1986 – A Year With The Blacks Finals Week 2: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

The second week of the SAAFL finals didn’t have much Blacks involvement, so they spent the weekend observing their prospective matchups for the following week. Or spent the night at Jules chatting up the sisters of the Greek Footy Club firsts. Take your pick.

September 6th 1986 – Finals Week 2

The only Uni side in action was Hancock’s Half Hour, who are now sponsored by Brod ‘Straight Sets’ Dyke after their 2 goal loss to Goody Saints in the Prelim. Coach Diggers wrapped up the season with this “The 1986 A3 Reserves season had everything (except a premiership) which anyone could have hoped for at the beginning of the year. There was a great team spirit and desire to succeed on the field, mateship off the field, a marvellous sense of Club pride and despite youth and inexperience, a great foundation has been laid for future success at this and higher levels within the Club”.

Digby 'No Flags' Hancock

Digby ‘No Flags’ Hancock

The words of an underachieving, serial loser if I’ve ever heard them. Give it away son, you’ll never coach a flag, mark my words.

Still Standing

The A1 Second Semi at Barrie Robran #1 saw Riverside clobber Greenacres, so it will be black and white v black and green in next week’s Prelim. Oh well, it’s been an OK year for Griff’s mob.

At The Parade, Blighty’s old club put Kenilworth out of the A3 race, setting up an easy repeat pairing for the Blacks, who will knock over Woodville South by 30 next week, mark my words.

The Glamour Side will face the Motor Cycle and Tattoo Club again next week, who squeaked in in the local derby A8 Prelim against West Croydon. This match set the finals record for the lowest collective team IQs and the highest collective parole violations. Let’s hope no-one from those suburbs reads this, or has it read to them.

The Sty Council made the collective decision to travel to Seaton Oval, expecting to see Scotch knock over St Dominic’s. Culls and Swish made the ultimate sacrifice by avoiding the nearby SANFL double-header. Not much of a sacrifice really, given Centrals’ form this year.

However the northern suburbs Catholics pantsed the Belairising MG drivers to deliver the best serving of justice seen on a footy field since Sonny Morey’s 200th game at Brighton Road in 1976. (Ed – are you sure Gordon Agars wrote this and not Kris Grant?)


Next week will be bigger than the day Boy George took over Rundle Mall a few years back. Bigger than the Christmas Pageant. Bigger than Bob Francis’ ego. Bigger than <redacted>’s hush money fund. Bigger than the queue outside Peckers disco. That big.

Three Grand Finals and the A1 Prelim. I hope they’ve put on extra staff at the West End Brewery, I’d hate to have to drink that Victorian piss drop.

Gordon ‘Goodluck’ Agars


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