To Be Or Not To Be … Yourself, in Defeat or Victory?

Gregor Lewis celebrates Wimbledon, Silverstone, the Tour de Yorkshire – and, above all, the human strength and courage to succeed. Greatness reached for and grasped. While in Brazil the fear of loss has subdued the beautiful game.

Who’s a Jolly good fellow?

Darren Jolly used his piece in The Age to argue for more of a players voice on the rules committee and then went ahead stated that 3 members have relevant recent experience.

Getting Ready

Do you hear the buzz? Yvette Wroby does.

Leave the Grand Prix alone

Those that don’t like the Grand Prix in Melbourne should be tolerant of those who do, writes Jake “Cobba” Stevens.

F1 Grand Prix: Should our nation’s most prestigious motor racing event be axed?

By Damian Watson The Australian Formula One Grand Prix has been previously touted as the pinnacle of international sporting events staged across the country, however the sanctity of the race has been questioned and threatened in recent years. As a result of dwindling crowds, significant financial consequences and angst amongst local residents and politicians, the [Read more]