A Lament for the Absolutely Lamentable – Carlton v The Fine Young Cannibals

TUNE: Blue (Fine Young Cannibals)



My old team keeps getting creamed
I’m mad about that
They play like crap, can’t bridge the gap
I’m just sick of that



I’m all barracked out, there’s just no doubt
Life stays much better if I never ever give a sod ’bout youse….Blues!
You make me wanna hit the booze



Their game plan’s wrong, they’ve had the gong
I’m mad about that
They just can’t score, or hit barn doors
I’m mad about that
We used to be top of the tree
But now we just wallow in misery
My old team keeps getting creamed, I’m just jack of that







  1. G’day Rick,

    I feel your pain as a Sainter. We are supposed to improve this year but go backwards. I feel so bad watching the losing game on Friday at Docklands.

    However I am with my boys and the coach, Alan Richardson. Brendon Bolton would be the same.

    Ross Lyon left a mess at St Kilda. Having Mick Malthouse would be bad for your Blues.

    I’m on the same boat with you but suggest you to be patient.



  2. Must admit I’m up and about after the Suns’ win (JTH and Yoshi can both testify to that) and excited about the possibility of a strong end the the season, but I kinda hope Carlton can put in a good performance next week. Got some likeable youngsters & Kade Simpson has certainly dealt with far more than his fair share of lows. Time for those green shoots to show themselves!

  3. Two issues that throw the spotlight on the football and conditioning departments, instead of recruiting which is where most SBM pitchfork-wavers seem to want to go: a) why the hell do we fight like mad to stay in sight against opposition we won’t actually beat in a million years, but choke as soon as more than one in five tipsters pick us to win; and b) for three years running you haven’t needed a calendar: Wimbledon, British Open, Carlton shut the shop and go home, it must be mid-July. Last two years, we’ve sunk from not much chop to no chop at all, this time we’ve gone from standard issue crap to special extra-sulphorous crap.

    Green shots?? The players’ bodies and minds are shot to hell.

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