2013 – A Season in Song – Round 2 – Ponchos

Emboldened by the Coodabeens’ use of my “Dees of Old” suggestion after Round 1, I thought I’d have another crack after Round 2.

This was a wet weekend, underscored by Andy D’s feeble attempts to look CEO-like in a transparent (a word you don’t often associate with him) poncho at the SGC.

Further watery controversy was found at the Darklands, when the roof remained agape despite the precipitation, leaving two confused twins.

So here were my Coodabeens contributions after that round – all of which were summarily ignored.

1) Gomez and the Sydney Poncho Incident (to the tune of Moscow)

Poncho, Poncho
How you s’posed to wear these things
Back to front is not my go
ha ha ha ha ha hey
Poncho, Poncho
Get me my Drizabone
I look like a public phone
ha ha ha ha ha hey

Fashion in Syderney
Losing my dignity
It looks bloody si-illy
Stuck upon my head
This one’s a bit small for me
Collis you’ll pay for this
I’ll brave the elements
Without it instead

2) Docklands Roof (to the tune of What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding?)

In row 13
On Level 1
Looks like I needed my poncho this time
My seat’s all wet
So is my pie
Wonder what Brad and Chris Scott make of this
And each time a big drop goes down my back
Just makes me wanna sigh
What’s the point of having a roof at the Docklands?
What is the point of having a roof at the Docklands?
What is the point of having a roof at the Docklands?

3) Roof Oddity (to the tune of Space Oddity, sort of)

Match Control to Docklands 1
Match Control to Docklands 1
Checked the radar, better put your poncho on

This is Docklands 1 to Match Control
I’ve checked the policy
And the rules say if there’s fans here
Then the roof stays open wide
We’ll all get real wet
Have to look on the sunny side

Cos Gomez likes to sit out in the bright sun
Up on Level 2
The Scotts can blue and blue but there’s nothing I can do

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