Round 5 – Gold Coast v Adelaide: Nostradamus ‘book

Adelaide 23-15-153 def Gold Coast 13-8-86


Adelaide: Betts,Lynch 3, Cameron, Walker, Otten, Hampton, Knight, Menzel 2,
Brown, Smith, M Crouch, Atkins, Sloane
Gold Coast: Ah Chee 5, Lynch, Matera, Hall 2, Sexton, Swallow
Best Players:
Adelaide: M Crouch, Sloane, Walker, Hampton, Lynch, Atkins, Laird, Otten, MacKay
Gold Coast: Ah Chee, Saad, Barlow, Ablett, Witts

Crowd: 12,672 at Carrara
Umpires: Chamberlain, Mitchell, Fleer


Malarkey Medal Votes-
M Crouch (Ad) 3, R Sloane (Ad) 2, Walker (Ad) 1.


The game begins on Channel 7 at 7, I confidently predict the Crows will win by 67 pts (geez I am good!), though it is soured by the loss of gun defender Daniel Talia and vital utility Riley Knight to bloody hamstring injuries, bringing it to 8 Crows players who have already done hammys this season. What in the hell is going on? Training? Weights program? Something is drastically wrong and while the side has shown admirable depth and versatility to continue on our winning way, it will short circuit the push for the flag if it continues.


Now in all seriousness, the people complaining the game is not live on tv and blaming Channel 7, this is incorrect. Fox and Channel 7 bid for and pay a fortune for tv rights and need to get bang for their buck. Don’t blame the AFL, to play it live could be easily written in the contract (which it was), but the AFL make the channels pay a bloody fortune to win the rights to footy now. If the AFL were not so bloody greedy (I well and truly include the players), and were willing to accept far less money for the contract, then playing it live would occur. Personally, I would quite happily accept the deal of it not being live provided a decent percentage of AFL revenue went back to GRASS ROOTS footy, helping the SANFL and other state leagues, amateur and country clubs just to survive but it doesn’t and it is just so bloody wrong!!!


1. Now re the game, if you had told me that Daniel Talia, the Crows vital match up to arguably the best key forward in the game, Gold Coast’s Tom Lynch, after 2 minutes would be injured, yet we would win the game comfortably and always be in control, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. Well done Kyle Hartigan for beating Lynch and restricting him to 2 goals.
Hartigan is underrated as a defender and is very important to the Crows.


2. Adelaide’s Tom Lynch was again vital, ‘The Connector’ is the best in his role in the game. Lynch should call for ‘tickets please’ for the ride he takes us and his opponent on each week.


3. Curtly Hampton had his most influential game as a Crow, he along with Charlie Cameron have added the vital hardness and pace around the contest on ball.


4. Matt Crouch was again good in close, his hands and distribution were again important.


5. Rory Sloane is just so consistent, in that regard reminds me of past Norwood and
Collingwood star, and Crows assistant coach Michael ‘Kingo Taylor’

6. Brad Crouch is a good footballer, but is he elite or even a proven consistent AFL player at this stage due to injury? Unfortunately NO. Did he do some good things in this game? Yes, but his kicking efficiency was just 33 per cent, it is an area of his game which must improve for him to become a good AFL player. What was the area which got exposed against the Swans in last years final was our hardness in the midfield and our lack of pace on ball through both Crouch’s and Scott Thompson. Brad through his injuries has lost a yard of pace, so his disposal must be spot on to overcome other weaknesses. This is an area where Matt, his brother, has improved. We need Brad to improve as well, and quickly, as it will be costly against the better teams.


7. I was excited when we recruited Troy Menzel, but turned up last year out of condition, and in each of his 3 games this season he seems to have gone backwards.
His work rate is just not good enough and he does run to some poor spots. Some guys just seem to lack the drive and grunt to make it, maybe he is one of those. Menzel showed ability at Carlton, well he better hurry up and find it here as he must be running out of chances, injuries may save him this week but it is time to give Jonno Beach a shot in my opinion.


8. Jake Lever is a gun, his hamstring injury has slowed his start to the season, his intercept marking, balance and poise were back to their imperious best and as always a highlight.


9. Rory Atkins is doing a Colin ‘Funky’ Miller impersonation with his hair, and while he may have looked ridiculous his link work was very good. Andy Otten is the Crows success story of season 2017 and the Swingman has been excellent in every game. With Talia’s injury, defence may beckon again.


10. Gold Coast’s Callum Ah Chee was a shining light for the Suns, he showed class and composure to kick 5 goals and showed why he was such a high draft pick in easily his best game to date.


11. Adam Saad is an excitement machine with his customary run and carry out of defence.
He showed again why he has had easily the most amount of bounces in the game and did a reasonable job on Sir Edward Betts, restricting the magician to 3 goals.


12. Gary Ablett was good, maybe we expect too much from the little master. While having 33 touches he didn’t seem to have a huge influence on the contest.


13. Jarrad Witts battled hard against Sam Jacobs in the ruck in what was a even contest, with the Suns doing well out of the centre square but not having a scoreboard impact.


14. Jack Leslie tried hard covering the key defensive position due to injury, he would hopefully have learnt a lot from the experience of standing Tex Walker and his footy smarts.


15. The shocking free kick paid to Troy Menzel when Kade Kolodjashnij slipped and was penalised re deliberate rushed point showed an umpire who has no feel or understanding of the game, I will bet plenty he has never played the game and again the rules and instructions are just terrible. Give the rules committee the boot and sack Hayden Kennedy NOW.


16. Congratulations to Richard Douglas on 200 games, while not an out and out star, has been a consistent and valuable contributor over his career.


Overall a workmanlike performance by the Crows, an easy win on the road with suffering a major key injury loss early, we would take that every time. So it is five zip and the best start to a season in our 27 year history. Unlike Port supporters I understand how old the Crows are, onwards to next Sunday against Richmond.


  1. Menzel will be dropped he simply doesn’t work hard enough.

  2. Another fantastically entertaining win. You just have to love how quickly the Crows move the ball on the back of excellent defensive pressure to win the ball.
    Rory ‘Jason Akamaris’ Atkins has gone all out to attract Brownlow votes. At least he backed it up with a great game.
    The Crouch boys should not be allowed to kick – only handball.
    In regards to hamstrings:
    Flexibility is very important, especially when muscles fatigue.
    You would have to ask if enough stretching is done everyday but more importantly whether the lack of stretching at a young age pre-disposes certain individuals to strains and tears. If a young kid/teenager sits down a lot at school, at home on the computer or watching TV has this impacted on his elasticity and flexibility in the years to come. Combine this with the long warm up process and pace of an AFL game and “TWANG”.

  3. Jill Tathra says

    Glad you mentioned that free as I couldn`t understand it. What was the Gold Coast player meant to do. No it didn`t alter the outcome but gee whats the umpiring coming too. If he had held it it would have been ball so the poor bloke was between the deep sea and a big hole.

    I thought this week we played almost 4 quarters at last. Most of the boys did well nut think 2 of them may have a short Crows life, yes you mentioned them!

    The one thing I don`t like, and its a wonder people all over the world can`t hear me, is that we still handball too much in my opinion. No I`ve never played footy and yes I know sometimes its the only way to move but it just seems excessive.

    Great write up mate thank you and although I do have Fox and saw it live I agree with your comments on this too.

  4. Sharon Coad says

    In reality, not a bad effort picking up 33 possessions in his first game back. At this stage I’ll take the 33% by foot, because he plays inside and is always under pressure. Continuity and game time, he will only get better. Injuries to key position players will test us, hopefully our depth will cover these losses. Saw the reserves yesterday, as much as I love Thommo, his leg speed is a worry, he was caught a few times by smaller, faster players. His value will be with the young players in the reserves. Congrats Dougie on his 200 games. Had a couple of lean years, but seems to be playing with freedom regarding his role in the team. Looking forward to Eddie’s second goal this week. Go Crows!

  5. Nice coverage as ever Malcolm….Enjoying the crows like all our supporters are at the moment with one reservation and that is i feel sometimes when we know the game is won we start lairising with the ball to much , to many handballs when we are 40 to 50 meters out cost us a few goals yesterday…lets go for the jugular and take no prisoners when we have the chance …I feel Brad Crouch done very well yesterday considering he had no match fitness during pre season..he will only get better from hereon, providing he can avoid any more injuries. loved the sledge about port and it is so true as well.

  6. Good Book.

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    Excellent Crows coverage as per normal Malcolm. I feel I know the Adelaide players better than any other club, barring Collingwood, just from reading your reports.
    But where’s the ‘Chaplin’?? The real reason most of us read your work!!!

  8. Pretty much how I saw the game too Malcolm. Thought we messed around a bit with too much handball at times but overall a good
    Performance shadowed by two more hamstrings loved Walker’s game. Hartigan improving every game. Ottens a constant enjoyment

  9. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Great analysis, 5 and 0 let’s hope a premiership is on the cards this year

  10. Mark Ducker says

    Well done RB on your report yet again.
    Brad Crouch 33% KE in this match. I saw him early in the match pick off lace-out full pace after bending over to a low ball to a forward over 45 metres. Yes he will miss a few kicks as many do in their first match or two coming back from injury, especially hammies. Also remember, as he is an inside-mid, at times he will need to just kick forward to space ( just like Sloane often does) that gives an inefficient kick on the stats. But it may be the best option in tight if nothing on in close that actually may help the team if forwards are doing their job. Scotty Thompson similar. If you are an outside-mid then kicking efficiency more relevant. His actual Total disposal efficiency was 64% – still not elite I agree. But 1st match. Matt Crouch was 66%, Sloane 77% and Brodie Smith 86%. I think my point made. Both Crouch’s need to get their efficiency around Sloane’s. They both are ball magnets – they are true footballers in the old sense. I’d be more concerned with Matt right now than Brad with efficiency, as he’s played every match. I agree though RB, Brad will never be an elite kick but a good kick only but gee he has everything else!! Brad, given a decent injury run, I have no doubt will be an A+ inside mid-fielder in the comp. If he gets a good run with injury, he could easily be an All-Australian mid-fielder by age 26-27 and 120 games. Don’t laugh – he’s that good! And his pace will pick up with confidence, conditioning and games. As his game is based on elite inside work and reading of the play , where pace is not “king” – just ask Sam Mitchell and Selwood. Also can’t remember him being exposed for pace at all yesterday RB? Can you remember a glaring one I missed?
    RB – be patient with him. I know from my experience numerous times with injuries, it takes a while to get back to full productivity and form after injury. Those that play week in and out have no excuses with form even with niggles as all players have to cope with. Matches week in /out are “king” to form. I’m rapped and excited he’s back in the team and without him in form, I doubt they can win the Flag. Sloane can’t do it all.

  11. Tony Cove says

    NOT one for the record books or all-time-greatest win collections, BUT an efficient demolition of an admittedly substandard team. Yes, Gold Coast has been “resurgent” but against junk teams, Hawks included ha ha. I liked the following: 1. TEX Walker, majestic 2 weeks in a row 2. GOALS from so many players makes us hard to stop 3. COVERED the loss of Dan Talia with a smaller, running defence 4. Richard Douglas good in his 200th. Has had his ups & downs with various coaches, but now in his best form since 2010, his B & F season. 5. Our smaller forwards sharing it around, not 100% dependent on Eddie. 6. Tom Lynch – does anyone in the AFL run harder for longer? He ain’t the biggest or fastest or most brilliant BUT full value every week, leaves nothing on the park. As for DIDN’T LIKE: 1. Good to see Crouch B.back, but YES, kicking efficiency MUST improve 2. T. Menzel – has talent, but maybe we have better options in the SANFL, Wigg, Beech, Greenwood come to mind. Maybe harsh in a winning side, but will he deliver in a tight final?

  12. Supercoach of the SCUM says

    Gee this is a first Ruley, I agree wholeheartedly with the majority of your comments regarding tthe Crows so will leave that alone for now.
    BUT, a big, big brickbat to the clowns at the circus at AFL headquarters. The lack of football on free to air TV so far this season is driving me absolutely nuts. The Crows supporters have certainly had a raw deal so far.
    all South Australians should be up in arms about the AFL allowing channel 7 to put a bloody 2nd rate cooking show on before the delayed Richmond, Melbourne ANZAC game on Monday night which for any decent football lover would be worth watching.
    As you said Ruley, if the copious amount of coin the AFL dingbats have collected to allow everyone else run footy, was actually filtered down to the local leagues so teams like the SCUM could afford to get some additional support through more after game beers or some such attraction. I could almost accept not seeing live footy on free to air TV. For those who will be shouting get Foxtel, I won’t as a matter of principle. Will be spending more time at the local leagues methinks!

  13. Agree with your summary analysis:

    Crows looking as hot as 2006 – I hope they stick with T Menzel as I’m confident his natural talent and class will shine in the Finals as he builds up game time

    I also hope the Crows don’t have to come up against a ‘performance enhanced’ Eagles or equivalent #unlevelplayingfield

  14. Caz Phillips says

    Well rnd 5 and we”re 5 -0 great start to the season by the boys .
    Saturdays came didnt get off to the start we wabted with the injury to Talia but with the versatility that we worked on in preseason kept us in good stead ,great job done by Hartigan on Lynch tho restricted him well considering he has bagged a few lately .
    I thought the game was scrappy and not really free flowing our run and carry was good but not polished but still a pleasure to watch .
    Hampton is getting better every week and it was an exciting return for Brad Crouch with 30 odd touches ,8 tackles etc .
    Our midfield is pretty consistent at the moment and its great to see different faces rolling through .
    Sloaney my champ has been awesome he just keeps on giving 100% but he has alot of help around the packs that create the run .
    In regards to the soft tissue injuries Im not sure if its because the players are sprinting more because of the pace if the game or the fact that they are warm and at times during a long break sometimes they just ping due to coldness and over exertion. Its not ideal but could be alot worse if you look at the afl injury list soft tissue damage abd head knocks take the most injuries to players .
    Talia will bounce back and so will Riley yes theyre important but I still feel on onfield pressure helps our defence which has been something thats been worked on also .
    I hope JJ and Jake come back this week it will be a test but I feel we can get the job done GO CROWS

  15. Found this article very astute Book, but I too feel you went too hard on BC snd TM. Both have big upsides and the forme is not exactly guilty of Simon Tregenza or Matt Connell style burning of the footy by a ball magnet. Both of the above former Crows were outside players with disposal and/or decision issues. I see nothing wrong with Brad’s decision making and to have the number of effective inside mids is probably the critical reason the boys are 5-zip up.

    Menzel will only learn the more games he gets with Betts – better for all of us if he can see that yardstick in front of him week in week out rather than getting false positives in the 2s.

    Thoroughly enjoy watching the quick hands and clear minds of the players across every line, and especially like the way Jake Lever and Andy Otten make this possible in the absence of Tahlia if need be.

  16. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Mark agreed.Steve I am a fan of Neil Kerleys theory re players didn’t grow up riding bikes and doing manual labour work toughing up the body at a young age.Jill that free was diabolical but as we no the afl never admit they are wrong re Menzel injuries may save him this week hard re hand balls in that yes sometimes it’s over done but also re t.v hard to see when opposition have players behind the ball and trying to run it and then go over the line and I am v firm re 7 and fox.Sharon hopefully B Crouch gets better by foot we need him to our depth is going to receive plenty of tests in the next few weeks with out our defensive general in particular.Betts 500th goal will set Ad oval alight,Sunday.Dave yes while it would have been nice to win by more at least we still won the last q have to remember it’s a marathon not a sprint it is human nature to be preserving for next week when the contest is over.Agree we over handballed at times,glad you enjoyed the Port sledge.thanks,TC.PK bloody hamstrings,Hartigan v good,
    Otten success story of the year and Tex leading from the front.Thanks Ben long long way to go.Ducks I have always felt both Crouch’s can be v good afl players but not elite,Brad may well have been but injuries stuffed that I noticed re lack of burst pace a couple of times overall totally agree re him needing continuity in his footy I think Hampton is the guy taking enormous strides and may we’ll end up 2nd to Sloane may be re B Crouch I get sick of a lot of supporters ( not you ) acting like he is the messiah so I am tough on him.Sam Mitchell and Selwood it there vision and awareness which sets them apart.Tony personally I agree with every word you have written.Supercoach the lack of support by the afl given to other state leagues and grassroots footy totally disgusts me to say the least and like you bloody cooking show tonight grrr.Steve I am actually far more worried about,Menzel after watching the replay he ran to some shocking spots and was basically a chook with his head chopped off not sure if he will get or deserves many more chances and hold hold it’s only round 5.Caz re hamstrings above I think re standard of game part of it is lack of crowd involvement that game just would have seemed so much better at The Crowval.Hampton has become a vital player.Model agree B Crouch better by foot than those 2.lets face it there disposal would have fitted right in to the Scum( impressive re Scum coaches commenting I am honoured ) but it must improve the fact he lacks penetration by foot means he must hit the target more often,Menzel a worry and yep v happy to admit I was wrong re Otten I thought the pace of the game with his injuries had passed him by but it is his elite footy brain which is his main weapon.
    Luke it is no surprise you feel you no the Crows players so well with how much help you give me re editing it is truly appreciated and re Chaplin got to keep the crowd on its toes and wanting more thanks mate and thanks folks ( Please share mine and any other article it helps the almanac ) thanks folks

  17. Jeff Milton says

    Malcolm I haven’t seen the game so relying on your article amongst all the other media to give me an accurate report. I note your comment re the Crow’s Tom Lynch. Surely one of the most underrated players in the comp with the amount of ground he covers.

  18. RB – dare I say it but the hammy injuries at the Crows are starting to look (and smell) a bit like the Bombers before the whole drug fiasco came out. Remember how the Bombers were flying then their players began to mysteriously ping hammies? One after the other. Hmmmm.

  19. Im loving it Jason ackermanis can be my favourite player again!

    Dips implying that the Crowies are on peptides is a twat, pull your head in and acknowledge they are pushing themselves to the limit!

  20. Among the details in your article, the emphasis on Curtly Hampton’s worth to the Crows this year is significant. His performances, along with Andy Otten’s, has come at a time where the midfield and half backs are complimenting an already formidable forward lineup.

    This team clearly has the ability to make a huge shake on the finals this season. Looking forward to the Richmond game on Sunday.

  21. Dave Brown says

    Good stuff Rulebook. I wonder if the hardest running team in the comp having hammy issues is that much of a surprise. And if the Rat is going to play like that every week he can wear a fruit basket on his head for all I care and agree with Mr Ducker’s perspective on B Crouch. Yep, Beech probably offers more than Menzel at this stage, although he could be such a player. The AFL can go get stuffed if they think I am going to be blackmailed into Ruperttel. Imagine how bad the ratings would have been if the Crows had lost…

  22. Good analysis as usual ‘Book. Happy to see the Crouch bros. out there together, and if they can get it nearly seventy times a match, I’ll take it. Lots to like about Hampton too.

  23. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Onya ‘Book

    Tricky next month or so coming up, the Tiges fixture looks intriguing.

    Glad we’ve locked in our tickets for Round 11 against the Pivotonians, but no-one apart from Melbourne or Port ever wins down there.

    Ratkermanis might just be getting ahead of himself. Is that an AFL approved hairstyle?

  24. Crows depth will be tested over the next few weeks but gives others a chance which worked for the Dogs last year

  25. Good analysis as always Mal. Re: Menzel – the culture was pretty ordinary at times at Carlton and I think Juddy, in his book, talks about people not really buying into hard work and discipline. Cannot help wondering if that was Menzel.

  26. Charlie Brown says

    I’m heading to the cattery for the crows match. Might see you there!.

  27. Good article again Rulebook, although you didn’t manage to sneak in a dig about Chaplin, just a little disappointed at that.

    The upside of the injury to Dan Talia from the game was the performance of Kyle Hartigan on Tom Lynch from the Suns. Arguably the best key forward in the game at the moment, and his previous best against Adelaide was in a game that Talia didn’t play, and Hartigan played a great defensive role on him.

    I’m liking the way Curtly Hampton is progressing each week in his development within the Crows’ midfield. He’s getting more comfortable being amongst the midfield and provides some breakaway speed and skill that we’ve lacked previously. (I know he played 50 plus games with GWS, but most of those were off half back and over 4 years, so difficult for him to find his feet at the elite level. He seems to be enjoying his football now, and it was great to see him finally kick his first Crows’ goal, and better to see the guys get around him (something GWS lacked in our game against them.)

    The issues with hamstrings may be related to work rate, training or in some cases, overextended muscles while under physical strain or back related tightness. The club has said that the injuries are not all the same type or the same cause so they’re not (outwardly) overly concerned. (Not like when Craigy had everyone riding bikes and there seemed to be no end of hamstring injuries.)

    Will be interesting to see how Menzel fares this weekend, especially if he’s retained in the AFL side. Not sure if he’s playing a defensive forward role that Charlie had played before or if he’s just not in synch with the rest of the forwards. If it’s the former, then he still needs to hit the scoreboard more to make his opponent more accountable. If it’s the latter then it’s “Bye Bye Bye.”

    Cheers, Steve.

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Milts thank you interestingly enough the Cats rate,Lynch as our most important player and there planning worked out big time against the Crows last year.Dips geez your drawing a long bow I would be amazed if every club wasn’t v much straight and narrow now days.Holsty team bastards hair do ?
    Paul Hampton has been pleasantly surprising and can not praise,Otten enough yes injuries present,Richmond with a chance this week.Dave yep agree re the rat and couldn’t agree more re fox.
    Mickey if they can both improve by foot it will certainly make them a formidable duo and love,Hamptons hardness.Swish yes can’t get afl approval re headbands it is surprising the afl don’t inspect hair cuts etc could well be a very good game and you can catch up with,Charlie.Raj only way to look at it and it certainly worked for the dogs last year.Shane v good point and yes agree it may we’ll have been.thanks,Charlie.Steve I am sure,Chaplin will make another appearance again soon Hampton has added a vital missing element,the hamstrings are both a worry and interest,Menzel under the blow torch he would be v nervous waiting on selection this week thanks folks

  29. RB my tongue was firmly in my cheek!!

  30. Tony Cove says

    There’s been a few comments re Troy Menzel over the last 2 days. We ALL want to see this talented young man do well; certainly at the moment it is doubtful that he is producing the performances of which he is capable. The Crows, like all AFL teams, have a bevy of coaching & support staff to work on these things, so as a group they will have to make a decision at the end of this season where to go with Troy on the list. In the meantime, the ball is in HIS court. He reminds me in some ways of Jared Petrenko who played 70 AFL games with us. Great ability, some special moments for Petrenko, but he never quite cemented his spot, too many games where he went missing, didn’t read the play etc. Let’s hope the story is different for Menzel T. At Carlton, the same issues plagued him, but he was not part of a successful football programme there. Here at Adelaide, he is surrounded by top players. If he can’t crack it with us by season’s end, then I guess the writing is on the wall. I wish him all the best.

  31. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dips yep I realised that as was my reply if only every one understood a joke ( I found out today not re footy to my detriment ) Tony I think,Menzel has more natural ability than Pup ball is in his court we will see how much whether he wants it wish he had his brothers desire thank you

  32. Another entertaining article Malcolm and for mine you are spot on with the B.Crouch ant T.Menzel quotes.I too would like to see J.Beech get a go.

  33. Regarding the TV coverage, don’t hold your breath about revenues streaming down to make a difference to the grass roots. The players at the elite level wanting their massive share will see to that. Whilst most of them should get a pay rise (which worker doesn’t), looking for the types of pay rises they’re asking for will send the game already struggling in the levels below almost to the wall, not that any of them or the players association really care.

    Plus the majority in this electronic age will demand live coverage, otherwise there’s little point in watching a replay when results are already known so easily (and can still be followed on 3 radio stations, plus numerous blogs and other social media). Live sport is basically what is keeping TV stations alive, both free to air and subscription.

  34. Bryan Haines says

    Nice again book ? The delay in the game actually worked ok for me as I got to see the full game after seeing the Panthers sneak home against the bays. I was more offended by Eddie Maguire being the host, terrible.
    I think Brad Crouch will be elite, but needs a run of games to get back up to afl speed. He is a better kick than his brother, and a bit quicker. As I have said before, Pyke got it wrong last year when he played the two crouches and Thommo in the same team, not enough skill and speed. I agree on Menzel but he is still pretty young and worth persevering with., has talent.
    Don Pyke and his team should be praised. Douglas at 200 games is playing as well as he ever has, Mackay as well. Well played Dougie!

  35. Bryan Haines says

    Book, that question mark after the ‘nice again book’ was actually a thumbs up when typed it on my phone. Always enjoy reading your game summaries.

  36. Cameron Glenn says

    Listened to the game on the radio and yet to watch the replay but overall a strong effort especially since the Suns were on the up the last two weeks. Big win with some key players down and out but depth is strong. The youth have talent and can cover some injuries with the only downfall being the SANFL team’s performance falling and a likely SANFL showdown loss to Port coming up. Winning in the AFL is more important however.

    Huge top of the table clash on Sunday.

  37. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks KH.Mick I agree with every word the lack of not seeing the whole picture by the afl and the players and the total greed disgusts me big time.Bryan as I have said I think,B Crouch can seriously play but is a long long long way from elite and as I have said both Crouch’s must improve there disposal by foot rapt re Dougie and Dmac both playing as good a footy as they have ever played and thank you.
    Cameron there is depth which will be severely tested in the next few weeks and re the SANFL the Crows showed in last years finals they have no interest or respect of the competition the lack of effort in the prelim final was unforgivable the sooner there is a national reserves comp the better thank you

  38. Re the live match saga …The AFL struck a rich deal with their TV broadcast rights … a deal that has flow on benefits for footy in general … The AFL would be stoked with Foxtel’s dedicated HD channel and the role it is currently playing in promoting our great game. Free to air viewers in SA only get 3 delayed games FFS.

  39. Chris Mac says

    Lynch is one player who would be the hardest to replace in the side. Would like to see GPS mapping for him during a game. Does a lot of running I would say.

  40. Great game from the Crows again, definitely soured by losing Talia. Need to keep this form going.

  41. Barb Jamieson says

    Totally agree about the commercial agreement between the AFL and TV rights , I do have Foxtel , so I’m one of the lucky ones but I do feel for the people who are waiting for a ludicrous amount of time to see the beloved team play , but commercialism is what is keeping the game going and a fact of life
    I have a lot of tome for Don Pyke , but I wish he would tell us , and Troy Menzel what he is asking of him, given that he says he is doing what he is asking from him , not sure Troy understands it either , he looks lost
    Apart from all the obvious players like Tex, Eddie, Sloane and Cameron , all exciting in action , I get so much from seeing the successes that were not certainties, like Hartigan , who two years ago looked almost intimidated , he’s worked so hard to toughen up , and develop his Footy brain , and of course I’m going to say Andy Ottens , you’re a winner to me to have never given up and to be back and just getting better and better .
    Just hope our hammies aren’t going to continue, while we have depth , the well is not bottomless, but in all fairness , I don’t think it’s just a club thing. If you look at all the soft tissue injuries over the whole competition, I think they are more prevalent, and is that any reflection on the number ofvritations , or is it that the game is simply harder , faster, and tougher

  42. Barb Jamieson says

    Forgot to say , care factor zero that Rory Atkins has changed his hair stylists, as long as he keeps playing the way he is , and wears our colours , that’s all I see

  43. Sorry i took so long to read this, i like to read when noone is around….
    Another great read by you Malcolm, a bit disappointed with the delayed telecast but not one to cry over it, i did the old fashion thing and listened to the wireless…?…there was a big debate about the delayed telecast on mmm with good old KG and Jars Sunday morning…anyway, what i loved about this game was we were able to continue on like we had no injuries, seems Pykey is coaching well and has all bases covered, I’m a massive Cameron fan and he never fails to impress..what incredible speed this kid has, the Crouch brothers i think from memory 67 possessions between them…dont underestimate these 2 lads…and Lynch, has definitely found his place at the Crows…i just love the fact some of our boys can play multiple roles…I’m loving what I see at the moment, really looking forward to Sundays game…top of the table clash.

  44. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Smithers apart from the elderly who may not be able to go to a place with fox I have no problem with it.
    Chris I vaguely remember 1 game that he did 15 ks more than a lot of midfielders.Barb totally agree re
    Menzel imo must be dropped.i totally agree re depth not a bottomless pit and re the hammys.KDE ad always love your passion and enthusiasm for the Crows thanks folks

  45. Nice work Rulebook!

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