2013 – A Season in Song: Semi Finals – Fitness Test

After sulking for a couple of months, I dusted off the adidas kitbag (you know, the black vinyl one with with with 4″ high lettering lettering and the handles that needed insulation tape to stop the metal bits digging in to your hands), fished out the matching adidas Romes and took a quick run around the musical park to see if I could make a late run to the finals.

Sydney v Carlton was played at the ANZ Ice Rink, and weren’t the skills there for all to see – not.

In a John Fogerty-like exhibition of self-plagiarism, I also revisited an early season success by paying grudging tribute to the efforts of the PAFC in 2013.

No resultant airtime, but I was happy just to be back in front of the selectors.

Carlton v Sydney (Slippin’ Away)
We just snuck into the eight
After much Essendon debate
And we put out the Tigers
Before 94000 at the MCG
And now we’re up in Sydney
It’s a busy venue, you see
They played Rugby League there last night
We will have to sit tight
Its not the SCG
My legs are slippin’ from under me
My legs are slippin’ from under me
It’s not just me it’s you
And you and you and you, slippin’ away
Alberton (Galveston, yes I know it’s been done before, by me no less)
Alberton, oh Alberton
Past the Cheltenham Cemet’ry
Our new pres David Kochy
He was 56, when he saved Alberton
Alberton, oh Alberton
We were acting quite extinctly
But along came Kenny Hinkley
He was the one, to save us at Alberton
I remember number 7 Russell Ebert,
Bubbles Obst and Geof Motley
Not forgetting David Granger
Fos Williams and his three sons
Alberton, oh Alberton
Not much fight shown since the Ramsgate
Once again we’ve made SA Great
Wharfies walk around with their chest puffed out
At Alberton, at Alberton

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  1. Amused and like the words; Shame I don’t know the tune!

  2. That’s a comment about “Alberton” BTW,

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

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