Your Team’s Race Is Over – What Now?

What do you do to keep up your interest if you follow one of the fourteen sides that are no longer in contention for the flag?


Do you fall in behind your regular “second side”? If so, who are they and why?


Or do you instead lend your allegiance, Smokie Dawson style, to whichever team is playing against your mortal enemy?


Does geography play a part, one way or another?


Do you just barrack for the game, ‘cos footy?


Getting in some early Spring Carnival research? Or is your garden looking a whole lot better in the past few weeks?


We’d be interested in your thoughts.



  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    This varies for me from year to year. In 2014 for example, we went interstate, and hardly followed the GF at all, picking up what we could from incursions into shops etc that had a tv on in the background.

    I went to the GEE v SYD Prelim last year expecting a red hot game and I also remember seeking out the COL v HAW Prelim in 2011 for the same reason. Batting .500 there

    Please don’t tell anyone, but I may have enjoyed the 2004 GF more than a Crows fan should have.

  2. I’m interested to know where public support is going?

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    By public do you mean the Herald Sun, JTH?

  4. Swish I cling to the archaic view that there is some independence of mind out there.

    I can’t imagine support for any of the teams – can’t imagine any of them forging some sort of emotional connection.

    GWS? Not a lot of sympathy for/empathy with them.
    Geelong? I’m not one to ask but I wouldn’t have thought we were flavour of the instant, let alone month.

    Is it Richmond by default? I doesn’t feel that way.

    Genuinely looking for a read on this.

  5. Mark Giuliano says

    John Harms

    I have always figured that the newer teams are easier to jump on board with as we have had a shorter period of time to develop an antipathy for them than for the 12 (sorry 11) VFL sides still in the comp.

    For me, I find that the extent of my antipathy for the other 11 sides (I’m a South supporter) is heavily dependant on a teams success and/or behaviour and that of their supporters that was prevailing in my formative years (early 70s). My developing views were also heavily influenced by those of my father:

    – Windy Hill and Essendon supporters was a place, a people to loath

    – Collingwood (Victoria Park) ditto

    – St Kilda supporters (ferals) were also to be looked down upon despite their team’s lack of success

    – Carlton supporters were extremely arrogant but relatively harmless. The club’s wealth and penchant for pillaging the talent of other less powerful clubs was to be loathed.

    – Richmond were a ruthless bunch for whom I also inherited a dislike.

    The rest of the teams were OK, even the highly successful Hawks. They wore their success graciously.

    So…………… it’s not a case of which of the other teams you like the most, but rather a case of which team you dislike the least !!!

  6. Cat from the Country says

    A number of friends have told me they are barracking for my team now their teams are out

  7. G’day John

    Once my team is out of contention, it’s all about geography; I’ll go for any AFL team that isn’t Victorian.

    I’m also invested in the VFL and fortunate that the Borough is in the GF against Richmond this weekend. Again, this comes from geography; we lived close to North Port Oval when we first moved down from Bris-vegas and I just wandered in one Saturday and have been hooked ever since.

  8. When my team is not involved in finals (i.e. this year),
    I simply wish for close, entertaining matches.
    Unfortunately they have been in short supply this September.

    I do not subscribe to this parochial Victoria vs interstaters rubbish.

    I’m really hoping the next three matches are crackers.

  9. Mark Giuliano says

    In order for me

    Geelong (even though they knocked my team out)
    GWS (can’t stand their arrogant players)

    By the way, I spotted a Richmond Weg style poster in the window of a pub today…….. celebrating ………….. a PF berth

  10. I can’t find anyone to support in this lot.

    I’m very impressed with Adelaide. Eddie for the highlights, Tex and the rest for everything that’s followed P Walsh’s death. Incredible.
    Good style of footy.
    It’s their parochial supporters that drive me away from enjoying them too much.
    Won’t be barracking for them.

    Geelong? Too much recent success. Some likeable elements.
    But nothing to barrack for.

    Richmond? I’m captivated by whatever magical force is upon these players right now. It’s unknowable, I think. So i’m happy for them. Less thrilled by the rabid supporter element.
    Won’t be barracking for them.

    GWS? Hard to imagine a less emotional reaction.
    Not barracking for them.

    Similar could have been said about West Coast and Sydney.
    And Port and Essendon.
    Last year was a rarity for neutrals.
    And the previous years have been anyone-but-Hawthorn.
    Probably the story of finals 2017 is still brewing.

  11. Mark Giuliano says

    Very well put E.regnans

  12. Leaving aside the assumption inherent in the question that the only thing that matters is the AFL (the Falcons play in the VFLW GF on Sunday and Subi are a shot in the WAFL GF this weekend) here goes:

    Cats – No. Just no.
    GWS – How? Why? What the?
    Tigers – Too absurd to contemplate … almost St Kildaish in their ability to fall at the hurdle that matters most to success

    Crows – yes. For Rory Sloane. Please someone tell me he is the most damned likeable person going around. Love his skills, his work ethic, the way he reads the play and his refusal to quit. He’s so good he could be a Hawker (I wish).


    Having said that I’ll be at the Union hotel on Friday night watching one of the more under-rated bands in Melbourne, The Junes.

  13. Mark Giuliano says

    Rick Kane

    You are indeed a very wise man.

    But……………You forgot to mention the mighty Preston Bullants.

    As for Rory Sloane …………… Yes, I love him too ! :-)

  14. Last year, I supported the Doggies because I like them (but love the Saints).

    This year, I wanted Essendon to win the flag because my good friend supports them. But Bombers are out. On Saturday, I am meeting up with a Tiger friend so roar on Richmond. But I am not sure who I want win the flag. Maybe Geelong??

  15. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    I’d like to see a Richmond v Geelong GF with Richmond either winning after being 8 goals down or Richmond losing by a point after Selwood gets a dubious free in front of goal.
    I’d like to to see Dusty and Danger let off the leash and be named dual Norm Smith Medalists. Before they leave the dais they profess their undying love for each other and urge everyone to vote YES. The G is then showered in rainbow confetti to the strains of the Village People.
    I’d like to see that.

  16. I’m looking forward to the Monday after the gf, when I can say, “well everyone is even again now”,but I’m on the bandwagon of the underdogs in any final..

  17. races

  18. Mick Jeffrey says

    Can’t support the non Victorian teams, basically because of what happened 20 years ago (Adelaide) and being the spoilt Golden Child. Personally I’m still trying to get over calf issues in time for the 40th Melbourne Marathon 2 weeks after the GF….oh and making sure all the surveys are sorted correctly regardless of whether it’s a yes or no vote.

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