A Game Night to Remember

When I was in elementary school, football was a spur-of-the-moment activity that would come out of the blue whenever there were an empty meadow and a canceled class. But, there was also this rowdy bunch that would occupy the local field every Thursday. What struck me was how well-organised they were. I dreamed of a day when I would come with a dozen of friends, equipped with a pro-grade ball, jerseys, beers, and all that jazz. Well, I grew up, I still love the football, and the day has come.


Sporty night owls


People go to packed nightclubs, bars, and concerts and there is nothing wrong with that. Still, I always preferred to be out in the open. I guess I never trusted social events that do not allow me to see the majestic night sky dotted with stars. Besides, a football match is a cheap way to socialize and on top it, an utterly rewarding experience. There is also something peculiar about playing during the night. You are in the spotlight, the temperature is pleasant, and you can rewind after the draining day.


So, the first thing you need is a group of eager individuals. My social network is full of athletic geeks and recreational league fanatics ready to hit the ground at any time. Ok, maybe not all of them. What has always frustrated me how I have to organize everything and how irresponsible some people can be. Anyway, be prepared to get frustrated due to people canceling at the last moment.


The next thing to consider is a place to hold the event and a basic budget. As I mentioned earlier, we used to play on meadows and fields that had two pairs of trees properly positioned. These kinds of conditions, of course, no longer cut it. Australian football is played on a cricket oval, and although there are no standard dimensions for the field, it should be between 135 and 185 meters in length and 110 and 155 meters in width.


Torch of sportsmanship


The triumph cannot be without the struggle. A bit of healthy competition is always welcome to ignite passions. Never should you forget about fair play, though. As a physical content sport, Australian Football can be quite testosterone pumping. Yet, I found out that there is no amount of negative emotions and hard words that cannot be later washed away with a bit of chit-chat and bear. A quality mobile coolroom keeps the temperature of the beers just right and helps us set conflicts aside.


After all, the match is a social highlight and the purpose is to have fun with friends. Winning is on everyone’s mind, but if everyone is to enjoy, you cannot lose the sight of the pristine essence of sportsmanship. Sport is the preserver of physical health and the warden of the mental one as well. Occasional sparks contribute to the rivalry and excitement- just do not let them become a wildfire.


Start with one night to remember and turn it into a habit. Namely, after some time, we decided to create a recreational sports league. It does not cost a truckload of money but the expenses encompass everything from a facility and equipment to referees and marketing. It is funny when I think about how it all started: I invested in a pro ball and now, I am throwing a party to remember to mark the end of the season and bond with fellow football lovers.


The ball is in your court


Organising recreational events takes time and effort, but it is more than worth it. Once you get the ball rolling, everything else disappears or becomes meager. You immerse in the great outdoors and strive to kick your game into overdrive. For me, football matches with friends represent nighttime camaraderie and sports competition at their finest. For as long as I am able to walk, I am committed to maintaining the nice tradition.



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