1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 11: Fey St Peters

28th June 1986 – Round 11


This Bob Neil foolishness was taken to absurd levels during the week as someone defaced the carpark of the club’s benevolent sponsor. Unfortunately, my Camira was parked nearby (another staff meeting) copping some black Blacks blowback and doing $2000 worth of improvement to the paintwork.




Next week, our fair state is hosting the National Ammo Carnival. Blacks players Hall, Schulz and Antonello have been selected and Chocka is Assistant Carnival Director.

Sandy Cockburn (Stone's bottle just out of view)

Sandy Cockburn (Stone’s bottle just out of view)


Of note is the selection of Uni’s larger than life trainer, Frank ‘Sandy’ Cockburn, who has been selected as Head Trainer for the 25th year in succession.

The sensible one

The sensible one


Humphrey B Boz

Humphrey B Boz


The bigger news is that old pals Boz and Rulebook will be the joint Liaison Officers for the Tasmanian team, by virtue of the Blacks’ role as their host club. The renowned camaraderie between these two laid back and amiable chums will ensure that the Apple Islanders will be able to concentrate on their footy and not get seduced by Adelaide’s seedy drug addled Hindley St Strip joints our famously cosmopolitan night life. I believe that a jaunty bus trip to some of our local wineries is planned, the convenors are just working out the finer details.


The Carnival means that next week will be another bye. The Sty Council social co-ordinators have inked in a quiet Saturday following the fortunes of their sister side, the Aldinga Sharks, down at Shark Park. What could possibly go wrong? I hope to report next week.

Grapevine and Melon prepare for Aldinga

Grapevine and Melon prepare for Aldinga


A1 – Griff’s Greys-In-A-Few-Years


Adelaide Uni 15.6 def Broadview 11.12 (Broadview Oval)


Goalkickers: Tasker 4, Gallagher 3, Huston 2, Bland, Eckert, Ewers, T Hancock, Kenny, Moy


Best Players: James, Ewers, A Parker, Dadds, Kenny, Eckert


The most heartening part of this win, according to the old guard (I’m looking at you, Tony ‘Ox’ Ravesi), was that there were no ex-Adelaide College players in the Blacks’ best. An away win against the Tigers has got the Ones thinking about September action. Michael Dadds hasn’t had any action for a while, so he probably can’t wait that long. Both sides had rested their State representatives for the carnival starting the next day.


A8 – Glamour Side


Adelaide Uni 18.8 def Riverside 12.1 (Park 9)


Goalkickers: Maddern 5, Burfield 3, Case 2, Kidd 2, Stewart 2, Bassanese, Graetz, Hansen, Sheffield


Best Players: Dutschke, Flavel, Case, C Watson, Kidd, Raschella


Gee, this Glamour Side mob are quite good. I should have been paying them more attention prior to this week.


Peter Maddern celebrated after the game by buying the drinks. Unheard of.

Rarer than Birdwood Rocking Horse poo

Rarer than Birdwood Rocking Horse poo


Brett Dutschke did his usual party trick. Heard of.

A little known Elizabeth Lutheran courting ritual

A little known Elizabeth Lutheran courting ritual


The chances of any of these fellows amounting to anything. Zero.


Coach’s Notes: Riverside are crucified by a dreadful umpiring display that not even Rulebook Ashwood’s perpetual whinging could even up. Bassanese, the World’s Second Most Casual Man, goes to sleep at half time. He has arrived at the game only moments before. The Swede trains and plays in the same week. He is physically weakened and threatens to resign in the interests of his health. After 8 hours of negotiations with the coach, the Swede announces that it is business as usual.


A9 – Sty Council


Adelaide Uni 26.14 def St Peters YCW 0.0 (Park 9)


Goalkickers: Fahey 6, Priest 4, Ball 3, Leyland, Thomson 3, Marinoff 2, Young 2, Kay, G Pattison, Schwerdt


Best Players: Marinoff, Schwerdt, Ball, Young, Harcourt, Leyland


St Peters were late additions to a reshuffled A9 comp, so they didn’t cross paths with the Council in Round 2. They weren’t very good, I think their initials meant You Can’t Win.


Steve ‘Spaghetti’ Marinoff relished the opportunity to crack a few heads play a typical straight ahead pack bursting ruck roving bullocking … let’s face it, he’s a flat track bully like the rest of ‘em. Plug Harcourt and Swish made rare appearances in the BPs, Swish making an even rarer appearance at the Hackney Hotel post-game pissup team meeting. Simon ‘Spleen’ Ball was one of three skinny curly haired blokes with big conks in the BPs.


Gordon Respraygars

About Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt

Saw my first SANFL game in 1967 - Dogs v Peckers. Have only ever seen the Dogs win 1 final in the flesh (1972 1st Semi) Mediocre forward pocket for the AUFC Blacks (1982-89) Life member - Ormond Netball Club -That's me on the right


  1. John griffen says

    The college boys rested for State Team
    Loving the reminders as I cross Italy
    Ah I loved Antonello ! What was his uni degree

  2. Gordo, you missed the opportunity to point out that the match at Park 9 clearly demonstrated the Sty Council’s breathtakingly prophetic demonstration of the effectiveness of the forward press against its opponents, some 25 years or so ahead of its use at the AFL level!

  3. These photos are priceless Gordon! Culs, Thomo, The Boz Man and Pass-the-Dutschke-on-the-right-hand-side in typical poses. Wide Maddern in a rare moment! Is the sensible one DWH?

  4. How is it possible to do $2,000 worth of improvement (or damage) to any Camira of any age?

  5. I have recently come to suspect that we may not be reading the full, unexpurgated Agars Chronicles as laid down on the original papyrus in clay pots buried in the banks of the Torrens just south of the George Duncan Baths. Schwerdt second best in a game where the Sty Council kicks 26 goals and a player reputed to have permanently sheltered in the lee of the behind post contributes only one major?
    Surely an outcome only achievable through liberal use of scissors, clag and indian ink.
    The Swishgars Chronicles will shortly come to rival the Hitler Diaries for veracity. Mr Schwerdt will be competing with Godwin Grech for a Walkley Award.

  6. Rulebook says

    I must admit have been waiting( dreading ) for that photo to appear and ironically,6 per cent I reckon the photo was taken at a party at Diggers place.The only good thing about doing anything with Boz meant there wasn’t exactly any competition re being a good bloke.The BD beer dance balancing a beer on his chest leaning back and skulking it with no hands was always entertaing and BD used it on many occasions to his advantage especially when he had no money to buy beer ( only 8 days a week )
    ( gold PB )

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks all

    Griff – hope you are wearing a hat

    Big jim – I never laid a tackle in my life

    6% – no

    Bucko – ask John Harms

    PB – I spent that afternoon (morning actually) in the forehand side of the adjacent lawn tennis courts, as a very wide wingman

    Book – no competition? More like a developed print.

  8. Swish- enjoyed the Flash and the Pan reference. Anticipating a “Down Among the Dead Men’ report as a sequel.

    A friend used to call his BMW a “German Camira.” Not sure which manufacturer he was mocking.

  9. Dan Hansen says

    Damn. Maddern was buying and I missed out!!! Ah well, I’ll guess I’ll have to wait for the 50 year reunion in 2036.

  10. Cabbage Patch says

    brilliant! Love the old school memories…

  11. charlie brown says

    Gordon, is that the Club Legend’s car on the far left of the photo at the QH?

  12. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks once more.

    Mickey – pity there isn’t an Eastern suburbs team called St Louis

    Dan – you might have caught him at the Queen’s Head last Friday night if you’d travelled over. Then again you would’ve been stung for a raffle ticket.

    CP – waddya mean old school?

    Charlie – is that a spray can I can spot on the dashboard?

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