The Footy Almanac Tip the Top 8 Count Grand Final Day Lunch





The Footy Almanac Grand Final Tip the Top 8 Count and Grand Final Day Lunch will be held, Zoom-style, on Grand Final Day, Saturday, September 25 from 1pm (EST). This could be the only lunch with a mathematical formula (which is used to decide the winner) as its logo.


All welcome.


Tip the Top 8 2021 Leaderboard with one round left to count: STAY TUNED


The extravaganza will include:


The Tip the Top 8 count.


Some regulars.
Some interviews with reasonably interesting people.
Some crosses to places which are not locked down where lunch is actually lunch.
Some parents.
Some stories.
Weather reports.
Race results.


Please register for the event by sending JTH an email HERE.


We will send you the Zoom link once we hear from you.


Then organise some lunch for yourself, charge your laptop, chill, pop, uncork, decant, whatever.


It worked in 2020. So why not try it again. We’ll try to keep it moving along. And you can dip in and out as you like.


We invite a donation to the Almanac cause. Each $10 will get you a ticket in the raffle.


Thanks to Sean Mortell for helping to organise this event.


  1. David Buckland says

    Hi John, Sorry, don’t understand what’s happening on GF day other than Zoom. Surely there will be a gathering of Almanac fans somewhere in SA where there is no restrictions perse. I was hoping to be part of some live atmosphere this year because I now live in SA and couldn’t attend any previous Melbourne functions. Is there somewhere for us South Aussie Almanac Fans can congregate? No atmosphere at my place!

  2. David Buckland says

    Been in contact with Sean who has answered many questions. See you tmrw on Zoom. Cheers and go the PIES (2022)

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