You’ve gotta lose one to win one


by Tony Robb

In a departure from my usual ranting, I feel the need to discuss that old acorn about having to lose one to win one. In the case of Geelong and Collingwood, you actually have to lose heaps to finally jag a flag. However, rather than looking at it from a footy perspective, I like would like to look at the impending blockbuster at the Yowani Country Club when the kids from Royal Belconnen take on the kids from Royal Goulburn in what is anticipated to be the biggest showdown since the Rumble in the Jungle. Yep readers, we are back in the GF of the Junior Pennants after that heartbreak of last year bruising defeat in the big one against The Lakes.

As manager, mentor, swing guru, child psychologist and jelly babies provider, I am now faced with the vexing question of how to approach the lead up to next Sunday. Should it be “just like any other week “or “a great opportunity to become part of something special for the playing group and the Club as a whole”. Should we “just go through our normal processes” or “soak up the buzz and atmosphere of the Grand Final week”. Possibly I should just “put in place our normal structures and let the result take care of itself” or admit that “I would be lying if said I wasn’t nervous”. Gee, quandary after quandary.


At least I don’t have to concern myself with Brownlow night shenanigans as it’s a school night although one of the lads has a predilection to sports punting which could cause some “media” concern should it come out. Personally, I have no problem as it means the kid can handle pressure and when you’re in the cauldron which is Match Play, you face pressure by the bucket loads. Tick that one off as a win. My young bloke is like a duck swimming. Serene on the surface and tangled mess of gastric fluids underneath. However, with a win streak longer than the Undertakers, and a recent win over his likely opponent, I think I’ll put him down as another win for Team Belco. Every golf team needs a Seve. Brilliant one moment, equally puzzling the next. We have three, some of which I put down to teenage hormones but most to having the concentration span of a cactus. Could go any way and their golf balls usually do. I reckon we get at least one out of the group leaving it at 3/2 margin which brings us to the final match meaning it is down to Johnny Smoko, The Kid, The Ice Man. Some might describe him a precocious and cocky. I’ll have none of it. The young bloke wants to hole every shot and if he doesn’t, he shrugs his shoulders and smiles. He is the type of golfer we all used to be before we had has our first birdie and believed we “had the game to make it”. But he’s just come off his first loss in two years and maybe it was “the loss he needed to have”. Let hope so as the 4/2 score line would look good in the evening Bulletins.

But it will be close. The cross border kids always play well, are very competitive and are a very good bunch of young people. Our last two games have come down the final group, last hole so we are in for a ripper. I was intending to go into lock down from Wednesday night but the thought of possibly of running into a Rugby League Sate of Origin side is to frightening. Live telecast is on the test pattern channel starting from 11am so look out for me. I’ll be the one with the extended Parko jugular munching excessively on jelly babies.

Go Belco

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A life long Blues supporter of 49 years who has seen some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't Mick Malthouse driving a train.


  1. John Butler says

    TR, stay calm.

    In 10 years of junior cricket coaching, I finally figured out that if I thought too much it didn’t help the kids.

    Then again, that may have had something to do with the quality of my thinking.

    Good luck.

  2. pamela sherpa says

    Before I read JB’s comment I was going to say – “Don’t think too much Tony” . Just soak in that glorious new bath of yours the night before and RELAX
    Will look forward to reading about the aftermath.

  3. Tony Robb says

    Thanks guys but I’m a footie coach in a golf managers clothing how can one get so pumped by a game of golf. Easy

  4. craig dodson says

    take the kids for a walk through belco mall prior to tee time for an instant self esteem boost – always worked for me when i was a young uni student in canberra

  5. tony robb says

    Thanks Craig And a little carb loading in the Food Hall. Dont be near a Maccas on Monday if they pull it off. Things could get a little messy

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