Yea Picnic Races

Maryanne and I set off to Yea for today’s Picnic races. We took along the granddaughter, Kiri, for her second race meet.

They’ve been racing in Yea since 1881, with the current track being used since 1904. Very scenic track, with the hills all around. Spring is a beautiful time of the year, and a sunny, mild day made it even more pleasant. There is that ‘dip’ as the horses complete the last furlong along the back prior to coming into the straight. All vision of the field is lost, when you’re placed near the finishing post, but the commentary keeps you up to date with what’s happening.

A win in the first, on Toxic Lager was appreciated. I’ve consumed a few toxic lagers over the years. I ended up with only two winners on the day, but they allowed me to break even.

Riding honours taken by Adam Bodey with winners in the second, and the last. The six races  saw six different trainers share the honours.

I was interested to see Rick Freyer bring three runners from Corowa. Did my money on Puma Kayo, and Norbert, so decided Doctor Cisco wasn’t worth having in the fifth. Maryanne took him, and he ran a strong second. O, ye of little faith, Glen. This race was followed by the day’s streaker, who finished up skinny dipping in the pond, nestled in the middle of the race course.

A good day was had by all, Miss Kiri being in her element. Her first pony ride, on Ruby, time in the jumping castle, and the ambience of the day, what more could you want when you’re 3 years, 4 months,and 3 weeks of age? More visits to race tracks beckon for her.

In closing it would be remiss not to mention we got the quaddy @ Sandown. Being a flexi we did not get it all, but are a few hundred dollars richer than this morning.

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