Round 12 – Sydney v St Kilda: Poor Jack leaving SCG devastated

Saturday 5 June 2021
1:45 pm
Sydney Cricket Ground


Victoria’s COVID outbreak continues, and during the week, AFL relocated the venues in Round 12. Saints were supposed to host the game at Marvel Stadium, but the league swapped between Round 12 and Round 21 (the latter game had been held at SCG).


Last weekend, I relocated my watching venue, and this weekend, playing ground was relocated. How coincidental it is.


Sadly some worries hit me on Friday, and I had another unexpected situation at an electrical store on Saturday morning, but I pumped up myself to cheer my boys up at my apartment in Kyoto.


Here are the match highlights:



St Kilda puts much pressure on Sydney at the beginning and Wood kicks the first goal of the match.

Higgins has an opportunity, but misses.

Swans find corridor and Buddy kicks goal, and win contests in marking and possessions at their goal square.

Saints slow down and Sinclair kicks to the wrong target (Clark not marking). It costs McDonald kicking a goal.

Finally Higgins scores a goal.

In the last minute, St Kilda makes a turnover and Higgins gets another opportunity, but his kick is short. King takes a mark and kicks a goal easily after the siren.



In the first minute, Geary, Butler and Steele chase Lloyd and laid tackles on him. Finally the key Swan defender has fallen down and is holding footy, awards St Kilda’s co-captain a free kick. He kicks a goal.

Good hand passes are done in the square and Byrnes scores a goal. Saints lead by two points.

But the tide changes at Swans’ home, and Buddy and McDonald answer. Swans deliver footy well and organised.

Goal kicking woes continue, and Butler and Ross miss opportunities in the last minute of the quarter. St Kilda would lead by a goal at the main break if two opportunities are well contributed.



Saints keep putting pressure on Swans and Butler finds the right spot finally. His goal puts the scoreboard at the score level.

Swans make a good turn over and find space.

Wilkie is unable to win the contested mark against Heeney (stuck with two Swans in the pocket; Where is his back up?).

Well done Callum and Howard winning a 2 on 2 contested mark Buddy involving.

Membrey scores a goal and then Papley answers.



Saints are ten points down and could bounce back to win.

Hayward kicks the first goal of the term. Battle and Membrey answer, and Saints are rising.

But Kennedy shows his solid performances as a star Swan. Then our young Byrnes kicks his second goal of the afternoon.

Trailing by five points and a Saints supporter and new recruit Jack Higgins gets a great opportunity.

But he misses and then again in another opportunity…

I am so upset.

Then Sydney gets the changing tide and Buddy assists the Rowbottom goal.

Game over. It’s another shocking loss when we should have won, like the home game against Geelong.

Jack Higgins is upset like Max King was. Poor young small forward. He leaves SCG with devastation.


My opinions to media

Former AFL players Garry Lyon and Jonathan Brown commenting on Max King was exaggerated. Yes he needs to contest, but repeated comments were unnecessary. What would they feel if they were targeted?


Garry should know the impact on mental health, as he took a year break from his media commitment in 2016, due to his mental health conditions. Browny needs to be educated, as he had commented negatively on Jake Carlisle not playing the semi final last year because of his wife giving birth to a baby.


Former Almanacker and current AFL media journalist Sarah Black might have made a joke on Jack Higgins, but her original headline in the match report made some Sainters angry. I was not annoyed at first, because I didn’t know the meaning of missy. Looking up the dictionary, I found out that it was a sexist language. However some fellow St Kilda supporting mates say that Missy Higgins is a singer.


Then Saints TV uploaded a video as a response to the media on social media and YouTube. He pointed out controversial headlines to the AFL media, the Age and 3AW. The talk back radio station tried to attract readers with Higgins missing a goal playing music, missy Higgins over. These headlines would affect Higgins’ mental health. I am so disgusted with negative reports made by the media.


Media helps promote mental health issues by interviewing those who suffer from mental illness or disorders. It is good, but I am very sad that on the other hand they create a negative impact on mental health.


What are they doing? Journalists sit on the desk making stories with rumours (excusing if trusted sources), rather than going out to get accurate information? Trying to be a hero by asking a particular question even if other media had already asked? Grilling interviewees? In regarding with being asked the same questions, the Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge stood up against the shit. Good on you Bevo!


Even if I am not backing her fully, Naomi Osaka boycotting the press conference at French Open Tennis shows unreasonable attitudes of the media. Media needs to learn reasonably covering the stories including interviewing people. As a person who has interests in media, the industry needs to improve.


To be honest, I prefer podcasts rather than TV or radio these days, because of better qualities and no pressures on timing.


Stop bagging our valuable players on social media

Saints fans, one of the reasons why I am loyal to the club is that we have a good fan base. But criticising heavily on our players hurts me. Starting with Brad Hill, then Max King and now Jack Higgins. Why don’t you stop when Hill reveals his emotions made by negative comments?


If you feel hurt by media comments and headlines, stop criticising our boys. But no matter what, stop it and think how you will feel if you are criticised.


I am an amateur footy player and struggle with kicking straight. I hit a park almost everyday and try to fix it. Going through an uneasy path, I need to remind myself of taking the right rhythm and swinging the leg straight as well as relaxing and focusing. Professional players have enormous pressures. And we all have a bad day and have to perform under not perfect conditions physically or mentally.


And don’t forget how Danny Frawley had suffered and the miserable life of Robert Muir. I don’t want anyone to go through such a shit path.


Support our beloved boys, and when we need to point out mistakes, we need to advise constructively.


SYDNEY 4.6 6.7 10.11 13.14 (92)
ST KILDA 3.4 5.7 9.7 12.11 (83)


Sydney: Hayward 3, Franklin 2, McDonald 2, Heeney 2, Papley, Parker, Kennedy, Rowbottom
St Kilda: Membrey 2, Byrnes 2, Wood, Higgins, King, Steele, Butler, Ross, Billings, Battle


Sydney: Parker, Rampe, Hickey, Heeney, Lloyd, McCartin
St Kilda: Steele, Higgins, Membrey, Crouch, Hill, Sinclair


3. Higgins (STK); 2. Hickey (SYD); 1. Steele (STK)


Sydney: Nil
St Kilda: Wood (hamstring), Geary (shoulder), King (back)


Sydney: Bell (unused)
St Kilda: Highmore (replaced Wood)


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