2006 – The (Almost) All-Australian SSA Team: Top End Talent

all aust u15 2006

Of all of the teams posted so far, this one, from the 2006 Darwin carnival ranks highly for future AFL player numbers.

Unusually, the Territory put up two sides in this carnival (the results are here, including some big names who didn’t make the AA team.)

North Melbourne must have sent its recruiting team up north that year. I’m told that Ben Jacobs’ numbers were huge at the draft combine’s leg-spread testing.

Tom Scully was certainly noticed by the magenta and black school the following year. Any idea what happened after that? Is he helping his dad out on Berwick building sites? It’s so hard to keep up.

But there are also a few lads here who have been prominent at the local and country level.

Drop us a comment if you know anything more about them.

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  1. Dave Brown says

    You mean John Butcher wasn’t born with a straggly beard? You’d hate to sit next to Newton on the bus.

  2. If only the other Ryan Harris were of this vintage!

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