A-League – Round 4: As gutted as Burns

A historic win for Western Sydney Wanderers saw them score their first goal and gain their first win. It was more remarkable; the goal, the sword, was put to lacklustre champions Brisbane Roar in their own back yard. It was something of a surprise, and more of a shock. Brisbane didn’t play badly. Western Sydney were resolute. They closed the shop, let nothing through. They did this by shutting down Brisbane in the middle of the park. Something few teams have been able to do in the last two seasons.

Mark Bridges took his goal well, even though it was a free header. I was gutted (about the defending and the goal!) but not as gutted as Jacob Burns during his post match interview. Perth were robbed in Sydney. At 2-1, Del Piero’s boys stole a big result against the odds. At 3-1, Adelaide United were just as ‘lucky’ against a solid Pheonix. It was a game that saw the word Jeronimo develop a new meaning. It was something like ‘Charge!’  – apparently it now means ‘Dive!’ as well? A blazing free kick separated CCM from a broken Heart. And the Jets, through the hot to trot Heskey, soared to victory against, well, Victory. There’s a clear-out coming there. It’s just a question of whether it’ll be fast enough.

A lot of talk about referees this weekend… From people on losing sides mostly. It might be because the whistle blowers have made a few honest mistakes, but it could also be that this is the tightest Hyundai A-League competition ever! With everyone turning over every one else, it’s shaping up to be a corker. The pressure’s on extra early this season and the only people it’s good news for is us fans. Long may it last!


  1. MY English son-in-law tells me this football is shite, Lee.

    And adds not only to desist texting him the results but not to mention its existence in polite, family conversation at all.

    He says Emile Heskey and the Italian Del Piero are superannuated has-beens.

    He’s a born and bred East Londoner with a very strong attachment to West Ham if that’s any help. I’ve been to Upton Park with him to watch the real football: the EPL.

  2. Richard
    The standard of football here has improved immeasurably in the last two seasons. Its become a sharp passing game thats worth watching, and because its young and developing, it has some of that old footbal romance about it. Also, even though the comp. is setttlin a little, at this stage there are at least four teams who could win it. Everyone is capable of taking points off everyone else.

    I struggle to watch the EPL football circus these days. Same clubs winning each year. Irony is its what EPL fans say about everyone else. Man City had to spend $300million to win it, Utd have invested even more and Chelsea? nuff said. Your SIL may have a point about Heskey and Del Piero, but Its working for the game here, developing young talent alongside experience instead of the pressure to buy big. I’d rather have their emile and alessandro’s indian summer than be a West Ham supporter at the moment. Still, forever blowing bubbles…

  3. I LOVE the EPL, Lee. That’s probably becoz I’m a ManYoo supporter, having seen my first game as a young lad in 1952 when my re-located Welsh uncle took us to Old Trafford.

    Before the Munich air disaster, of course. Don’t care if the EPL devolves around half-a-dozen clubs, as long as the Mighty Red Devils continue to salute.
    It’s up to the other clubs to step up, not for ManYoo, Citeh, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs to suddenly capitulate.
    Happily, Liverpool seems to have declined, Long may that tumble continue.

    What makes it even more delightful is that Sir continues to be football’s pre-eminent manager.

    And he’s my age! And still going for who knows how long?
    Age-wise along with Mick, Keith, Charlie Watts and the Stones. Bill Wyman is a tad older.

    Gotta love those boys.

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