1975: VFL Enters the Colour TV Age – Nice Knickers (and Hose)

From the April 1975 edition of Football Life (Official Publication of the Victorian Football League – Registered at the GPO Melbourne for transmission by post as a periodical, Category “B”).

Why the twee language in 1975 e.g. Jersey, Hose and Knickers?

Note the mention of collars for some teams. Do the cuffs always match?

Why did Hawthorn only have one (and only one) choice of shorts?

Why did some clubs mention sleeves, others didn’t?

What’s your favourite?

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  1. Swish – love this. How times have changed.

    I like the “No.1 and No.2” sets of knickers. Otherwise known as “clash knickers”.

  2. Dave Brown says

    One team wearing gold and another yellow knickers – reflective of the times. My VFL history a bit fuzzy – was the advent of colour TV the reason why Melbourne went to royal blue for a period?

  3. Hose and knickers, brilliant! I can just imagine Mr Humphries from “Are you being served?” selling them to all those big hunks! Did he work in Women’s Lingerie?

  4. Rabid Dog says

    Watching Ian Wallace (and Torrens) wearing yellow for the first time in a game at Doggie Park was funny. Hawthorn obviously following the Bob Neil theory of single colour for shorts.

  5. John Butler says

    Great get Swish.

    I still doubt any of these would look as bad as Hawthorn’s modern Shirley Bassey away strip. Even the Priscilla girls would have drawn a line there. If they wear that again, the broadcasters should be directed to transmit in black & white.

  6. Neil Anderson says

    Hose and knickers. I keep seeing Shakespearean actors. The only thing missing was the recommended colours for the cod-pieces.
    I remember the vivid red-colour of the Dog’s knickers and vests when I was lucky enough to see colour television for the first time.

  7. Rick Kane says

    So knickers are shorts? I was so hopping that the progressive VFL of the mid 70s was instructing players and informing fans what undies to expect to see if your favourite player is dacked. Go Hawks for the one knicker rule.

  8. If you substitute the names Sid James, Kenneth Williams et al for the team names, you’ve the wardrobe list for the entire Carry On movie franchise.

  9. Guessing Hawthorn didn’t need a second choice of knickerbockers because nothing, but nothing, would ever clash with their first choice of B.R.O.W.N. As Rex Hunt once put it. To think I was slaving away umpiring basketball to get the money for a colour TV!

  10. My old club, Williamstown CYMS (colours: royal blue and gold), first joined the Ammos in 1984.
    In our first season, we wore gold shorts for away games. But for some reason reverted to white from 1985 onwards.
    Two of my sons now play for the club, and both were amazed when I enlightened them on this historical fact. And disappointed that gold away shorts are not still worn.

  11. I bought the Avenging Eagle some blue and gold knickers and hose. But she refuses to wear them.

  12. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    The yellow knickers – first memories watching my brother’s new Panasonic in ’75. The ‘Color Climax’ of footy.

  13. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks all, thought it might tickle some fancies.

    Re the language, I reckon this might have been boilerplate from the VFL By-Laws or suchlike and no-one (especially the “Board of Directors”) ever thought to change the nomenclature)

    And Dave Brown – Bingo!!! http://footyjumpers.com/melbournehome.htm (check out the entire footyjumpers.com site)

  14. Luke Reynolds says

    Collingwood the only team referred to as having a ‘jacket’. Because of lace-up guernseys?

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