Almanac (Pro) Writers: Gideon Haigh and Tony Wilson on Substack



Good friends of The Footy Almanac,  Gideon Haigh and Tony Wilson, have ventured into Substack and set up accounts that bring their writing to the world. You may like to support them with a subscription.


Gideon’s Substack is called Cricket et al – he shares it with Sam Perry (one of the Grade Cricketers) and Errol Parker (Betoota Advocate) but Gideon being Gideon, he is doing all of the publishing at this stage.


As an introduction to Gideon’s Substack site, please enjoy his latest piece, ‘Pat Says Boo, World Reels’,  a discussion related to comments made by Pat Cummins, the role of captaincy, and the world at large.




A recent piece from Gideon’s  Substack, The Man Behind the Trophy’ is his review of  Son of Grace by Vaneisa Baksh, a biography of  the great West Indian cricketer Sir Frank Worrall.


To read further stories by Gideon Haigh visit Substack and sign up for a subscription.


Tony Wilson’s Substack is called Good one, Wilson! Here’s a piece contemplating the likelihood that Santa barracks for Geelong. It’s called Hey Santa Claus, you Cat!

[Ed: not sure the title is a nod to Tony’s namesake, Kevin Bloody.]







More stories from Tony Wilson can be read at Substack where you can also sign up for a subscription.



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  1. I thoroughly recommend Gideion’s Substack – it should really be called Gideon Unfiltered. Without the editorial expectations of a mainstream title we get to see a different level of frankness and introspection.
    The long piece on the death of his troubled young brother 36 years ago is a man exploring his character and soul alongside his history. His reflections on Peter Roebuck excoriating.
    On current day cricket – from the ICC to player idiosyncrasies – he says it as he sees it without regard for the backlash.
    Do yourself a favour.

  2. John Harms says

    Writers continue to find ways of getting the words they want to write out into the world.

    Substack (like some other systems) allows for writers to be independent and gives them a chance to find an audience for the words they want to write to reach an audience.

    The Almanac is a version of this for amateurs, although we do have some professional writers contribute, and some do that very generously (Hi Matt Zurbo). We would love to pay our writers. From the outset we worked to make that happen. But advertising and sponsorship are so hard to find. We’re very grateful to our sponsors – Diskman (IT), O’Brien Accountants, QTRBCK – who help. These days we are a
    like a club and it’s the members, who pay an annual membership of $100, who keep the Almanac going. If you would like to support the Almanac by becoming a member, please let us know. Email me on [email protected]

    Both Gideon and Tony have been kind to the Almanac over the years – particularly when it comes to our events – and the least we can do is offer them support even in this very modest way.

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