A Dinki-Di, Multicultural, Aussie Side

With Usman Khawaja playing against his country of birth, Pakistan, in the current test I thought I’d pick a dinki-di multicultural Aussie cricket side. There’s quite a few overseas born chaps missing, but here’s my twelve. Who carries the drinks? Let’s check the pitch and weather.


Charles Bannerman: England

Keppler Wessels: South Africa

Usman Khawaja: Pakistan

Archie Jackson: Scotland

Davennel Whatmore: Sri Lanka

Tom Horan: Ireland

Andrew Symonds: England

Brendan Julian: New Zealand

Sammy Carter: England (WK)

Rex Sellers: India

Clarrie Grimmett: New Zealand

Tony Dell: England


As I mentioned there are others who could have made it into the twelve. Who would you have picked? Let us know.




  1. Shane John Backx says:

    Lennie Durtanovich!!! Croatia.

  2. G’day Shane. Len Durtanovich was born in Western Australia of Macedonian parents.


  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says:

    Dizzy Gillespie – half Greek !!

  4. Joe Scuderi, of Italian heritage I think

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