it was so sad at the end……….
    so emtional, i was crying so bad


  50. Steve Healy says

    Not sure yet. I’m up to Question 2

  51. Hmm no but i remember watching it. Paul Licuria kicked 4 goals and that’s when i started to realise that Collingwood is a bad, bad, bad club. I’ve still got the game on tape, only because it was Channel Nine’s last game until the next TV rights, and at the end of the broadcast they showed a highlights reel that lasted for a good 7 minutes of things they broadcasted in there tenure, like Wayne Carey’s game against North Melbourne and a few after-the-siren goals to Jared Poulton and Justin Longmuir.

  52. Steve Healy says

    My quiz is shaping up to be a good one. Im up to 7 and ill do at least 20-30

  53. Jeez that sounds alright. Once i ace it i’ll do one of my own

  54. anyone else craving a chocolate sunday frm maccas?

  55. Steve Healy says

    mmmmmm. I’m up to question 18

  56. I was craving a Maccas cheeseburger, lucky we kept a few in the fridge from yesterday!

    What sorta questions are you doing Steve?

  57. Steve Healy says

    What did you do yesterday Josh?

    Just general footy questions.

  58. Damo are you doing a Carlton piece on their best and fairest like this story? If so, i wont do Carlton, but i just finished my Brisbane one so i wanna know if i start on Carlton or Collingwood.

  59. Yesterday, i got up at 11 lol and went to Cobram with Mum (its a town on the border of NSW/VIC) and we went to Maccas. Then when i got home i saw a giant huntsman in my room and absolutely freaked out. That’s all really, then tried finding all my school gear for school today but i didnt end up going, my foot was too sore to walk on.

  60. Steve Healy says

    Nice. Question 32 now

  61. nawwww poor joshy :(

    i think i told you to go ahead with Collingwood’s B&f Cos i wont be doin it.
    Party in the USA is stuck in my head!!

  62. Tell me when your finished Steve, i can’t wait to do it.

  63. Steve Healy says

    Ok, 43 now

  64. I thought you were doing 20-30 questions? LOL

  65. Has anyone seen that video of the baby rolling off the platform at the train station in Melbourne? Absolutely scary

  66. Steve Healy says

    Yeah who cares. 47 now

  67. Steve Healy says

    Josh, you know that the station is Ashburton station? I live right near it. It’s where I usually take the train to the footy from

  68. YEAH I KNOW!! Poor thing! :(

    how awesome is the Toy Story 3 trailor??

  69. Oh is that right Steve? Well don’t try anything tricky like the baby did!

    Have you seen Bedtime Stories Danni? Best movie ever

  70. No i cant say i have.

    my friends and i are determined to see Toy Story 3 in cinemas, even if we will be surrounded by 5 year olds!

  71. Well get Bedtime Stories, its bloody funny lol

  72. i love the movie Enchanted!
    i saw that with my friends…surrounded by 7 yearolds..its getting a bit better, form 5 – 7 year olds LOL

  73. ill bet it is Adam Sandler is AWESOME!!!

  74. Damian Watson says

    You are free to do a report on the Carlton B&F Josh.

    Instead I’ll probably write about some of the successes and failures from the Draft in previous years.

  75. Look forward to reading it Damo.

    Steve im doing a quiz on facebook as well, but only about 15 questions i’ll do.

  76. Damian Watson says

    Speaking of small children did anyone see that balloon hovering above the ground in America while everyone feared that a six year old kid was inside, turns out he was hiding in the attic.

    Is there a theme to your footy quiz or is it just a variety of questions?

  77. In mine its just questions that come to my head lol one of my questions is what young Adelaide star booted 23.19 in his first year of footy?

    Yeah i saw it on Sunrise this morning, i thought the balloon was in Australia and i was gonna go outside and see if i could see it lol

  78. Damian Watson says

    Is it Taylor Walker?

  79. Yeah

    I wonder where our missing member of the fab-5 is?

  80. Steve Healy says

    His flying car got stuck in a moving tree and he’s vomiting slugs.


  82. Hmm probably, Michael would be the one to do something that silly

  83. Jst finished watching
    Angus,thongs and perfect snogging- yes chick-flick!!!!!!

  84. Hmmm…you know what’s not on? THE FOOTY!! :(

  85. dont REMIND ME!!
    we had one on ones with our teacher in english to see how we are going for the next sac and she was like. “so are you surviving without the footy?”

    ME:”yeah..not really, im still in the mourning process”


  86. I cant wait for the period between January and Feburary, that is the best time of the footy year i believe

  87. Steve Healy says


  88. Im feeling deprived!! :(
    im so not taking down the team poster, it the only thing keeping me alive lol!

  89. Dont worry Danni, the Cricket will be on soon

  90. ……

    *starts crying*

  91. Brisbane are the front runner for Jesse Smith, and may even pick up Daniel Harris, as well as announcing there intentions to get Luke Ball. How greedy! The whole side will be made up of recycled players next season

  92. Meh! i just woke up and i dont think eating lasangne for breakie was a good idea!
    i dont think Ball wants to leave to Brisbane, Melbourne is soooooooo much better!

  93. Hmmm i woke up at 8 haha

    Players like Adcock, Brennan and Rischitelli won’t be getting games next year if the Lions start snapping up every player under the sun

  94. 8? are you okay? being up before 11:00 is NOT NORMAL!
    This explains why i cant concentrate, dont pay attention and sleep during periods 1 and 2.
    its lucky if i am awake by 3 and 4.
    by 5 and 6 i cant be botherd any more.
    LOL Thats not good!

    yeah, im a tad worried about this, Brisbane were already good before all these changes and now its like the team isnt even human any more!

  95. Damian Watson says

    You’re lucky Danielle lol, I was up at six this morning and finished a whole cricket match before you even woke up.

    Luke Ball would be a great entry into the Brisbane side, he has a similar style to the past Lions champions like the Scott brothers, Voss, Leppistch…

  96. six? OMG!! LMAO
    I got up abt like 2:00PM and sat in bed for at least 20 minutes. if i dont have 29 mins to myself to help me wake up slowly im a total biatch for the rest of the day!
    so you played cricket? how was it?

  97. Damian Watson says

    I thought you weren’t intrested in cricket Danni,
    nah it was only a short 25/25 match we bowled the opposition made 6/106 while we were bowled out for a measly 50!!

  98. …do you mind saying that in english?
    I serioulsy have no idea what youd ssid! lmaoo
    what i wanted to know is if you won? tahts about all i would understand! LMAOO

  99. Lol Damo’s side lost Danni. Who were you playing with Damo?

  100. Me and my mate got up at 8:00 once to play cricket. In the winter, the grass was icy, the temparature was about -5C, the cricket ball was frozen but we still managed a few hours lol

  101. lol you guys are very active. if you go to my school the basket-ball and tennis courts are like deserted and theres a hundred benches and tables where everyone spends lunch sitting, eating and talking.

  102. Maybe coz your school is a chick school haha

  103. lol yeah that plays a part but if i was in in co-ed school i still dont think i would be any more active!
    our senior buliding only has a few stairs and when we have to go to the 7-10 building it feels you hiking up a mountain! LOL

  104. Now that i think of it, theres no point in having teachers on yard duty since the whole school is just sitting and talking! LMAO

  105. Lol i would never go to a same-sex school

  106. LOL! Cant survive without the ladies ehh Joshyyy??? :P :P
    i think it was a good idea being sent to an all girls school, only b/c guys would be the WORST distraction!
    i mean i take time to look good for school now, imagine having guys at school, it means id have to look twice if not three times as good!

  107. Damian Watson says

    I second that Josh, I play for the Knox Cricket club and yes we got absolutely pummeled.

    Danni do your teachers wear those stupid vests and carry walky talkies around while they are on yard duty?

  108. Haha nah can’t survive without girls, they are the only reason i go to school :P

    Our teachers wear bright fluro green vests, but don’t carry walkie talkies.

  109. vests? walkie talkies? ROFL NO!!!
    they just walk around making sure no ones robbing a bank or trying to plan world domination! lmao :P
    its annoying that when ever i decide to txt someone the whole staff comes outside! lol
    its also a good thing cos sometimes it will be one of my teachers on duty so i hassel them (especially my ras 3/4 teacher) with questions.

  110. Hmmm i wouldnt play cricket that early lol. I start tennis soon, but i don’t know if im allowed to play. It’s either tennis or my new radio job, and i feel like i’m pressured by my parents to go either way.

  111. lol Josh! :P
    yes i can see you are concerating on your work very well! :P

    the other day in class one of the cute young builders walks past the window and all the girls turn around to look up. our teacher had to close the blinds!

  112.!!! :)
    be the next Roger Federer, although i cant say that youll end up as goodlooking as him! :P

  113. Haha you guys aren’t allowed phones? We weren’t, then we were allowed to have them, and now they are banned. But it’s still easy to text someone without the teachers finding out, and some of the cool teachers allow us to use them. And any of my teachers that is somehow reading that, no we do not text in class…

  114. Wth Danni? What do you mean i won’t be as good looking as him? I already am!

    Apparantly me playing tennis will clash with the new radio thing, but i really want to play. I still don’t know.

  115. ill help you.

    TENNIS!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Lol already as goodlooking as Fed eyy?? no wonder you like going to school for the girls!!

  116. Damian Watson says

    Go for the radio job Josh, you never know where the gig will lead you

    You’re lucky, our phones or ipods are always confiscated no matter which teacher is in charge.

  117. Haha i thought that said already as goodlooking as fev! Haha that’s easy lol

  118. Damian Watson says

    I’m not a big fan of tennis unless Anna Kornacova is involved lol.

  119. We are allowed ipods but are usually told to concentrate on the teacher and not on music and the music will make us deaf blah blah blah.

    I would Damo, but i’m already with 2 other stations, and apparantly im pretty good at tennis so if i go with tennis, who knows where that will lead me.

  120. arggg our atheltics carnival is on next friday……………
    wonder if i should dress up

  121. Mmmm good choice Damo!

  122. josh if you make it big in tennis, you have to take me with you and introduce me to Roger!!! :)

  123. Oh i love athletics carnivals! At my school you just sign up for everything, then turn up with a bandaged leg/arm and say you can’t do anything and go and lie down somewhere and soak up the sun!

  124. Haha ok Danni, you interested in Lleyton?

  125. …no thanks.
    Andy Roddick isnt too hard on the eye either! :)
    his gf is so funny! she looks like a human barbie doll.

  126. i hate them!
    but its my last one cos year 12s dont go.
    they sit you out in the sun and when you buy ice-cream and stuff they go all gross and melty!!! arrgghhh

  127. Yeah that’s what ice-cream usually does Danni

  128. Damian Watson says

    lol 15-0 to Josh, the only race I run in the Athletics Carnivals are the 1500m, I like long distances, even though I don’t go anyhere near a podium finish.

  129. im sorry but i prefer to eat ice-cream not in soup form! lol

  130. Damian Watson says

    Why does it come up with Josh’s North Melbourne B&F review on the Brisbane version?

  131. it does mean however that i can go carzy with all the gold colored makeup i want.
    im in gold house.

  132. Hmmm i don’t know…

    Im in Gray house :P

  133. Gray? rofl

    i hate being in gold house cos we wear like fluro yello t-shirts and i look so bad in bright yellow cos im pale!!

  134. Your pale? I thought you would be dark since your Lebo.

    If you click on my name on the right hand side, it comes up with my Brisbane Lions report but its under the post of Racing

  135. Nah Gray was named after a person from my school that went to War, can’t remember his name. All of our house colours are last names of people but are actually colours

    Gray: Green
    Tweddle: Blue
    Hunkin: Red
    Christie: Yellow/Gold

  136. lol..since when are Lebos dark?
    nah im like pale, like put me next to a white wall and ill dissapear! :P
    its funny cos sometimes i get asked
    : “hey are you feeling okay, cos you look pale”
    im fine, its all natural

  137. Damian Watson says

    Yeah we have a similar system, I’m in Blue house or Colin house.


  138. Ours are after school patrons
    Ohea- gold
    Frayne- green
    Thecla- purple
    Marian- blue

    Lmao you should see us when we chant!

  139. Its pronounced Twey-del lol

    I know why the thing on my report isn’t working, Gigs has taken over from Paul in putting new pieces up on the website, so Gigs must have gotten something wrong.

    Well Robbie Nahas is Lebo, and he’s dark, he’s almost dark yellow in fact

  140. im jsut thinking, Grey is really dull? how do you guys dress it up for carnivals cos we come in yellow tutus feather bows, tairas, wigs.

  141. Gray is Green Danni, so we wear Green lol. Well i wear Grey and Green just to mix it up.

  142. Steve Healy says

    Dont worry Danni. I’m pale as well.

    I’m in gold house which is called Austins.

  143. Has anyone heard Snakes On A Plane by Cobra Starship? If not i suggest you download it, its better then Good Girls Go Bad lol :P

  144. I was in Gold house in Primary School and we never won an athletics/swimming carnival, and when i went to Gray in High School we have won everything since 2007 LOL

  145. Steve Healy says

    I was in Gold in primary school as well. Green have won 8 years in a row now (I know because I have younger siblings that go there)

  146. I always like to hear from the primary school kids on my bus who has won the past carnivals and Gold is still yet to win, i think they’re last win of anything was in 1983.

  147. ohhh! Gold always comes second and i get so pissed!!!
    but we ALWAYS win Spirt award at the swimming carnival cos i yell cheers into the loudspeaker

  148. i was in red house in primary school, we ALWAYS WON

  149. Hunkin (Red) always gets the spirit award at my school because they always come 4th lol

  150. Steve Healy says

    Gold actually had a massive winning streak in the mid 80s to early 90s, but they’ve been no where near ever since.

    In year 6, Green had double the amount of people that gold had

  151. Well id better start practicing chants.

    KANE thinks they got it all;;
    But they don’t;; i do;;
    So BOOM with that attitude;;
    Peace, Punch, Captain Crunch,
    I Got something you can’t touch;;
    Bangg Bangg;; Cho-Cho-Train;;
    Wind me up ill do my thangg;;
    REsees Pieces 7-up Mess wif me;;
    ill mess you up;;

  152. Steve Healy says


  153. lmaoo! wats wrong steve?

  154. Sounds like a cheerleading chant!!

  155. I thought you said cheerleaders were bimbo’s Danni?? LOL

  156. yeah they are. im not a cheerleader though. i dont have the skimpy outfit and an IQ of .2 and i dont wave pom-poms! lol
    I just want house points!

  157. Steve Healy says

    cheerleaders are bimbos

  158. They’re still hot :P

    Is there anyway of learning how to spell Matthew Kreuzer’s name? I keep getting his last name wrong, keep spelling it krUEzer

  159. Kreuzer think of it as USER- UZER

  160. Theyr still hot, he says!
    ohh godness me!
    they always fall for the bimbos!

  161. Steve Healy says

    They are hot.

    Anyway gotta go ill be on later

  162. Hmmm i’d go with brains over looks though, but you can’t blame a guy for eyeing a cheerleader :P

  163. hmmmm.
    interesting you say that cos from what i see at school majority of guys go for looks.
    afterall its undrestanable that looks are the first thing that attrcat a person to another,…its always goes down hill for me when the guy opens his mouth and talks.

  164. What do you mean from what you see at school? No guys go to your school!! LOL

    Nah brains are very underestimated when it comes to girls. A ditzy blonde is something that irritates me the most in the world.

  165. i really hate it when i see a couple and the girl is taller than the guy!!
    i get so annoyed!!
    i wont have that problem! :)
    i was sam mitchell’s height in heels!

  166. Haha i dunno why that would be so annoying.

    Maybe you’ll cop a midget in the future Danni? Lol

  167. i dont know…
    i like guys to be taller!

  168. Oh by the way Danni, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you meet Joe if you go to an all-girls school?

  169. lol, at a friends party.

  170. Oh okay lol

    I felt really sad today, i went to read the Herald Sun and there was ONE article about the AFL :(

  171. lol did you think i was gonna say at the footy or something?
    …well how do you think i feel.
    i hardly see Jon Ralphs name anymore! :(

  172. No i was just curious lol.

    That’s why i like the period between Jan-Feb. I remember this year, at the start of the year there was a couple of small articles about footy, and then i got the paper in late Jan. and there was a page on how Setanta O’hAilpin attacked Cam Cloke, then a page on how Andrew Welsh broke/dislocated his leg/ankle. Then more pages about how teams were going with their NAB Cup preparations.

  173. lol thats what i mean, imagine having Joe wif me at school, i already dont pay attention without him! :)

    no reason to buy the paper anymore! lol

  174. I still read the middle section of the Paper

    I also hate the period between the NAB Cup Grand Final and Round 1, why should we have to wait an extra week for the season to start! It’s like torture

  175. ha! we sound like a bunch of sad kids!
    Before the Game would have finished by now.
    during which i would have sat looking on adoringly at Sam Lane and watching how she shifts her pen around when she does hand gestures.
    lets not forget Hughesy!! :(

  176. I still get my Hughesy fix on the 7PM Project

  177. Sam Lane does that? I’ve never noticed…why would i stare at her when i can watch Mick Molloy!!

  178. lol nah its only cos i admire her that i pay extra attention to the things she does.
    she so AWESOME!!
    how funny is it when they talk about her and Dalsanto having a fling!!

  179. Haha yeah i love it when Nicky Dal is on coz Sam acts funny

  180. i know, its so CUTE!!!
    He-heeee!!!!!!! :)
    hes all: “im a footy player!”
    and shes all smiley and shy !!!
    remember that fluffy bunny he sent her??

  181. LOL yeah

  182. you know whats funnier?
    Hughesy when hes around Carlton players like Juddy, Murphy and Gibbs!!
    EVEN when its not them he always manages to say something like : ‘You’re a very attractive man…”
    LMAOO :p

  183. Lol people say Hughesy is annoying, they’ve got it all wrong!!

    Just finished the John Nicholls Medal piece

  184. annoying? NO WAY!
    If theres one thing his wife married him for, its his humor!! :)

  185. Steve Healy says

    Hughesy is a bit annoying sometimes, but he can be really funny. I don’t like the 7PM project, terrible show.

    I can’t wait till the Demons’ best and fairest, its on Wednesday

  186. Lol i liked on Rove how Hughesy always bags the crap outta his wife lol.

    The 7PM Project is not the best show but its a good contrast from the serious, unfunny News.

    I want wait till Wednesday either, Numurkah Show Day!

  187. Steve Healy says

    That sounds good. The Numurkah show is probably better than the Ashburton Festival

  188. Hmmm maybe, we don’t have any huge rides, except for the Music Trip which is awesome.

  189. The Swans look like the likely home for Daniel Bradshaw, with Paul Roos offering his family a tour of the Swans’ facilities. St Kilda is now the frontrunner in keeping Luke Ball next season.

  190. Steve Healy says

    damn it. I hope Bradshaw goes to Sydney.

    How many people live in Numurkah?

  191. I hope he goes to North lol

    Around 3200

  192. Nah, North need someone…prettyer.

  193. What? What’s wrong with young Daniel?

  194. Bradshaw..aint pretty

  195. Steve Healy says

    ok, nah I think the Roos are happy with their forwards despite the form slump of Hale

  196. He aint that ugly either

  197. My forward set up currently on AFL 07:

    HF: B. Cunnington (assuming we take him in the draft) — L. Thomas — B. Warren

    FF: M. Campbell — J. Smith — L. Harding

  198. lol..if you say so.
    North have been impressive in prettyness Swallow and Obst are big winners

  199. The whole list is pretty Danni, and have pretty skills

  200. mmm…imma do some research and get back to you on that.

  201. Steve Healy says

    Maybe Liam Jurrah could make North’s list pretty?


  202. Steve Healy says

    The AFL 98 demo is too easy lol. I rarely concede a score

  203. steve, no

    Grima- only pretty from far.
    Petrie- always has been a looker
    McIntosh- scrubs up nicely in a tux.
    Swallow- yay he-heeeeee
    Obst- love the eyes and dark hair.

    Not a bad result for north

  204. Nah he’s way too ugly for our pretty list.

    When i told you on one of these threads that i never lose on AFL 07 Steve, i’ve currently lost the past 5 games and drew 1 lol because i’ve started giving the opposition a 130 point start and then i try and get back in front in the second half, makes it much more fun but very dangerous.

    Danni our ugliest player would probably be Scott McMahon or Todd Goldstein

  205. Melbourne-

    Jack Watts- adorable

    ..thats it.
    gezze thats bad STEVE! you better do something

  206. ohhh and while im on the subject.
    i cant stand the melbourne gersey!!
    its… i wouldnt be caught dead wearing it.

  207. Steve Healy says

    I spoke too soon. I drew 1.1 7 apiece.

    Ricky Petterd? Jack Grimes? James McDonald?

  208. What their home one or their clash one? I like the white clash one.

    Haha Danni not only do we have hot players, go to the right hand side of this website and look for Footy Links, then go to Roo Beauty and look at what comes up :P

  209. Petterd? He looks like weird as!


    HMM..ill have a look now josh!

  211. Steve Healy says

    Melbourne’s jumper! Are you kidding! The Melbourne jumper is the best piece of material any individual could put on in life.

    Collingwood jumpers are white shirts with three lines drawn in permanent marker

  212. Might i add, Kid size white shirts Collingwood wears..

  213. excuse me but black and white is classic, its the trademark colours of designer clothing coco chanel!
    im sorry but the melb jumper is ugly, both the home and away ones.
    plus i never said i liked collingwoods away jumper ever.

    josh i cant find what you wnt me to look at!

  214. Oh you suck then! Lol it was a website saying how hot Brad Scott is and saying he is the hottest coach in the league. What can i say, North is the hottest club going around :)

  215. ohh im sorry i was too busy drooling over the pic of Swallow and his b&f medal!
    nah the hottest coach is Freos..although i cant believe im admitting this..i always thought Dean Laidley was cute.

  216. Steve Healy says

    Mark Harvey is hot?

  217. ..yeah!

    :) out of the coaches he is.

  218. I thought all the girls would be going for Matthew Knights.

  219. lol nope.
    i still cant believe i told you about Dean Laidley…lmaoo :P
    but if he hadnt left hed be the hottest.
    so now its Mark Harvey

  220. steve are you okay…?lol
    i think i scared him.

  221. You scared me with your Laidley remark!! He has a family Danni!

  222. lol…i know! im sorry!!
    its always benn one of the deep dark secrets! lol until now…
    i dont know he was being interviewed and he was looking cute!!
    im sorry…lol :)
    you should have kept him, he looked good in north clothes.

  223. ohh im worried about steve..
    i thought we all accepted that i likes older dudes!

  224. How good does a new topic sound??

  225. lmaoo..enlighten me.

  226. Jeez…ummm…seriously why Laidley??

  227. lmfao!!
    i dont know..hes jst handsome!
    i dont know…its…lol! :)
    why is it that weird though?

  228. Coz he’s like 40, and not someone a 17 year old girl should be drooling about lol

  229. Steve Healy says

    Yeah you scared me off Danni but Im back now lol.

  230. lol well colin firth is like 49 and hes the king of drool!!!! :)
    i dunno teens are so…immature.
    now that i think of it..Paul Roos isnt that bad either….
    steve..are you still alive..or did my secret like..knock you into another world???

  231. come on you guys Lilly allen is with an older guy too!!!!
    ofcorse my prefence is colin firth, but Laidley and Roos arnt far off.

  232. Got any more dirty little secrets??

  233. Steve Healy says

    No I’m definitely dead- Im only alive in the footy season.

    I’ll forgive you if you say Dean Bailey is good looking

  234. (not that ill reveal!)
    Josh is excited lol
    Bailey..NO WAY..DUDE MELB need help in the pretty department.
    Reminder that Lily Allen is with a 45 year old!

  235. Well on that Roo Beauty site it said:

    Mark Thompson: Hot in the way that he would steal your girlfriend
    Paul Roos: Hot in a family man kind of way
    John Worsfold: Hot in the tough man kind of way
    Brad Scott: Just plain hot

  236. Hmm nah Bailey is alright, so was Mark Riley, and who can forget Neale Daniher?? All the girls were goin for them

  237. hehe.roosy!!
    :) see i know what im talking about!
    ill bet you guys all feel sorry for joe!

  238. Steve Healy says

    I don’t think any of the coaches are close to good looking.

  239. Hmm poor guy is losing you to Laidley and Roos!! Damn right i feel sorry for him

  240. Steve Healy says

    Yeah and not to mention Brown, Anthony, Firth, Swallow and Higgins as well

  241. Who next? Lou Richards??

  242. lol :D
    yeah but he reconds hes hotter than all of them put together!

  243. Steve Healy says

    Billy Brownless maybe?

  244. Nah she’ll go for Brian Taylor, or even both if she’s lucky

  245. Steve Healy says

    Yeah lol i bet Danni thinks Lou Richards is hot in an old man way

  246. Then when she’s done with him she’ll be after Ron Barassi and Tom Hafey

  247. Steve Healy says

    Yeah and she’ll give some exuse like “old is the new young”

  248. I think we scared her off? Job well done Steve

  249. Steve Healy says

    Yes. Bye Danni.

    Who knows she might be after Sam Newman now?

  250. ..nothing wrong with Brian Taylor!

  251. Nah she probably thinks Sam is too young since he uses all that botox. Maybe Dale Kickett? He’s a chick magnet

  252. Except for….

  253. Steve Healy says

    Maybe Danni likes some dead people. Dead is the new alive lol

  254. She said she was pale so maybe she IS dead??

  255. Steve Healy says

    I wouldn’t be suprised. It’s proven that Collingwood fans have shorter life spans

  256. Yeah with all the alcohol, smokes and ranting they do

  257. Steve Healy says

    yeah. better be off now cya guys

  258. Cya

  259. not dead, but i am a vampire..

    David cloke isn’t that bad too, that explains my Cameron craze.
    night all

  260. Hmm the Sunday Herald Sun is looking a lot better today, 2 whole pages of footy news, including an article about Russell Robertson trying to continue his career in the AFL. I bloody hope he goes to North

  261. Damian Watson says

    Yeah what a relief, can’t wait until the fixture comes out.I think it had 16 pages of racing news as well.

    Did you see Mark Stevens’ article on the Brownlow medal, Josh? As if they are thinking of taking the fairest factor out!!!
    I think the AFL are beginning to tamper with tradition a little too much at the moment.

  262. Yeah i did Damo, if they do that then the AFL will be awarding the Brownlow Medal to criminals of the game, such as Judd and Kerr

  263. Damian Watson says

    Yeah you’re right, do you think Corey McKernen desrve to win the medal in 1996?
    I thought it was a very soft suspension.

  264. I’ve never seen what he did to deserve the suspension, but i think he should have won it, especially after they changed the rules in 2004. If the current rule was in play in 1996, McKernan would have won it i think

  265. Damian Watson says

    Did you hera about what’s occuring at 3AW? They want Brian Taylor to call the main games while Rex Hunt may be shunted off to call the Sunday game because of their drop in ratings to Triple M.

    I don’t think they should lay the blame soley on Rex, after all he is the voice of that station.

  266. I havent listened to 3AW since 2005, for some reason i lost the station on every radio we have.

    With Triple M, never put Stephen Quartermaine and The Chief in the same commentary box after what happened last season lol

    Saturday Afternoon listening to Triple M is one of the favourite things in my life

  267. But i loved listening to 3AW, Clinton Grybas was my favourite.

  268. Damian Watson says

    Never serve him food while he is fired up either lol.

    I love listening to Triple M on the Saturday with J.B B.T, Garry Lyon they always mould well while working together, the Sunday callers have a lot of Hawthorn connections when you think about it.
    You have Chief- Hawthorn champ
    Crawf- likewise
    Quaters-avid Hawthorn supporter, I don’t know whicjh side Hamish McLachlan follows.
    I don’t think they’re too biased though.

  269. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Clint was brilliant, do you know how he entered the business?
    He won a cricket commentary competition when he was 16!!! barely older than us.

  270. Yeah true that, yet they don’t show any favouritsm to Hawthorn when they are playing. I think McLachlan goes for Melbourne.

    I dunno how you could commentate Cricket, compared to footy it would be very boring yet Richie Benaud makes it interesting. We should coax him to footy to take over Bruce McAvaney’s spot, Bruce is a terrible commentator.

  271. Damian Watson says

    Bruce may not be the best but he isn’t the worst either. I think he is more of a racing commentator and drags those elements into his footy calling.

    Yeah everyone loves Richie, it would be funnt to hear him say 2 goals 2. I like the cricket commentary team in Australia.
    I know this may sound harsh but some of the cricket callers overseas make me want to hang myself,it’s all about statistics and no entertainment.

    I think the 20/20 competition is starting to fix that.

  272. I can hardly understand the overseas commentators lol.

    I like the cricket commentator who has a very distinctive laugh, but i can’t remember his name.

    Did you hear about the bloke from Trinidad & Tobago? He hit 64 off 18 balls i think it was

  273. Damian Watson says

    Is it Bill Lawry?

    Yeah I think that was Kieran Pollard against NSW. Good to see the Vics are progressing well inb the tournament.

    Speaking of the Vics, do you think State of origin will come back into the AFL? there were whispers after the Hall of Fame match that it might return.

  274. Yeah i think your right, Bill Lawry.

    I want to see Steven Gilmour picked in the Australian team, that boy hails from Waaia .

    Yeah i think they are going to do a Hall Of Fame match every 2 years, or it was every 4 years. But yeah i do think the State of Origin should return

  275. Michael Allan says

    If Rex Hunt leaves the saturday slot know one will tune it. The problem is they’ve got Tony Shaw and Robert Wlls. Who wants to listen to them?

    Clinton Grybas was my favorite. I think he did NBL commentary before he went to FOx Footy where he was basically the host of every show. lol.

    I had a bit of a problem with the state of origin game. The interstaters don’t care since it’s Victoria vs The Rest so only the vics get to represent their state. I hate the split round as it is. I don’t want another one.

  276. Damian Watson says

    I think Steve Gilmour plays for Ringwood as well which isn’t too far away from my club.

    Imagine if they had a Vic Country team in the original State of Origin comp, they would’ve had players like Plugger and Ablett and smashed everyone, instead of the original Victorian team claiming all of those titles.

  277. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Clinton called the VFL and Boxing beforehand as well.

    Why does everyone keep bagging Wallsy?

  278. Yeah they’re should be Vic v SA, Vic v WA, Vic v NT and so on.

    I don’t like any of the commentating on TV, in fact i don’t like the coverage of the footy on TV. Seven does well to get behind the scenes alot but have bad commentators, play too many adds and spend more time advertising their channel, while 10 is too worried about the technology as they gauge how far some players cover on the ground and they give out the Viara after every saturday night game, but they have decent commentators. But Nine was the best by far. BRING IT BACK!

  279. Michael Allan says

    Vic Country’s still doing well as it one this years state carnival.

    Ringwood, terrific crioket club but shocking football club.

  280. Wallsy critizies the youngsters too much, he is boring, and just repeats himself over and over in the game to make himself sound smart. Consider this: When they have Wallsy on, the game seems boring and bland, but when they had Blighty and Matty Lloyd doing special comments, the broadcast was funny and entertaining.

  281. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I agree that Blighty’s funny but Wallsy has a fair in-depth knowledge of the game he coached three clubs for one flag.
    I do agree that he is boring but at least he has an opinion unlike some other callers who are afraid to show it.

    Yeah I liked the callers at Channel Nine. Remember their Sunday double-headers? used to love watching that.

  282. Yeah i used to watch the Sunday Footy Show, then Any Given Sunday (i think that’s what it was called) then the interstate game, then the highlights of the first quarter from the main match then i would stop watching lol

  283. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, 9 was awesome. Fox is my favorite on TV. They start earlier and finish later than the other two and have better commentators. I like it how they always show the theme song being sung after the game and they have a decent pre match show.

    The Sunday Footy Show is the second best footy show. The best is before the bounce with Spud and Dunstall on Friday nights. I wish Lou was still on his handball.

  284. Michael Allan says

    I remember on Any Given Sunday Mcik Molloy qould alwasy show the footage of John Howard playing cricket in India and he’s terrible. Haha it was so funny.

  285. Damian Watson says

    Michael, what does the red button signal produce?
    when I clicked on it a few years ago the only difference was that the coverage went longer.

    What happens now during the game? does it show different camera angles? or provide you stats?

  286. Haha yeah lol im sure Brett Lee was envious of Johnny’s bowl.

    Hopefully Ruddy is a better cricketer.

  287. Steve Healy says

    I don’t mind 10 or 7’s footy coverage. But sometimes Sunday Afternoon games can be annoying, with series of ads after goals, even though it gives me time to write down the score lol

  288. And i remember in Round 14 of 2007 during 7’s coverage of Melbourne vs. Carlton when Nathan Carroll and the Carlton player collided, they showed one replay of it and went to a break while the player was stretchered off. I found that annoying

  289. Michael Allan says

    You only sometimes got it this year for the Sunday twilight games.

    Last year it was handy but this year it was terrible.

    Last year you could look at lots of different stats, watch highlights and change camera angles, I liked at half time watching the change rooms.

    This year what happened was that on half of the screen you had the live action and the other side you had players stats in order appearing. Except the only stats they showed were the usual and nothing interesting.

    By the time the red button thing clicked in it would’ve just been quicker to get onto the AFL website and check the stats. Hopefully they improve it for next year.

  290. What’s the red button thing?

  291. Michael Allan says

    For some of the sunday twilight games you can press the red button on the remote and you can change different things.

    It used to be really good because you could just listen to the umpires and put on a camera view that doesn’t show replays(I hate it when they show replays and when it ends play has alread stardted) but this year they cut all of it out.

  292. Oh so its for all you Foxtel snobs..

  293. Michael Allan says

    Ha, I’ve never heard of a Foxtel snob. Do we belittle the free to air viewers?

  294. Yes, using an example from Round 21 this season, i’d much rather watch Adelaide v West Coast than Carlton v Melbourne. No offence Damo and Steve

  295. Michael Allan says

    Hey Josh, I played the season opener at Aussumption College in Kilmore. I thought it might be near you since it’s out in the country but then I researched and I fpound that Waaia is even further than Kilmore. Ha.

  296. I’ve never heard of Kilmore??

  297. Steve Healy says

    Really? Carlton V Melbourne was a pretty good game.

  298. ohh im a foxtel snob!! :)

  299. Michael Allan says

    Good on ya Danno!

    Kilmore according to is 1 hour and 50 mins from Waaia and 1 hour and 10 minutes from Croydon. Haha it’s closer to me than you.

    Assumption was the school Shane Crawford went to. IUt’s an all boysn boarding school. They’re really good at footy.

  300. Steve Healy says

    I wish I had foxtel. I’d love to have the decision of which game to watch.

    Anyway, I’m gonna watch the replay of Geelong V Melbourne in 2006 now. (the draw)

  301. Michael Allan says

    Haha, I guess I’m a private school snob too ey Josh.

  302. Oh Tom Lonergan did his kidney that game.

    Haha no i pity the fools who go to private schools

    SO you guys seriously don’t know where Waaia is??

  303. that like..near Mars or Venus?

  304. Lol have you heard of: Numurkah, Nathalia, Shepparton, Nagambie, Cobram, Yarrawonga or Wunghnu??

  305. you know id prob like the kow for the quite since i like to spend time alone..but i dont think i would LIVE there.

  306. is it near Colak?

  307. I’d pay anything for a house right next to the MCG.

    Haha i was in Cobram the other day and the main street is Punt Road, and i’d never noticed so i texted my Richmond mate and im like Ayy im on Punt Road! Lol

  308. No Danni, im north of Melbourne, not south lol

  309. LOL..okay..well ive been to Colac, WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!

    Tell me what do the girl wear in Waaia?
    cos id rock up in short-shorts a singlet, straw cow-boy hat and boots.

  310. Well i hardly actually ever go INTO Waaia (i live on a road near it lol) and when i am in Waaia, its at footy training or when playing footy so i see the girls wearing their netball uniforms.

  311. awwwwwwww!! netball uniforms!! :)
    the top of mine was the white pe shirt and the skirt was dark green, good time.
    ive still got the it signed on the last day and for some reason a guy called Chris who was in the year below me signed it and put his number on there…LOL

  312. Haha lol that’s gold!

  313. gold..its kinda arkward!!
    like i get it out to look at it..and there the name chris and a moblie number!!
    like..seriously..i dont even know the guy!

  314. Steve Healy says


    Geelong 2.1 13 to Melbourne 5.2 32 at Quarter time.

    Yze took that screamer

  315. Did you text him? LOL

  316. I remember that mark because of the commentary

  317. what! NO!
    Hes a year younger than me!!!

  318. Steve Healy says

    I think i might watch another game lol.

    The quality’s quite bad and I don’t wanna see Geelong come back and draw

  319. Steve Healy says

    Would you have texted him if he was 30 years older Danni? lol

  320. Damian Watson says

    Steve watch R21 2005 that was a classic.

  321. …yeah probably LOL
    its so weird though,…ohh i had a Steven, Joshua and a Micheal in my yearlevel

  322. Steve Healy says

    A game from this year or last year cos of qualiy

  323. Damian Watson says

    Melbourne v Brisbane Round 14 2008, probably the only exciting game involving the Dees over the last two years.

  324. Steve Healy says

    Hahahah my name is Stephen so that’s wrong.

    I didn’t have a Josh, Michael, Damian or Danielle in my year at primary school

  325. it gets better boys..
    i just took out the shirt and yes his name is Chris but..hes also go the home number on there too..

  326. Steve Healy says

    What about Melbourne V Fremantle?

    I remember Melbourne V Brisbane too well. I was at the game. I’m thinking Essendon V St.Kilda or North Melbourne V Port Adelaide this year- both close and high scoring and I dont remember them that well

  327. Steve Healy says

    Or Fremantle V Richmond. I didn’t really see any of that game cos of St.Kilda V Melbourne.

    All the girls were lining up to sign my shirt on my last day lol

  328. lmaoo..ohhhhhhhh GO STEVE!! LMAOO :p
    Yes even i liked a good blond back in those days…LOL
    tell me steve how many girls are you chasing?

  329. Steve Healy says

    Nah lol I’m not really chasing any girls, gee sometimes I wish I was at a co-ed school.

  330. nahh like ive said before..that Would NOT help me!! i already dont concentrate, no need to add boys to the equation!
    illbe expceted to see some trying to get into the school on thursday for the year 12 muck-up day. that should be interesting

  331. Im chasing about 3 or 4 haha lol nahh.

    Watch Fremantle v Western Bulldogs from Round 1 this year Steve

  332. Or take your pick from any of the past Essendon v Carlton matches.

  333. dont lie josh.
    ill bet hes been out with atleast 6!

  334. Steve Healy says

    I better decide soon lol I’ve been deciding for a while.

    are you on Facebook Josh?

  335. No but im thinking i should go on

    Im waiting for my latest piece on the Melbourne Cup to be put up on this website.

  336. Steve Healy says

    Shouldn’t you wait until the Melbourne Cup for that Josh? lol

  337. No its just a piece i wrote so i could let off some steam and have a whinge lol im totally against the Cup

  338. …why are you against it?

  339. Read my article when it gets put up and you’ll see

  340. Steve Healy says

    I don’t mind horse racing. I wish I knew more about it though

  341. ..ive always wanted a jet black horse

  342. Steve Healy says

    I’d love to ride a horse. I never have before, I’ve only ridden a Camel at a festival.

    I’m not gonna be a jockey when I grow up, unless I shrink 30cms lol

  343. My dislike for horses in general started at Year 7 camp when i did horse riding. Of course i had to pick the most agro horse and it started running (galloping?) while we were going through some water, then i got a cramp when i was getting off the horse, and my foot came loose when it was running.

  344. Steve Healy says

    Ah good old camp Howqua. Josh I know you’re probably thinking I rode a horse there, but I didn’t cos I was in bed.

  345. I rode a camel at the school fete once!

  346. Nah i remember you tellin me you didnt ride a horse. How could ya spend your time in bed at a great camp like that?? (note the sarcasm)

  347. Steve Healy says

    Yes Josh we do have alot in common.

  348. Lol i remember on Year 7 camp my mate fell down the stairs that go up to that massive slide and he scraped almost all the skin off his body, and then at year 8 camp at Anglesea he copped a surfboard to the mouth and split his lip open so i was sayin to him that he would fall off Uluru if he went on this year’s camp lol, thankfully he didnt

  349. lol nawww..i see
    well i jst want a balck horse cos they are so stunning and beatiful.
    they also have a dark mysterious air about them at the same time.

  350. Steve Healy says

    Have you ever ridden a horse Danni?

  351. no i havent..i dont think it would go well..but i jst think riding on a horse wif a dude would be romantic..

  352. Steve Healy says

    The only things I’ve ridden are a bike, camel, skateboard and my dog (for fun)

  353. …RSPCA OR WHAT!!!
    Your dog!!? im scared of dogs..if there big and black.
    i cant ride anything!
    havent ridden a bike for atleast 5 years and if i tried to skateborde it woudl be the end of me..although ive always had a thing for skaterboys…

  354. Steve Healy says

    Lol my Dog’s nothing like that. She’s a small orangish dog. She bites sometimes but it’s all fun especially if we’re wrestling.

  355. nawwww ur doggy is a rangga??

  356. Steve Healy says

    it’s a corgi. One of those short long dogs with big ears

  357. if i had a dog id have a maltese terrier

  358. Steve Healy says

    I’m worried that my dog’ll die cos she’s old and she used to belong to my grandparents

  359. Damian Watson says

    I have a Jack Russell, they’re a little to active if you ask me.

  360. My dog’s a ranga too, and my cousin tried riding him and our dog mauled him.

    I use to skate, but my board snapped and never got around to buying a new one lol

  361. nawww steve, dont say that!
    i cant watch those animal operation things on tv without crying.

  362. Steve Healy says

    My Dog’s the opposite. If I take it for walks and take it off the lead it’ll slowly head home instead of run around

  363. i really want a Duckiee!!!!!! :(

  364. Hmm my Grandparents Corgi was a bit like that, she died a few years ago but god they live for ages for those things

  365. Oh we used to have a duck! But my sister sorta broke its neck..sorry to upset you Danni

  366. ..omgggggggggg DUCKIEEEEEE!!!

    I was gonna get one but mum wouldnt let me cos they grow too fast! :(
    i was gonna call it fluffy!

  367. Steve Healy says

    Really Josh? I hope mine does.

    I’d like a pet Camel lol

  368. Steve Healy says

    Imagine a pet camel lol.

    Stop hogging the couch! Bad camel!

  369. Speaking of animals, my cat gave birth to 4 loud kittens this morning

  370. my friend Brits has a pet camel called Pineapple.

  371. Damian Watson says

    An old friend of mine used to have a pet carpet snake. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t live with a snake lurking around!!

  372. wow really?
    congrats Josh…does that make you a grandfather?? :)

  373. There is a pet camel that gets around the streets in Numurkah. My Nana is good friends with the lady that owns it so my mum is able to go see the Camel whenever. She got a photo with it once down the main street outside the Thirsty Camel store and she didn’t notice till i told her lol

  374. Steve Healy says

    My cat’s de-sexed but she looks like shes pregnant cos she’s so fat

  375. Well if you count all the kittens i’ve had, i’d be a great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, jeez im getting on in years :(

  376. We found a Tiger Snake in the loungeroom a few years ago, alive too.

  377. Steve Healy says

    What the hell Danni are you saying Josh is a cat?

  378. Steve Healy says

    There’s not much chance of finding a snake in your loungeroom in the city is there Josh? (wink)

    hes like the kittys daddy.
    so when it had kittens she a grandfather!

  380. So your saying i mated with a cat!!?? GROSS MAN!!

  381. ….ewww i hate snakes..and rats..ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

    status- trying on dresses

  382. no, JOSH lmaoo!!
    omg never mind!

  383. Well that’s what you were implying! LOL

  384. Steve Healy says

    Danni don’t mention your status unless it’s something different for once! lol

    Geez it’s amazing how many comments we post on this website. We’re already up to 382 on this thread

  385. i didnt mean it like THAT!!

  386. Yeah Steve i bet John and Paul are wondering if we ever shut up lol

  387. You soo did Danni!

  388. Steve Healy says

    I’d like to hear from Josh’s cats real Dad and see if he agrees with you Danni

  389. im sorry steve!!
    but it is diff cos im trying on diff dresses than last time!

  390. Damian Watson says

    Yeah even Brian Lara would have a hard time keeping up!

    My dog killed a rat once, I woke up that morning and the dead rat was lying there juust outside the window, scared the hell out of my me!

  391. lol ill bet you everyone on the list is reading all these conversations1

    Status- trying on shoes with dress

  392. When our cats kill birds they always bring em to the front door and bang on the door to get our attention lol

  393. Steve Healy says

    Yeah we’re nearly at Lara’s mark.

    Yes that’s a difference Danni.

    Dinner now bye

  394. Lol Paul told me that he never really read our conversations

  395. Jeez you people have dinner so late. I had mine an hour ago

  396. lol what exactly did he tell you?

  397. What do you mean Danni?

  398. did he mention our contants coversations?

    status- looking at clutches

  399. contants conversations??

  400. sorry cant type and try on stuff at the same time.
    constant conversations.

  401. ohh lol nah he just said that we talk alot lol.

  402. ohhh i cant wait for my muck up day next year!!!!!!!
    im so comming as a police officer!

  403. ..okay im suck!
    help me!!
    black dress
    white dress?????????
    ive got my friends 18th bday on sunday

  404. Would white go well on a pale person?

  405. Michael Allan says

    I bet next year the newws report will be –

    Xavier colledge has a muc up day rival – Police officers surrounded the school as the year 12’s went on a rampage led by troublesome Collingwood supporter Danielle Eid. Ms Eid’s only comments to the media were I LOVE YOU SUPERMAN and MARRY ME NATHAN BROWN.

  406. Michael Allan says

    I meant to mention Mercy College as Xavier’s rival, lol I should proof read.

  407. Michael, proof read?? Haha man do you know how many spelling mistakes you make?? LOL

  408. Michael..ROFL AT THAT!!!

    hmmm..yeah it looks fine..although the black one is tighter which is nicer…
    they both look good.
    do you think it would be classier to wear the black one cos its an 18th?

  409. Im gonna slowly back away from this conversation, me and fashion dont get along, just ask my pink aviators!

  410. Michael Allan says

    Haha yeah I make heaps. From now on I’m going to make an effort to check before I send.

  411. lol but the police cant stop me, cos ill be wearing the same outfit! mwahahhaha

  412. lmaoo, fine ill jst ask joe.
    you have pink aviators LOL??

  413. Steve Healy says

    I’m back.

    Sorry, just had to search on google to find out what aviators are.

  414. lol!
    Steve quick give me your opinion.
    white or black dress?

  415. Damian Watson says

    Steve this website might help you out with some classic Demons matches:

  416. Steve Healy says

    Hmmm if it’s hot on sunday (or whenever the party is) wear white or if its quite cold wear black.

    It’s the same thing that you take into account with cars and other objects that can be black or white in colour.

  417. Steve Healy says

    Thanks a lot Damo

  418. well, thats a creative answer.
    although b/c its at night it will be cold so im assuming that means black dress.
    JOE: ‘Danni, who cares jst wear whatever.’


    cya guys, i gotta get ready for prison 2mro.

  419. Steve Healy says

    Don’t forget to bring your ball attached to the chain

  420. Steve Healy says

    Oh speaking of Melbourne vids on YOutube , someone put some videos of Jack Watts’ mistakes and put some funny music with them. Search “Joke Watts” on Youtube

  421. I’ve got pink and black aviators, and red and white aviators. Steve the sunnies im wearing in my facebook picture are aviators.

  422. Michael Allan says

    Hey Steve, I think this is the first time since you went on camp we’ve been on at the same time lol.

    That’s a bit rough on poor Watts. I feel sorry for the kid. He’ll have a great season in 2010.

    There are also Dud Judd videos if anyone’s interested in them.

  423. Steve Healy says

    Hi Michael, it’s like talking to a ghost.

    Dud Judd eh? That’ll make me feel better.

    Sorry Josh I don’t know a thing about sunglasses, I don’t wear em

  424. Michael Allan says

    I don’t have a pair of aviators and I don’t plan on getting one.

  425. Aw why not? They’re awesome and keeping the 80’s alive.

    I would look up footy videos but im very close to my internet limit

  426. Michael Allan says

    I’m like Steve, don’t where sunnies.

    Ha I am aswell Josh.I’ve been watching heaps of Richmond games and it’s starting to show on the downloads.

  427. Michael Allan says

    Anyway I’m off now. I’m abslolutely buggered. Yesturday I got up at 7:40 for basketball and last night i got to sleep at 4:30 cause I was at a mate’s house.

    Talk to you later, bye.

  428. Steve Healy says

    cya Michael. I thought bigpond was unmetered? Or is that only if you have bigpond internet?

  429. Cya Michael, 4:30’s a good effort, i’ve tried doing an all nighter but i’ve never succeeded

  430. Steve Healy says

    I almost did an all nighter at a friends house once in grade 6. I fell short and had a 20 minute sleep on his couch.

  431. Steve Healy says

    On the first night at camp I didn’t get to sleep till about 3 and I was so fukn tired but a few guys in my cabin wouldnt shut up

  432. My best is until 4 lol

    I’ve almost finished reading the 2007 Almanac, i wish there was a 2006 and 2005 Almanac

  433. Yeah i hate people who wont shut up when im trying to sleep lol

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