ADELAIDE DAY 4: Groundhog Day


Forgive me if I think this is Groundhog Day.  The crowd today look like the leftovers from yesterday.

There is a distinctive sign that says “hangover” amongst most of them. It was a big day on Australia Day and I don’t think many of them would remember what happened yesterday.

For me personally I avoided all buses and walked to the ground with care and due diligence.

It’s amazing how many people you meet at the cricket that you know or know of.  I met one guy (David Mitchell) today who umpired in the West Gippsland FL in the sixties. We were reminiscing about how Steve Stevens and Vic Henderson brought the umpires up from Melbourne by taxi and dropped them at their destination and then get them back home at some ungodly hour the next morning.

Call it a taxi!   It was a Jaguar limousine and I still wonder how the cagy SS must have pulled a shifty on the ATO.  SS is famous for his ability to signal a goal when flat on his back during a VFL Grand Final.

Have been chastised over the last 24 hours in calling the great Peter Siddle the Moe Mauler instead of the “Morwell Mauler”.  Any suggestions as to which is the more purposeful or poignant?

Have been sitting next to the Security box throughout the series and have been fascinated by how they operate.  With about 16 people in the room including police they continually patrol the ground through field glasses and a bank of television screens for the whole day.  No wonder there is very little disturbance at the ground.

Clarke (37) goes to Yardav trying to force the pace as PontingAO continues on his merry way and his fifty continues his amazing feast for runs over the festive season.

Trivia question for the day.  How many times have Ponting and Clarke shaken hands during this test match?

Sharma takes his first wicket for the match when he gets Hussey (15).

Australia bat on after lunch and declare at 5/167 Ponting (60 n.o.) leaving India 500 to win.

The Punter has now scored more runs (422) this year than all of last year. Wow!

Gambhir (3) goes early to Harris who has shown no sign of injury so far this year. Sehwag is swinging like Rock Hudson and surely can’t last the distance.

At last Sehwag is standing and delivering in fine style and no bowler is immune. The stand-in skipper will never die wondering nor will the bowlers.  His innings ends when he miss times and Ponting catches in the covers.  Out for a fine 62.

The batsmen are not finding any demons in the pitch at this stage and both dismissals were careless undisciplined shots

Took a walk up to the 50 year member section and countered 48 old-timers here for the day. Had time to work out that they have watched around 1500 hours of test cricket if they have not missed a match.  Combined they have sat at the cricket for 50000 hours or 208 days.

Dravid at last is settling in and when he is enjoyed by Tendulkar the crowd are anticipating a battle.  Both men on their last visit to Australia will be looking for big farewell innings.

Harris works up some steam and has Dravid (25) caught by Hussey. He was nowhere near the ball.

It is about time that the umpires showed courage of their convictions and not defer every wicket to the third umpire to see if the bowler has no balled or not.  No wonder the crowd have started to voice their opinions over the last two days.

Lyon stops the heartbeat of the Indians when he has Tendulkar (13) caught at short leg by Cowan.

When will he reach the 100th century and get the monkey of his back ?

The Spider has now taken 2/34 and has been most impressive on his OWN wicket. He has kept a beautiful length and is assured of a ticket to the Windies in the next couple of months

To India’s credit VVS and Kohli put their heads down and are determined to carry the game in to a third day.  Ponting drops VVS and this could be vital for India’s survival.  Harris is bowling excellently.

Australia’s asylum of fast bowlers have battled manfully throughout the day with Harris outstanding. There is nothing in the pitch and all wickets are hard earned.  Lyon with his finger spin and his wickets of Sehwag and Tendulkar being a great reward.

The Spider (3/57) does it again assisted by brilliant captaincy by Clarke who moved Marsh to a catching position and he does.  VVS (35) goes. Will it be the last time we see him also?

Kohli (22) continues to impress and he is determined to finish the day. Hilfenhaus has other ideas and a brilliant throw finds him short of his ground.

Great captaincy by Clarke  who has used his fast  bowlers in short spells except for the lionhearted Spider who has toiled brilliantly.

Once again it has been Australia’s day and the ending looks inevitable early in the morning.


About Bob Utber

At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Peter Flynn says

    Well played Bob.

    Is it 22 yards between Dizzy’s statue and Boof’s (Lehmann’s) statue?



  2. For you it probably looked like 100 metres.
    In reality it is 10.75 metres

  3. Michael Parker says

    As a Moe/Newborough native I can say that Siddle is indeed from 12km’s down the highway and thus “Morwell Mauler” is more appropriate (although doesn’t sound as good).

  4. Peter Flynn says


    The Terrace Bar escalator has caused vision issues.

    Enjoy Day 5. A storm?

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