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To publish with us, please follow these steps:

Register on the site  (see top-left hand sidebar where it says ‘site registration’), and you will become a ‘subscriber’. Soon after, your status will be changed by us to ‘contributor’.

Once your status is changed, all you need to do is go to ‘login’.

This will enable you to post directly to the site by going to ‘POSTS’ and then ‘ADD NEW’.

Write your story in the box. Or, if you have completed the piece as a Word document, copy your words to the appropriate box and INSERT.

If you would like to add a photo that you’ve taken, choose to “add media” within your piece.
“Add media” is a button on the top left of the editing toolbar.

From there you can drag and drop your photo, then select the name, alt-text and size.
The image will be inserted wherever you placed the cursor.
You can cut and paste images around the place if you need to move them.

One thing to watch is the size – usually it is best to restrict to about 400 (units) in width.
This is to ensure compatibility with handheld devices and small screens.

Click on ‘SUBMIT FOR REVIEW’ in the right hand sidebar. That piece will remain ‘PENDING’ until the editors post it and add the link to the home page. Then your words will be entertaining and stimulating the world, or at least the Almanac world.




We publish The Footy Almanac in late October each year (although 2016 was a little different). The book will have the same look as other years.


However, if you would like to nominate a game or two, because you have an interesting take on it, please do…


Round 2 Carlton v Richmond – I am going to the footy with my old mate Bruce Doull (which will probably get you the gig)

Round 5 Hawthorn v Geelong – I will be watching on a flat screen in the bar of Paradise Beach in Mykonos

Or, more generally:

I am available for all Gabba games.

I am available for all St Kilda games.

I am available for all games.

I will maintain a record of all nominations.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and to reading some cracking footy writing.


Length, Format etc

You can write the match reports to the length you want, keeping in mind, though, that they will need to be edited to be 600-800 words for the book. If your piece is selected for the book, you will be asked to edit it to that length yourself. It’s important that happens as quickly as possible.

It should be presented in the specific Almanac format, and include the match details, YOUR OWN better players, your 3-2-1 votes for the Malarkey Medal.


Just follow this template:




HomeTeam versus AwayTeam

0.00pm, Day 00 Month
Venue, City if not in venue name

Author Name



[Body of report]



You will find the match details at the AFL site.


HomeTeam      1.3       5.6       7.6       9.8       (62)

AwayTeam      3.6       9.13     15.18   22.21   (153)

GOALS  WinningTeam: Lockett, Tredrea 4; Williams, Judd, Skilton, Voss 2; Robran, Ebert, Blight, Whitten, Barassi, Kernahan.
LosingTeam: W. Poser, Punter 2; Droppe, Torp, Wobblie, Czechseid, Sprayer.

BEST    WinningTeam: Barassi, Carey, Kerley, Ablett, Lockett, Wanganeen.
LosingTeam: Duffer, Slowe, J. Poser, Thugg, W. Poser.

UMPIRES          Blynde, Deff, V. Dumm.        CROWD 00,000

OUR VOTES      Player (TEAM) 3, Player (TEAM) 2, Player (TEAM) 1.

BROWNLOW     Please find the votes for this game at