Crio’s Q…unfair comparisons

“Callan Ward…He’s our Joel Selwood!” screamed the headline.

Google Ian Craig (not the race caller!) to get a lesson from cricket history.


I came across an old Shane Templeton article in which he declared Zeditave the best sprinter since Vain.

Don’t rate Manikato, Shane?


I know what they say about opinions. We all have one.

But comparisons are always FWD (fraught with danger).

The “risk/reward” is high.

It is part of the fun of sports banter.

What comparisons have been odious?



  1. Crio,
    The comparison of the youngest brother to the achievements of their elder siblings. “Gee If you think he’s good. you should see the youngest one” who inevitabley is a dud. Who can recall the achievments of the youngest Chappel, Waugh or Daniher or for that matter the youngest Selwood?

  2. Your point may be valid unless it was meant as a cheap shot at the younger Riordan!

  3. Tom Hawkins is the new Tony Lockett……………………………..ouch.

  4. Peter Flynn says

    Michael Stich is the new Wilhelm Bungert.

  5. John Butler says

    Mark Kratzmann the new Rod Laver. Double ouch.

  6. Ian Syson says

    crio, exception that proves the rule I reckon!

  7. Apology to Tony R – thought it was my insecure older brother!
    Your younger brother theory has long been a truism, but Selwood and ablett are challenging it.

  8. Mic Rees says


    Because he was left handed & Jewish, Ken Holtzman was unfairly dubbed “The new Sandy Koufax” when he debuted in 1966 – Koufax’s final year in the majors prior to retiring after the ’66 WS.

    Koufax won 3 Cy Youngs, pitched 4 No hitters and a Perfect Game against the Cubs (surprise, surprise) in 1965 and had a lifetime 165-87 record to go with his career ERA of 2.76. He played on 4 World Series winning teams for the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers. One of the all time greats of MLB.

    Holtzman was pretty good, 174-150 lifetime, career ERA of 3.49. He was the first Cub to pitch two no hitters since Larry Corcoran in the 1880’s. He went 9-0 in 1967, a season he could only pitch on weekends as he was in the Reserves/National Guard. Played on 3 World Series winning teams for the A’s, went 4-1 in those three series.

    Comparison was still unfiair.


  9. David Downer says

    I’m sure Clint Bizzell thanks G.Hocking regularly for once comparing him to Gary Ablett

  10. Callum Ward is the new Paul Michael Glaser

  11. haha Ltza. Very good. Mighty can of worms unopened there…

  12. Chalkdog says

    Seems theres more than one TonyR with little brother issues Crio!
    I never saw the Sexton that played so well for the Blues marching with a flag, but his brother at the Dogs was pretty good at it…

  13. Skip of Skipton says

    The Knack are the New Beatles.

  14. That was an hilarious half-time. Comic and tragic. Some sort of International Day if I recall correctly. The paltry crowd felt even more pathetic.

  15. Chalkdog says

    Multicultural Day if I recall correctly. Sam Power is another that came, saw & turned it over quite a bit. Least he played I suppose

  16. Chalkdog says

    Multicultural Day if I recall correctly. Sam Power is another that came, saw & turned it over quite a bit. Least he played I suppose

  17. smokie88 says

    Heard this one last night: “Kvitova is the new Navratilova”

  18. With Brisbane’s number 20 edging toward retirement, the Lions are still looking to fill the gap in the following statement: “_______ is the new Black”.

  19. I think in Ed Barlow we might finally have found a replacement for Ian Salmon.

  20. Is Gigs the new Commetti? I can imagine Dennis posing that question in the near future.

  21. When I say “that question” I’m referring to Gigs reference to Simon Black.

  22. Mark Phillipousis was nicknamed “Scud” because of his booming serve, but a very apt comparison can also be made. They both had the potential to explode but often fizzed.

  23. Thanks for the flattering comparison, Pete. Not sure I’ll ever be able match Cometti in the comb-over department.

  24. 1) James Hird is the new ‘Bomber’ Thompson.

    2) Nathan Buckley is the new Mick Malthouse

    2) Carlton is the new Collingwood.

  25. Smokie,

    the phonetics are related.

  26. Adam Muyt says

    “The Brisbane Lions are the new Fitzroy” Except it’s true! For the next few seasons at least.

  27. Clearisghted says

    Given his post game comments last Saturday night, Sir James is the new Prince Charming from Shrek.
    Or the new Gerry Gee.

  28. I think Charlene Princess of Monaco is hoping to be the new Virgin Mary.

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