A hair raising team!!!

When my age passed Jeff Thomson’s highest Test score, I became somewhat less hirsute. In light of this predicament I started thinking about footballers who were follicularly challenged. Thus I have picked a team of footballers who, at different stages over the course of their careers, saw their hairlines recede; some quite drastically.

They are an eclectic bunch. I cannot recall Mil Hanna with any hair. Others, like “Big Carl” and Bruce Doull, sought the addition of a headband to compensate for their hair loss, whilst others like Billy Brownless can be remembered  starting their careers with flowing locks, but ending up totally devoid of them!

So I thought this team of players could play some hair raising footy.

B:        B Gill (Carl)               M Martyn (NM, Carl)                N Smart, (Ade)

H/B:   A McKay (Carl)            M Hanna (Carl)                          B Doull (Carl)

C:       Peter Matera (WC)          P  Sproule (Ess, Rich)           S Trott, (St K, Haw)

H/F:   A Jesaulenko (Carl, St K)   B Hall (St K, Syd, WB)   M Faletic (St  K)

F:      W Brownless (Geel)           G Ablett (Haw, Geel)          G Ablett Jnr (Geel, GC)

Foll: C Ditterich (St K, Melb)         J Buckley (Carl)            K Bartlett (Rich)

Inter: from R Hunt (Rich, Geel, St K)    K Hunter (Carl)     J Newnham (Fitz)     A Wills (Geel, Freo, WB)    A Jarman (Ade)  M Richardson (Coll, Fitz)    W Harmes (Carl)      S Beasley (Foots)     G Anderson (Coll)     J Jess (Rich)

Coach: A Jeans (St K, Haw, Rich)

P.S: Though he didn’t play VFL footy, special  mention must go to Port Melbourne, VFA , legend David “Sammy “Holt.



  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Firstly Glen! A terrific line-up. I can’t believe I missed this. Apologies for unconscious plagiarism and thanks for unconscious inspiration ! May the Baldies live long and prosper !

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