1981 VFL Lists – Old, New, Supplementary Too

I’m not sure how long the The Footballer magazine lasted. It was a curious mix of analysis, player profiles and Page 3 ladies barely clad in footy attire, in the late 70s/early 80s.

This extract from first edition of 1981 is worth a gander for those with long memories. If I dug a bit further I could probably discern the rules behind the Supplementary List, but what about “To Be Considered …?”



Carlton picked up a couple of handy ‘Gropers, but choofed off the famed Vinnie C.

Help me out Maggies fans, was that Derek Shaw returning from a season in the West, overshadowing SA’s Taylor, Weideman and Williams, sending Russell Johnston back the other way?

The Bombers said goodbye to Crackers and Ken Fletcher, picking up a bloke from the West who would receive an on-field pash from a kid on the Hawks Supp list in a few years.


The Royboys sent Gubby Allan across Smith Street and Bob Beecroft to the Peckers, picked up ex-Geelong male model L Donohue and promoted some kid called Roos.

Footscray had more on the Supp list than the main one by the looks of it.

Sidey bussed it into Sleepy Hollow, and finally I can see why Gary Malarkey is so revered by J Harms. Sam Newman finally gave it away.


It was good of Hawthorn to provide Rick Davies’ Year 7 school photo. I wonder how often Gary Ablett was available. Centrals got Buck Moore back for a couple of seasons.

Hardeman returned to the Dees from SA, but imagine a side with Crackers and Jacko (and big Carl if he hadn’t retired). Still with Ron back as coach, what could go wrong?

Kym Hodgeman made an early start on his Blighty comb-over, but he wasn’t a patch on Peter Jonas (OK, I’m biased). Some fat kid from Coburg on their Supp list may have kicked on. North’s loss was Queensland footy’s gain.


The Tiges offloaded Jacko, figuring that Craig Balme could fill their quota of loose cannons.

The Saints thought that their Faletic inspired resurgence would get them over the line, or at least give their Punters Club a boost. Bye Bye Bondy.

South was all set for a quietish year, adding a Daniher and Kevin Taylor. In no way did Ricky Quade spend the next few months scheming.


Who have I missed? Who did you welcome to your club? How flexible were lists back then? Did any duffle coats require renumbering as a result of these reshuffles? Tell us below.

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  1. Other SANFL luminaries:

    Ray Huppatz went back for an ill fated season at the Peckers.
    Craig Barbary got another crack at the Bombers before heading to Sturt.
    Anton Grbac was on the Bombers’ sip list before heading to West Torrens.
    David Guest was on the supp list at Carlton before becoming a Pecker.
    Des Herbert appears to be on the list at Collingwood AND St Kilda (unless there were two D.Herberts).
    Doug Koop was still at the Swans before heading to Woodville.
    John Roberts, Max James and Max Kruse are all still at the Swans.
    Doug Cox arrives at the Saints from West Torrens.
    Simon Meehan at the Saints would later turn up at West Torrens.

  2. Do we get to see the Page 3 girls Schwish?

  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Ripper compilation Swish. The last year of the true VFL. The underwhelming Derek Shaw came back to replace the underdeveloped Russell Johnston in 1981. It didn’t work out well for the Pies. Mick Taylor and Choco Williams were terrific pick-ups. Gubby was handy. Warwick Irwin and the young ‘Weed’ failed to meet expectations. Gary Malarkey’s shirt gives us some indication of why the Footy Almanac exists. Great stuff!

  4. Keiran Croker says

    Interesting to see who was still on the Swans list for what was to be the last year at the Lake Oval. I remember all on the main list except C.Nikakis. Of course a significant number did not stay for the Sydney experiment.
    Also interesting to see G.Swann on the supplementary list. I think this is the current Brisbane CEO. He did not play any senior games and went on to play at Williamstown, where he also commenced his administrative career.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks folks.

    McA – well done. Dreher, Braddy, D Schimma, Fehring, Sarau, G Smith, S Wright, Keane also

    Wrap – no

    Phil – when body shirts were King

    Keiran – good get with G Swann

  6. Swish / Keiran…

    Greg Swann is a born and bred Williamstown boy, and back in the time of zones Williamstown was in South Melbourne’s zone. The G Murphy on the supp list was probably Glenn Murphy, another Williamstown product who later was Swanny’s team-mate in the Williamstown glory teams of the 80’s.

  7. Siv Richards was a page 3 stalwart

  8. I can’t work out the P Goss on the Footscray supplementary list. I was a die hard Port Melbourne supporter then, remembering Paul in his 4 games with Melbourne in 1976 but can’t recall the Footscray overtures .

    L Donohue, century goal kicker with Geelong on 1976, on the Fitzroy supplementary list ! Sad.

    On the St Kilda list a few players of note, including one who found his fame and fortune in the cricketing world: and media,and horse racing !

    The first name on the Hawthorn supplementary list and the second name on North Melbourne’s, both became names of note.


  9. Dave Brown says

    Interesting to see Terry Cahill show up on Essendon’s to be considered list. Did not play a game after Carl Ditterich flattened him in 1978. And what’s the story with Kelvin Templeton’s “subject to clearance” at Footscray? Good to see Central District being pluralised

  10. Shane John Backx says

    Why mention scantily clad page 3 girls if you arent going to show them? Thats not good for football!!??

  11. Shane John Backx says

    Why mention scantily clad page 3 girls if you arent going to show them? Thats not good for football!!

  12. Keiran Croker says

    T.Cahill – an fulfilled talent. I went to school with him out at Ringwood. Terrific footballer and good bloke.

  13. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Smokie, thanks, the lady in this issue was Margaret Linch

    Well spotted Glen, thanks

    Dave, think the clearance bit referred to the players named after that phrase. On a related note, Jim O’Dea was kept on the Saints list as a supp, but didn’t notch up any more games.

    Shane, I may be forced to tweet the cover for historical purposes only

    Keiran, a good connection there

  14. Upon learning his nickname when I was fourteen Milan Faletic became a favourite, and I still enjoy references to him from the Coodabeens “Came From Adelaide”- “Falectic: he’s pathetic” to Steve Baker describing him on this site as being a “leviathan punter” to a friend recounting that Falectic still owed him betting money from their time together at a Catholic school.

    Duperouzel is another name from my childhood that conjures exotic memories of muddy suburban grounds.

    Thanks Swish.

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Hey Mickey, I first came across Bruce Duperouzel when he played in this game:


    Featuring Barrie, Fritzy, KG, Bomber and Rowdy

    Not sure where that Milan F nickname came from, maybe it was given to him when he was a “young up and comer”

  16. Luke Reynolds says

    What a pity Collingwood couldn’t nurse Mark Weideman through another 72 games. Such a pity the great Murray Weideman’s grandson has to play for Melbourne.

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