Yoshi’s thoughts on Jake Stringer

During the middle of the last week, the media reported the young Bulldog forward Jake Stringer was seeking an opportunity to play elsewhere.


It’s said that he had a fall out with the coach Luke Beveridge at his exit meeting.


My first thought of the issue was why couldn’t Stringer loyal to the club?


Like my St Kilda, the Western Bulldogs have small numbers of members and fans, but I believe they have strong supporter community.


Fans have strong loves and passions of the club and stick to them a lot. They hanged in when the club was struggling. Then the big award of the flag arrived last year.


So why can’t he be loyal to such a wonderful club?


St Kilda implanted loyalty in early 2000s when Grant Thomas coached. He motivated then young players and instructed them to invest their future within the club and to draw the big picture. Harvey, Milne, Koschitzke, Hayes, Riewoldt and Montagna ended their great career as one club players. Dal Santo would be too if he and the club didn’t have maturely agreement to give his position to young players under the rebuilt.


Then why the Doggies don’t have such culture?


After the shock trade request made by then skipper Ryan Griffin in 2014, Bob Murphy could have introduced loyalty at Witten Oval.


Or maybe they had. I believe his injury occurred at Round 3 last year motivated players to win games for him.


Then Murphy has retired and now the Bulldogs might have no good and motivated leader.


Other point is hangover from last year’s premiership. As having not won the flag for 62 years, their achievement was huge. Then their players might have lost motivation.


Years and years ago, a tennis magazine published a feature article about decline of tennis players in general (including social players). It said that one of reasons was loss of motivation to play the sport after winning the competition.


Even myself, I don’t fancy to play tennis anymore because I had no goal or motivation. At tennis clubs in Sapporo, I barely formed a friendship there and was unable to join competition as I was required to register with someone else. The club didn’t choose my partner in the doubles competition with draw.


And recently I have found myself having much less motivation to work in a restaurant as I have most tasks in the kitchen rather than serving customers using my English skills. My original life and holiday plans are abandoned.


Loss of motivation can be understood. But why not loving the nice club and bringing more flags for them?


His personal issues might affect his performances. Breaking up is so tough and creates empty feelings. If he’s a big player, he could seek a professional help and I am sure the club is helping him that would be unlikely to happen to me.


Some fans suggest that Beveridge is tough on players and the player group doesn’t like him. Also it’s said that communication issues occur between the senior coach and players.


Such rumours were heard when Griffin requested the club to trade GWS. Then coach Brendon McCartney was said he had communication issues with players.


If these are true, why didn’t the club organise communication classes for both players and coaches? If the communication disrupts, then organisations become dysfunctional in general.


Adopting of loyalty and improvement of communication with much help are essential to be strong for Footscray, in my opinion.

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  1. Neil Anderson says

    Lots of rumours going around about Jake and some of his team-mates at the moment Yoshi. Just about every footy program having their say about problems at the Bulldogs. A far cry from October 1st last year when everything was rosy and us supporters were on top of the world. A far cry from June 2015 when I reported on a Bulldogs versus Lions match when Jake Stringer kicked five goals and Brian Taylor christened him ‘The Package’.
    I am hoping it is just the press spreading scuttlebutt looking for any angle. Apart from Richmond’s surge towards a Grand Final, we are left mainly with interstate teams competing that most Victorians aren’t interested in.
    I can’t believe stories of Luke Beveridge being too hard on players when I remember that joy between him and his team when the siren sounded at the end of the grand final. I also watched the Footscray VFL team playing on Sunday and that group consisting of many AFL players seemed pretty united to me. Also at that match the camera showed Jake Stringer with a few of his team-mates sitting in the stand and they all seemed pretty relaxed.
    As far as the next captain and leader of the group now that Bob and Matthew Boyd has gone, you may be right that he will need to be a disciplinarian. Eastern Wood has great personal qualities and is a wonderful footballer but he will need lots of help to keep some of the players on track. Probably Jordon Roughead would be my choice.

  2. G’day Yoshi, Stringer is an interesting one. From when i’ve watched him on television, he’s looked exciting, the type of player who can change a game in five minutes. I recall watching a match in late 2016 when his final term burst got them a win over Richmond; exciting stuff. But how often did he show that form in 2017?

    Actually was it only 2017 his form has tapered off? His goal tally has dropped off the last two seasons, and we’d recall he was dropped in late 2016. Maybe rather than talking about a trade, on his current form, he needs to lift, playing the sort of footy that made him so exciting to watch.

    I hope he stays at the kennel, but if he does or doesn’t move on, the important things is him playing the high quality game we know he can play.


  3. Dusty gives hope that footy caters for all types and backgrounds. When the man is right the footy pieces will all fall into place. But there is no simple road map for working through our personal stuff. Life first – footy second. He is an exciting player on song. I suspect Beveridge is astutely practicing some “tough love” with a few of the boys that got ahead of themselves after the euphoria of 2016. Taking a page out of the Clarko book post 2008.

  4. G’day and thanks for your comments guys!

    Neil – Yes, Cramerri is said to go back to Essendon and Liberatore is said to have a link with another Victorian club. Humours are spread not only at the kennel but also at other clubs too. Recently St Kilda’s David Armitage is reported that he will be traded. Maybe media just wants stories to attract audience? If Stringer is relaxed, then he will stay at the kennel, I reckon as he has no worries. Your pains missing finals after winning the flag last year seem so tough. I feel sad for you. And young captains need other players to help such as vice captain and having a solid leadership group.

    Glen! – Young players seem to break out and then go back as they are on developing. Josh Bruce was a gun in 2015 but hasn’t kicked many goals afterwards. Tom Hickey hit out well last year but didn’t perform well this year. Stringer’s making the game in the five minutes is great and worthwhile. Such players are keys to win the close game. I wish we could have such a bloke to win more games.

    PB – Dustin Martin shows his good role model overcoming personal issues. And his choice staying at the Tigerland is admired. Beveridge must have complimented and been generous to premiership players, but had to be hard on them to keep strong. He was an assistant coach at Hawthorn under Clarko so would know how to bounce back from this year’s missing finals.



  5. Bevo is a smart cookie, he will make decisions for a reason to help the club , stringer should stay at the dogs, he is a star player and dogs aren’t that silly to let him go

  6. I hope Stringer stays at the Dogs but it is looking increasingly unlikely. It will be interesting to see where he lands if he does leave. Pretty sure my Kangas would appreciate his skills.

  7. Whilst we’re talking about trades what about the M&M’s from Geelong; Menzel and Motlop?

    Geelong have nursed the former through a series of knee reconstructions showing great faith in him, then they drop him for the opening finals match. There’s talk of him going, then i hear he now has a one year contract. His brother went from Carlton back to Adelaide, only to disappear. Where to for Dan Menzel?

    The youngest of the three Motlop brothers was on Geelong’s trade list after 2016 but apparently no one wanted him. I doubt if he enhanced his value in 2017.

    Stringer, plus these pair, are players that may/may not, offer value to a a club,including their current club, but their futures are up in the air. Where to from here ?


  8. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Send ‘The Package’ straight to Collingwood. He’d fit in perfectly with the high performance under achievers at the Holden Centre.

  9. G’day folks and thanks for your comments!!

    Paul – I agree with you, and hoped Dogs would not let him go. But unfortunately the Herald Sun reports that the decision to trade Stringer is mature between the club and players. I can’t believe it…

    Matthew – I hoped he would stay at Whitten Oval, but sadly the news is what you commented. Your Kangaroos seem need such a good forward. It’s said that Geelong or Essendon are likely to be his new home, and Alan Richardson says his (and my) St Kilda try to pick him.

    Glen! – Thanks for your another point of view on trades. I didn’t know about two Geelong players. I thought Moptop was a good player so am surprised. Then I understand your theory on Stringer…

    Phil – Haha you could ask Matthew Boyd who has recently joined the Collingwood coaching panel to take Stringer with him. Do you need a good forward?



  10. I would bet that he is off to Essendon, Yoshi.

  11. G’day Smokie,

    Thanks for sharing your thought.

    I think Stringer will be a Cat next year because Geelong is trading Daniel Menzel.

    A SEN listener of a Bluebagger made a good point on the Run Home today. He thinks Geelong is good for Stringer as a country boy as the town is close to the countryside. I agree with him.



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