CRIO’s Q…whose time is up?

“Footy is a business”  we are regularly reminded, but people are at its core. And their futures – hopes and dreams – are being decided right now, despite this season being months from its completion.

Many of us have squirmed through the classic  video “The Year of the Dogs” and will recall Libba’s name placed squarely on the edge. So it goes. Big calls have to be made, by boards, coaches and players or on their behalf.

The dominoes have started to tilt.

Roosy, as is his way, has managed his coaching exit honorably.

Malthouse’s “decision” is more knotty.

Mark Williams’, of course, was “mutual”.

Woosha and Knights are now in the media’s cross-hairs.

Some players, too, have read the “tea leaves” – “Captain Kirk” nobly, others less willing to accept “Old Father Time”.

Aker, some say, will be pensioned within a fortnight. Cousins  looks like he, too, will have to accept the ravages of age and habits.

Some will fight and some will survive. For many, the tap on the shoulder will come as a shock and a few will revive their careers elsewhere.

But list decisions are being made right now.

From Hall, Kosi and “the other” Mark Williams, to rookies clutching a life’s dream…

Whose time is up?


  1. As much as I love the way he plays, Brad Johnson’s time has come. Probably see the year out though. He’s starting to go to ground a lot, the first sign of demise. Cousins is finished, and the Saints should trade Milne and Koschitzke.

  2. John Butler says

    Dips, I presume you want the Saints to trade Milne to Geelong?

    I would have thought he was having a reasonable season.

  3. John Butler says

    I would love the Blues to offload Brett Thornton, but it probably won’t happen.

    I wonder if Hawthorn’s still interested?

  4. Milne’s having a really good season, but his question marks are off-field and also in September. Not sure he’d have much currency.
    Kosi’s conundrum is that if he has a good finals run, they’ll want to keep him. If he doesn’t, his price goes down again.

  5. Was there a time when Brad Johnson didn’t go to ground???

  6. John Butler says

    Dips, sadly I do concur with you re Braddy Johnson. One of my favourite players of the last 20 years looks to be struggling.

    You would think Akermanis and Eagleton would join him.

  7. Tom Williams??

  8. John Butler says

    As The Wrap has been pointing out for some time, Matthew Knights is under a lot of pressure.

  9. John Butler says

    I wouldn’t think Milne’s problems were any worse than Didak’s.

    If you play well enough, most clubs will forgive and forget.

    Winning is paramount.

  10. John Butler says

    Budge, I think the Blues played Tom Williams nicely back into form yesterday.

  11. Stephen Cooke says

    I’m back on the Mark Blake bandwagon (heaps of room on it) after some good form. No need to move him on. I thought without another ruckman for competition (with The Big Mummy going to Sydney) that he would have started cruising but I think talk of Hawkins becoming the second ruckman has persuaded him to extract the digit.

    On the way out – Brock McLean by all accounts. Friction between him and the club. I don’t think Melbourne will be trading young Gysberts to Carlton to get him back. Gysberts was recruited with the pick Melbourne received from the Blues in return for McLean.

  12. Budge,
    Johnno was a really great player…don’t you remember? Your Nubrik boys were strong back then.
    I’ve had Johnno as going to ground too often and finished for a couple of seasons, but (again as Essendon learnt – was it Peter Bradbury) it is a delicate matter losing club legends, especially such popular ones. Insiders would not accept Aker displacing him and there is not room for both.
    Tommy Williams is a worry. A great size and so critical in taking an opposing monster and thus freeing up Harris, but he gets so lost in “one on one” marking duels. He’s a Qld bot so there might be interest but the Dogs don’t yet have an obvious replacement as Everitt and Hargrave are too skinny.
    Bulldogs will definitely lose Johnno, aker, Bazza maybe, Harbrow to Qld…frees up some space.

  13. Stephen,
    What put you “back” on to Blake? In an otherwise pretty good match, the ruckmen were embarrassing on Saturday.

  14. Stephen Cooke says

    Blake doesn’t have to show much to improve his form line. Getting handballs away and hitting the target with any kicks is a good effort for the gangly big man, which is what he did on Saturday. A snap from almost 50 metres at a crucial stage was close to being a goal and the crowd of 70,000 held their breath as the ball was in the air. Sadly for the big man, it was a point.

  15. Budge,
    Did Essendon get the wrong Mark Williams? What can they do there? And, is “son of Mervyn”going to be a forward option?

  16. Dave Latham says

    From the Pies I’d say O’Bree and possibly Fraser. Lockyer may juust hold on to spot.

  17. Stephen Cooke says

    Will Fraser play 200 with the Pies? And what team would want Fraser do you think?

  18. Jack Anthony?

  19. Dave Nadel says

    JB#9 It isn’t actually fair to compare Didak’s off field behavior to Milne’s. Didak is a goose. Milne is exactly what Malthouse called him and if it wasn’t for a couple of crooked coppers he would be doing time by now.

    I’m not sure that the rest of your comment is right either. Collingwood did stand down Shaw and Didak in 2008 even though the Pies were playing in the finals and Carlton ultimately got rid of Fevola even though he was capable of winning games off his own boot.

  20. JB (#2)- The only thing the Saints want is the flag. Nothing less will do. Milne and Kosi will both let them down in the big games. They’ve done it before and will do it again. I’d trade them. They’ve still got currency for struggling sides like North or Crows.

    Milne will kick his fair share in the home and away, but he’s deceptive. No ticker.

  21. John Butler says


    I’ll amend my comment to what is proven. And nothing is proven in regard to Milne’s situation, unlike Didak.

    Likeability is another matter.

    Re club’s tolerance of misbehaviour, both Didak and Fevola would have been long gone from their respective clubs if they were journeymen players.

  22. Dave Nadel says

    On Collingwood, Dave you are right about O’Bree but Fraser will stay. Number one draft picks tend to get lots of chances. Jack Anthony is a conundrum. He still the best kick on the Collingwood forward line. He just doesn’t get the ball often enough. On the other hand I believe his Dad now lives on the Gold Coast.

  23. John Butler says

    It’s a fair point Dips, though they’ll both have a chance to rectify the situation come September.

  24. Cookey – I haven’t retired the lucky jocks yet. I reckon they can go around for one more September. They’re sitting quietly at the bottom of the drawer as we speak – in cotton wool. Come September they’ll be hand washed between events and treated like a priceless silk scarf. If the Cats win the flag I might actually auction them off for charity.

  25. Dave Nadel says

    Yes, talented players get more chances than journeymen but in the end talented players get cut if their behavour doen’t change. Fevola is now at Brisbane, Michael Gardiner got cut by the Eagles and actually behavior was the final detirminant in Collingwood trading Tarrant.

  26. John Butler says


    Everything has it’s limit.

    Over the course of our history, the Blues have been as active as anyone in overlooking the sins of key players.

  27. and Administrators, sponsors…

  28. JB,
    Is Ratts safe?

  29. John Butler says


    #28 It’s a good question.

    Pre season, I was astonished at the virulent criticism he attracted from a segment of the faithful. They reckoned he was tactically clueless. It seemed way over the top. It wasn’t like he had Geelong’s list to coach.

    Over the course of this season I would have thought he’s made some pretty astute calls, and adapted to the post-Fevola environment reasonably.

    But there’s no doubt the team’s been suffering malaise since the Hawks clobbered us. If things don’t get back on course, those doubters tend to have very loud voices.

  30. Dave Latham says

    Hey Dave,

    Fraser is only saved by us not having another ruck prospect. Wood had @ 55 hit outs at Coburg on Saturday.

    Tempting to stick with Jolly, Wood Leroy and Keeffe/McNamara prspects. Trade Fraser to Hawks for swap of 1st rd pick, or similar.

    Jack got less accurate but still would like him for depth (genuine swing-man option). If he goes, I’d keep Rusling, if Jack stays probably Rus might have lucked out.

  31. Thompson and Abblett to leave the Cats.

  32. Andrew Fithall says

    When Matthew Knights was appointed at Essendon, it was because he told the selection panel that the playing list had potential for improvement which would come over the next two to three years. The other candidates conveyed a more accurate assessment of the list bequeathed by Sheedy. The selection panel, having heard from Knights what they wanted to hear, rather than what they needed to hear, made the decision. I think the same people are still in charge.

    However, if Hird was to be appointed, Mark Williams has indicated he would be happy to be on the staff.

  33. Phantom,
    Sanderson or Kenny?

  34. Dave Latham says

    #31. Thompson better not retire before they get a replacement at the Catery.

    Sanderson is coming to Pietown to join Buckley in 2012.

    Eddie to throw him a fistful of dollars.

  35. Danielle says

    Jack Anthony??!!!!
    Tarkyn Lockyer!!!?? :(
    excuse me while i go and have a cry in the corner.

    Well all know that Davis is only getting a game cos he’s one of Mick’s Favs!
    I just hope Buckley steps in regarding Jack Anthony- DON’T LET HIM GO!!!! :(

    If any one should go id say Fraser, O’Bree and possibly Davis

  36. Dave Latham says

    Buckley rates Leon as highly as Mick so won’t be going anywhere unless he trully bombs out.

    Shallow drafts coming up so I’d be for offloading Corrie, Cook, OBree and maybe Barham and Fraser.

    Would like to give Rus another year. Hope springs eternal.

  37. re WCE;
    Would Kerr have any currency to come here?
    Embley’s had enough
    Cox turns 30 next year.

  38. WCE: the coach? Strange rumblings! Maybe back to Princes’ Park?

  39. Danielle says

    one year or two left in him?
    Medders- i think he might hang up the boots..i hope not though.

    Rusling- They never play him when he is fit so they should trade him to a club who will give him a chance to play! Poor guy :(

  40. I’m forced with this question in my head every year.

    Should we trade Daniel Wells? He’s been alright so far this season but he hasn’t been great.

  41. Crio,

    I don’t know, but the Cat’s coaching position in 2011 is going under the radar a bit at the moment but it is sure to create some interest in the not too distant future.

    Are you inferring that the Cats have a crap list? Kenny is the dunny man isn’t he. Or is that Kenny H?

  42. Dave #34,

    The question is. What would an ex Cat like Sanderson like to be next season? A puppet Pie (assistant coach to Buckley for eternity) or current Cat coach.

  43. Danielle,

    Jack Anthony down to the Cats as another forward option when Tomahawk goes into the ruck.

    Moons will move back to the ‘Big City’ and finish off his career with the Magpies and be as successful as Dermie.

  44. Danielle says

    43- I’d LOVE Moons! :)
    But for Jack…i don’t know..
    Plus the Cats jumper won’t flatter my Superman.
    You’re welcome to have Rusling, he’s a big boy, just mind that shoulder of his.

  45. Steve Healy says

    Darren Milburn’s time is almost up at Geelong, sorry to say. Brad Johnson will probably go, from a Demons perspective i was wondering whether Cameron Bruce would be around for much longer but he played very well yesterday.

  46. Stephen Cooke says

    Danielle, I’d rather have Kent Kingsley back at Geelong than Jack Anthony.

    Dips, offer the lucky jocks to the GFC to put in their hall of fame, protected under glass but free for the public to enjoy.

    Phantom, regarding Bomba Thompson, doesn’t he have a handshake agreement taking in next year as well?

  47. Dave Latham says

    Phantom, lock in option A, a puppet coach with bulging pockets.

    Mooney can carry the oranges out for the VFL boys.

    Presti might go one more year. He could possibly go 2, but there’s lots of talented backs in line and I don’t want them packing their bags for other climes.

  48. Damian Watson says

    I can’t see Woosha returning to the Blues crio, I believe we have a relatively solid assistant coaching panel.

    Surely Worsfold’s time is up at the Eagles judging by current form. They have certainly been the big disappointments of the year considering their great finish to the season last year.

    With the current young crop at the Eagles, a fresh mind in the coaching hierachy would be ideal.

  49. #41…Phantom, is Gigs phantom writing?

  50. Dave,

    what about being a prominent pussy (senior coach) with bulging pockets in 2012.


    That sounds fine by me. If he and Gazza are having a lovers tiff it’s probably because Gazza is going any way.

    The extra draft picks after 2012 will be good. Sort of like getting good draft picks at a time when you will need them (considering they have all dried up for a few years) and instead of having to tank for them you win a flag or two or…….. Now that’s lateral thinking.

    I don’t think Gazza will play in another flag while at the Gold Coast. He may come back to Carlton or Collingwood. Wouldn’t Eddie salivate over the thought.

  51. The problem for the Eagles is that the young cropsters are no good. Masten, Swift, Ebert, early draft picks who can’t kick and there are more of them. Any new coach would need to do quite an unusual clean out.

  52. Danielle says

    Stephen Cooke- hey, i never said i was REALLY going to give him to you! lol

    Dave- Suddenly i feel like eating oranges. :)

  53. Les,
    Adelaide paper gone quiet about picking Dangerfield before Ebert!

  54. Richard Naco says

    Port Adelaide Football Club – lock stock and one very empty barrel.

    The AFL can only bail them out for so long, or until the last supporter to abandon ship locks the gate and turns off the light on their way out.

  55. Dave Nadel says

    Sorry, temporarily in a different time zone and have been asleep while various people answered me or wrote things I wanted to comment on.
    #26 Overlooking the sins or paying off the debts? But if Collingwood had had as a great a ruckman we probably would have, too. And indeed we probably have for lesser players.

    #30 Dave, until recently Fraser was considered a lot more flexible than Wood and a lot more talented than Leroy. If they could get him fully fit he would be again, if they can’t get him fully fit Hawthorn probably wouldn’t trade for him. I reckon he is worth keeeping, just for an example, with Cloke rubbed out you could play Josh at CHF, you wouldn’t want to play Wood there despite his skills as a knock ruckman.

    Dave and Danni, I think it is time to say farewell to the Rus. If he could stay fit for more than four consecutive matches he might be a champion, but we will never know. A bit like Lee Walker that we got from the Eagles in the 90s. In the two or three games that he played when 95% fit he showed terrific talent, but there were only about three such games in at least three years on the list. The other thing Danni, there isn’t room on the list for both Rus and your favourite, Jack, because they basically play the same game. I’d prefer to keep Jack even with his current loss of form.

    Dave #34 and #36 Where do you get the Sanderson rumour from? I wouldn’t get rid of Barham. Because of the GC and GWS expansions the next two drafts won’t have much in them for the teams finishing in the top four in 2010 and 2011. Barham may not be in our best 22 but he is a good player to have when others are injured.

    Mooney has been a great player for the Cats but no-one would want him at his age and fitness and Geelong fans wouldn’t accept him being traded.

    I think this might actually be Presti’s last year. He is playing really well but Collingwood only have to look at Johnson and Akermanis at the Bulldogs to see the risks of assuming that one brilliant and fit season at the end of your career will lead to another one.

    On the question of Worsfield at the WEagles. If there is any justice (and there isn’t much in footy) he should be kept on as coach. He won them a flag less than four years ago. He isn’t responsible for Judd’s greed, Cousin’s drug problems and Kerr and Glass’ prolonged run of injuries. If WCE still had these players in 2006 form they would be in the Eight.

  56. 55- Dave, i know what you mean but it just breaks my heart to let Rusling go.
    If only fate were better we might have had our own Fev/Roo.
    The sadder thing is that when i spoke to him at the family day and asked him to sign my jumper, he was almost surprised that i knew who he was and apparently hadn’t been asked to sign jumpers like most of the other boys.

    Pack his bag, send him to a club that will play him, i don’t want to see or know, just wake me when it’s over!

  57. Dave Latham says

    Hi Dave #55

    I think Fraser is beyond repair to be honest. He was never a great contested mark and has not got the pace to play CHF. Have watched him at VFL and very lucky to get a lot of his goals due to infringements.

    Wood I’d rate as a better all round option now than Fraser, but neither are giving better service than Leroy – the stop-gap that keeps on giving.

    With the slim drafts approaching, I think it’s worth only going for the 3 minimum requirement in the trade period.

    I think that mean Corrie, Cook and maybe Obree. I’d keep on with Rusling, although I suspect he is despondent.

    We have a heap of depth at the moment (thank you Derek Hine) and some might be part of a trade to land a big [strike] Pav [/strike] forward.

    On Sanderson and Bucks Dave, see

    Look out Phantom, the largesse at Collingwood never ends and he might end up yet with his good mate Bucks. Oh, I smell empire.

  58. Dave,

    my eyes are failing in my old age. Is that ‘largesse’ or distress?

  59. Dave Latham says


    I think the macular degeneration aflicting your eyeballs might be the perfect allegory for the future of the Cats.

    Sanderson to jump ship before hitting the iceberg.

  60. Dave,

    If that is the case if we play again this season it could be a Titanic struggle.

    The Cats are the ice berg. Only the Tip is showing at the moment. Whats below that is unmovable and very destructive. Sando would be fully aware of that.

    You should be ok though. The RMS Carpathia only had a capacity of 2550 (100 1st Class, 200 2nd Class and 2,250 3rd Class) but The Lexus Centre should hold the survivors.

    Those class splits are over a century old but look relevent to the contemporary Pie proletariat. Uncanny that.

    “Women and children first”

  61. Dave Latham says

    An iceberg directly under the hole in the ozone layer – rapidly receding.

    Unfortunately amongst the Pies, Hawks, Saints, Freo, Dogs and Cats – the Cats and Saints have blooded young players the least since 2004, at 452 and 395 games experience respectively.

    Of those currently playing, only @8 get regular games at present, compared to Pies with @15.

  62. Dave,

    icebergs are very hard to break into especially for those on their maiden voyage.

    I just checked our list. Four of our newbies have played in flags. That would have to count for reasonable blooding I would expect.

    Allen Christensen and Marcus Drum are sleepers.

    We have another Varcoe, Mitch Brown (high pick but injured) Nathan Djerrkura and others just waiting.

    And of course we will get a couple of end of 1st round draft picks for Gazza when the good ones are available to one and all again.

    Have a read of “The Mission” and see the later picks like Enright et al who have all played in flags.

    I can’t smell an Empire. I’ze in one.

  63. Dave Latham says

    Polished a few roughies, I’ll grant you that, but once Sanderson comes over to the Pies and goes to work with Bucks, Buttifant and Derek Hine, we will have a machine for spitting out diamonds.

    Cloke, O’Brien, Pendlebury, Thomas, Beams, Sidebottom, Anthony, Reid, Dick, Dawes, Brown, Wellingham, Goldsack plus your Toovey’s, Macaffers, McCarthy’s are all playing in our team now.

    Stokes, Varcoe, Selwood, Hawkins, Taylor, Duncan, Lonergan is the extent of the young Cat list playing at present.

  64. “Polished a few roughies”

    I like your style Dave

  65. dave latham says

    Just look out for the Pies this year Phantom. The depth is cream on the young cake and I’m expecting a few cups in the next 5 years.

  66. Dave,

    I didn’t realise that we do meet at the “G” in round 19. Looks like a very mouth watering recipe.

    I can’t wait and look forward to watching that depth of cream putting their heads over the ball for 120 minutes. (less the Matleeser’s rotations)

    I hope that the big “cake” doesn’t get split into a tray of profiteroles (tasty little post main course nibbles)

    We like the ‘King Island’ cream over here in Tassy. Could go well in those cups you are expecting. But you will need to save up, it is expensive, like all quality things.

    Cheers, Phantom.

  67. Dave Latham says

    I’m hoping we’ll down the Cats like a pack of peanuts and a pot on a summer day – won’t even touch the sides. Straight down the guts.

  68. Dave Nadel says

    I hate to say this Dave, but it will touch the sides. Mick hasn’t let our boys play straight down the guts for at least three seasons. Seems to work most of the time but we certainly do a lot of our attacking from the boundary.

  69. Dave Latham says

    I know Dave, just giving a few cheapies to Phantom while I can still harbour some illusions.

    They have at least instituted a press this year, but Mick is a terribly unresponsive coach on game day.

  70. What do you mean “cheapies” Dave?

    I thought we had a serious jaust going here.

    Was it Medhurst quoted at the end of last season as saying “I wish Mick would let us play the Geelong style of game”?

    I did pick up your Round 19 game plan discrepency but as I have been pretty hard on you I was willing to let it go through to the keeper.

    Any way we all know it’s not about Mick this year.

    Have fun with this weekend’s challenge. Two Saturday arvo MCG block busters in a row. How did Gillion manage to conjure that up so long ago.

    Cheers, Phantom.

  71. Dave Latham says

    Ah Phantom, I’m talking about the ghost of Xmas future visiting you in the near future with tidings of woe.

    The Pies will be hitting their straps under Nathaniel as our youth peak. From there it’s a ten year dynasty when Sanderson jumps on board.

    Hine spots them, Buttifant conditions them, Sanderson develops them, Bucks school them. A machine of excellence.

  72. Humbug!

  73. Dave,

    who is this ‘butter fat’ you keep referring to?

    Now you mention that he will be ‘conditioning’ all the ‘cream’.

    It all sounds a bit rich to me.

  74. Dave Latham says

    I expect the butter fat stocks are low at the Catery, what with all those polished scones.

  75. I have heard Chaaaaappppeee refered to as ‘that bald headed bastard’ by more than one opposition supporter. I assume that is one half of your point.

    Can’t understand why they don’t like him. He is very popular at Pussy Park.

    We got him from a second round draft pick trade when the Good Old Navy Blues poached Mansfield at the end of his career.

    Astute recruiting.

    Your ‘Golden Hine(d)’ is currently unproven and is subsequently considered to still race as a maiden, I believe.

  76. Back on the topic, boys, if we can
    …though, I was just thinking that “time is up” for “Delicious” Bruce.
    Presumably Chad Cornes will retire unless, as Cam Noakes commented, Graham can get the Port job!
    I think Power, Johnstone and Black are nearly pensionable – which, as Daff would comment, might leave Goodesy without a Brownlow drinking buddy!

  77. David Schwarz’s time is up as Channel 7’s special comments guy.

  78. Dave Latham says

    The Ox needs to be kept in quarantine at SEN where he can do the least damage, then gently shoe-horned out. Harm minimisation program – for us.

    Also Sam Newman has to be close to having the blanket thrown over him.

  79. Peter Hanlon’s article in today (Friday’s) Age is interesting.

    Maybe the new Gold Coast team could be called ‘The Poachers’ instead of ‘The Suns’.

    Their strip could be a red top, sky blue shorts and little ‘Zorro’ masks like Walt Disney’s Beagle Boys.

    Balme to Richmond?

  80. Chalkdog says

    good thread [too many to read] but Ive been banging on about N Eagleton for so long eventually its gotta come true. As for Johnno you may recall a theory I proposed once that the Dogs would never win one with West Grant & Johnson in the side. So if Johnno would retire now we might be a better chance of the chocolates. [NB it should also be noted tha my theory success rate approximates KRudds understanding of Australian collequialisms]

  81. Eagle is a reasonable choice for tonight.

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