2013 – A Season in Song – Round 4: Peaking Too Early

My muse had departed after Round 4 – I had nothin’

But I scratched around and came up with this. I don’t know Max Gawn from Max Gillies, but he’s a local so I keep track of his progress occasionally. I’d been working on the Jarman/Starman idea for a few weeks, so I chucked that one in too. (And sorry to J Shanahan)

My efforts went unrewarded again, and I wondered why I bothered.

Max Gawn (to the tune of Marty Robbins’ El Paso)

He came from the south eastern suburb of Ormond
Wears 37, his name is Max Gawn
He’s already had two knee reconstructions
He’s gonna play again, feeling reborn

Now he is back in the Dees twenty two
Back just in time for a win
Dashing and daring
A kick like Jeff Fehring
He took a screamer
With a double fist pump

Jamie Shanahan’s Lament (to the tune of David Bowie’s Starman)

97 Granny at
¾ ti-i-ime
That premiership medal, it was almost mi-i-ne
Stan Alves was layin’ down his final words
Go in hard , he said
But Blighty’s team had come to play
Pulled off the move of the centuray
We’ll just put DJ in front of the big sticks

There was Jarman, waiting in the square
Didn’t do that much in ‘91
Ain’t done that much today
Darren Jarman waiting in the square
He’ll probably try to show off
In his usual carefree style
He told me:
Not gonna lose it
Watch the loose men use it
I’ll kick five, just watch me

You know the rest,
I joined the Red and Blue
37 more games, some Zebbies too
Never kicked a goal
To all you knockers, at least I played the game
And if I saw you I would say the same
But if I think think of ’97 I’ll be up all ni-i-ight

Because of Jarman, waiting in the square
Didn’t do that much in ‘91
Made up for it that day
Darren Jarman waiting in the square
Had to make for for his brother’s
Piss-poor klck in ‘93
La la la la la la la la la la la

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  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Excellent Swish v enjoyable apart from , A Jarmans stuff up

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