Dear Mickey, I’m feeling unwell

Dear Mickey,

Here is my wellness report.  I just read the news on Shane Watson’s departure from India and the reason behind him being left out of the third test team.  Then I went to bed in my hotel room here in KL, but just could not get to sleep as I pondered the absurdity of the situation.

That James Pattinson, Shane, Usman Kuwaja and Mitchell Johnson did not present to you what they brought to the team is corporate mumbo-jumbo that most professionals would object to let alone cricketers.  Personally I would have thought that if you could not work out what they brought to the team (especially Pattinson), then I would suggest you should be writing the report on your own value!

I have no issue with Shane Watson being left out of the team, I have regaled often about his selfishness and lack of runs on the board to qualify as a batsman.  But for not doing a presentation, fair dinkum!  I know you may have the need to enforce your authority on the group, but you also have a baying set of Australian Cricket supporters disillusioned with what you are leading.  Yes, you have coaches job, but your credentials are much closer to Brett Ratten’s than Mick Malthouse.

Then I hear that not all players are completing “Wellness Reports” on a daily basis.  Mickey, you are all staying at the same hotel!  You could just ask them all how they are – are you trying to build a corporate culture or a cricket culture.  Yes information is important, but the players are under your nose and if they are not communicating with you then we really need to determine where the problem lies.

Australian cricket is currently on life support with an inexperienced playing group up against a formidable home side producing conditions to suit them.  Some of the external stuff going could put it into cardiac arrest!

Yours Sincerely, Sal

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