Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: 17-23 July 2019

Below are snatches of #hourlydaily conversations from the past seven days; overheard here & there.
(Imagine that!)



Tu 23 Jul, 2019

Two young men on the street.
-Mate. I love her.
-I’m serious.
-Shit man. How serious?
-I told her.





Mo 22 Jul, 2019

One end of phone conversation. Woman.
-It’s not in your side drawer is it?
-…well, you do tend to take your cards out.
-So… is it in your wallet?
-Well where’s that, then?




Su 21 Jul, 2019 (from Friday)

-Old Dog. Matt Zurbo. We meet at last.




Sa 20 Jul, 2019 (from Friday)

Two men.
-Good on you, mate.
-Ahh, good on YOU.




Fr 19 Jul, 2019

White men talking.
-You can boo an aboriginal footballer without it being racist.
-But you’re a whitefella. We are whitefellas.
-So what?
-So… jeez mate. Perspective.
-Look… Howabout you listen to yer man?
-Why should I listen to him?




Th 18 Jul, 2019

Two men, idle.
-Your left hand is stronger than your right.
-Yeah. It’s a fact. For humans.
-No way.
-It’s the truth.
-That cannot be fact.
-Why not? Can you prove it?
-You want me to prove that it’s not a fact?



We 17 Jul, 2019

Couple at school information night.
-What time does this finish?
-9 o’clock. Who are you texting?
-9pm? Really?
-Yeah… And Sam’s game is early tomorrow.
-Right. What time?
-5:30. Be there at 5.
-And you know it’s Lee’s birthday Saturday, right?
-This Saturday?
-It’s ok. I got a present.
-Sure. You keep texting.




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About David Wilson

David Wilson is a hydrologist, climate reporter and writer of fiction & observational stories. He writes under the name “E.regnans” at The Footy Almanac and has stories in several books. One of his stories was judged as a finalist in the Tasmanian Writers’ Prize 2021. He shares the care of two daughters and likes to walk around feeling generally amazed. Favourite tree: Eucalyptus regnans.


  1. John Butler says

    Tues 23/7
    In a regional shopping center.

    ‘Colourful’ regular rushes up to me – This is a sparrow! They can’t deny it! (shows upside down picture of a bird in a cage)

    Me- You’re absolutely right.

  2. Says Spike, “I talk to the trees”.
    Neddy – “Do you really”.
    Spike – “That’s why they put me away”.
    Me – “Ying tong iddilly po”

  3. “You can’t get the wood – you know Min”.
    “We’ll be murdered in our beds, Henry”
    “Stop saying those carefully researched ad libbs”, says Neddy..

  4. “Constable, how would you like to join the river police”?
    “I’d like that very much sir”
    “You’re on the force”

    Sorry folks, I’ll stop this goonery now.

  5. IT dude: if it’s any consolation I had the same issue last week.
    Me: Sorry, not really. Surely, using Word can’t be this difficult.
    IT dude: Good point.

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