Almanac Rugby League – A sad farewell for a unique champion

At the risk of plagiarism, I have to confess that this week’s game between the Panthers and the Raiders was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. Chris Parkinson seems to have had a similar viewing experience for the Raiders game last week. Despite the scrappiness of the game, however, and the tangible frustration [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – The worst game ever played

I sit in front of my computer embarrassed to be writing my first review for the Almanac on possibly the worst game of the year.  14th versus 16th on the NRL ladder does not necessarily make this a bad game, and you would think that both proud clubs would be trying desperately to avoid the [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – A sad way to go: Gold Coast v Canberra

I thought about taking the train from Bris Vegas to Skilled Stadium at Robina on the Gold Coast with my 12 year old daughter. It would be Alan Tongue’s last game in Queensland and it would nice to say goodbye. Tongue has been our mutual hero for different reasons. I like how he plays every [Read more]