Slappy slap!


Nadal and Kyrgios are going off as I type.


So. 1. I love Nick Kyrgios!


  1. I’m no great fan of tennis. I’m punching blind.


Good luck to tennis players! Good luck, God speed! Amazing athletes, brilliant skill! Still… Tennis?


I love watching people though. Characters.

Hated golf, yet Norman at his best? I’d be glued, just to feel his momentum! Tour de France? Not if I needed the sleep! But Cadel and his diesel motor, powering uphill, past team after team? Hooked. Force of personality. The America’s Cup? Nah, only joking. That’s a bridge too far.


So, Nick… So many people hate him! Tennis people. For so many reasons. I love him because he’s a wog. Wog hairdo, wog strut. Fiery, surly, apologising to no-one for who he is. I grew up around them in Carlton and Brunswick, because I was one. But not like him. He is fantastic at it!

And damn that pisses off the white bread community of tennis!


It pisses off all the people who want to tell you what an Aussie should or shouldn’t be.


“Lleyton was arrogant, but he gave 100%.”


Nick does and doesn’t. Heart on sleeve. Gets stroppy. But is honest.


He never said he was 100%. He clearly said that he doesn’t want to sacrifice whatever it takes to move from top 20 to top 10. That’s brutally honest. I love that!!


Who the hell are we, fat, lazy, skinny couch potatoes to say “How DARE you not want to sacrifice your entire life for my entertainment!” “How DARE you not want to give 100%!”


And the old beauty of every stuffed shirt (since the dawn of time); “Our taxes paid for that!”


I love the way he doesn’t apologise for who he is. For how he does things. He can tank whenever he wants to!


I get it, he is rude, offensive to lines-people, umpires, fans. He chatters to himself like a bus-stop loon when having a meltdown. But the mob hate him like they hated a young Hewitt. Like they hated McEnroe, Connors. Like footy fans hated Libba. Golf fans hated Daly.


(I can already hear the haters: “Feh! Nick doesn’t have 1/100 the talent/success of ……..!” fill player’s name here)


These people that make us feel. That make us barrack, that make us frustrated and angry.


Then, they all missed them when they were gone.


Most tennis players couldn’t make me change the tone of a fart. I love Kyrgios. It’s only sport. Tennis! My support? He has all of it. Sorry, I’m an Aussie! I barrack for the underdog.


We need our villains, our cartoon characters. Our players with personalities. Australian tennis, and its white, middle class, still air, is gagging for it!


I love the way Nick Kyrgios makes the armchair high hats so angry!

Damn! He just lost the third set in a tiebreaker! (He should have trained harder! Haha!)




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  1. Old Dog, I am also a Kyrgios fan.
    Imagine tennis without him!
    Nadal, Federer, Djokovic. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

  2. Tennis fan says

    Point taken. Back in the day I would barrack for the likes of John McEnoe, Boris Becker and Henri Leconte because they were exciting to watch whereas Edberg and Wilander were boring.

  3. Kyrgiosmania says

    It’s time that Nick Kyrgios does a Pat Rafter and win the US Open singles titles at ages 25 and 26, as long as the US Open goes ahead this September, with the Coronavirus hopefully over by then in the USA. There were no great expectations on Rafter because he wasn’t a top Junior player whereas Kyrgios was.

    It will be the biggest waste of talent if Kyrgios does not ever win a Grand Slam singles title, like it was for Mark Phillipousis. At least Phillipousis made the top 10, as well as making 2 Grand Slam singles finals and winning a Davis Cup trophy, things that Kyrgios is yet to achieve.

    Having said that, Kyrgios must improve his mental and physical strength and his work ethic. He must become a better volleyer, have an even better backhand and improve his court movement even more, especially over 5 set Grand Slam singles matches. He also needs a full time coach but his attitude must change for the better for that to become a remote possibility.

    Time for Kyrgios to be serious and for those who think I cannot be serious, well it’s up to Nick Kyrgios.

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