A Romance with Football

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I’m so excited – Friday (September 8) I’ll be on SEN radio with Francis Leach in the afternoon talking about The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017. (Thank you Yvette Wroby for recommending me to them.) I’m scheduled to be on about 1.30 so tune in to 1116 on the dial.


I’m usually a romance author and it’s kind of funny that I’ll be talking sport. I’m so unsporty most of the time.
BUT, the romance community LOVES their sport and my writer buddies have helped compile a list of awesome AFL-themed romance novels. Because you deserve it. (especially if your team didn’t make the finals – these books still deliver a happy ending.)


Leesa Bow writers gorgeous AFL romances including:
Winning The Game, Caught Out & Winning The Player
Check her out at http://www.leesabow.com

Another fab writer is Tess Woods
Her latest book Beautiful Messy Love is winning loads of fans
Check her out at http://www.tesswoods.com.au

Mary Costello’s The Reluctant Wag combines glamour, sport and fame:

Ashlea Rhodes is a Melbourne-based author with a new series called AFL Groupies. Book 1 is Mark to her Heart.

Joanne Dannon has a cracker of a romance, Kisses Under the Spotlight, about a physiotherapist working for an AFL club.

Joan Kilby has a former AFL hero finding love in her novel, In His Hands.

Stefanie London’s debut was about an injured AFL star needing some personalised training in Only The Brave Try Ballet.
Now she’s a USA Today bestseller! www.stefanie-london.com


Happy reading everyone.


Ebony McKenna is a total show off and has trouble shutting up. The most important reason she's here at The Footy Almanac is because she's Rod Oaten's daughter.


  1. Donna Gallagher wrote the League of Love series. Highly recommended!

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