AFL cancels live AFL streaming over the internet. NZ types not happy

This is the cry of a desperate man.

For the past couple of years, we in New Zealand have been able to watch the footy live streamed on the internet via AFL Live. This year, it has been cancelled. No footy watching for us unless you happen to own an iPhone (which I don’t) and want to squint into a small screen.

With a game between Sydney and St Kilda scheduled for Anzac Day in Wellington this year, it would seem to be marketing madness to remove the main source of raising enthusiasm amongst the locals, don’t you think?

The live streaming still goes to every country on Earth (from the Ukraine to Paraguay) by the way – except the one country where they are playing a game for four points and hoping to get a crowd to come and watch. Explain that to me!

Knackers, you would do us flat-vowelled, sheep-cuddling ex-pats a favour by publicising and hopefully encouraging the masses to rise up in righteous indignation against this blatant display of counter-favoritism.

If you guys can’t get anything done about it, the next step is the United Nations.



  1. Once again it’s all about maximising the almighty dollar – they want to lock you into paying a ridiculous monthly fee for their app.

  2. Neil Belford says

    Well I dont mind the fee – I think it is a pretty awesome service – for me it means I still dont need foxtail – The annual fee is about the same as a month of foxtail and I am pretty happy with the resolution on my iPad. No broadband charge, you can share one subscription across multiple devices and this year you dont have to turn off the wi-fi if you have connectivity – but let me add, my son was getting HD reception on 3G in the back seat of the car at 100kph on the Geelong ring road yesterday – I thought that was pretty impressive.

    But as to the question for New Zealand – yes I do think they are shooting themselves in the foot by disenfranchising the whole nation. At the most you would think they might turn it off for that round if someone with very modern spectacles in marketing made a very impressive power-point presentation.

    Give New Zealand back internet footy. Save them from that funny game they play in winter.

  3. John O'Keefe says

    I’ve long since realized that you don’t have to be real bright to work at AFL headquarters (in fact, it probably helps not to be), but sureley someone there must have been paying attention in Geography class when they were told that New Zealand is an “overseas country”, that is not part of Australia and that you can’t get there by car. Their “exciting new announcement for overseas AFL fans” (Feb 13) might have been good news to the patrons in Bosnia and Benin, but we, here in the Land of the Long White Old-Fella”, read it with dismay. Our lower lips are already starting to quiver slightly, and we have only missed the first week of the NAB cup. Lord knows what sort of mess we will be by the time the first coach (Malthouse) gets the bullet.

  4. 1) Flightless Cousins – despair not at missing the NAB Cup. You’ve missed nothing.

    2) Despair not at the greed, stupidity and ignorance of the AFL. It is the calling card of their leader – The Great Helmsman Andreas. Hopefully to leave us soon.

    3) Bring lawyers guns & money. See you in Geneva or New York,

  5. Hey JOK,

    Don’t despair just yet. Last year about this time when the site was launched it was for everyone outside Australia and New Zealand but by the time Round 1 had come around NZ fans had access too. Hopefully the same will occur this year but I’ve teed myself up with a tablet should the worst occur. The AFL media people also told us that a free to air TV deal was supposed to be announced soon so it will be interesting to see what that involves. There’s plenty of crud on those Freeview channels which I’d love to see make way for the footy!

  6. Well JOK, I too have been shocked at the way AFL treats ‘we’ kiwis. I’m over here with work, and paid for the internet subscription for the end of last season, which was barely acceptable – but far better than this seasons options.

    Not everybody wants an ‘i’ anything, i prefer an android and a laptop, which will get me a glorious 4″screen worth of footy.. provided i pay the $90 for the season PLUS the streaming fees through vodafone!
    …and if you read the disclaimers, there are no promises of anything! its purely best efforts.

    With the lack of content on FTA here – 8 minutes of program followed by 5 minutes of ads – there sure is room to squeeze some afl in. Should be offered for next to nix to the commercial channels to stimulate some interest in the sport.

    Seriously – how many NZ AFLlive subscriptions will the AFL/Telstra actually sell, a couple of thousand would probably be stretching it under these restrictions.

  7. FTA deal has been announced today for new Freeview channel. Kiwis (and expats) will have to wait until round 4 to see it but from then on will get some live some delayed – but all games on FTA. Sky will continue to have one delayed match. Probably better than anyone in NZ could hope for after what they have had to put up with so far. Add in the live streaming if you are willing to pay for it and you are pretty well covered.

  8. There you go JOK – it turned out all right in the end!! Between the Freeview channel and the AFL TV International service (which I noticed today will be able to be accessed via desktop, Thank God!) we won’t miss anything. In fact, I reckon we’re getting a better deal than what the folks back home are getting!

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