1986 – A Year With The Blacks Finals Week 1: Cracking Semis

No time for anything but footy this week. I’m excited and it’s showing.

August 30th 1986 – Finals Week 1

A1 – Griff’s Gregarians

First Semi Final

Adelaide Uni 21.14 def Broadview 11.11 (Unley Oval)

Goalkickers: Eaton 4, Eckert 3, Hall 3, Tasker 3, Huston 2, Moy 2, Bland, Kenny, Pavlovski, Schulz
Best Players: Moy, Williams, Eaton, Foster, Antonello, Tasker

Ahh, Unley Oval, home of the Double Blues, as worn by Bob Shearman, Paul Bagshaw, Rick Davies, Roger Rigney and for one night at Roosters training, Fred Bloch. Sad really.

Good luck finding a copy of this in 30 years

Good luck finding a copy of this in 30 years

The Tigers from behind the ABC building were giving a pasting by the Blacks, with half of the Uni team contributing majors. The mid- and late-season recruiting has borne fruit, as if the pre-season influx of Adelaide College types wasn’t enough. A month ago Keg Foster was running around at Alberton, now he’s hit the big time. Shrinking violet nightclub owner Moy is enjoying the finals limelight.

Adelaide's Premier Late Night Entertainment Proprietor

Adelaide’s Premier Late Night Entertainment Proprietor

Flanker Brenton Eckert exuded confidence with his sharpshooting exploits. If there was anyone you’d want lining up for a Grand Final winning set shot, Nose would be the one. Mark my words.

Uni faces the loser of next week’s Second Semi between Riverside and Greenacres in a fortnight. Good luck with that one.

A8 – Glamour Side

Second Semi Final

Adelaide Uni 17.8 def Kilburn 9.9 (Duncan Fraser Reserve, Northfield)

Goalkickers: Burfield 6, Graetz 4, Maddern 2, Case, Etherton, Hansen, Kidd, Lee
Best Players: Verrall, Burfield, Lee, McQuillan, Dutschke, Kidd

In the shadows of Yatala, Young Maddern masterminded a twenty goal turnaround from when they last faced the Chics. Did Rulebook make that much of a difference? The Verrall Cat, Tim Burfield, even The Jerk fired up to ensure a chance at what would be a gross injustice if they won a flag.

Coach’s Notes: The finals had come. All except David Bassanese were as fit as one could hope for. It had stopped raining. The team had been motivated by Australian Rugby Union coach Alan Jones, psychologist Rudi Webster, video tapes, pizzas and beer. A cautious air of optimism was amongst the chosen few as they prepared. It is a shock result. Nine minutes into the second quarter they lead 7.5 to nothing and at three quarter time by 11 goals. No one at the game can explain the reversal of form. Two hours after the game no one is physically capable of explaining it.

A9 – Sty Council

Second Semi Final

Adelaide Uni 17.17 def Scotch O.C. 7.8 (Largs Reserve)

Goalkickers: Leyland 4, Schwerdt 3, Wachtel 3, Fahey 2, Marinoff 2, Ball, Goodwin, G Pattison
Best Players: Marinoff, P Pattison, Goodwin, Young, Davidson, Leyland

After last week’s piss poor showing, Sty hatched a master plan. Rather than the usual haphazard skip around the oval during the pregame laps, he ordered the Council to bunch up tightly and perform three slow “Victorian” laps. While the pasty-faced tartan fondlers looked on and laughed, the Uni players bonded determinedly, vowing to wipe the stupid, entitled smirks off the faces of their undefeated opposition. It worked.

Scotch were jumped from the start and didn’t know what to do. Steve ‘Spaghetti’ Marinoff, the Patto Bros, Davo and Flounder Young provided the muscle, the crumbers provided the scores.

Another Grand Final for Uni, but Scotch will probably knock off St Dom’s in the Prelim next week and come back in a fortnight.

Gucci’s Grabs – Around The Grounds with the other finalists

A3 – Bourne Again

Second Semi Final

Adelaide Uni 19.11 def Woodville South 14.10 (Blair Athol Reserve)

Goalkickers: Burfield 14, Conrick 3, Hammond, Wheaton
Best Players: Burfield, Ryan, Stanley, Braidwood, Kleinig, Gordon

From the brink of going down to A4, the Blacks second side is playing off for the pennant. In the words of the coach “Michael Burfield’s 14 goals in the Second-Semi Final were absolutely inspirational: his kicking for goal, body positioning and team play were faultless. The whole team effort and delivery of the ball to advantage were the best I’ve seen from an A3 side.”

Michael '14 Goals' Burfield

Michael ’14 Goals’ Burfield

They’ll be unbeatable in a fortnight.

A3Res – Hancock’s Half Hour

Second Semi Final

Adelaide Uni 9.7 lost Woodville South 10.13 (Blair Athol Reserve)

Goalkickers: Stapeldon 2, Goode, Green, Haydn, Lock, Nilsen, Parsons, Swanson
Best Players: Stapledon, Charnock, Goode, Grundy, Haydn, MR Anstey

Geof Stapledon continued his superb late season form, but the Blacks just fell short. They’ll need to beat Goodwood Saints next week for a chance of revenge.

Geoff Stapledon

Geof Stapledon

A11 – The Scum

First Semi Final

Adelaide Uni 8.14 lost Plympton High OS 23.20 (Kingswood Oval)

Goalkickers: Thomas 3, Griffiths, Lang, Moulds, McGrath, Sweet
Best Players: van Lint, Fraser, Moulds, Thomas, Griffiths, Davies

As expected.

Gordon “Chubby” Agars

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  1. Always good in September. Snow season is finished. Weather has turned enough for some good viewing on the Barr-Smith lawns, November exams too far away to worry about, and (possibly) still no chance of a 4c.

  2. What’s that logo on the shorts of Michael Burfield? Do I whiff sponsorship at the Blacks? At least one of his socks is down!

  3. Its easier for soft skilful players to get physical than it is for hardnut shankers to get skilful. Kilburn didn’t have a chance.

  4. Wow! I didn’t remember it was such a turnaround against Scotch to end up thumping them by over 11 goals. Not bad for a team that lost its last minor round match. Hopefully a portent for the Crows?

  5. Certainly one of my favorite footy days as some one who was to intense for there own good I remember turning up for this game pleasantly surprised how switched on every one was.Danny is spot on the motor cycle and tattoo club were stunned how physical we were,Sybil Kidd with a ferocious tackle in the 1st minute and Swede annilated there gun CHF and it was a huge hyb and night with,Burff dominating

  6. Great comment Handbag!

  7. Dear Gordon,
    As a non-Blacks reader (the opposite of all-Blacks) of your usually erudite columns, I was disappointed at the lack of local colour and bon vivant frippery in the preface to this week’s report. I fear that your mercenary employers are placing far too much pressure on you and those “special” (a very Adelaide adjective) touches are being lost.
    I strongly suggest you tell the proprietors of the Advertiser that you have many other options. Newspapers are a “river of gold” for their owners and you will be spoiled for choice for decades to come. That jumped up cricketer Alan Shiell at the evening News has none of your breadth of sporting knowledge. Have a chat with young Rupert Murdoch when he next visits the alma mater. He has a head for business, and will always preserve the foundation of the family empire. Mark my words.
    Snobbish of Subiaco

  8. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks all. Gordon might get to fire up in the next couple of weeks, but I suspect that he had been sucked into the powerhouse that is the SANFL finals. Get on the Roosters, they are certs for the ’86 flag.

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