The Overland


A snowflake flutters to earth,

Making its own path.

It dances with millions of others,

In a waltz with nature.


It lays itself down,

In the lush forest carpet.

Silent, like a dream,

Not a bad place to die.


Cathedral Mountain is brooding,

Rocky spikes like fingers to the sky.

The sun casts off the mist,

Before retreating behind the veil.


The boardwalks bounce in the marsh,

Meandering through button grass meadows.

Designed by Indigenous engineers,

With 40,000 years of fire.


We sneak through hidden fern valleys,

And whisper in the enchanted woods.

Impossibly green mossy glens.

Swallow our banter.


We traipse mountain plateaus,

Of shale and stunted fauna.

Wind blows the frost off beanies,

Heads down to the sleet.


Brooks bubble where tracks had been,

Frigid water against hot toes.

The warmth of a trail hut,

Held up, not standing.


Hands cup steaming coffee,

Smiles of tired endurance.

The wild country stirs,

She will have her way.


Snow hangs on the branches,

Placed there by the pixies.

They work at night,

So morning is a sneak peek at heaven.


We emerge from the wilderness,

Vandals of sorts.

Bent and aching and cheerful,

Cleansed of modernity.




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About Damian O'Donnell

I'm passionate about breathing. And you should always chase your passions. If I read one more thing about what defines leadership I think I'll go crazy. Go Cats.


  1. Kevin Densley says

    Good poem, Dips – the unaffected, straightforward language is the best aspect of it.

  2. Thanks Kevin

    Think I need to undertake poetry 101. Right up to poetry 1001!


  3. Restorative. Wonderful – as in full of wonder. Thanks to the Accountant Laureate.

  4. Its a marvellous place PB. Changing with every step.

    I can’t recall such diverse landscape in such a relatively small area?

  5. Beautiful work Dips. Cathedral Mountain has me thinking of John Denver. And to steal a line from the great man “you fill up my senses” with this poem. Thank you.

  6. Thanks Damian. Senses working over time.

  7. Colin Ritchie says

    Your thoughts and words really evoke the spirit of the wilderness Dips! Cracking poem.

  8. Cheers Col.

    I’ve never done one of these multi-day treks before. Knees complained but I escaped relatively unscathed. Wonderful people with us. Quite the experience.

  9. It looks like that recent trek had a very positive effect on you, old mucker.

  10. It did old mate. Something completely different. Challenging and rewarding.

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