1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 13: Give Me Park Terrace

July 19th 1986 Round 13

A1 – Griff’s Gaolbirds

Adelaide Uni 12.10 def Greenacres 10.12 (Lewis Park, Northfield)

Goalkickers: Tasker 4, Bland 2, Hall 2, Huston 2, Kenny, Moy

Best Players: Williams, Moy, Dadds, James, S Parker, Whaley

The Blacks needed to negotiate one of the more tricky matchups, that right hand turn off Hampstead Road has been bringing Uni teams undone for years.

The nearby sandstone towers could almost have been mistaken for the Barr Smith Library, but for the accompanying Yatala razor wire. The aromatic northwesterly wafts from the Pooraka meat works just added to the sense of foreboding.

Greenacres? More like Petticoat Junction Road if you ask me.

You can tell what sort of affair it was from the BPs – Uni’s hard blokes were to the fore, which makes the continued presence of Dadds a mystery. Steve ‘Skittles’ Parker was quietly efficient on the HBF. Five wins in a row, this one away against a fellow top of the ladder side. Griff’s team may have the Winning Edge after all.

A8 Glamour Side

Adelaide Uni 10.13 def ANZ Bank 2.5 (Park 9)

Goalkickers: Maddern 4, Burfield, Dutschke, Graetz, Griffiths, Stewart, C Watson

Best Players: Graetz, Case, Kidd, Horne, Maddern, Dutschke

The 10am to 3pm’ers (4pm on Friday) showed little interest, giving the Glamour Side a mortgage on a finals berth. To their credit, the Bankers squared the ledger in the first quarter but weren’t able to even pass ‘Book after that.


Young Darren ‘The Jerk’ Graetz made his first appearance in the votes this year. His celebratory two jugs of beer (“courtesy of the proprietor”) at the Queen’s Head may have convinced him that he has a future with the Blacks. I doubt it, mark my words.

He did so much running that the coach had to give him a rest in the third quarter, at least I think that’s what Maddern meant when he yelled “Jerk off” to Team Manager McKay. Which didn’t explain the dog-eared Karen Pini centrefold hidden under the bucket and towel next to the bench. Or did it?

Coach’s Notes – The mud has become a permanent feature of the season. As a result Jamie Horne and the Jerk revel in the conditions. At last everyone else moves at their pace and they are the youngest members of the team. Any chance of Burfield threatening Young’s goal kicking lead is thwarted when Young touches through another Burfield accurate shot. The Liquidator is furious.

A9 Sty Council

Adelaide Uni defeated Mitcham on a forfeit. Squibs.

Gordon “Got Nothin’ ” Agars

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  1. Rulebook says

    Enjoyable as always,Gordon some quality lines re Greenacres and Darren The Jerk Graetz a larger than life character great bloke and it was a forgettable game against the bankers

  2. Bloody Mitcham. The one time I wouldn’t have to travel far to get to the footy match and the bastards piked!
    BTW Rulebook, the word “bankers” was spelled correctly in this instance was it? One never knows with your ‘command’ of the English language.

  3. Fond memories Gordon, always liked the wet.slowed things down to my pace and made others less enthusiastic.
    Fair to say you were never in any danger of being hit behind play by a banker !

  4. Not that the FA has truck with these conceits, but Karen Pini obviously continues to fulfil an ambassadorial role on this site.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks Book, I probably could have worked “deposit” into the mix somewhere.

    Jim, a few years later and it would have been around the corner for me too.

    Jerk, Gordon was pleased to be there when your legend was just beginning.

    Mickey, it may have been the Red Bikini Girl, they all looked the same to Gordon.

  6. Dave Brown says

    Ms Pini turns 59 next week

  7. Rulebook says

    Harsh but well and truly fair,Jim

  8. Rabid Dog says

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