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Travelling to Suncorp Stadium to the watch the Broncos and Rabbitohs on Sunday, I am blissfully content to be taking in what promises to be an entertaining fixture. I am in one of those truly liberated states where I actually have an open mind about the result and am just looking forward to the contest. The sun is shining in Brisbane again after a few grim and windy days.

I am getting my “man time” but in the glorious company of The Bride and our two daughters. The car radio is pumping out Katy Perry’s latest tune. Last Friday Night narrates the remorse of a teenager the day after alcohol fuelled night of experimentation including amongst other things a ménage a trois, as you do these days, apparently.

Curious and reflective about the lyrics, my nine year old daughter, dressed and ready in her junior Bronco cheerleading outfit, offers from the backseat,

“What is a ménage a trois?”

I immediately accept a hospital pass stare from The Bride and find myself dodging marital bullets as well as traffic.

Concerned that any form of delay will open doors to all sorts of adolescent snigger, I bounce back quickly,

“It’s a fancy name for a group hug darling” I say, matter of factly, but relieved not to have conceded the complete truth although conscious not to have misled the poor little soul with a complete lie, in the style of building walls to keep rabbits out of China!

She immediately turns and scoffs at her elder sister,

”See, I told you it wasn’t a drink!”

The Bride and I leave it there.

I am still reflecting on the issue as we take our seats and enjoy the pre-match entertainment in which our curious little one is a vibrant participant. I am trying to find context to such innocence and am myself curious as to the sisterly debate that has obviously taken place about the topic. I am intrigued as to the logic deriving the conclusion and deduce that Video Hits has a lot to answer for.

I decide to focus on the match in hand.

The Rabbitohs take two minutes to score which only serves to reinforce their pre-match warm up in which they  exude a steely determination during which Michael Crocker and Darren Lockyer cross paths. Harsh words are spoken.

The Broncs hit back with tries to Alex Glenn and the irrepressible Jack Reed. This kid is old school and loves it tough. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has beer on his breakfast.

A four pointer to the willing Chris McQueen in the 29th minute brings the Rabbitohs back into the picture but that is the last points they will score for the match. The Broncos score again before and just after half time.

As the Broncs assert their superiority, my reflections turn to the clear benefits that a settled and stable “back of house” can produce. I recall that it was only 2008 when scandal visited senior players involved in their own “group hug” in a Fortitude Valley nightclub toilet derailing a serious premiership bid. Undoubtedly remorse was the plentiful emotion. Two forgetful years followed including the abject failure of playing any form of finals footy in 2010.

A new CEO and coach now provide clarity of vision. The simplicity of effort and discipline required to be a proud and successful club are promoted off field and exemplified on-field by captain Darren Lockyer. Lockyer plays with the deliberate intent and certainty of a man with no regrets. He hasn’t played a starring role today but his undoubted contribution to the team is not always what he does but what he knows. He has instilled a confidence in his teammates that won’t allow the Bunnies back in this match and they clinically rebut all of Sandow’s last gasp trick shots to see off the challenge. Broncs take the match 22 – 10.

I depart with my own observations following an afternoon of reflection.

The Broncos are premiership contenders. They are not a team to be underestimated in what is a wide open competition, especially now following the fallout from the Brookvale Brawl.

The Rabbitohs are a team that I want to see make the finals. I like their style.

Lockyer will continue his career in the game as a successful coach if and whenever he wants to.

As a parent, always expect the unexpected.

Brisbane 22 (Tries: Glenn, Reed, Thaiday, Te’o Goals: Parker 3/4)
Souths 10 (Tries: Roberts, McQueen Goals: Sandow 1/2)

Venue: Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Crowd: 40,094
Referees: Tony Archer, Jared Maxwell
Votes: 3- Glenn (Broncos), 2- Hoffman (Broncos), 1- Sandow (Souths)

Michael Pearson


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