1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 14: Barrietown Revisited

I could be onto something with this Blacks’ 1986 season review. It might be the best piece of SA sporting literature since my involvement with this ground breaking publication a decade and a half ago.

Barrie 71 cover

Although I was its editor, it was my stellar work with the front cover layout (and my proofreading) that Rocket Roostered this book into the annals of SANFL fame.

Barrie inside


Barrie/Barry Robran was truly a worthy “1970 Magarery Medallist Winner”, so worthy that we thought that we’d mention it again inside. (Note that I tried to contact the league at it Hindmarsh Square offices for permission to roneo these pages, but alas, they seemed to have moved without leaving a forwarding address)

Barrie 71 RR

Robran had taken financial advantage of his lofty local status as the advertisement for one of Adelaide’s prestige household goods purveyors shows. But surely even now 24” is a bit excessive for a TV screen, you’d almost need a room just for the tele, no-one could afford to do that.

Marker 2

I remember spending a pleasant morning interviewing Glenelg stud star Peter Marker and his fiancé Rosalyn Pett, the current Miss South Australia. Of course.


Who would name their child Dexter? Disgrace.

Fritzy 4

“Big deal” we all thought at the time. Yet another Test Cricketer / League Footballer. Even I was wrong about Fritzy Freeman.

Swamp Fox 2

Mike ‘Swamp Fox’ Patterson, took over a Roosters captain-coach in 1970. The Kentucky Fried King of Prospect showed no signs of eating into the profits in this action photo.

Carman 1

My exclusive in depth article on the sudden end to Phil Carman’s career saddened me no end at the time. At least he managed to avoid controversy and keep a low profile in the ensuing years.

South 70 1

Flicking to page 101, I spied the name J Griffen as one of the 125 different players used by South Adelaide in 1970. Blimey, I had no idea. I thought he was far older than that.

Come to think about it, I’ll have a hard time improving on that cultural artefact. In fact I’m beginning to wonder why I’m wasting my time with this bunch of academically inclined amateurs. My next stipend had better arrive soon or I’ll have to start writing for the Kings Cross Whisper Football Times.

July 26th 1986 Round 14

A1 Griff’s Gristlemunchers

Adelaide Uni 22.9 def West Croydon 6.5 (University Oval)

Goalkickers: Tasker 7, Hall 3, Gallagher 2, Huston 2, Moy 2, Schulz 2, Bland, Eaton, Eckert, S Parker

Best Players
: Cooke, Dadds, Hall, Williams, Kenny, Tasker

It was an historic day at beautiful Uni Oval, as the apogee of Tom Playford’s social experiment of the Post WW2 years saw an Elizabeth lad by the name of Richard Theodore Malcolm Cooke receive maximum Gunning votes. As unlikely as it seems, Cooke overcame the dual hurdles of playing his junior footy for Eastern Park and sharing a classroom with that Schwerdt fool from the Sty Council, to take home the tankard.

The Blacks were untroubled in what amounted to a 22 goal turnaround from their Round 5 pairing against the Fawk fellows. Dadds again appeared in the votes. Word around the club is that he may have settled down and found the future Mrs D. He seems like the kind of kid that would make a steady and reliable life partner, mark my words. That other Kid is nearing 50 goals, not a bad return from his nine games.

A8 Glamour Side

Adelaide Uni 7.12 lost Kilburn 17.5 (Blair Athol Reserve)

Burfield 2, Graetz 2, Maddern 2, Fairbrother

Best Players:
Dutschke, Hansen, McQuillan, Graetz, Verrall, Horne

Forensic examination of the better players reveals that those with “Western Suburbs junkie” credentials thrived in the wilds of Kilburn, the “decent Spooner folk” went missing. Rulebook Ashwood took a seat with the Kilburn Motor Cycle and Tattoo Club members on their infamous mound, hurling what passed for slurs about the courage, intelligence and sleeping habits of the Blacks, now that his berth is in jeopardy. Probably not the best way to work your way back into selection contention, but he did sell 200 bucks worth of tickets in a non-existent raffle to the Chics chicks while he was there.

On this showing, the Glamour Side will be wasting everybody’s time if they end up playing against Kilburn come finals time.

Coach’s Notes: The best football brains of the side meet midweek and put together a new look side. It is a triumph; the team suffers its biggest defeat of the season. Only one move succeeds – Ashwood is dropped. This succeeds only to the extent that the Fly badgers everyone about the Bastard Coach.

A9 Sty Council

Adelaide Uni 15.13 def Rosewater 11.7 (Eric Sutton Mem Oval, Rosewater)

Goalkickers: Leyland 4, Priest 3, G Pattison 2, Thomson 2, Wachtel 2, Ball, Goodwin

Best Players:
Goodwin, Ball, G Pattison, P Pattison, Young, Wachtel

The uncharacteristic roughness from the Rosewater side surprised all of us that made the trip down Torrens Road, stopping at the Challa Gardens for a six-pack jug of Woodies and a packet of Cheezels, two Chiko rolls and a tartufo quiet counter meal. Well, me anyway.

The hardmen of the Council, Carey, Stendt and Fahey, relished the opportunity to go the biff encounter some energetic physical contact against one of the league’s hardnut competitors. Most of this occurred with the local residents of Chad and Canning Streets, who came out to see what all the ruckus was, rather than on the Eric Sutton cesspit itself. It was fortunate that one of the Uni players was able to make a quick getaway, as he spent most of the second half cowering sheltering in his vehicle. He knows who I mean.

At The Races

At The Races

Port Lincoln’s second best export (first best if you believe the drug rumours) John Goodwin-At-The-Races dragged his side over the line with a four quarter effort in the guts. Reg’s boys were all elbows, knees and votes. Spleen, Flounder and Wacka were the other BPs. Those Uni nicknames.

Despite their undeserved reputation for thuggery aggression towards the umpire ball, it is clubs like Rosewater that remain the heart and soul (and other body parts) of the Amateur League. The competition would be all the poorer for its absence, not that I can see that ever happening, mark my words.

Gordon “Retro” Agars

About Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt

Saw my first SANFL game in 1967 - Dogs v Peckers. Have only ever seen the Dogs win 1 final in the flesh (1972 1st Semi) Mediocre forward pocket for the AUFC Blacks (1982-89) Life member - Ormond Netball Club -That's me on the right


  1. “Richard Theodore Malcolm Cooke”. Does not sound like a typical name from the SA Housing Trust estate of Elizabeth. Gordon Agars should be fact checking his stories.

  2. Dave Brown says

    Can’t think of anyone more appropriate to be the one and only Margarery Medallist

  3. Magarerey? Either Gordon has been on the Jacobs Creek again, or the sub-editor has spent too long east of the Serviceton line I suspect.
    Until I read this http://www.weekendnotes.com/serviceton-railway-station/ I didn’t know that the bloody Vics had stolen 3.6km of our state along with the grand prix and our best footballers.

  4. Dave Brown says

    There is a relatively amusing TV ad, PB, for a relatively undrinkable beer, where a pub complete with a flag waving, state guernsey wearing Tony Modra on the roof moves the state border back to where it should be

  5. At least during this round I ticked off a bucket list item I played a game with Bob Neil !
    ( superb sledging as always and I apologise I haven’t ever sold the mound men raffle tickets )

  6. At The Races says

    Thanks for the rap Gordon. But it was a pretty good team effort to win that game. Rosewater were good.

    Even so, the biggest obstacle faced by the Sty Council that day was the fact that the umpire had played 400+ games for Rosewater. I think my opponent said he even played for Rosewater A9s that season. It wasn’t hard to believe.

  7. John griffen says

    Tasker ” the kid ” on fire ps 1971 a breakout year for me with Panthers or was I doing National Service
    Ps I played against Barry Robran at Adelaide Oval League , he ended up being my footy manager at Marryatville High where I coached the boys
    The Robrans were also gun tennis players but I don’t think Matty beat me at Badminton

  8. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    6% – Elizabeth operated as a two-tier society. The good houses were on the busy main streets, those who lived in Trust rental properties were banished to the streets behind. RTM Cooke grew up in a non-SAHT property across the road from Eastern Park’s beautiful Spruance Road. I didn’t.

    DB – double Magarey, single Magarery

    PB – Wolf Blass if you don’t mind

    Book – I heard that Bob’s list included playing a game with you

    ATR – I was playing Half Forward Gemini that day, your game looked alright from there.

    Griff – I bet you gave Barrie a towelling

  9. I have been reliably informed there’s no way my sister went out with a Western Suburbs junkie type (McQuillan). She’s a lawyer. I believe her and you should too, Gordon. Anyway, Morialta HS was conveniently located near Rostrevor College and McNally training centre (and haven’t they both come along nicely), so clearly the best of Adelaide of the 70’s and 80’s.

  10. At The Races says

    Swish – I too had my foot on the accelerator all day. And for good reason.

    In the opening minutes – in a burst of enthusiasm – I hip and shouldered my direct opponent off the ball and over the boundary line. Fairly but firmly. The kid took it well. But his teammates didn’t. So I probably covered a lot of ground that day. Out of necessity.

  11. At The Races says

    Good as – McQuillan is from Port Lincoln.

  12. S.McQuillan went to Morialta HS. But of course, there could be more than one????

  13. Swish- I note that the TV advertisement promised the inclusion of a “free licence.” When we lived in England we had to pay an annual licence fee which helped fund the BBC. I was always bemused that people who were totally blind only received a 50% discount. When one is totally blind isn’t a TV actually a “radio.”

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer was never noted for generosity.

    P. Marker could play (footy and obviously records too).

  14. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Good As – That sort of pairing is not unknown in Melbourne

    Mickey – we had the same thing here. as enforced by Frank Thring


    Yes. Marker was very very good (apart from his awkward bouncing style)

  15. At The Races says

    Goodas – Yes – more than one McQuillan.

  16. Not sure if this is the day that the ladies of the night were soliciting for customers on the outer wing, either doing over time or early starters. Reg told the Pattison boys to play the outer wing and the rest of us to kick to leg. They flexed, gyrated and bantered there way into the BP’S both on and off the ground.

  17. Swish- The Frank Thring TV licence clip moved straight to a succession of Blankety Blanks episodes. That’s my weekend sorted. Thanks!

  18. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Spleen, I was married by then, but didn’t notice those ladies, especially the tall blonde one.

  19. Dan Hansen says

    Great photo of Dexter Kennedy. Applying the height, weight projection rules it looks like my son is going to be 6’11”. Lucky I called him Dexter. ;)

  20. If the match at Rosewater is the one I’m thinking of, I seem to recall being put into a choker hold by the opposition ruckman just as half time was blown. The fact that is occured right in front of the umpire while my team-mates were more intersted in getting off that god forsaken ground, didn’t seem to deter my opponent while the umpire obviously felt that it was the equivalent of good natured banter.

  21. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Handbag – who was that bloke shaking Dexter’s hand?

    Big Jim – don’t ask me, I was already in the rooms

  22. Swisher- Or in the Gemini, take your pick!

  23. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Rulebook contacted Dexter Kennedy, here was his response

    “Hi Malcolm, that is Don Luke husband of the legendary WAFC stalwart Jean Luke. I boarded with the Lukes when I first arrived in Adelaide in 1969. That pic was taken at their house in Mallen St Hilton the night I was selected for my first game. Note the Adelaide Boys High blazer. Sadly both Don & Jean have passed on. PS love the note at the bottom of the pic “who would name their son Dexter” – Cheers”

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