World wide travelling with Australian coaches

When I did economics back in HSC I remember talking about  GD , with an important factor being mentioned that exports outweigh imports. Fair enough. Anyhow my mind has moved from GDP to LBW, thanking about the role of cricketing coaches. Australia has exported some of our finest to different parts of the cricketing globe, in return the only import that comes to mind is Mickey Arthur who is in Australia, but is not our cricket coach.

So here we go, a team of Australian test players, who have then coached other nations.

In batting order .


J Dyson               Sri Lanka & West Indies

G Marsh                   Sri Lanka & Zimbabwe

D Whatmore           Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Pakistan

G Chappell                India

S Law                       Sri Lanka

T Moody                  Sri Lanka

S Rixon                    New Zealand

B Yardley                    Sri Lanka

G Lawson                    Pakistan

J Gillespie                   Zimbabwe

C Rackemann              Zimbabwe


Not a bad team. Enjoy the festive season,


Frohe Festgae,




  1. Shane John Backx says

    Keith Stackpole. Coached Carlton. Ok so they arent another country, but they bloody well should be!! #Ihatetherottenmongrelsnomattercricketorfooty.

  2. Eddie Jones. Harry Hopman. Roger Rasheed. Forbes Carlisle.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    Excellent team.
    Andy Bichel has done some fantastic work as coach of Papua New Guinea, with that team doing really well in cricket’s second tier.
    Dav Whatmore also coached Zimbabwe until recently.

  4. What about the Sunraysia/swan. Jamie Siddons?

  5. Although not a Test player, my favourite all rounder cum mullet model, Joe Scuderi coached Italy, I think.

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