AFL 2018: What Are We Waiting For?

It has been a long time since I posted on the Almanac. You might ask why that is the case. In short, let us just say that this summer was not the best for sport.


You may be thinking this summer was brilliant and in terms of the results, I would have to agree. The Australians won the Ashes. Federer won the Australian Open. However, watching these things unfold were not as exciting as what the country was expecting.


In the Ashes, Australia beat the Poms 4-0, in a very slow-paced series. The Australians created wickets that “resembled pancakes”, as good old Geoffrey Boycott said. Obviously, Australia have come back from India 12 months ago saying “we are not giving our wicket away”, rather than “we are going to score these runs like it is nobody’s business”. I understand it is good for the team’s dynamic to think like this, but where is the entertainment in a day’s play where the score at stumps is 4-200? I am sure that I am not the only one who misses the old Australia.


Of course, Roger Federer won his 20th grand slam in this Australian Open. Once Nadal was forced to retire, this result became all too predictable. Let’s be honest, Cilic is a classy player, but there was more chance of aliens deciding to land on Earth than of Cilic beating Federer in that final. Of course, that win was thoroughly deserved for the great man, but I wanted a tournament as spicy as last year’s Australian Open.


Apart from the classic Super Bowl LII, which saw the Eagles cause a massive boilover to down the Patriots, everything else has not been as exciting to watch. I would not say it has been a “boring” summer, but it was below par in the excitement aspect.


Anyways, I am back from my temporary hiatus from the Footy Almanac, and here to write, afresh. The summer is more or less over. And while I still have one eye on the Australian tour to South Africa, another is focused right on the AFL. I am extremely hyped for the beginning of season 2018. Also the rugby league has begun, which most people at school have been talking about. What do you expect from New South Wales? I support the Eels, but not in that “I Would Die 4U” manner, as I do with the Swans. League is not really my bread and butter.


Anyway, back to the real footy. After last season, I expect bigger things, not just from the Swans, but from everybody. I hope the craziness kicks up a notch or two from last season, if that is possible. Last year was brilliant in that regard. The Tigers won after finishing last year 13th. Essendon finished in the top 8 after their wooden spoon. West Coast snuck past Melbourne in the last game at Domain Stadium, and we all know what happened next.


Luke Shuey’s after-the-siren goal made for one of the greatest finals ever played. Four other games were decided after the siren last year. Mitch McGovern drew the game after the Crows trailed by half a century. David Mundy sunk the Tigers after the eventual premiers snatched the lead with twenty seconds left. Gary Rohan marked on the goal line and converted, completing the comeback from 19 points down with five minutes left. And of course, Tom Hawkins missed after the siren, having to settle for the two points.


I hope for more this year. Particularly from my Swans. The biggest bonus is that my dad finally bought himself a membership, as my membership that I had for the past three years was useless, as my dad still had to buy tickets normally. But my Swans can also expect really big things this year.


We kick off our year with the first ever game played for premiership points at the new Optus Stadium. Even though Tippett is gone and Naismith is injured, we get to see Sinclair and young Darcy Cameron, who will almost certainly debut for the Swans this year. Youngsters like Hewett, Papley, Heeney and Mills will only get better, and it will be exciting seeing the likes of Matthew Ling, Tom McCartin and Ryley Stoddart coming through the ranks.


Come on AFL, don’t keep us waiting another eleven days! What are you waiting for?


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Yes, that's my Swans hoodie. Yes, those are swans in London. If you're reading this, I hope you enjoyed the ramble.


  1. G’day Daniel.
    Good on you.
    Happy New Year.

    As far as I can see, the latest trend in AFL suggests that finishing 13th in one year corresponds with a premiership in the next year.
    So while I’m interested to see what happens throughout the year, I’m mostly looking forward to Collingwood claiming that premiership trophy.

  2. Earl O'Neill says

    Good to see you back, Dan. The Superbowl was a cracker, has any team taken so many risks as the Eagles? Passing on the fourth down, who’da guessed!

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