1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 15: Eaton, Cheatin’, Unbeaten (was that Keg?)

I’m having an off week off this week, not my usual bubbly self. I spent the week at the Fleurieu LeFevre Peninsula, drying out recuperating and re-energising at one of Semaphore’s finest establishments. They even use real tinned mushrooms for their pepper steak sauce.

I snuck out to fulfil my chroniclistic duties on Saturday, but my liver heart wasn’t really in it. See what I care.


August 2nd 1986 Round 15


A1 – Griff’s Grange Sippers

Adelaide Uni 14.9 def SPOC 5.5 (Caterer Oval, SPSC)

Goalkickers: Eaton 4, Schulz 2, Tasker 2, Bland, Eckert, Ewers, Hall, Huston, Moy

Best Players: Eaton, Hall, A Parker, Dadds, Whaley, Moy

After breakfast at the Hackney Hotel, I made it down to the early game. If my eyes didn’t deceive me, I thought I saw Port Adelaide player Darren ‘Keg’ Foster running around with Sticks’ A1Res mob. If it was, this was rather curious, as he was really cementing his place with the Magpies, in fact Mike Gucci suggests that Foster was fast becoming a fan favourite and one of coach Ebert’s pets.

Anyway, it’s a bit late in the season to be bring that tub of lard raw boned lad into the Ammo ranks. I can’t see the point, it’s not like he would have any impact in the finals if he was still around.

The late game was a ripper. A ripper if you like seeing pencil-necked, pimple backed inbreds getting a hiding from ex-High School kids (and Mick Eaton) on their own turf.


A8 – Glamour Side

Adelaide Uni 10.11 def Salisbury Central 7.7 (Park 9)

Goalkickers: Burfield 2, Lee 2, Dutschke. Graetz, Hansen, Kidd, Maddern, Verrall

Best Players: McQuillan, Hansen, Lee, Horne, Dutschke, Brophy

I had to leave early to get back to the clinic resort, I’ll let Maddern’s words speak for themselves.

Coach’s Notes: Charlie Doran, Darren Etherton, Jumping Jack Richards and Alistair Lee are welcomed to the team. Rulebook is not. The Chinaman is at home in the wet and takes two of the best marks ever seen in the Perfectly Appointed Premiership Park Aquatic Centre. Rambo 2-Bonds Krcmarov, having lost his confidence after the Kilburn fracas, is seen dialling some innocent for the opposition for the first time since round 4. The team is relieved.


A9 – Sty Council

Adelaide Uni 15.14 def Para Hills 3.1 (Park 9)

Goalkickers: Leyland 4, Ball 3, Wachtel 2, Fahey, Goodwin, G Pattison, P Pattison, Richardson, Schwerdt

Best Players: Mellen, Wachtel, P Pattison, Leyland, Davidson, Carey

For some reason, Sty’s old bloke missed the BP’s despite his “assistance” with at least four “goals”. Swish had a shot that landed in Park Terrace, rebounded off an off-peak O-Bahn bus and was still awarded twin calicos by Mr Fahey. Stout defence from Water, Wacka, Davo and Solomons kept the Bridge Road mob at bay. British and Spleen did most of the damage at ground level.

Gordon “Grog Shy” Agars

About Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt

Saw my first SANFL game in 1967 - Dogs v Peckers. Have only ever seen the Dogs win 1 final in the flesh (1972 1st Semi) Mediocre forward pocket for the AUFC Blacks (1982-89) Life member - Ormond Netball Club -That's me on the right


  1. Don’t remember that match at Park 9 at all. Good to see ‘Water’ Mellen get b.o.g. as he was a very under-rated player and deserved any accolades that came his way.

  2. Always a good read and plenty of memories

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    I played for Birdwood Colts Reserves as 20th man once!

  4. It was a very interesting and hectic few hours re the recruiting of Keg very glad to have played a part and Chocka did his wizardry and happy I was back in the glamour side and we won a imprtant game
    ( yes the oval was under water ) thanks Gordon

  5. rabid dog says

    Played a junior game at Salisbury, after a week of rain. The ground was under water, tot eh ankles. Ball was unkickable by the 2 minute mark of the 1st quarter, and went downhill from there. I remember the ball being kicked and it ‘skipping’ over the water surface, like a flat stone (only less aerodynamic). Played centre that day, and spent most of the time standing on the cricket pitch, the ‘high and dry’ part of the oval. Terrible day.

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Big Jim – Water Mellen had a huge year in The Scum in 85 too

    Thanks Jerk

    I preferred them when they were Blumberg, Peter. Birdwood’s ground had a distinct slope, home of Scruff Hanna too.

    ‘Book, what’s the statute of limitations for back dated clearance approvals?

    Rabs, from memory, it was Noah’s Ark time a couple of rounds later in 86.

  7. I remember Round 15 1986 very well. A great win by the A1s at Spooner Park. Half Hour and their lethargic Full forward underperformed badly in the BUO (BN#1) bog. The coach had a first date with some chick on Friday night and got home about 3:00am with romantic ideas in his head. As Gordon would say, “Waste of time, it won’t last”. Best waste of time ever.

  8. Sticks Fanning would have been pleased to have beaten the spooners from his old school. Arch enemas of Cantstop Eaton also!

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