1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 2: A Broad’s View

April 19 1986: Round 2

A1 – Griff’s Gringos – Adelaide Uni 12.14 def Broadview 10.13

Goalkickers: Schulz 4, James 2, Dadds, Hall, Huston, Kenny, McDonough, Suter

Best Players: Huston, Bland, Ewers, Schulz, Eckert, Proudman

Missing this week was Cory ‘Brick Outhouse’ Williams, whose hand was broken last week by that wastrel Dadds, a piece of action that I may have missed whilst I was helping myself to another pitcher from the President’s Wolf Blass 1982 Black Label supply at PAC. Missing also was Sandy Hancock, who had nothing more to prove after last week’s haul and went rock-climbing instead. How very University.

M Dadds before his Norwood High school formal

M Dadds before his Norwood High school formal

Uni was host to one of those pesky semi-pro suburban clubs, with thugs like ex-Rooster Tony Roach, Mark Simpson, Jamie Mason and Nigel Beneke doing more sniping than the French foreign legion. Speaking of which, the Blacks had a few boom recruits of their own – David ‘NASA/Rocket/Problem’ Huston, an ex-student of Griff’s at Marryatville High and 1985 Pfitzner Medalist Steve Bland from the now defunct Adelaide College provided uncharacteristic Uni resistance to the McInnes Ave mob.

Gawd help the Blacks in thirty years time if the likes of that Broadview quartet ever procreate.

The influx of clean living types from Adelaide College such as Paul Whaley, Andrew Antonello, Trevor Hall and especially Steven Moy lifted the Blacks’ fitness standards immensely. Which was just as well, as the bookish Uni types such Andrew ‘Animal Boy’ Ewers and Mick ‘One More Year’ Kenny were still stuck on the table of contents of Griff’s Winning Edge manifesto, having barely understood previous coach Mike ‘Weathers’ Weatherald’s ‘kick to the leg’ game plan.

This superior physical condition saw the Blacks outlast (and outdial) their suburban rivals, to have them sitting at two wins from two outings.

A8 – The Glamour Side – Adelaide Uni 15.15 def Riverside 10.9 (St Clair Oval)

Goalkickers: Maddern 3, Lee 2, Schultz 2, Ashwood, Drummond, Egan, Graetz, Hansen, Kidd

Best Players: C Watson, Maddern, Dutschke, Raschella, Lee, Stewart

In the second leg of their North-West suburbs trifecta, Young Maddern’s cultural melange of ‘western suburbs junkies and decent spooner folk’ took the two points once again. The scoring was shared socialist style, with Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood having his doled out in CES fashion by a sympathetic man in white and Darren ‘Jerk’ Graetz scoring his by virtue of an agricultural swat of his left leg. But, as in life, those in power got to award the BP gongs, hence the coach’s appearance high up in the list.

He was a Weathers man

He was a Weathers man

Brett ‘BD/The Levitator’ Dutschke was further proof of the paradigmactical shift in the 80s Uni population, a Lutheran hailing from Elizabeth, surely the first of that combination to grace the green playing fields on the northern banks of the Torrens. Let’s hope he’s the last.

Coach’s Notes – Enter the Dragons – Rambo Krcmarov and Paul ‘Basket’ Case. Exit the Human Experiment. Eight players go down with cramp. Shares in physiotherapy clinics soar on the local Stock Exchange. Sniffer declares ‘I’ll be back in three weeks’

A9 – The Sty Council – Adelaide Uni def Ethelton on forfeit

The Council avoided bringing the club into further disrepute due to the failure of Ethelton to pony up sufficient readies to bail out the members of their third eighteen after the Portsiders’ big Friday night at the Crazy Horse, sparing us all a trip to Ted Nazer Park. They are also undefeated, surely that won’t last.

More importantly, I am told that the team t-shirts will soon be arriving, now that a suitable supplier of felt iron-on letters has been found.

I missed out on Hold Your Bowlies as my talented (and fatter) brother Blair Agars had an important piano recital at the Anzac Highway Pizza Hut (‘You put your ham and tomato sauce down, and your pizza goes round and round, whoa-oa whoa-oa while you’re having a beer’ is one of his best known numbers).

Until next week
Gordon ‘Not So Flash’ Agars

About Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt

Saw my first SANFL game in 1967 - Dogs v Peckers. Have only ever seen the Dogs win 1 final in the flesh (1972 1st Semi) Mediocre forward pocket for the AUFC Blacks (1982-89) Life member - Ormond Netball Club -That's me on the right


  1. The Glamour side. A team of champions or a champion team?

  2. Cabbage Patch says

    Simpson Beneke Roach….what a prophecy!
    Dadds now the Prez too!
    Great old time reminiscing – great to see the Jerk listed too!

  3. Dan Hansen says

    I remember it being a hot day … and I remember a distinct lack of waterboys. I think my goal was a left foot drop kick from 90 metres out … but my memory may be a bit foggy on that.

  4. BD, a Sturt supporting Lutheran from Elizabeth playing for Uni. What a great man.

  5. Jamie Mason says

    Regret not signing for the Blacks that year but I did get to don the Yellow and Black. Recall a typical Blacks side… attractive , quick, skilful and immaculate dental work. All in all one of the outstanding Blacks teams.

  6. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great stuff,Gordon hey there are a few almanac writers there likewise my goal,Danny ( thanks Swish )

  7. Dear Gordon, you don’t want to see the real formal photo – something like a cross between Split Enz and Herman Munster. Awful. And “wastrel”?! Outraged. But full marks for prescience, Sir. Broadview progeny indeed, perish the thought. At the Blacks you say? Wash your mouth out with soap. Never.

  8. Lovely Lisa says

    I love reading the old stuff, it makes me feel young!

  9. Interesting how two Broads became coaches here. 1 the best so far this millennium and unlucky not to win the flag in 2006. The other the only man in 110 years to lead us to relegation.

  10. Gordon – are you and your brother Blair any relation to the Austrian bodybuilder/California governor – Arnold Schwartzen-Agars? I can see that Blair has a big family resemblance.

  11. BD, a Sturt supporting Lutheran from Elizabeth playing for Uni going on to become one of SAs finest forecasters.

    Also seen at every VFL / AFL grand Final holding high a ‘Two tickets Wanted’ message scrawled in Duschkese on the back of a West End carton…. What a great man.

    I’m really enjoying following the career of Blair – boy he could twinkle the ivories

  12. Rabid Dog says

    Excellent ROund 2 sumary. I’m now ear worming ‘AMSCOL footy colours’ and ‘Woodies lemonade, mod-ade’ jingles.

  13. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks all round, Gordon seemed to have done his homework for Round 2.

  14. Brett 'BD/The Levitator’ Dutschke says

    Fine observations, Gordon. You’ve discovered Gold, Swish.

    Funny, I read your write-up two days ago while in Elizabeth, shortly after celebrating dad’s 90th birthday at our local Lutheran church. Now am I enjoying a relaxing Dutschke shiraz at my brother’s in the Barossa before heading to the Sturt game.

    Dan Valdemar Hansen, I recall it being about 17.9 degrees when you drop-kicked truly from the left half back flank into a moderate-to-fresh south-southwesterly. Dan and Diggers, we almost popped in on you at Manuka on our way from Sydney to Elizabeth. Diggers and Damian, thanks for your kind comments. Damian, these mult-purpose West End cartons also attract cheap Brian Wilson tickets at the Opera House including free back-stage West End Draught with the band. See you in the finals.

  15. Rory "Pound 4 Pound" Lane says

    What a shame some of Maddern’s pre match addresses to the Glamour Team weren’t recorded for posterity. I recall some epic political and philosophical manifestos that could be providing inspiration to a whole new generation of Blacks (if not the pre-selection panel of the Unley branch of the Liberal party) .

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